Diary Entries - Child Labor


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If I were a child laborer.

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dear diary as days go by i can still remember when they first hired me i don t know why i was hired but i was pretty scared when i first started my job we worked for a very long time and rested for a while i saw girls get tortured for small things they do for example dropping a can of food then received a punishment one of them was kicked because she knocked her food can to the floor the master kicked her over and over again until she didn t move at all i was very scared at that moment i tried everything i could to keep out of trouble for now i stay here working for my life until next time love jason yang


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july 16 1832 dear diary today it s been very tiring i feel like i m losing strength every day every hour as time passes by i am still filled with fear that when a time comes to a point when i die the food is poor and isn t good but i have to eat to give myself some energy to keep myself going whenever i look around and someone does something wrong it s treacherous it reminds me of a scary movie i seen when i was only 10 years-old our rest time is almost over until next time love jason yang


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august 1 1832 dear diary day by day everyone like me seems to worry about the same thing i am staying alive i ve made some friends they aren t that bad but we all share the same thing to get paid it seems like only the older people are getting money we work long hours but we don t earn anything it s like working for free for a very long time we the children should also get paid to in my opinion i try to restrain myself from getting up and helping others will i have enough courage to help those who are being punished for such a small mistake love jason yang


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august 5 1832 dear diary day and night i think about all the children who are suffering consequences as the day goes it seems like we are slave workers working ten to fourteen hours a day and only a minimal break during our shifts will these working days ever improve to our benefits that we look for will we be ever treated like the grownups and have equal rights like them they treat us like we re outsiders we never get good food never get respect and do not get paid love jason yang


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august 8 1832 dear diary i wonder if i ll ever see my friends from school again the other children seem to be getting sick the work we do by shifts are physically mentally dangerous and harmful to us an accident just happened today a kid was killed during their shift the advisors that watch us abuse us verbally and physically with no hesitation is there going to be a day when we are freed from this harsh work love jason yang


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