The Sound of Silence


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Grade 12 FLD Poems, Volume 2

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poems of grade 12 fld volume 2


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sound of slence silence silence one of the most effective most meaningful word that can change everything in the world sometimes for the government sometimes for love sometimes for maddness or maybe for anger but always has an influence the meaning of the word silence


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which is written in the dictionary is not important in one part of your life everyone can hear the scream of your silence silence silence sometimes the best answer sometimes the worst but always sincere even if all the world is silent if you feel inside you can hear the sound of silence letisya armaan


p. 4

sound of silence hi silence here i am again no matter how many times you told me you wanted to leave me like an abandoned home but now i want to know your place to face you again in my loneliness i hopelessly even needed your sound the sound of silence do you really hear me tell me would you come to end my endless silence but we need to keep our eyes open to see ourselves in our hardship this unbearable streets like pulling me in but feet do not fail me now just take me to the finish line walking on the city streets i ask myself if it is by mistake or design but my heart breaks every step that i take in the silence of innocence the sound of silence do you really hear me bianka sariaslan


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the sound of silence what is the sound of silence darkness loneliness believing those lies not stand for someone nor protect everyone s right or sitting there and wait like a puppet choose one again what s the sound of silence sometimes an argument sometimes peace sometimes being human choose one maybe a smile maybe tears maybe just staring can be the sound of silence even without words even without mimics or facial expressions silence has a sound karolin kalustyan


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try to fight think about eternity which wasn t given us we are not allowed to be eternal we won t see the end of life there are so mant difficulties being in a hard condition or being under pressure however you must explain your ideas you should share them with ease if they try to shut you up never give up and try to fight natali t


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sound of silence you silence you sometimes tell me lots of things but sometimes you can be more silent than yourself when i walk down the street on the pavement of broken dreams when people sleep you are the only one one you were my friend at my lonlieness my lonlieness the darkness of my soul dark is rising inside me but no one dared to stop it murat vural



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