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· iteca exhibition news · special issue 2 101 october 2 2012 · this issue features kazenergy 2012 kazenergy forum 2012 review 2-5 exhibition review 6-12 social events 14 kioge the anniversary kioge event gets underway kioge 2012 ite group plc iteca 2 ­ issue sponsored by the opening ceremony of the kioge 2012 exhibition organised by ite group plc uk and iteca kazakhstan took place yesterday on 2 october in beautiful warm and sunny weather it is difficult to put aside the thought that the rainy autumn that had appeared in almaty only a couple of days before has stepped aside to allow the exhibition to be held even more successfully in sunny weather


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2 101 october 2 2012 vii kazenergy the 7th kazenergy eurasian forum « » ­ vii kazenergy « » iea ­ « » 2 « » kazenergy 7 « » ­ between east and west kazakhstan s strategy for energy security of the eu and the pacific rim this phrase the title of a speech delivered by sauat mynbayev minister of oil and gas of the republic of kazakhstan at the 7th kazenergy eurasian forum could very well become a continuation and development of the title of the event a world in transition shaping a sustainable energy future this could also be achieved by the title of the speech by ulrich benterbusch chief of office global energy policy of the international energy agency iea global energy outlook the role of kazakhstan in the global energy balance both speeches were delivered yesterday on 2 october at the opening of the forum during a plenary session headed age of transition future development of the energy industry moderated by timur kulibayev chairman of the kazenergy association this is already the 7th edition of the forum held in astana which testifies to the maturity and consistency of the project however it is no exaggeration to say that this forum has greater significance than its predecessors the reason for this is the global political and economic situation that has taken shape in the world over the past year and a half the crises in a number of arab countries and the growing tensions around the persian gulf a region of vital importance for the global energy market other reasons are the consequences of the fukushima nuclear disaster in japan which caused tokyo to give up on nuclear energy the situation in the eurozone and finally continued turbulence in the global financial markets and stock exchanges all these factors bring about new and long-term trends capable of seriously reformatting the global energy market ensuring its stable development calls for a broad 2


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daily report of the kazakhstan international oil&gas exhibition and conference kazenergy ­ ­ ­ kazenergy lok sabha 2001-2007 ­ kazenergy 50 ­ expo-2017 ihs-cera 3


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2 101 october 2 2012 ­ hsbc «» ncoc 20 ­ «-» « «kazenergy» « ­ «» « » « » ncoc « » «» « » « » vii kazenergy 2012 4 discussion of all the problems mentioned above and where better to achieve this than the astana-based kazenergy forum platform authoritative and politically unbiased the latter characteristic of the forum ­ its unbiased nature ­ is clearly confirmed by the fact that its official participants include prominent western european political figures josé maría aznar former prime minister of spain and us businesspeople mark w albers senior vice president of exxonmobil appearing alongside iranian administrators for example working on one of the kazenergy forum discussion panels is hossein esmaeli shahmirzadi general director of the department of europe america and caspian sea neighbouring countries of the ministry of petroleum of iran the broad geographical range and the significance of the topics reviewed at the forum is illustrated by the participation of dr shashi tharoor member of india s parliament lok sabha and un under-secretary-general for communications and public information from 2001-2007 on the very first day of the forum the importance traditionally attached to this event in kazakhstan is demonstrated by both its general media coverage consistently attentive and positive and the line-up of officials taking part in the forum personally or indirectly illustrating this the kazenergy forum was opened with a welcome address by serik akhmetov prime minister of kazakhstan during the forum delegates from over 50 countries will have an opportunity to discuss various aspects of energy-related topics future development of the energy industry the role of the oil and gas sector in shaping a sustainable energy future oil and gas sector development in an environment of newly-established integration unions environmental security and energy efficiency energy of the future securing global sustainable development ­ these are just some of the forum s sessions moreover they will be held in


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daily report of the kazakhstan international oil&gas exhibition and conference cooperation with authoritative international organisations such as expo-2017 the international energy agency and ihs-cera the forum also incorporates a series of thematic round tables offering participants an overview of the latest amendments to the oil and gas legislation of kazakhstan along with discussing finance solutions for companies operating in this sector of kazakhstan s economy issues of training managerial staff for energy companies and one of the essential tasks of recent years ­ developing the extractive industries transparency initiative in kazakhstan and global experience of developing the production and use of shale gas ­ will also be discussed in a round table format moderated by nurlan sauranbayev vice chairman of the national board of interested parties and vice minister of industry and new technologies of kazakhstan the round table on attracting funds will be moderated by jorge martinez head of oil and gas asiapacific at hsbc separate presentations on crucial issues of the future of kazakhstan s energy sector were delivered by tim miller general director of tengizchevroil and pierre offant chairman and managing director of ncoc the first discussed tengizchevroil s 20 years of sustainable development experience and the second the kashagan project as a key point of growth of the energy future of kazakhstan the extensive first day of the forum was crowned with a fine evening reception at which the results of the ar-namys national contest for energy sector companies were announced the contest aims to identify the best achievements in corporate social responsibility csr in the oil/gas and energy industries and to raise public awareness of them jambulat sarsenov general director of the kazenergy association congratulated the winners and handed out memorable awards sustainable social attitude ­ tengizchevroil llp environmental protection ­ north caspian operating company ncoc best social innovation project ­ the programme of social partnership arai lukoil overseas service b.v astana and finally managerial staff training and development ­ pavlodar oil chemistry refinery for more about the 7th kazenergy 2012 eurasian forum please visit 5


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2 101 october 2 2012 kioge the universal character of kioge ­ kioge ­ 20 « «» kazenergy 23 ­ kioge 32 ­ kioge ­ kioge this year sees the 20th edition of kioge the largest oil and gas exhibition in kazakhstan and central asia it is a rare example of stability and successful growth among exhibitions in this vast region the event is once again supported by the ministry of oil and gas of the republic of kazakhstan kazmunaygas the kazenergy association the almaty city administration and diplomatic missions of exhibiting countries this time the exhibition features participation from over 500 exhibiting companies from 23 countries which is an excellent result as it is and even more so considering the global economic situation countries represented by exhibiting companies include azerbaijan belgium canada china hungary iran italy latvia malaysia the netherlands norway russia turkey and the united states and this list is far from complete these results can be considered as a successful and specific test of the perception of kazakhstan s economic potential among the global industry moreover a number of countries ­ china germany italy kazakhstan russia and the united states ­ are represented by national stands which also characterises the attitudes shown both to kazakhstan s oil and gas production sector and to the kioge exhibition as the key gateway to this sector also no less informative is the following figure kazakhstani companies account for 32 of the total number of exhibitors the result that could hardly have been dreamt of during the first decade of the project has become a reality the following fact is also worth noting an increasingly wider representation among kioge exhibitors is being enjoyed firstly by manufacturing companies from the post-soviet countries and secondly by small and mid-sized businesses this is undoubtedly the result of policies of these countries aimed at economic integration and industrial diversification in this way kioge which had emerged to a great extent as a project allowing international companies to enter the kazakhstan and central asian markets has demonstrated its universal geo-economic character igor sazonov deputy minister of industry and innovations of russia s nizhny novgorod region in his welcoming speech at the exhibition opening ceremony said kioge 2012 iteca kioge ite group plc the kioge 2012 exhibition first working day was opened by boris danilenko sales director iteca igor sazonov deputy minister of industry and innovations of the nizhny novgorod region michael jacobs head of events ite group plc aoec llp spayev bek engineer-technology ahmadov anatoly director lepesbayeva lyudmila comercial director bakharchiyev said-adlan head of sales and procurements 6


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daily report of the kazakhstan international oil&gas exhibition and conference kioge ­ ­ «» kioge kioge ite group plc « » kioge kioge iteca aveva komkov fedor application consultant alexandra miroshnichenko deputy technical manager russia&cis ,iec berlin german federal ministry of economics and technology peter seckel division director iec berlin kerstin scheuer master of public management federal office of economics and export control bafa alexandra dreyer,manager german engineering federation cnpc fortune cnpc 11-290 cnpc « ­ » « » « » « » ­ cp-300 ­ unlocking more resource potential create more value with cnpc ranking sixth on the fortune global 500 cnpc is an integrated international energy company besides oil and gas operations we provide integrated and innovative solutions in e&p and oilfield services as well as a wide range of petroleum materials and equipment visit us at booth 11-290 cnpc you will get to learn about our sophisticated and applicable techniques of injection-production process for high water-cut oilfields gas-lift oil recovery sand control for oil and gas wells and reservoir protection during drilling and new drilling fluids at our booth you will also find three models of our equipment cp-300 jack-up drilling rig mat supported rig with cantilever and fracturing package all field proven and price competitive know more about our technologies and equipment products at 7


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2 101 october 2 2012 kioge 20 547 kioge kioge «» ­ kioge « » 2005 kioge 2013 «skywave» kioge kioge «skywave» mioge kioge we are exhibiting at kioge for the second consecutive year and this time our delegation has doubled as the business community feels that the potential for joint cooperation is enormous which really is true such words from a representative of one of the major industrial regions of the russian federation have high value at the same time it should be emphasised that this is not the usual politeness of official statements there is an official stand of the nizhny novgorod region actively operating at kioge where its presentation will be held president nursultan nazarbayev continues to emphasise that integration is the imperative of our time and it was upon his initiative that the common customs space has been created within which we are working with kazakhstan this is our competitive advantage and we should use it particularly with the help of this exhibition said mr sazonov michael jacobs director of the kioge conference from ite group plc highlighted in his speech the anniversary nature of this year s exhibition and noted that over the years the exhibition has been the best venue to hold negotiations among all oil and gas sector stakeholders a lot of contracts were signed a lot of deals were done and major investments were made as a result of the contacts formed here at kioge with the continuing development of the oil and gas sector of kazakhstan we are continuing to develop kioge to facilitate the smooth operation of the sector said mr jacobs boris danilenko sales director of iteca noted that today it could be said with certainty that the kioge exhibition and conference has to a full extent followed its development path hand in hand with the development of independent kazakhstan s oil and gas industry it is important to note that in this anniversary year the number of exhibitors has increased by 20 giving a total of 547 companies we would like to thank all regular and new exhibitors for the fact that they have chosen kioge as a platform to do business in kazakhstan said mr danilenko the kioge exhibition itself held in five pavilions of the atakent exhibition centre and outside it has as always made a strong impression with its design creativity and the craftsmanship of the stands a true kaleidoscope of colours and ideas embodying business opportunities and the offers of the exhibiting companies additionally and although this has never been examined we believe a scientific paper could be written on kioge s impact on the development of the art of exhibition design in kazakhstan as for the opinions of exhibitors about the organisation of caspi neft jsc zhaldayev nurgali main geologist imashev bagitkali head of technological department ice ice khlynova irina trade analyst michele scuotto director mambetbayeva sholpan trade analyst 8


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daily report of the kazakhstan international oil&gas exhibition and conference «skywave» kioge « « »» kioge kioge «» sgt group «» kioge «» 1996 ­ kioge 2012 23 kioge 7 ­ kioge 2012 daily news 5 hms group hydromashservice nokhrin yevgeniy marketing engineer gribanov sergey leading manager of marketing and sales department kolunin yevgenii deputy director foreign projects sales department isachenko igor head of constructor division jsc nc kazmunaygas sakhiev zhumamurat director department of new equipment and production technology babazhanova laura analyst prospective projects development department altybayeva laura senior economist business planning and economic analysis department utegaliev yerlan expert oil and gas transport department cnpc cnpc chang fuquan director of representation in kazakhstan li hongfei general representative in aktau ksp steel ksp steel jsc gorlova zarina head of marketing group mukashev sanzhar sales manager 9


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2 101 october 2 2012 kioge 2012 anglo belgian corporation abc 10-192 10 dz dx dl36 1 7 dk jones ltd 15 weld outlet gieminox tectubi raccordi 8 48 12 7,5 ibix 11-425 11 spartacus flame spray katch kantm rig safety system rsstm zero spill system zsstm «conti chemical company» «kappa gi» «fnc» msi a052 9 ariel jonell waukesha endyn murphy imbu eml altronic lapp group alexander triebel customer service export wladimir kuenne manager market development andrey kumachenko regional manager « -» caspian pipeline consortium-k jsc muratov makhsut deputy manager ps tengiz murinov sarsembai regional manager yergali yerbolat hse senior engineer transneft jsc kharitonov vladimir senior metrologist ustyanceva elena leading specialist of external relations department 10


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daily report of the kazakhstan international oil&gas exhibition and conference kioge 2012 exhibitor news anglo belgian corporation abc stand 10-192 pavilion 10 recently introduced the new dl36 series to the existing and proven dz and dx models the company now offers a range of engines from 1mw to 7mw and plans to double this range within a couple of years dk jones ltd has announced that a new warehouse extension at the company s uk site has now been completed increasing total covered warehouse space to 15,000 square metres several new machines have now been installed including three new cnc machines plus two machines especially designed for the profiling of weld outlet pipeline fittings the italian company gieminox tectubi raccordi will be presenting the production of longitudinal welded clad and lined pipes made from every type of steel from 8 to 48 diameter and up to 12 metres in length with a yearly capacity of 7,500 tons the pipes are clad with steel plates and are a good technical and economic choice for transporting oil and gas ibix stand 11-426 pavilion 11 has developed spartacus flame spray technology that can now give pipe owners the option of applying by spraying a highly stable polypropylene powder with properties that are a close match to coatings applied by extrusion for the first time this gives pipe owners the opportunity to have a high quality homogenous coating across the whole length of the pipeline the main achievements of katch kantm are the rig safety system rsstm and the zero spill system zsstm these systems dramatically reduce drilling fluid loss and prevent contamination of drilling sites which in turn reduces operator liability for remediation and restoring affected land conti chemical company established in 1994 in riga latvia is presenting equipment from their two european partners flammable liquid vapour recovery and odour control units based on different technologies from kappa gi and all types of flame arrestors and a full range of tank valves and hatches from fnc msi stand a052 pavilion 9a is proud to confirm that the company is now official distributor for ariel compressors and jonell filter elements in addition to products from aukesha endyn murphy imbu eml and altronic kemont jsc pischalnikov konstantin marketing department specialist lelyayeva olesya head of marketing department melnikov yevgeniy marketing department specialist tengizchevroil llp kussainova karlygash gs scm gubasheva leila procurement supervisor supply chain management erlan kassym public affairs advisor the event they are always positive chingis yesbosynov head of the logistics department of caspian machine-building complex a drilling and oil field equipment manufacturer and maintenance provider from aktau with a very interesting stand told us we have taken part in the exhibition every year since 2005 every time following participation in kioge we spend about a week processing the information received there and drafting a list of potential partners with whom we can create synergy the work then goes on throughout the year and it almost always yields tangible results in the form of contracts signed we also intend to exhibit at the next event in 2013 maria sturova manager of skywave a canadian company active in the area of satellite data transfer noted that her company is participating in kioge for the first time we have come to kioge because we want to meet with local companies we are looking for partners here who know the market and can develop solutions based on our products skywave already participated in the moscow-hosted mioge exhibition we were very happy about that and decided to make our entry into kazakhstan via kioge it is worth noting that the company s business area will certainly mol mol group dr samir zaien international communications expert 11


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2 101 october 2 2012 be of great interest to the oil and gas industry of kazakhstan many oil and gas industry facilities are located far away from major settlements and sometimes even in places where no mobile phone coverage is available skywave will therefore offer the possibility of real-time automatic data transfer from such facilities as is always the case at kioge the thematic range of the stands is again also extremely broad munay kurylys kazakhstan construction company a firm dealing in turnkey construction of workers settlements was particularly eye-catching the company is participating in kioge for the second time we expect opportunities for more substantial growth in the delivery of our products from our participation in the event last year our experience at kioge justified our appearing there said dmitry nazarov manager of the company s tender department pavel beklemishev general director of belkamit jsc and engineering complex development director of sgt group can be quite rightly called a patriarch of the participation in kioge of kazakhstani machine-building engineers belkamit has practically never missed the exhibition since 1996 mr beklemishev described kioge as follows the exhibition is a very useful event reflecting the trends in our industry and participation is always productive this is the most significant event of the year in the industry our stand today is larger and more beautiful which demonstrates our attitude to exhibiting this year and i hope the plans for next year as well participation in kioge for our companies is further proof of the fact that we are still strong in the market especially prominent among the national stands at kioge 2012 is germany s stand representing 23 various german companies many of which have attended the exhibition several times our goal is to promote german exports in particular we aim to enable small and mid-sized businesses that cannot afford to go abroad to find partners in kazakhstan as a german association we have been present at kioge for seven years now which illustrates the effectiveness of the exhibition some former participants have opened offices here said kerstin schoer international exhibitions adviser to the federal office of economics and export control to learn about the kioge 2012 conference and the exhibition s opening ceremony attended by the industry s top representatives read the second issue of kioge daily news which will be released on 5 october 2012 matrade malaysia external trade development corporation dmitri shchitchenko marketing officer dato zakaria kamarudin deputy chief executive officer russneft ojsc sokolova svetlana head of division for international exhibitions and conferences korsun valeriy,director department of geology and estimation of o&g resources aveva 006 9 aveva aveva pdms aveva aveva global aveva review aveva diagrams aveva instrumentation aveva ­ aveva electrical bocad aveva net portal ­ 12 aveva s unique developments at stand 006 in pavilion 9 aveva will present the latest developments in the field of design construction and operation of oil and gas industry facilities the company s technical experts will offer a practical demonstration of how to operate aveva pdms technology a leading 3d design solution you can also learn about the possibilities of using all of aveva s systems that help to organise the work of multi-site offices aveva global visualise facilities aveva review and create hvac diagrams aveva diagrams and instrumentation and automation systems aveva instrumentation aside from this the exhibition will for the first time feature a presentation of aveva s new developments that have already proved themselves in practice ­ aveva electrical for designing electrical circuits and bocad solutions for detailed structural design you can also learn about a unique development at aveva s stand aveva net portal a portal for managing information in any format and from any source


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2 101 october 2 2012 3 «intercontinental almaty» unifying tradition and style yesterday on 3 october a gala reception staged in the ballroom of the five-star intercontinental almaty hotel brought together around a thousand exhibitors to celebrate the opening of the exhibition jumo gmbh co kg netzsch pumpen systeme gmbh sharjah oxygen company rg petro-machinery group co ltd china national petroleum corporation cnpc sercel tek know holding «» «» « «» karachaganak petroleum operating b.v «» « ­ » « » « » «» « «» awards for longstanding support jumo gmbh co kg netzsch pumpen systeme gmbh sharjah oxygen company rg petro-machinery group co ltd china national petroleum corporation cnpc sercel tek know holding nc kazmunaygas jsc tengizchevroil ltd kazgiproneftetrans ec llp karachaganak petroleum operating b.v nipineftegaz jsc caspian pipeline consortium-k jsc tmk hms group russneft oil company jsc transneft jsc «» «» «» «» kioge 2012 « » as always a broad palette of music and dance genres for all the guests had been prepared by the kazakhstan side this time guests of this informal gathering could find out about the culture and customs of the kazakh people and get into the spirit of the generous and hospitable land of kazakhstan at the entrance to the ballroom all the participants of the gala reception were met by a guard of honour sarbaz warriors in beautiful traditional dress who warmly welcomed the guests the reception featured an ethnic village decorated with a mini yurt lending an imitable national flavour to the party atmosphere the guests were able to enjoy the alasha dancing group and inju instrumental and vocal trio shows as well as appreciating the high class of a live performance by dostar the awards ceremony to present `for longstanding cooperation with the exhibition certificates to kioge 2012 exhibitors was the central event of the reception iteca exhibition news 2 101 «iteca» william yates siobhan smith 10 10-177 9 024 intercontinental almaty hotel 3 «iteca» 050057 42 «-» +7 727 2583434 37 «lux media» 050050 4 7 727 2333173 178 +7 727 2333180/81 e-mail 5624 18 2005 iteca exhibition news 14


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