School Newsletter 28 September 2012


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springston school end of term news this is the last newsletter for term 3 we wish everyone a safe happy and healthy holiday we will see you all back on monday 15 october ready for a busy term 4 springston school facility and concept plan survey we have had only two responses to this survey please go to the school website and click on the link in the top right hand corner and have your say athletic club we are working to establish an athletics club in selwyn to give young athletes in the area an opportunity to try a different sport in their own backyard however to do this successfully we need people to take on small administration and coaching roles the wider we can spread these roles the less people will have to do and the more successful the club will be an information meeting was held on monday 17th september at 7pm in the rolleston library to let everyone know how they can support an opportunity for their children to do athletics on hand was anita from canterbury athletics coach force and lorraine from sport canterbury from this we have decided to hold an open evening monday 15 october at 5.30 pm at rolleston school out on the wilson field we will have some athletics gear set up and be having a sausage sizzle this will run until 7pm we will run these session each monday night from 6-7pm for term 4 if you need to you can phone rachel simmons on the following contact phone numbers rachel simons 03-377-4822 or 027-545-5889 down by the liffey ­ springston school has an amazing display of art work in the gallery in lincoln at the moment call in and have a look below are some of our senior students working on some of the exhibits mrs whelan and eli room room 6 left chrissy room 7 middle gallery display right


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congratulations today jeff warren from ellesmere lions presented oliver gwatkin with a gift of $50 for his entry into the local phone book cover competition christchurch south lit quiz last thursday night we had two teams entered in this quiz this was the first time we have entered this competition and our competitors have been in training reading and remembering details of a selection of 11 books we came a very creditable 4th a n d 5th place and were also lucky enough to win the $300 library book prize springston super readers georgia l kaylee lucy ca lucy b maya and lucy co springston speedy greedy readers maggie ellie john alice georgia and libby from our writing group the town springston was usual enough it had a secret garden the george roy clothing shop a concrete bench a brick wall and even a hidden quiet water system spreading water to people my mates and i did what boys do swimming in coe s ford biking in the ford playing with a ball we found going to the dairy to buy fizzy drinks and heading home to play with my nerf guns doing nothing important macaulay


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spring the tadpoles cruise in the grotty old pond the green grass grows as we trample on it the kowhai tree attracts the birds to collect the nectar the blossom tree glows white like snow jack mcintosh spring the green grass moves in the breeze the kowhai tree stand there crookedly the flowers blossom in the spring the bellbirds cruise to the kowhai tree and sip the nectar like a vacuum hoani the hut the tall wooden ladder leads to a mysterious place the room stretches from the ladder to the door the rood shelters birds eggs and nests the shed protects my tools from the harsh weather scott the hut the big branches hold the tree hut steady up in the tree the view spreads out over our farm and onto the road the earthquakes shake and damage the tree day after day the timber blends into the tree with the brown grey and black colouring jack g the mountain by the time i get to the mountain i m so excited and pumped i can t wait i am struggling to get my gaiters on got it i lace my boots and pack my pack water pack binoculars jacket survival kit location beacon i hiff it on my back it is time to start climbing up up up i start to sweat my legs start to ache my calf muscles burn it is steep rocky and slippery but i press on the sun is beating down sweat is dribbling doe my face all of a sudden i seen an animal stop i say to my dad i swipe the gun from my back line up with the scope and shoot got it i feel like i m about to blow up we go look for the animal it is a stag and it will look great on the wall we drag it down the mountain it is easy getting down i see the truck and i am relieved it was a long day we heave it on the roof rack of the truck and off we go sitting in the truck my body is shutting down my eyes are fluttering closed and i strain to stay awake what a day my dad says to himself what a day george c



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