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duck hunters crazy maybe by chris knight east texas pick me up magazinei m free september/october 2012 premier wildlife destinations silence the hunt texas adaptive outdoors muddin for the military great east texas balloon race neal mccoy shares his favorite east texas golf courses lake palestine adaptive aquafest delta waterfowl banquet longview pg 1 east texas outdoors magazine


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contents 13 feature story duck hunters crazy maybe by chris knight 66 expedition texas with bob mauldin 72 east texas beat with terry miller 70 reader s board 74 neches wilderness canoe race 76 product review by jerry dolezal 13 16 pioneer of east texas radio 18 silence the hunt by chris sbrusch 20 hunting hogs by luke clayton 24 tune-up your dogs 28 neal mccoy s pick 32 special section ­ hunting 46 a drop in the river by dr michael banks 54 texas adaptive outdoors 62 longview delta waterfowl banquet 64 hunting with larry weishuhn by michael huey 26 muddin for the military pg 6 28 etoutdoors.com


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east texas magazine vol 2 issue 5 staff pasha ross watson 24 managing editor account executive creative director editor at large senior field rep web designer sales representative angie dolezal luke clayton jerry doc watson autumn watson contributing writers content luke clayton larry weishuhn chris knight chris sbrusch michael huey dr michael banks terry miller bob mauldin chris green jerry dolezal 32 74 contributing photography kayne parrish chris knight robbie gunn amy easley whitehouse chamber of commerce dr michael banks andrian f van dellen meredith watson steve watson east texas outdoors magazine published by circle j.p enterprises llc p.o box 605 111 w main st frankston tx 75763 855 etoutdoors advertising questions can be sent via email to info@etoutdoors.com subscription available at etoutdoors.com the opinions expressed in east texas outdoors magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the editor publishers or their agents the publisher is not responsible for any intentional or unintentional misuse of another author s work all materials received and used in this magazine are considered original and submitted by it s original owner all materials in this magazine are under copyright to each individual author and may not be republished without permission from that author the information contained herein has been compiled from sources deemed reliable and it is accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief however east texas outdoors magazine cannot guarantee as to its accuracy completeness and validity and cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions east texas outdoors magazine pg 7


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editor s letter this time of year brings a breed of enthusiasm all its own soon the air will begin to change and hunters start making preparations to get back into the woods kids are back in school and some parents are making a collective sigh thankful to hear the familiar sound of the school bus and the quiet it delivers we head into fall embracing the cooler temperatures and opportunities for all the outdoor activities in east texas to celebrate the long-standing tradition that takes our readers out of their warm beds in the wee hours of the morning we have filled this issue with a little something for everyone from duck hunting to understanding broadheads and deer patterns if you are hunting in east texas we ve got you covered if you are looking for a great place to hunt relax and enjoy great southern hospitality check out the beautiful ranches in our special section with the amazing opportunities we have in our back door there is no need to roam we at east texas outdoors magazine are pleased to announce the addition of the wonderful world of golf to our pages in each issue country superstar neal mccoy will share with you his pick of the amazing courses available in our area from public courses to private we hope you take the opportunity to hit the links when you re not hitting your target it is with great pleasure we welcome autumn watson to our magazine family autumn is not only our web designer but a high-energy professional sales representative we couldn t be more excited to have her on board if you would like to be a part of what east texas outdoors magazine represents please give autumn a call you ll be glad you did do not miss our next issue as this will be our product and gift guide issue maybe we can make your christmas shopping just a little easier this year as always please let us hear from you we truly value the feedback of our readers and fellow east texans see you outdoors country superstar neal mccoy joins east texas outdoors magazine autumn watson web designer and sales representative pg 8 etoutdoors.com


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on the tournament trail budlight trail lake fork fall team 07/28/12 1st aaron walker corey maples 2nd troy rossman shawn burris 3rd randy bunch herb powell h&w marine s 2012 tnt championship 08/18/12 cross lake 1st aaron johnson jerry lutterman 2nd josh moore ty humphries 3rd james blythe curtis loden hurry won t last includes 2012 skeeter tzx 190 only $26,995 00 stk sk058d best buy alert ready to fish 150 hpdi 2-s call corey or dennis 903.561.5930 pg 10 etoutdoors.com


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presents 3rd annual east texas 2012 big buck contest win a brand new honda fourtrax® foreman® 4x4 es from h&w honda stop in for details marshall 3709 east end blvd hwy 59 s marshall texas 903 938.9481 win over $7000 value contest runs nov 3 2012 ­ jan 14 2013 for complete rules and more information go to texas the scoring system used is based on the boone and crockett club scoring system 1534 e palestine hwy 79 palestine texas 903.731.9590 3601 new boston road texarkana texas 903.831.5500 www.mybreezefm.com no purchase necessary to win.


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what are you thinking got an idea east texas outdoors magazine is for our readers and your feedback can help us bring you more of what you want in each issue please share with us what you like and what you don t topics you would like to see us cover events you would like to read about we look forward to hearing from you please e-mail your ideas comments and suggestions to info@etoutdoors.com or mail your comments to east texas outdoors magazine attn editor p.o box 605 frankston tx 75763 pg 12 etoutdoors.com


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can recall several distinct times in my hunting career that i look back and say wow that was crazy not only crazy but a person looking down on the experience from afar would likely call us insane make no mistake most hunting escapades would likely be labeled as insane by a large percentage of the general public but if i can place the label it is well deserved you see we aren t normal at all we aren t even close we thrive on discomfort and inaccessibility we desperately search for situations that are not just obscure and questionable but downright dangerous it isn t because we like the danger but when you chase ducks as a passion the danger and discomfort just seem to come as a byproduct i most hunting scenarios for any species involve some probable level of danger i mean after all you are carrying firearms and likely using some form of equipment be it boats atv s or some other form of transportation add to that most hunting is done during the winter when the weather is less than favorable for any outdoor activity i guess what makes the duck hunter a bit more susceptible to danger and adventure is the combination of factors that make for the best hunting water wind cold and precipitation all of that combined with the nastiest most inaccessible habitat this is where you always find the ducks and makes for the insanity i speak of by chris knight east texas outdoors magazine pg 13


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so let s take a look at just a couple of examples of when i declared myself crazy and chalk the others up to normal first of all understand that i like to duck hunt no i mean i really like to duck hunt so much that i have for the most part given up hunting any other species so as to focus my efforts on hunting waterfowl lake o the pines many years ago one of my hunting compadres and i got a tip from another friend that there were an unusual amount of ducks in an unusual spot on lake o the pines several years back being pretty familiar with the lake i questioned his information but nonetheless agreed to meet up with him early one saturday morning to try our luck the spot was not easily accessible but not for the usual reasons it wasn t a terribly swampy area but it was a bit of a haul over open water from any boat ramp this isn t usually an issue but it does require some planning around the wind in order to avoid a dangerous boat ride across the vast expanse of the dark open lake the conditions were good so we launched my pro drive mud boat and headed across the lake for the hunt the forecast called for a chance of storms but we decided that they would probably show up long after we had come back from the hunt the water was deeper than our normal areas so we used decoys with long lines and set them with the boat vs wading this slowed us down considerably and likely took our attention away from the flashes of lightning that were occurring behind the tree line as the sun came up we had a bit of success shooting some wood ducks but we weren t overly impressed with the action pg 14 as we were discussing the options for breakfast i noticed the wind changed and we started hearing the rumble of thunder from behind the trees it became obvious real quick that we might be in trouble from behind the tree line at our backs came a steady roar of thunder growing louder and more frequent with each passing minute quickly we realized we were trapped standing on the shoreline we were faced with several options and none of them were good ones we could run for the trees aka big green lightning rods or we could get in the boat and head across the lake for the ramp metal boat or we could hunker down on the bank and hope it passed without killing us as we crouched on the bank as low profile as we could get the rain and wind came with a vengeance lightning struck trees behind us and several stumps in the water in front of us but somehow we remained unharmed as soon as we felt somewhat safe we gathered our things grabbed the boat and headed for the open water this took a little time since we had to get the decoys with the boat once again diverting our attention from the danger looming beyond the trees as we came out of the cove and opened up the throttle through the stump field out into the open water we noticed that there was another storm coming up fast the lightning rapidly got our attention and we were trapped out in the middle of the lake with no cover my two horrified passengers laid flat in the boat and i did the same with only my one hand up to run the throttle on the pro drive motor we kept the boat moving as fast as possible while lightning struck the water and several standing stumps close by but once again in spite of our stupidity we were spared i have never been so happy to get back to the truck etoutdoors.com


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cooper lake 3 years ago this lake is always low and by low i mean 10 feet or more low this makes for a different set of challenges for the average duck hunter as the water drops previously productive spots dry up and the ducks move on to other spots to feed or loaf to stay on the ducks here you have to be able to scout and you better have the right gear to do so to start with you re going to have to get a good boat with a powerful mud motor to get you shallow and keep you from pushing all day in waist deep mud for me personally a pro drive boat with a pro drive mud motor is the perfect package it also helps to have a good gps as well a lake that is low with a lot of standing timber looks the same from one area to another so a gps is a must if you re going to navigate and/or return to an area multiple times we were on some good numbers in an area of the lake that is highly inaccessible this area not only involves a very long dangerous boat ride but an even longer walk through knee deep mud to get to where the ducks wanted to be we headed out in the wee hours of the morning the boat loaded with gear ready to draw a gun on the ducks we spotted the day before it seemed hard to get to but well worth it for the fowl returned that morning we rode in the boat bouncing through stumps and sliding over mud flats with the pro drive mud motor until we could go no further we had marked that spot on the gps and knew it was a long walk from there over dry ground at first and then the dreaded trek across a log-riddled mud flat to reach our final destination the three of us and my dog loaded up all of our gear 3 decoy bundles backpacks guns seats shells snacks camo material numerous other spinning/shaking duck devices etc etc we looked like tibetan travelers headed for the holy city across the swamp we go with only headlamps and a gps being held by one of my hunting buddies who at the time was a rookie duck hunter now for those of you who have never carried half of your body weight in gear as you walk in waders through a swamp littered with logs every two feet this may seem pretty easy well it isn t and when you add in the fact that it is 28 degrees pitch black and you are knee deep mud it becomes literally insane we walked for what seemed like forever until the guy holding the gps seemed to disappear that s right lights out where in the heck did he go well a quick backtrack revealed our gps operator was partially submerged in mud by partially i mean head first in knee deep mud pinned down by his gear with no sign of recovery he had been watching the gps and forgot to step over a log which caused him to gracefully plant a perfect 10 olympic dive into the lake cooper mud pie he was covered from head to toe and we had to unbuckle him from all of his gear just to get him out we finally made it to the spot and it paid off big we had one of the best hunts of the year and a lot of laughs at his expense now you be the judge crazy insane probably photos by chris knight east texas outdoors magazine pg 15



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