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free there s life in the inner west 196 14th september 2012 every fortnight must-see acts from this year s sydney fringe festival fringe dwelling win movie tix on the road lore arbitrage antisocial media is the iphone killing the art of conversation plus italian film festival passes is taking over the inner west distributed in leichhardt annandale petersham stanmore newtown rozelle balmain drummoyne haberfield five dock concord summer hill newtown s classiest cocktails fine-tuned italian film festival now double the fun welcome to the north opens the 2012 lavazza italian film festival best of the boot 10am ­ 2pm fre e 2 hour parking at the italian forum with any purchase fr e e coffee saturdays auburn 9649 7900 belrose 9986 3331 blacktown 9622 1937 burwood 9745 6375 campsie 9789 9000 carlingford 9871 4522 caringbah 9525 0309 engadine 9520 8838 five dock 9713 4729 glebe 9660 6919 griffith 6964 7322 marrickville 9560 2488 merryland 9897 1011 neutral bay 9953 0609 revesby 9773 8510 riverstone 9627 1516 riverwood 9153 7347 toukley 4396 4137 your local store 6-8 norton street leichhardt open mon-fri 8am-8pm sat-sun 9am-6pm ph 9560 7008 cc18195_ciao


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inner west whispers local gossip rumour hearsay and unsubstantiated fact latte leftie we are c!ao satire for the soul latte leftie counsels a local academic still traumatised by the haterade that poured down from the reactionary blogosphere after she outed an insolent prole dear ll ­ i was out for my morning flaneur in westgate park when i came across a council worker spreading fertiliser about as i wished to recline on a nearby park bench while clarifying my thoughts on the bauhaus movement s contribution to international modernism without my nostrils being assailed with malodorous manure i instructed the groundskeeper to desist and return to his labours after i had departed had he just apologised and deferentially acceded to my request that would have been the end of the matter but he proceeded to tell me and i paraphrase so as not to shock ciao s more genteel readers i could anally insert my request and then perform fellatio on him while scurrying away i had the presence of mind to snap his picture with my iphone which i later published on my blog under the headline should the council sack this impertinent spreader of dung note the question mark ­ i didn t say he should be sacked merely raised it as a possibility anyhoo the council apparently did decide his x-rated diatribe was grounds for dismissal and he went running to some tabloid newspaper i ve never heard of to bleat about how he was working three jobs to support his six children rather than give this priapic brute a lecture about birth control the columnists at this paper masterminded a populist hate campaign encouraging their readers to flood my blog with commentary about what a pompous masturbator greens-voting communist and utter f wit i was which leads me to ask whether i should handle situations like this differently in future liz paddington ll replies certainly not if i may misquote that old reactionary edmund burke all that is necessary for the triumph of offensive plebes is that we civilised intellectuals do nothing n email your dilemma to leane senzamici newtown the inner west tilts rightwards but not too far l ok so we underestimated the size of the big liberal surge but elsewhere ciao was spot on in our predictions for the local elections especially about the decline of the greens across the inner west in leichhardt the swing was calamitous ­ the greens simply didn t understand how to get their message across now 4 lib 4 lab 4 grn in marrickville the libs surprised even themselves with labor also showing signs of life after a near-death experience 2 lib 3 lab 3 grn 2 ind no greens left at all in ashfield 4 lib 4 lab 4 ind or burwood where they didn t try labor s john faker is mayor again with a very workable 3 lab 2 lib and 1 ind council in canada bay the greens just scraped in on labor preferences 3 lib 4 lab 1 grn and mayor angelo tsirekas once again got a big tick of approval the excitement s over now get back to work l things we noticed darcy byrne s big personal following in rozelle newtown gets its first liberal what the 56 people voted for veteran leftie hall greenland in leichhardt while in rozelle there were 33 votes for the right-wing extremist nicholas folkes despite massive free publicity anti-burqa man sergio redegalli bombed in newtown 4.5 as did the liberal anarchists err democrats in canada bay there only 566 people voted against the nanny state l emma brooks maher of the haberfield association issued a damning letter to residents about councillor elect vittoria raciti just before the election making bold allegations that the biggest non-payer of s94 contributions is none other than the restaurant owned by her husband tony raciti and that vittoria stormed out of council meetings swearing when the decision didn t go her way it didn t seem to make much difference to the liberals in ashfield s north east ward though food melissa leong resident chef jared ingersoll c!ao history best modern mediterranean cuisine in sydney s inner-west seed cuisine winsor dobbin wine design eleanor wales you can expect to see images like this one ­ featuring the kids from the abbey in annandale fran and damien davis with alan murray and adrienne cross in their typical 1970s getups ­ plus much more at leichhardt library s history week exhibit threads that made leichhardt fashionistas the free exhibit is on until september 30th and includes edwardian dresses 1950s gloves 1930s hats antique accessories and vintage ads from the kath farrell collection as well as historic photos of leichhardt lga s fashions throughout the ages ­ from 1920s council depot workers to 1970s feminist activists open now enjoy an alfresco lunch or an evening of dining to remember russell edwards art direction editorial nancy merlo publishing phone 9560 7798 nredom tseb ni enisiuc naenarretidem tsew-renni s yendys sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards ben cregan nigel bowen jared ingersoll and jason dunne enisiuc dees won nepo hcnul ocserfla na yojne gninid fo gnineve na ro rebmemer ot like to salute someone else ­ all the tireless campaign volunteers from all parties on election day the one who commandeered all these positions enjoy an alfresco lunch for posters at drummoyne public school was up early we spotted him at it at or an evening of dining 6.30am he did take them all down again didn t he best modern things we love canada bay s love affair with `mr inner west angelo mediterranean cuisine in sydney s inner-west tsirekas continued with all the ardour we predicted last issue but here we d seed cuisine ciao open now to remember c!ao s voice · marrickville s cornersmith · people who don t use their installing their own beehives indicator for the freshest honey · whingers and complainers around ­ yum · crocs with socks · generosity · overdosing on vitamins ­ · late night kebabs from yes it can happen istanbul on king st · oprah it s like she · meeting eligible bachelors never existed in bookstores · twitter trolls · dare dancing youtube it · five-toe shoes i don t care · the new café on grosvenor cr summer hill · lamb shoulder how comfy they are they are plain ugly · pork belly ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia 8977 0659 :enohp phone 9560 7798 what s in out out in ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered to your doorstep email with your address cover welcome to the north starring these wacky dudes opens the lavazza italian film festival this year at palace norton st on tuesday 20th september more about the festival on page six c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west 2


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community life the cream of newtown s cocktails it s a cocktail fight in newtown this month as bartenders battle it out each armed with a cocktail especially designed for the sydney fringe festival s `toast of newtown competition here s a few ciao tested newtownian goose herder special grey goose mozart chocolate liqueur chilli-infused vodka strawberry puree strawberry schnapps and chocolate syrup i have to admit i don t quite get the name but what s in a name this cocktail 14.50 by any other name would taste as delicious strawberry and chocolate is always a good combo and this drink tastes exactly like one of those roses chocolates with the strawberry cream filling an enjoyable drink from the chocolate shavings floating on top to the strawberry pulp settled at the bottom it suits madame fling flong s plush setting mozart chocolate liqueur is a delicious addition to the vodka base though the chilli infusion is virtually undetectable one of the girlier drinks of the contest 7/10 r oad test rant anti social media what ever happened to good oldfashioned imagination in story telling nowadays all anybody wants to do is play show and tell with their smartphones let s catch up and have a chat i invite a mate out for a drink knowing that when he gets there he ll sit down with a beer and put his smartphone out on the table ­ as so many others do ­ because apparently if you sit down with it in your pocket it will break and you will be hopelessly lost in the universe as we take our seats i begin to spin my yarn let me tell you about the fish i caught up the coast the biggest in my life it put up such a fight and when i brought it next to the boat my friend nearly fell in trying to grab it because it wouldn t fit into the net what a beautiful animal shaped like a bullet with a yellow tail sea birds squawking and the waves crashing onto the rocks of a remote lighthouse island added to the drama where are the pictures on your smart phone you ask as if you just don t get it if you would just look at the space between my hands ­ i swear i don t lie besides a picture on a tiny screen will only make my fish look like a dead piece of meat disrespecting the majestic beast that it was i would argue that but i know it s a lost cause as we move on my mate fills me in on what s been happening in his world and not two sentences in reaches for his smartphone life device to help illustrate words with photos yes pictures are often worth a thousand words but they don t always tell a story just right duffle downs el dorado 15-year-old rum grandfather s port penfolds cointreau young henrys rye and rum barrel-aged stout salted raisins if the goose herder special is a drink for the ladies this offering is one for the gentlemen though more expensive than the rest 18 it s made with quality ingredients with rich but subtle results exploring the serious side of newtown bloodwood bartender lousing dowling knew she wanted to use beer when she began creating the drink and says it grew from there with caramel flavours coming from the beer and the rum offering sweetness with a bit of punch that s the sign of a good cocktail she said easy to drink and makes you feel like you re going to fall over the sticky and sweet raisin garnish soaked in a beer sugar and salt reduction is a real treat too 8/10 bottoms up thai meal in a martini glass clearly reflecting the cuisine s strong presence in the area the fresh chilli offers a slight kick and leaves a nice tingle on your lips while the thai basil adds a touch of freshness beware this one is dangerously easy to drink and has just a hint of lemon aroma 8.5/10 la `st rom ance strom liquor 43 lemon juice thai basil fresh chilli and a whole lot of lovin at the time of writing this refreshing cocktail 16 from the coopers hotel is leading by a hair and it s not hard to see why not only were we served by one of the friendliest bartenders cheers to you jackson but this innovative drink is like a bankrupt kahlua butterscotch schnapps vodka frangelico while it isn t the most imaginative combination this cocktail 14 from the bank embodies the elegance of newtown and will have you licking your lips super-sweet smelling and tasting with serious kick this drink is straight spirits ­ and left me feeling rather spirited after my last sip 6.5/10 bees sting island sting honey liqueur brandyinfused chocolate syrup orange juice floated creams cinnamon sugar brandy-infused sultana the bartender at bench bar has been in the industry for 37 years and created this delectable concoction 15 after experimenting with honey liqueur from kangaroo island the result is deliciously unexpected considering it s a brave man who dares mix cream and citrus when it comes to cocktails but it works the orange juice gives the drink a tangy bite and moderates the creaminess while the floated creams add smoothness the cinnamon sugar provides the perfect amount of spice and an enticing aroma this is a complex drink that reflects the various layers of newtown don t miss the surprise brandy-infused sultana you ll find with your last drop of drink ­ it simply bursts with flavour 8/10 n nm but before i have a chance to catch her eye she whips out her phone and is cruising facebook so now that i ve seen the color of his new car and how tall the kids are we turn our attention to the band we are watching the room is dark the stage lights bright and the music is loud everything is just right but as the main act gives everything they ve got a sea of glowing phones rise to record the show stuffing up my view and creating a barrier between me and the artists i ve come to see they are selling cds after the show for ten bucks you cheapskates though i confess to leaving looking forward to seeing tonight s pictures in cyberland then sitting at the bus stop on my way home i am joined on the bench by a pretty girl but before i have a chance to catch her eye she whips out her phone and is cruising facebook i can t compete with hundreds of her friends hilarious status updates and good-looking snaps so i look around to watch the circus walking by and i m taken back by the amount of people staring at their smartphones blankly only looking up to avoid being run over by a car don t get me wrong i also enjoy this modern world s technology but take the time to make eye contact every now and then and flick the occasional coin to buskers you hear on the street even if you can t see them as you pass by glued to your blackberry for they too have phone bills to pay n bently steele sunday 23rd september team up for relay for life have you thought about registering a team for this year s inner west relay for life come along to find out all you need to know about registering at the relay for life info day on sunday 16th september this free community event will run from 10am to 2pm at the rozelle neighbourhood centre and includes a lunchtime barbecue and plenty of fun activities such as sack racing hoola hooping and a `slip slop slap race to warm you up for the official relay to be held on october 13th and 14th at king george park in rozelle whether you re a past participant cancer survivor carer or simply interested in getting involved everyone is invited to come and find out more about teams registration what happens on the day fundraising camping and anything else you d like to know relay for life is a fun outdoor overnight fundraising event with music entertainment and food where teams of up to 15 people take turns circling the oval to honour people touched by cancer n http right locals prepping for relay for life at the footprints ecofestival what s on compiled by nancy merlo email sunday 16th september mon 17th sept ­ tue 9th oct info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are friday 21st september spring fair burwood isn t the only inner west area celebrating spring this weekend canada bay council is a proud sponsor of the annual breakfast point community fair which attracts 3000 people yearly and promises to be a fun day out for the whole family while the kids can enjoy rides sports and live music big kids can pass some time in the beer garden or wine bar and browse a photo exhibition entry is free and there will entertainment activities and food to suit all tastes so get down to the village green in breakfast point between 10am and 3pm n 4 adult learners week no matter how old you get you never stop learning and as part of an international festival of adult learning marrickville council is celebrating adult learners week with a series of fun events to get you mind moving and promote life-long learning events include an introduction to online family history resources sept 17th jewellerymaking class sept 25th and knitting classes oct 5th plus plenty more all classes are at marrickville library and sessions start at 10.30am bookings are required by calling 9335 2173 n glam rock burlesque if you re after a little sex drugs rock n pole you ll find it all and more when the girls from glam rock burlesque storm the stage at the sly fox hotel at midnight september 21st get ready to enjoy extravagant costumes awesome music and mind-boggling gymnastics from some of the sexiest ladies in town including miss pole dance australia cleo the hurricane miss burlesque melbourne pristina sparxx and australian burlesque legends holly ja doll lauran larouge diesel darling and kael a parody of tween wannabe rock stars pursuing stardom to the hits of 70s glam rock bike week fun ride over in marrickville bike week 2012 is also being celebrated with a family fun ride from 9.30am to 1.30pm along the scenic cooks river to brighton beach cycleway a shorter 30 minute ride will also be held for those who are just getting back on their bike and can t complete a two-hour ride meet at waterplay park carpark at steel park marrickville for registration at 9am a light lunch will be provided post ride n for more info email sat 22nd ­ mon 24th september remember your helmet on the fun ride with 80s metal-head hair ­ this is a show not to be missed n where 199 enmore rd visit for more info intensely soul nirmal jena and his delhi-based sister pratibha jena singh have been presenting powerful and poignant odissi dance and music around the country in their first australian tour the show has already had huge success one of those rare delights


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n local gigs saturday 15th september n local movies mia dyson simon meli this babin woman has been around the us for the last three years living the dream and gaining the inspiration to write her new album the moment it s got some truly impressive moments and takes her music to that celebrated next level plus the food menu for the show looks amazing you should seriously check that business out 8pm notes live enmore $28.60 $53.05 with eats sunday 16th september free c d u le tiwinkoebts movies passes lore of the jungle hanson matt wertz woah wow woah amazing all you need to do is look up hanson on google images and you will be as amazed as me these guys are basically the same people but less cute with ridiculous haircuts and the same poses of decades past i honestly would not go to this but at about 10pm on sunday night just take a moment to think about what is going on at the enmore theatre at that very moment 8pm enmore theatre $59 +bf wednesday 19th september lore cate shortland s debut feature somersault caused a minor sensation in 2004 her follow-up will too once again involving a troubled young girl awakening to her sexuality and power this time the story is set in a deeply traumatic era the collapse of the german state at the end of the war lore short for hannalore is a nazi-indoctrinated 15-year-old forced to fend for herself and look after her younger siblings including a baby when her parents are arrested and the country descends into barbarism based on a harrowing novel by rachel seiffert it s a tale made even more powerful by saskia rosendahl s precociously assured performance kai malina plays thomas the jewish boy who she reflexively despises yet whose id papers are the key to her survival beautifully shot and deeply moving this is a formidable achievement by the marrickville-based director it is astonishingly good ma15 at dendy newtown from sept 20 n thanks to transmission films we have 10 double inseason passes to give away details below a rip-roaring tribute to jack kerouac s passion and lifestyle on the road apparently the world is divided into those who love kristen stewart and those who inexplicitly hate her if so the sight of her sitting naked in a car hurtling across the american heartland while simultaneously masturbating two men naked also on either side of her including the driver ­ surely a six-point demerit offense will most certainly bring her many more fans there s little trace of twilight`s pale teen in walter salles the motorcycle diaries hugely successful adaptation of kerouac s iconic novel short on narrative but high on anarchic energy the director has punctuated the tale of young writer sal sam riley and his cross country travels with dean moriarty garrett hedlund with exuberant eruptions of bee-bop feveredly hot dirty dancing kristen and steamy energetic sex kristen again plus most of the cast in several unusual combinations also starring kirsten dunst and viggo mortensen the film quite brilliantly captures that time before the west lost its innocence before the drugs and the wildly rebellious youthful spirit it celebrates turned into a multi-billion dollar industry m15 from sept 13 n thanks to icon films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below best of the rest damsels in distress forget the lame prepackaged attempts at `indie cult hit status this is the real thing whit stillman s the last days of disco caustically dry comedy is also laugh-out-loud hilarious ­ what an appalling shame that it has opened without fanfare in only one sydney cinema greta gerwig is the main damsel a certifiably mad campus beauty intent on counteracting her college s atmosphere of male barbarism and preventing suicides she also invents a new dance craze ­ the sambola very droll very strange weirdly sexy very very funny m15 at dendy newtown on now rival schools toy boats collapso sure i ve never seen them live but i think rival schools are a truly unique and interesting band that are well worth checking out if you re into slightly left of centre nineties-inspired rock people say it s hardcore but they re wrong written by actually talented people you might know some of these guys from quicksand and ian love s side-project cardia 8pm annandale hotel n claire albrecht win tix greed is good on the lookout for low standards pedal to the metal leave your car at home and hop on your bike to celebrate this year s bike week in leichhardt the tenth annual big bike day kicks off at 10am from war memorial park and peddles through the streets of leichhardt on sunday 23rd september registration and free bike maintenance checks will run till midday before the 6.2km group ride departs and rides from 12pm to 1pm when everyone returns back at the park for free healthy lunch all riders must wear a helmet and be over the age of 12 but if you ve got younger little ones in tow you can still stay and enjoy all the fun activities happening in the park there will be fabulous live musicians performing throughout the day including liam mcalary from shadows at play nathan mckenna from taylor maid and jill player and steve flack plus plenty more entertainment such as face-painting free bike workshops and scooter stunt shows happening at the park all day long it s safety first at big bike day n war memorial park cnr moore and catherine st lilyfield for more information call 9367 9051 what you might not know about him is that he s always written poetry and his book collected poems is groundbreaking work featuring poems in both english and italian about the places totaro has lived including naples sydney balmain several are about balmain s parks and people and pittwater come along and hear totaro and his friends ­ acclaimed writers anna fienberg john bryson and theodore ell ­ read from the book public interaction is welcome rsvp to balmain library on 9367 9211 6.30pm start n balmain library 370 darling st balmain saturday 6th october arbitrage billionaire magnate robert miller richard gere is desperate to sell his faltering empire before a fatal investment in a russian mine brings the business crashing down his family financial ruin and himself gaol for fraud could things get worse yep while on an illicit fling he crashes his car and kills his mistress then tries to cover his tracks normally we could never root for such a sleazebag but we re not talking about gina rinehart here this is richard gere the casting is audacious but brilliant writer director richard jarecki dives deep into the moral ambiguities of capitalism and is deeply cynical of the motives of all involved also starring susan sarandon as the wife and tim roth as a cop who dosen t get his man but no one really gets let off this is smart very satisfying adult-oriented drama for the post-gfc world ma15 from sept 27 n thanks to madmen entertainment we have 10 double in-season passes to give away see below show live auction fantastic food and wine a photobooth nail station and candy bar tickets are $30 or $15 for concessions so make sure you book your place and support a good cause visit fashion4passionnbcf for more info n for tickets call donna on 0406 299 073 until sunday 30th september intensely soul jill sykes smh their performances are followed by public workshops catch them at italian forum cultural centre leichhardt n sydney fringe box office tel 9020 6980 or wednesday 26th september author s talk pianist journalist and television interviewer paolo totaro is well known for his work for the ethnic affairs commission in the `80s which still has a profound influence today fashion for passion organised by local girl mikele syron whose grandmother lost her battle with cancer this year the fourth annual fashion for passion will be held from 5pm to 9pm at leichhardt town hall this fashionable affair in support of the national breast cancer foundation will feature a fashion history of rhodes on show the interesting history of rhodes will be the focus of a history week exhibition at concord library this month with special photographs of rhodes fire station to be included which have been contributed by captain greg mcilwaine ­ whose grandfather established the station n for more info email local.studies mon 24th sept ­ fri 5th oct leichhardt holding some brilliant workshops for kids aged five and over whatever your interest there s a workshop for everyone from sculpting with clay to painting and printmaking two three-hour sessions will run daily at $50 per class you can sign up for as many as you like ­ if your child wants to stay all day they just need to bring some lunch along and will be supervised during the break n for more info and bookings go to win double movie passes to be in the running to win a double pass to on the road lore and/or arbitrage just email with your name and address telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao you can enter for just one or them all but if you do ­ give us an order of preference plus we have 10 double in season passes for the 2012 lavazza itallian film festival on offer too see next page for more about the festival s n reviews ­ re community glamour at its best 5 school holiday arts sign the kids up for some art classes these school holidays with art est 67 lords rd,


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2012 italian film festival viva il ci nemai ta liano highlights at palace norton street ciao s handpicked faves the passion is back palace cinemas put off their norton st renovation plans just so this year s lavazza italian film festival could go on as scheduled yes they know it is that important to inner west movie lovers now in its 13th year the largest celebration of italian cinema outside of italy just goes on getting bigger and better festival director elysia zeccola hill took over her father s much-loved baby several years ago and if 2012 s line-up is any guide she is really coming into her own as well as stamping her own tastes and flair on the selection she s studied the feedback and box-office takings from recent festivals carefully and come up with a diverse entertaining and provocative festival that is sure to be another success elysia explains we ve listened to your requests and brought you a selection of italy s biggest recent box office hits including opening night selection welcome to the north benvenuti al nord the follow-up to last year s opener as well as several outstanding new dramas selected from the prestigious cannes berlin venice and rome film festivals with over 30 films we have some incredible stories and topical themes that yield a fascinating perspective on italy and the inimitable style of la vita italiana please join us as we celebrate italian cinema coffee wine aperitivi and musica as we recreate a little piece of italy in our cinemas buon divertimento n opening night ­ thursday 20th september win tickets double inseason festival passes see below shun li and the poet andrea serge s unpredictable debut covers some familiar ground the paranoia and xenophobia immigrants face everywhere zhao tao s performance as a young chinese girl and her friendship with a venetian fisherman is restrained and heartfelt venice on misty sunny mornings has never looked more alluring premieres australian premiere the entrepreneur has the corporate world ever looked so cold giuliano montaldo sets his tragic psychodrama of stressed-out factory owner nicola pierfrancesco favino in the chilly turin winter ­ every scene except one tinted gray and drained of all colour the metaphor may be a tad heavy handed we get it but as the banks and creditors circle in on nicola and he s so isolated and arrogant that he can t see that salvation lies in the love of his own wife an excellent carolina crescentini there s no doubting its power he loses the plot totally but hey that s capitalism for you the entrepreneur welome to the north take it easy an amiable comedy-drama from francesco bruni about father and son coming together the title literally translates more as chill and that s about right but rap in italian somehow that just doesn t work the lavazza italian film festival takes place at palace norton street chauvel cinema and palace verona from 20th september to 10th october phone bookings through mca-tix on 1300 306 776 9.30am-5.30pm weekdays or online at single tix only official festival website n australian premiere reality matteo garrone s expose of organised crime in naples gomorrah caused a sensation a couple of years ago both here and in his native italy even now he still lives under police guard understandably perhaps he now turns his attention to safer material or is it he s made a bitingly vicious satire of big brother-style reality television and italian culture as in his earlier breakthrough hit this is daring bravura film-making the message demented quiet laughter in the final scene says it all best dramas piazza fontana the italian conspiracy love is in the air we actually haven t previewed director co-writer fausto brizzi s saucy saga of a long-married couple whose non-existent sex life perks up when two porn stars become their house guests but that title com è bello far l amore literally translates as how beautiful to make love can t argue with that penelope cruz they heads we want what turnswant in woody allen s homage to rome so is woody allen to rome with love kryptonite a warmly nostalgic take on the `70s and growing up in naples nine-year-old peppino s dad is a cheating bastard his mother is catatonic his hippie aunt is taking him to pot parties where everyone gets naked his cousin has a screw loose and thinks he s superman but of course love conquers all this is italy fabulous period soundtrack iggy pop david bowie even an italian language cover of these boots are made for walking by planet funk wow just wow n see the full program for all the sydney venues ­ palace norton st palace verona and chauvel at 6 popular sess and films are often full book earlyns io the political upheavals of the late `60s hit italy hard as strong communist and equally powerful right-wing forces battled for supremacy violence bombings and murder were not uncommon marco tullio giordana dives head first into one tragic incident in 1969 ­ the deaths of 17 people in a bank bombing miraculously he does make sense of the complex cold-blooded realpolitik of those times involving anarchists communists fascists and the cia groups all rife with machiavellian alliances chief investigator luigi calabresi valerio mastandrea leads us through the doublecrossing murk he s a milanese cop a decent man charged with keeping tabs on left-wing activists suspected of stirring up trouble but there was no room for decency then the cold war-fueled stakes were too high the ending is a shocker made so much more tragic because it actually happened the festival ends with something really special the first ever public screening of woody allen s 42nd feature film to rome with love is a collection of tales set in the italian capital inevitably the characters ­ both italian and american ­ are as complicated baffled and talkative as his new yorkers of course they are woody himself plays a semi-retired opera promoter while a bumbling jesse eisenberg is the stand-in younger woody type yep he gets the girl several ­ he s torn between loyalty to the sensible one greta gerwig and her wayward batty friend ellen page alec baldwin penélope cruz and roberto benigni also contribute to this frothy and acerbic romp through some of the perpetually neurotic auteur s favorite themes alien alert extraterrestrials and the effect they have on a nerdish loner gabriele spinelli the pretty neighbour he s been spying on his transvestite best friend appalling workmates and alcoholic father but what do the spacepeople want with these loser earthmen all is revealed and in the meantime they make very appealing house guests and in one scene creep alert bedmates caesar must die julius caesar is one of the bard s lesser-known plays yet staging it features prominently in movies me and orson welles the most recent here the famed brothers paulo and vittorio taviani go inside a real high-security prison and film semi-doco style it feels scripted just such a performance and its preparation but what exactly are we to make of hard-core crims performing a play about betrayal and a murderous power struggle that s less than clear but it s a dramatically shattering experience one which stays with you long after the haunting cello soundtrack has faded into the credits n reviews ­ russell edwards the last earthling cartoonist gian alfonso pacinotti s also known as gipi weird and darkly funny adaption of a graphic novel by giacomo monti is one of the secret gems of this year s festival it concerns the arrival of some win we have 10 double in-season passes to give away to sessions of your choice it s easy to enter see page five or


p. 7

bellezza hair salon ph 9572 6966 open 7 days shop 4 norton plaza 55 norton st leichhardt express yourself with a new look make an appointment and bring in this ad you ll recieve 20 off your next colour service monday thursday only


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kitchen labneh ingredients you will also need some twine with melissa leong wine with winsor summer stunner krinklewood 2012 verdelho verdelho may not be a terribly trendy grape variety but i really enjoyed this fresh and fruity number from the broke-fordwich sub-region of the hunter valley over a couple of nights it is from a leading biodynamic producer and has vibrant tropical fruit flavours on the palate and serious drinkability there are zingy zesty citrus notes on the finish with bright acid stick a bottle in the fridge for the perfect pick me up after a hard day at work $20-22 500g plain full fat yoghurt 1 tsp salt flakes for a savoury cheese but you can add 3 tbs caster sugar instead if you want to make a sweet cheese 2 tbs dukkah or some chopped fresh herbs and some lemon zest to flavour you could make a sweet version with dried fruit and vanilla paste experiment with it 2 or 3 large squares of cheesecloth which you can buy from cooking supply stores a colander method 1 cut cheesecloth into large squares around 50cm in diameter 2 place the layers of cloth into the colander so that there is a little fabric draping over the side allowing you to easily gather up the cloth later 3 in a mixing bowl pour yoghurt salt or sugar depending on which version you re making plus your flavourings or spices and mix until combined 4 empty the yoghurt mixture into the cheesecloth 5 gather the sides of the cloth until you make a bundle and tie firmly with twine off yoghurt makes for yummy cheese 6 from here you can do one of two things if your kitchen is cool all day find a place to hang the cheese cloth with a bowl beneath it to catch the whey which is very good as a skin tonic you can also place it in the fridge to hang if your kitchen gets a little warm 7 hang for 1-2 days the longer the hang time the firmer the cheese because more moisture has been released from the cheese 8 remove the cheese from its cloth and roll into the size of large marbles store in a jar and top with olive oil so that the cheese is covered it can last several weeks in the fridge or in the kitchen cupboard a syrian chef friend of mine assures me it s completely fine to store it like this so long as the oil covers the cheese this way you end up with a slightly stronger flavoured result 9 use labneh in salads spread on toast or as part of an antipasto platter n italian accent chrismont 2011 la zona sangiovese the king valley in north-east victoria is the spiritual home in australia of italian grape varieties like sangiovese most of the grape growers like chrismont s pizzini family are italians and have just the right touch this is a really lovely medium-bodied drink with intense dark cherry and berry flavours smoky oak that assists but does not intrude and impressive savoury tannin structure the perfect choice to take to your local byo italian $26 cheese making can be difficult but doesn t have to be if you have a good quality yoghurt that s nearing it s used by date or you simply want to enjoy eating something you transformed yourself then try making labneh a lovely soft middle eastern cheese i recently attended a book dinner at universal restaurant in darlinghurst for the wonderful australian author charlotte wood her book love hunger is a sort of musing on food and how it relates to memory emotion and how we share it it s also peppered with delightfully simple unpretentious recipes and tips on how to give your home cooking a bit of a kick in the pants one of these ideas is to make labneh a soft middle eastern yoghurt cheese ripping reisling peter lehmann 2012 hill and valley eden valley riesling a sensational new-release riesling from a winery that always delivers excellent value for money hill and valley is a new range using premium fruit from the barossa and eden valleys and the adelaide hills and this is a terrific wine it s aromatic with refreshing invigorating acid and lashings of lime juice flavours a super wine for spring slurping and it would be great with seafood or asian dishes $24 n cnr marion flood sts leichhardt telephone 02 9560 4488 8


p. 9

trifle by frances ingredients 1 packet of savoiardi biscuits 1 packet of crème caramel mixture 1 packet of jelly mixture small can of mixed fruit drained can also use frozen berries or fresh peaches 1 tblsp of sugar 1 carton thickened cream grated chocolate for garnish from jared s kitchen jared s tomato tart tatin everyone loves a tart tatin it s just such a fun word to say here s one jared prepared earlier you will need 6 roma tomatoes salt and pepper 2 tsp sugar olive oil 2 onions halved and thinly sliced 45g butter 1 tbs sugar 1 tbs balsamic vinegar and basil for garnish pastry 1 cup plain flour pinch salt 75g butter cut into cubes 1 egg lightly beaten a few teaspoons of iced water if needed method 1 cut tomatoes into halves lengthwise season with salt pepper and add plently of sugar and dab a little oil on the top 2 bake at 160°c for about 2 hours or until very soft let cool 3 cook the onions with butter until very soft and golden don t hurry this as you want them to be quite sweet add the sugar and balsamic vinegar and cook again until well coloured you can prepare both tomatoes and onions in advance 4 preheat the oven to 200°c make the pastry by putting flour salt and butter into a food processor and processing until crumbly add the egg and process again until it holds together adding the iced water here if necessary 5 put the tomatoes cut side down into a metal cake tin which should be generously smeared with butter top them with the onions 6 roll the pastry out and put on top cutting around the edges to fit the tin and pressing down to give a good edge press down gently and bake in the oven for about 25 minutes or until the pastry is cooked through 7 when the tart is finished baking run a knife around the edge of the cake tine carefully to loosen the pastry from the edge and leave to sit for at least 10 minutes so the tomato juices settle 8 invert onto a plate and garnish with small basil leaves n jared ingersoll is the founder of danks st depot and author of the danks street depot cook books method 1 place one layer of savoiardi biscuits evenly on the bottom of a square dish 2 make the crème caramel mixture as per directions and pour half of the mix over the biscuits 3 press the biscuits down with a spoon or fork as sometimes they start to float 4 spread a layer of fruit on top of the biscuits 5 pour more crème caramel mix onto the fruit so it s 3/4 covered 6 place in fridge to set 7 make jelly as per instructions let it cool a little and then pour over the set crème caramel and fruit 8 place in fridge to set 9 once trifle is set whip cream and sugar in a bowl until the cream is firm and spread a layer over the trifle 10 sprinkle with grated chocolate to finish and enjoy said these taste even better than the ones they make in italy how long have you been making gingerbread for the italian-themed festivals i leant to make the gingerbread after i got married in 1979 the recipe was a very closely guarded secret and still is i helped my mother-in-law make them until she retired then i carried on the tradition and hopefully my children will continue also what are the most important ingredients you always have in your kitchen in my home kitchen it would have to be olive oil in my work kitchen definitely pure unprocessed honey if you could invite anyone in the world over for dinner whom would you invite and why i would like to invite my cousins in italy my children and their families i have never met my cousins and would love for all of us to meet one day n for more information search casa di miele italian honeybread gingerbread on facebook the gingerbread woman at home with frances vumbaca no italian festival is complete without a bite of italian gingerbread now with ferragosto recently come and gone and norton street festa on the horizon we thought it was time to find out who the talented baker is behind everyone s favourite italian gingerbread stall frances vumbaca was taught how to make soft gingerbread and hard honeybread by her in-laws today she continues the family tradition making the gingerbread the old fashioned way and selling it only at street fairs or by order here she tells ciao the secrets of her famous gingerbread what s the secret to making fantastic italian gingerbread good quality great tasting ingredients and pure unprocessed honey which we source direct from a beekeeper not only do our products taste great but they are also dairy egg and preservative free honey is also a natural antibiotic a bishop from italy who came to australia for a religious festival complimented us on our products once and community glamour at its best 9


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jumping at joy arts get the celebrity look for less stocking a large range of celebrity style fashion at one honey boutique you can get the look for less perfect for weddings formals the races or a night on the town during the sydney fringe festival one honey boutique stocks house of harlow 1960 by nicole richie belle noel by kim kardashian australian designer label pascucci couture kitten pink celebrity style bandage dresses a huge choice of shoes monokinis bikinis designer bags and more join us on facebook for vip sale special offers and competitions only for fans use code ciao at checkout and save 10 off any online order worldwide shipping available or pick up from our sydney boutique n one honey boutique · ground floor 551e king st newtown 9557 7864 talented artists janette mcguffog and andrea mckey will be launching their joint exhibition joy at flourish arts on sunday 23rd september pop into the gallery between 2pm and 5pm to meet the artists and find out more about their work which includes everything from wearable glass art and silk and wool shawls made using the nuno felting technique to mosaics and sculptural work here andrea chats to ciao about the upcoming exhibition how do you feel yours and janette s work compliment each other janette makes beautiful soft shawls using silk and wool in a wonderful array of colours or even just white i use mainly glass to make jewellery functional and decorative items in bright colours and my pieces are smooth but hard to touch quite the opposite of janette s her work is big my work is small yet both our work welcome and echo the spring with the spirit and the joy we put into it what can people expect from the exhibition people can expect bright happy joyous well made items made by hand with care and love the joy i get from creating gives me such a wonderful buzz and i can t think of a better way to spend my time than sharing that feeling that is why i decided to call the exhibition `joy where do you draw inspiration for your artworks i draw inspiration from the every day things like the umbrellas along the beach at monterosso in cinque terre lichen covered bricks of an old building or patterns on shells i often get an idea when i am driving and am always hoping for a red light so that i can scribble it down the world is full of patterns in nature as well as in the built environment and that is what i love best as well as colours bright wonderful joyous colour to brighten the heart and make me smile what s special about working with glass and fabrics which janette uses to create art compared with other medium i work with a lot of other medium as well but glass has such an ability to glow with inner light i can mix transparent and opaque colours to complement each other or make bird baths that allows the light to shine through glass like felt needs strength but also rhythm and focus i enjoy be distracted by shiny beads the glass bead making the most a wonderful bead maker called kristina logan my hero calls it yoga for the mind it requires total focus and no room for ruminating about stuff that happened during the day you can t see the result from glass straight away it is a bit of a waiting game when i have beads cooling down or glass in the kiln i run down the stairs in my pyjamas in the morning to check the magic how did you come to display your work with flourish arts robin director flourish emailed me after seeing an article in an arts magazine i had done an interview but totally forgotten about it until robin emailed me and said she loved my work i belted to the local newsagent and bought the last copy n andrea mckey is a featured artist on flourish arts online store visit for more information flourish arts 39 cameron st birchgrove tel 9810 6362 n sydney fringe 2012 porphyria s slumber by annabelle mcmillan a graduate of the 2011 pact ensemble mcmillan s whimsical devised debut combines film physical theatre shadow puppetry and social media mcmillan performs porphyria who wakes to find herself in a timeless placeless abyss with objects and people she does not recognise and a thousand young women who have stolen her identity tues 25 sat 29 sept 7pm tickets $24 full 18 conc pact centre for emerging artists |107 railway parade erskineville for more details please visit 10


p. 11

n sydney fringe festival luke escombe is one of the stars of sydney fringe offering chronic symphonic tell us about your chronic symphonic show chronic symphonic sits somewhere between a musical a comedy show a motivational talk a symphony a religious experience and a rock and roll show some of the songs are very catchy and you re bound to learn something even if it s only by accident.there are a number of unique musical styles in the show including r n g a mix of r n b and gangsta rap and spagetti synth pop and gangsta electro techno trance indie but overall we call our musical style flip flop which stands for funky literate pop and flippant hip-hop we also have a classical string section on nearly all the songs which makes everything sound epic what inspired you to become a performer my dad worked in the rock and roll business in the uk so i grew up going to see stadium rock shows every week i went to my first gig when i was three months old genesis at knebworth and started singing bruce springsteen songs in front of my class from the age of six so i ve always been performing a few years ago i spent almost a year away from music because of a chronic illness called crohn s disease an essential part of my recovery was writing songs and i found that the best way of dealing with what i was going through was to make them funny i put all the songs together in a show called chronic which i took to last year s melbourne comedy festival and then to the edinburgh sydney and adelaide fringes what s it like to be an iphone for a day i spent three days wearing an iphone suit for a video clip the scenes i shot were a pillow fight followed by the food fight the inside of the suit was pretty funky with duck feathers and cold pizza after that i was covered in bruises ­ but it s one of the most fun things i ve ever done iphone for a day have a bogan good time an australian first the drawing show is a stroke of artistic genius that combines live drawing performance and special effects to stretch your imagination based on the original drawing show by japanese artistic director kim jin gyu in 2007 this sydney fringe offering is being toted as a pioneering form of `edutainment education and entertainment inspired by the question `why are paintings only seen at galleries as magical and inspiring live drawings and paintings begin to take place on stage the artworks become the protagonists of a `non-verbal drawing performance like none other that will be enjoyed by people of all ages the show tells the story of three aliens who accidentally land on earth during their flight through space from the drawing world and begin to communicate with earthlings through body language and art ­ their favourite past time come along and join in the ride of watching art in its process of being created you ll be surprised and amazed by the transformations the images take right before your eyes as the `actors use various drawing techniques including finger and water drawing marbling shadow drawing and `masterpieces drawing in the final climax playing at the italian forum cultural centre 8pm friday 21st 7pm saturday 22nd and 3pm sunday 23rd of september tickets to the show are $30 or $27 for concessions the place to party everyone s favourite enmore road haunt the sly fox hotel has recently come out of a mini-hibernation after undergoing an exciting makeover and emerging a sleeker-looking venue that s more dazzling than ever established in 1879 the fox is an enmore institution and continues its reputation as one of the most savvy and sensual venues around being included as an official sydney fringe festival venue for the first time this year there will be something different happening every day of the week and you re invited to come and enjoy all the diverse tasty tidbits on offer pop in on sunday 16th september and check out the distinctly australian sydney fringe offering bogan-ville burlesque from 6pm entry to this bogan bonanza is free and audiences get to enjoy classic burlesque favourite the `martini glass routine often showcased by famous burlesque beauty dita von teese performed in an esky ­ aussie twists don t get any better than that there will also be a sexy chair dance new acts including a tribute to rolf harris plus plenty of comedy magic song and dance the sexiest spot to have your next function the sly fox has a new look and a new attitude the things you loved about the fox still remain but it has now become an entertainment hub with live music burlesque shows and djs we have it all and you can now hold your next function here and we will make it an event to remember says hotel manager robbie for more information about what s on at the sly fox or holding your event at the venue call 9557 1016 or email n for more info or to book tickets visit or n chronic symphonic is playing friday 28th september at notes live newtown n the sly fox 199 enmore road enmore community glamour at its best 11


p. 12

snap happy russell edwards took the election day pix thanks to claire sargent for the sydney fringe opening night shots email your snaps to in rozelle labor s darcy byrne right topped the polls clover looked happy on the fringe opening night bright and early on election day melinda manikas right made sure balmain voters knew what to do though not without opposition from some traditional foes labor s damien cobley-finch was on the job too phew frank that was close musicians love a freaky tiki themed shirt annie haslam elizabeth haslam and madison quebeck talk all things fringe no wonder they did so well like all the liberal team rozelle s john jobling left was dressed to impress retiring councillor gordon weiss manned the booths at birchgrove public school peter combe busts a move at dads day out welcome to rozelle markets father s day with the whole family in rozelle getting into the fringe festival spirit with pants like these who needs a shirt meet anny lada a fine purveyor of exquisite jewellery and clothing scouring the land for interesting unique jewellery anny looks for quality workmanship and undervalued pieces once she finds them she is able to share her knowledge of antique jewellery with her customers who are known for picking up absolute gems for a fraction of the price paid at an auction or antique store all the jewellery anny sells are antique or hand made and the face painting was part of the fun at dads day out special pendant she is holding is an authentic antique amber piece which is very rare anny is also a jewellery designer and can create pieces to order or look out for something precious and original marketplace leichhardt wins the nsw business chamber southern sydney award for sustainability sydney s favourite second hand market every saturday and sunday 9am ­ 4pm darling st near victoria rd rozelle markets is open as usual during the renovating of rozelle place we look forward to seeing you this weekend margaret mclennan of the australian paralympic committee and `lizzie the lizard at tali gallery 12


p. 13

promotion photographer sam mcmillan stylist shanel salih hair makeup david cranson from ubeauty makeup model amelie from wink models location studio excelsior st leichhardt props courtesy fashion miche boutique sunny girl red dress $59.99 from miche boutique escapade `cameo black satin shoes $139.95 from ungars shoes paula ryan black cap sleeve tiered dress $625 jolly venezia short red glass ball steel necklace $239 both from bacio collection lustre black clutch $39.99 from strandbags sussan layered front dress in hibiscus $99.95 gold mesh bracelet $24.95 both from sussan brazilio heels in tilapia natural $179.95 from ungars shoes s miracle black and white cocktail dress $59 all that glitters beige belt $25 both from liana lustre gold clutch $29.99 from strandbags s truese glow amaze dress $229.95 cerri chandelier gold earrings $39.95 both from adam eve me zensu heels in mustard $129.95 from ungars shoes marketplace sources miche boutique ungars shoes shop 71 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9550 0842 shop 68 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9550 9288 bacio collection shop 62 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9560 5795 adam eve me shop 43 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9569 9778 liana shop 34 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9564 3806 sussan shop 41 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9568 5626 strandbags shop 38 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9564 2248 community glamour at its best 13 s s s


p. 14

astrogirlzarro your stars for the week from our real astrogirl aries venus is in a strong position to influence your finances you will have until october 5th to dig for gold and find that wealthy geriatric with a weak heart taurus mercury visits your fifth house of fun and romance this is an ideal time to refine encounters explored under mars recent influence many of which can t be printed damn the panel says vanessa he s not someone i would usually find attractive although if a man can keep me in hysterics it wouldn t really matter gemini the new moon on september 16th is great for decluttering your abode if you can conquer the conscious mildew sponging rent-free in the bathroom cancer organising your finances under the influence of mercury means that you ll be certain of exactly how much dosh you ll burn when venus visits your money house this fortnight leo links to uranus ensure that you make an unforgettable entrance at mitre 10 when purchasing a wheelbarrow gabrielle i think he needs a virgo the new moon in your sign on september 16th is the eclipse for decluttering your mind spirit home and man-shed stylist ­ those gloves don t match however he seems like an energetic upbeat kind of guy which is refreshing libra the sun mercury and saturn assemble in libra in the last week of september for birthday festivities favourable links from venus to your sun ensure that you receive some nifty gifts this year nice one scorpio the facebook mop-up operation occurs under the new moon on september 16th dare to rid your profile of phoney `friends irrelevant `likes and pointless `groups like macramé is sexy sagittarius favourable aspects made by venus uranus and the full moon to your sun ensures that the sagittarian good times continue capricorn professional responsibilities increase this fortnight prepare for career advancement in the coming months hot or not would you like to take great dane out for a walk he has a better personality than looks and would keep a smile on your face heidi aquarius you ll be acting your age not your shoe size when the transiting sun mercury and saturn provide favourable links to your natal sun this fortnight pisces communication planet mercury slips into your romantic zone complex and draining relationships are simplified for a change n http is a professional marketer and attention seeker whose real passion is comedy when asked to describe himself in three words he says he only needs one awesome dane will be starring in his debut solo comedy show settle down from september 26th to 29th at the factory theatre he claims the show is an unmissable guide on how to be as cool as he is and calls it an escapade of awesomeness rich with tales of midgets nanna trolleys potential restraining orders and self-imposed house arrest with a song thrown in for good measure more info and tix available at dane hiser 33 ms red i ve heard the saying `no glove no love but that oven mitt is just weird big bike day leichhardt s big bike day is on again sunday 23 september 2012 war memorial park lilyfield leave the car at home and jump on your bike to find out more about cycling in the inner west get your bike checked attend a free workshop watch unicyclists and stunt shows or test your skills on the cycle track then join us on a group peddle around the streets of leichhardt · free bike workshops · group bike ride around leichhardt · free maintenance checks · cycle track and entertainment for the kids · bike and scooter stunt shows · unicyclists and facepainters · free healthy lunch · live music · bike valet at the park all participants must have their own bike and helmet bike riders must be over the age of 12 kids entertainment will continue in the park for more details on the event visit or contact joel johnsson on 9367 9051 or 14


p. 15

lifestyle ask sal affordable kitchen remodelling products kitchen remodelling or redesigning can prove to be an expensive affair however by choosing the right products one can significantly lower the total cost without compromising the quality and performance of the finished result here are some examples that both enhance the visual appeal of the kitchen and add functionality single-lever mixers allow you to control temperature and water flow with one hand as they have a ceramic cartridge that provides fingertip control of water mix leaving the person s other hand free to use rinsing spray the lever can be mounted at the side or top of the tap these kitchen mixer taps feature a sparkling chrome finish and have a timeless appeal that complements all styles of kitchens many also come with a warranty which shows the manufacturer s confidence in the quality of its products pull-out mixers too are a great addition to any kitchen as they offer a combination of luxury and functionality allowing you to pull out and extend the nozzle which makes cleaning the kitchen sink easier and more hygienic mixer taps are affordable kitchen-remodelling products that are very easy to install especially the single-levered ones they come in several different designs including curved modular and geometric it s a good idea to opt for kitchen mixer taps that are rated by wels for water-efficiency however before choosing any type of kitchen tap ensure that it is effortless to use and has an ideal balance of function and design n for more information visit renovation boys at 74 pyrmont bridge rd camperdown or at their new showroom 9 barney st off church st north parramatta tel 1300 go boys running with ryhan well-oiled wheels build killer pins with part four of ciao s whole-body workout having the best tyres on your car enhances performance and durability and the same applies for the wheels you walk around on every day as one of the body s biggest muscle group training your legs helps promote extra growth hormones in the body aiding recovery and feeding other muscle groups compound leg exercises help with core stabilisation and contraction ­ one way to help build up that six-pack without any crunches working your legs also requires more nutritional clean calories for recovery and as your legs take more time to recover your metabolism will be at a higher level for a longer period of time message here work your legs more often and burn more fat here are a few exercises to help electrify your legs single leg barbell deadlifts use a single leg to lift a weighted barbell throughout the movement keep your other leg off the ground until the set is complete this will activate your hamstring/gluteus and develop excellent balance and strength aim for 2-3 sets 6-15 repetitions each leg bulgarian split squats you can perform this exercise with dumbbells or a barbell taking a lunge-like stance place the back foot onto a bench while the other is still on the ground lower your body towards the ground by bending both knees at the same time aim to keep your back straight for 2-3 sets 8-20 reps each side walking hill lunges find a 25-35 metre hill and start at the bottom with a continuous walking lunge all the way to the top walk back down normally as this time is used for recovery this will add more muscle fibre leg activation and increase muscle endurance use 3-5 sets stay tuned for our final instalment plates of steel n for more information email property of the week stylish and modern abode 14 toelle st rozelle taking advantage of an idyllic northeastern aspect this freestanding single level residence creates a flawless interplay of light and space with stylish interiors blending with leafy entertaining spaces in a convenient location features include spacious living and dining areas with cathedral ceilings stylish timber entertainers deck chic kitchen with caesarstone benches and quality appliances plus designer bathroom with separate bath and shower the property is situated in a prime location footsteps to kings george park and moments to express city transport buses village cafés and schools price guide over $1,200,000 auction saturday 22nd september at 11.15am inspect sat 11am 11.30am wed 4pm 4.30pm contact john raiti 0414 999 288 n mcgrath leichhardt 280 norton street leichhardt 9568 0899 amore spicy inner west ciao asks inner westies answer where is the best place for a springtime date bar contessa on darling st balmain joey concord criniti s restaurant darling harbour awesome food service and awesome cocktails giuseppe five dock berkelouw wine bar was great i m sad it closed down katie marrickville fish and chips at cabarita park so lucky to be surrounded by awesome cafes restaurants and water everywhere around here sonya concord blancmange petersham pity my husband has only taken me there once ricarda annandale little darling diner is romantic my husband and i go there sometimes the outdoor area would be nice in spring christine balmain tuscany patricia sydney a picnic at rodd park or overlooking the bay somewhere overlooking the water at sunset always puts me in the mood alex drummoyne evening stroll under the fairy lights on the bay run in lilyfield inna drummoyne the myth of spring sprung spring is not only in the air but also in the steps of those looking for love affection and adventure suddenly the blue sky is slightly brighter than a few weeks ago and the evening chill is milder hinting at the romance of balmy perfumed nights to come for eons nature has decreed that this is a cyclical ritual that we are powerless to refute not as ancient but still prehistoric is a human nature eager to make a buck the marketing boffins are out in force to convince you that now is the time to join the gym update your wardrobe buy a convertible take a cruise or join a dating site it s amazing how the manic clamour to exploit valentines day can be stretched longer if thinned across an entire season the inference is that mother nature is calling and now is the best time to heed her demands if nature is reborn in the spring then so too can your love life be reborn no matter how dire your romantic situation the warning is clear if you don t strike now it will be summer before you know it and you ll be left all dressed up with no place to go then it will be autumn and your chance at new romance will fall like leaves from a deciduous tree as the spectre of winter lurks doom is imminent or at least hibernation until you get your shot at the title again when the season recommences next year but do the seasons really make a difference after all one of the major problems of the 21st century is about the consequences of creating a world where we have too much influence over nature and not the other way around perhaps this is why we crave something as simple and pure as the possibilities of spring we may be animals but sex for us is now as much about recreation as it is about procreation so any time or place will do and besides despite talk of the tough aussie climate sydney enjoys one of the most benign and pleasant climates in the world compared to most locales it s spring here all year round therefore perhaps the trick to finding love is to stop making excuses and view life as one endless spring and see if things blossom no matter what time of the year it is n jason dunne is the author of everyone is henry miller sex dat ingand re l at io n s h ip s r.i.p stanley stanley in life and king of the dog world passed over into the big park in the sky love can blossom at any time to your chances of finding love we cling to delusion to get by and a supposed foot in the door of romance thanks to where our planet is at in its journey around the sun may not be any different he is survived by vina and his six offspring he was my best friend and left a legacy of love and devotion he will be greatly missed by all who were lucky enough to have met him xx the cransons community glamour at its best 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