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surge spring 2012 spring 2012 fall 2012 the zone s teen literary magazine


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surge contents 2 3 5 7 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 21 22 23 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 the zone s teen literary magazine of the mount sinai kravis children s hospital fall 2012 volume 2 issue 2 surge staff thomas dooley editor-in-chief diane rode executive editor angie koeneker contributing editor russell mindich founding editor susanne bifano art editor chloe getrajdman teen editor founding editor s note editor-in-chief s note manhattan by rekelear lawrence art by ariana mills interview with jeffrey saland m.d by chloe getrajdman colors of me by brandi roberts art by margot byrne art by yajaira ortiz-velazquez ovejos by yajaira ortiz-velazquez poem and painting by christy jourdain secret by eshanie henry my stay here by isamar tamayo art by christy jourdain beautiful is me by shaquana mack art by yajaira ortiz-velazquez sailing by eliza crocker share your feelings before it s too late by andres echavarria art by cordelia foster there is a place by dale st marthe fashion in paris by hannah sirulnick art by cordelia foster my paris dream by jennifer betances in the hospital by monteserrat martinez art by ariana mills light the sun by christy jourdain art by margot byrne wishes coming true by mya robinson the weight by kavin abreu art by ariana mills i m in pain by georgina aspinall art by christy jourdain v thanks to russell mindich and family the school for international studies riverdale country school and the staff of the child life and creative arts therapy department of the mount sinai kravis children s hospital to view this issue online the child life and creative arts therapy department 1 gustave l levy place box 1153 new york ny 10029 212-241-6797 1 surge cover illustration by yajaira the zone cover artwork by the artists ofortiz-velazquez


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hello surge readers and happy fall it s hard to believe that summer flew by so quickly i had a great one ­ how about you this summer i traveled through california and the canyons on a teen tour from the golden gate bridge to the grand canyon from san francisco s chinatown to las vegas s famous strip i saw so much that was new to me and tried so many things i surfed hiked camped and went white water rafting i went to the famous improv comedy club in los angeles and spent the funniest night of my life one of the comedians even picked on me and made jokes about my hair looking like justin bieber but i took it in good stride after the teen tour i came home for just one short night and then went to a competitive tennis program in tampa called img bollettieri it was started by a famous tennis player nick bollettieri and it was rigorous hours of tennis drills were followed by hours of fitness if you missed a ball you had to pick it up and if you didn t pick it up you had to run three times around the lake during those two weeks i kept thinking that school would be a piece of cake after img but now i m not so sure i m a freshman in high school and i think there s going to be a lot of work i am starting to miss my runs around the lake in tampa good luck to all of you this fall russell surge 2


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dear readers in this issue of surge you will find many pieces about travel and escape even when we can t pick up and leave it s comforting to know our imagination can take us anywhere we want to go we are grateful to the writers and artists within the pages of surge for taking us on an adventure now in our fourth publication surge continues to weave together the stories poems essays articles and artwork created by the teenagers in our communities we invite you to share your voice with us if you are a teenager and would like to submit your original creative writing or artwork to surge please send your work to thanks for reading thomas thomas dooley editor-in-chief creative writing specialist the child life and creative arts therapy department the mount sinai kravis children s hospital 3 surge


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bold hawk i would be a hawk they are bold they re not attached to anything they make their own choices they re free to explore it s boring here and you re trapped and you can t do nothing you re limited but if i was a hawk i would go to miami to the beach and fly hawks seek they hunt they protect their family malaysia phillips new york ny surge 4


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5 surge painting by ariana mills


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manhattan is the city that never sleeps lights stage cameras broadway with big exciting signs with bright lights where all the stars go they make movies make videos alicia keys on red steps in times square she sings plays instruments a big black piano sings about life in manhattan how there is so much opportunity so much exciting stuff to do go to the movies go out to eat shop for clothes and shoes i like to see the stars but i never have seen a star all this time i ve lived here they hide from us i try to get close to them at least take a picture to say i just saw one during christmas i see a whole bunch of lights the big tree ornaments on each light pole in fall leaves fall off trees decorating the floor in winter the snow a bunch of clouds covering the city when everyone drives over it it gets all brown in summer i swim in the pools go to the park throw a frisbee if i pass a restaurant i smell what s cooking hot dogs burgers lobster the fancy restaurants have names that are hard to say they give you less food i remember when i got my kidney transplant i went to a fancy restaurant with my family and we ate steak chicken the waiter was wearing a suit and we had to make an appointment they had couches in the restaurant or you could sit on pillows if you wanted to the music sounded like elevator music and the lady in the front brings you to your table in manhattan the lights at night the stars that come out how everything comes out during the day the light hits glass buildings it reflects makes the city brighter rekelear lawrence far rockaway ny surge 6


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jeffrey saland m.d by chloe getrajdman an interview with i had the pleasure of interviewing dr jeffrey saland a pediatric nephrologist at mount sinai this past june as i was sitting in the zone preparing my questions i wanted to learn about what dr saland does and why he loves being a doctor one of the first questions i asked dr saland was about his childhood and if there was something in his past that made him want to become a doctor dr saland s family is similar to mine in that there are lots of physicians as a child it is very natural to gravitate towards the careers of your parents but dr saland was not always sure he wanted to go into medicine in fact he did not see himself becoming a medical doctor until shortly before attending medical school when he was a student he was always interested in the physical sciences but realized later in college that just studying science would not give him as much interaction with people as a career in medicine would while in medical school dr saland decided he wanted to become a pediatrician although pediatrics is a relatively large and generalized field dr saland ultimately chose to specialize in pediatric nephrology training in general pediatrics is like being invited to a buffet he told me there are all these things at a table in front of you and you [get to try them out and see how they taste it turned out that what dr saland enjoyed the most was seeing how the doctors took care of the kidney patients what dr saland loves about pediatric nephrology is that it involves so many different types of patients for example he gets to go to the icu which he likes because it s fastpaced it s moving there s lots of activity and you really feel like you are making a difference at the same time he takes care of outpatients with more minor problems who he may only see once and others who he sees from the day they are born until the day they are too old for pediatrics there is this amazing variety with the patients we see and the number of problems is huge you get the opportunity to interact with people on so many different levels 7 surge


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dr saland also told me something i did not know about people in his field nephrologists we re pretty nerdy actually we re very nerdy some people even call us `bean-counters because kidneys look like beans and we re constantly trying to keep track of the numbers for example how much fluid is going into and out of a patient i love being able to think about and concentrate on the details of a patient that might be so important and see how these details play out whether they are part of the problem or not looking back it makes a lot of sense that dr saland chose nephrology since he always loved math and science as an elementary school student another question i had for dr saland was about the mentors he had throughout his training mentors are everything in the beginning stages of a career he told me whether it s medicine or not you never know exactly what motivates you to do the things in life precisely but i think it always involves certain key people who influence you in positive ways dr saland not only had great mentors himself but through teaching he also has the opportunity to mentor students he loves teaching because when you teach someone something you realize where your gaps in knowledge are and to have to teach a new crop of people all the time it keeps you really up to date you learn from the people you are teaching a lot of the time besides teaching one of the most important things dr saland learned as a doctor is about empathy the challenge [in pediatrics is often communicating with the family and helping the family understand what the child is going through and what needs to be done to help him or her if you re an empathetic person that takes you most of the way he explained what it means to put oneself in someone else s shoes and to always think about things from someone else s perspective empathy is the major skill you have to have when dealing with people in general but it s hard to teach when asked about one of the challenges of being a doctor dr saland told me everybody in their personal life has up days and down days but in your professional life you have to pull it together and be there for other people in a way that you don t always have to do in your personal life if there s one change from medical school to being a doctor it s the ability to go to work like you ve never done before you really are not allowed to have an off day dr saland taught me that even though it is extremely important to be completely committed to your work and your patients while you are in the hospital you need to take time away from the hospital to concentrate on yourself and just have fun this is something i have struggled with as a high school student sometimes it takes others like your parents or your teachers to tell you when you need to slow things down what makes this difficult is that when you discover something you really care about medicine teaching a sport an instrument you must not forget to balance your efforts with a strong commitment to your personal life and needs as a human being for dr saland it s spending time with his wife and kids for me it s being with my family thank you dr saland for continuing to teach and mentor others with your advice and wisdom surge 8


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colors of me silver gray purple red the colors of my emotions silver the shiny loud stand-out color a sparkling white gray is the low-key me when i m calm feeling down purple my lovable side the color that blends into sunsets red my darker side emo-gothic filled with blood a color you need to live the color of a heart the color that gets you in trouble the color of hurt brandi roberts new york ny 9 surge illustration by margot byrne


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surge 10


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11 surge


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ovejas on weekends my sister my brother and i went with my father and grandfather to sit in the construction trucks it was scary the machine had four little feet that turned when my grandfather worked it we re not going to fall i asked him stop being scared he said with a smile while he measured we played in the dirt i had my little doll i carried her everywhere and picked plants put little beans in a pot for her medication we took a snack to the truck then went back to the house i sat with grandpa in his chair ate cheese in a ball soda you always saw soda in his fridge ate fruits fried plantains tostones beans and rice there are things that run in our family construction and soda in puerto rico my family all live on the same hill everywhere you go are hills where coffee and oranges grow poem and artwork by yajaira ortiz-velazquez surge 12


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the brown stem is holding the beauty of the tree the black hole is a home for animals and the sunny never ending sky 13 surge poem and painting by christy jourdain


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secret i have a secret that only i know `cause i have a secret that ll only grow i have a secret that i ve had for years `cause i have a secret that i hide from my peers maybe you ll mock me i hope that you don t but i have a secret and share it i won t i have a secret that i got from a dream but i m afraid to share it `cause people are mean eshanie henry queens village ny surge 14



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