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stay cool august 2010 vol 14 no 8 resource for the mind body and spirit inside spirit seeker this month grace would serve you alan cohen new healthy eating restaurant winery section warming your water with sunshine the wizard of oz code


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pa ssion · purpose · perspective · publisher spirit seeker magazine · founder the annual personal mastery program · feng shui consultations classes lectures and space-clearings for home and office in person or by phone · mind body spirit coaching coaching combined with aromatherapy reiki breathwork and sound healing sessions in person and over the phone · intuitive readings by phone or in person private readings at parties and special events let peace ring aroundare inclusive st louis all events all are invited there m a season for non-violence january 30th through april 4th contact steve o rourke 314-579-0222 a season for non-violence weekly internet radio w barbara fields mondays 3pm ct peace memorial day may 31st sponsored by common way movement contact dr carl van alstine dvm 636-282-2221 united nations international day of peace u t be anot s september 21st hosted by sisters of st joseph of carondelet 24th annual world peace day december 31st a universal faith celebration call 314-601-3789 for more info he ay rw personal mastery coach mu 636-530-7579 r nity peace co ne cynde meyer step into life claim your joy freedom peace economy project 314-726-6406 r· raise peace consciousness now reiki level one t wo reiki level ii september 15th 5:30-10:00 pm attunements group practice manual and certificate and dinner included $150 location private home in west st louis county master class please call for dates call cynde meyer to register 636-530-7579 or email contact hours available for both reiki classes reiki i august 18th 5:30-10:00 pm attunements group practice manual and certificate and dinner included $150 location private home in west st louis county about the cover artist art vesna delevska the cover art entitled lakshmi is by vesna delevska the original paintings as well as prints are available for purchase vesna is originally from macedonia and currently residing in st louis mo inspired by beautiful iconography frescoes and mosaics found in macedonian monasteries and churches vesna blends unique styles of realism and abstract painting in her art to see more of her offerings go to at 7619 s broadway st louis mo 63111 where she paints daily vesna may be contacted at vesnawork lakshmi om ·c 314-725-5303 st louis justice peace shares 2 spirit seeker magazine august 2010


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cynde meyer publishers letter inside this issue regular features 4 6 6-7 7 10 12-13 12 14 15 17 alan cohen kansas city happenings yoga listings feng shui tip of the month i write this column from pompano beach florida where i am staying in a key west style cottage with my daughter katy our beach time was slowed down the first day by tropical storm bonnie this did not daunt us while the rain poured down we spent the day being pampered at spa soleil when the sun came out we spent a day at the beach then visited miami to see the law school at the university of miami it is hard to believe that next year at this time my daughter will be entering law school she will specialize in immigration law we will also visit chicago in a couple of weeks for our annual school clothes shopping trip while there we plan on visiting more law schools my son noah who is away at camp for a month will be returning to st louis in time to join us i know that we will have a grand time my son brad is off to las vegas with several friends for a birthday get away for his friend eric eric s father has rented a mansion for them oh be safe son he then goes to the northwest to upper washington and canada with his father to visit his older sister and her family they live on the canadian border an area known for its pristine beauty the recent 25th wholistic living expo was a wonderful event and i give thanks to the many people who made it such a success the exhibitors speakers musicians and the many volunteers who helped with the numerous details at our recent volunteer recap party we explored several ideas for creating an even better 26th wholistic living expo i am so grateful for the community that helps me bring the expo to st louis spirit seeker continues to grow and learn by attending conferences in various parts of the midwest we will have a booth at the bliss fest in kansas city at the end of july be sure to stop by and see us there are many wonderful events throughout the midwest that support the mind body and spirit we are very blessed to have these opportunities for growth and expansion give yourself a gift and attend one of the many events being offered we have some wonderful book excerpts this month and are pleased to introduce our new healthy eating restaurant and wine section this part of spirit seeker will continue to grow as we bring you midwest restaurant reviews winery events and healthy recipes please support the advertisers in this section and mention that you saw their ad in spirit seeker the beautiful cover of our august issue is of lakshmi goddess of abundance lakshmi was painted by vesna delevska a local st.louis artist she and her husband are the owners of broadway bean coffee one of our new listings in the healthy eating section stop by broadway bean coffee for a delicious cup of coffee and be inspired by vesna s amazing paintings my daughter will be heading back to st louis as i continue my journey i will continue on to ft lauderdale and then to the florida keys with my friend ann i will be offering intuitive readings while in ft lauderdale and will write about these adventures in the september issue stay tuned seekers may the remaining days of summer bring you bliss peace and much love namaste dear seeker bodywork energy healing mark a baker a new healthy eating restaurant wine section going green new sounds section calendar of events 18-19 resource directory/classifieds new this month 5 8 9 10 11 12 16 the wizard of oz code what if we re him knock the door will open urban health fair market feng shui practioner program umami ­ the fifth taste the life codes time for truth a new beginning editorial focus for september cynde meyer writes about her experience at pompano beach ft lauderdale and the florida keys healthy aging month midwest autumn winery events publisher cynde meyer graphic design art direction rusti levin graphic design editor writer mich hancock new healthy eating winery section solstice preparation seasons celtic native american natural lighting advertising sales st louis illinois charles richard kansas city mary roseman yolanda philgreen springfield mo rod buckner columbia catherine stochmal webmaster/designer zeta cita waila skinner spirit seeker e-newsletter laura wheeler advertising sales st louis cynde meyer sales manager cynde spirit seeker magazine all rights reserved no articles advertising or design may be used without express written permission of the publisher spirit seeker magazine is published twelve times a year by spirit seeker publications subscriptions are $30 a year in the u.s and $40 abroad advertisers of products services and articles are fully and solely responsible for providing same as advertised spirit seeker assumes no liability for improper or negligent business practices by advertisers all contents copywrited 2009 spirit seeker inc all rights reserved unless otherwise indicated spirit seeker magazine 1320 saltbox drive · saint louis mo 63017 636 530-7579 · fax 636 532-2084 email · 3


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grace would serve you tea by alan cohen from the heart alan cohen is the author of the bestselling the dragon doesn t live here anymore and his new metaphysical thriller linden s last life starting september 1 alan will offer a life coach training program for more information about alan s books programs his radio show get real on hay house radio or his free daily inspirational quotes via email visit email or phone 1 800 568-3079 in the us or 808-572-0001 uled a massage another meeting came hile visiting japan i had a breakup and i had to change my massage apfast meeting with my japanese pointment then my schedule changed sponsor at a resort hotel sitting in a again and i needed to call my massage corner of the dining room our meettherapist john to change the appointing went on beyond the time breakfast ment again i m terribly sorry for havwas served and the staff was cleaning ing to reschedule again i told him to the dining room tables i felt bad about my surprise john answered that s all occupying a table during the cleaning period but no one said anything so my right if you need to change it again just let me know sponsor and i continued i was stunned i had held myself in our meeting went on into the time judgment for inconveniencing john that the lunch buffet opened and i when he supported me to do what i thought for sure we should leave since needed to do now many years later the buffet was expensive and the hotel when someone needs to change an might think we were trying to stay for a appointment with me and i start to feel free lunch at that point a waiter came disappointed or irritated i remember the to us carrying a tray i thought he was grace john showed me and i try to pass going to ask us to leave but when i it along to my friends and clients looked at the tray i saw that he was to put grace into action we need to bringing us a tea service i thought you reframe what we believe are our sins or might like some refreshment he told those of others we can see such acts us as he served us graciously as simply errors or puri was deeply touched by this thoughtful act my t put grace into poseful experiences that o help us grow sin is an mind had gone into guilt about overstaying our action we need to acronym for self inflicted nonsense we make up welcome but the waiter s reframe what we all kinds of stories about mind went to kindness how we are guilty for this and consideration believe are our and we deserve to suffer a course in miracles for that when our pain tells us that there are only sins or those comes not from god but two belief systems love from our self-fulfilling and fear every thought of others prophecy it s time to we have feeling we feel make up a better prophand act we do proceeds ecy that brings us relief from one of those worlds rather than travail or the other guilt owingness and if you would like to do an uplifting punishment are the offspring of fear exercise to undo fear guilt and blame innocence grace and relief issue from take a piece of paper and write down love at every moment you are chooseverything you think is wrong about ing between the two and reaping the you your life and those around you resultant experience of the choice you list physical relationship financial have made and spiritual issues and anything else we have heard a lot about the law you can think of that you hold yourself of karma but not so much about the others or the world under the onus of law of grace i often hear people rationegative judgment then hold the paper nalize their ills by saying i guess this between your hands and pray sincerely is just my karma i have to pay off or dear god please let me be wrong he deserves that it s his karma we about all of this are too prone to use karma to justify your prayer is answered instantly pain when we could use grace to justify because your judgments about what is our release from pain wrong are wrong when you are intent we have made up lots of stories on being right about what is wrong about god many of which we use to what is wrong stays wrong when you hurt ourselves voltaire said god creare intent on being right about what is ated us in his image and likeness and we returned the compliment someone right what is right expands and gets better else said if god is who we think he is you made up the world you see he could use a course in anger manyou can re-make it up if you choose agement perhaps it is time to make up a new story about god one closer to love or fear there are no other options fortunately what you see through the the truth of a love eyes of love is real and all that you see we are often harder on ourselves through fear is born of illusion when than others are harder on us friends fear is ready to kick you out grace usually have more space for our humanness than we do after i had sched would serve you tea w 4 spirit seeker magazine august 2010


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the wizard of oz code by mich hancock · discover how the wizard of oz symbolizes a map to our next human evolution · find joy and truth in every situation no matter what it looks like · change your perceptions see all from a higher vantage point · see how life lovingly provides you with everything you need to find your power · become soul-focused and body centered · become a physical mental spiritual and emotional master · somewhere over the rainbow is actually here you just have to learn how to get there this book can get you there you can live your joy about the wizard of oz code ancient civilizations such as the mayans and hopi are said to have left information to guide us through the times beginning in 2012 and though these ancient maps have been most helpful what if we were to discover a more contemporary map ­ in the form of a movie no not one of the armageddon-inspired earth exploding movies but a film of whim and whimsy music and song ­ the beloved 1939 film version of the wizard of oz 2012 is not the end but a brand new shiny beginning come along with dorothy your physical expression the scarecrow your mental expression the tin man your spiritual expression and the cowardly lion your emotional expression for a whole-some adventure down the yellow brick road your third chakra arm in arm with all your expressions you will head or skip toward our next evolution where we will live in a place of joy love and compassion emerald city along the way you will learn to listen to toto your inner voice and face the wildly out of control wicked witch of the west your ego you will come to stand in your own pair of ruby red slippers or powerful foundation/first chakra and uplift your view of all from the higher vantage point of your soul so get out of kansas the physical boundaries of earth time and space and come to oz where all your greatest secrets and knowledge lie the wizard of oz code is available at in print as well as for the kindle the nook and several other e-readers download the first three chapters for free at mich graduated with honors from st louis university studying at both the st louis and madrid spain campuses she is certified in the cannon hypnosis technique a certified sound healer reiki level ii and avesa breath practitioner mich has also trained in several forms of breathwork meditation and energy work currently she is a writer music reviewer and editor for spirit seeker magazine she has interviewed several top visionaries including gregg braden doreen virtue marianne williamson neale donald walsch gay hendricks and masaru emoto she lives in hillsboro missouri with her husband and two children for more information visit or email her at 5


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healing touch st louis linda elaine smith holistic nurse htcp/i individual sessions classes 314-995-3999 vm#3 massage st louis bodywork and energy healing section massage kansas city gwyneth jones hhp holistic health practitione therapeutic massage and bodywork 816-726-4692 maya abdominal massage alex jackson lmt nctmb certified self-care instructor 6306 walnut street kansas city mo 64113 ph 816 225-9393 web kansas city rich lickel serenity therapeutic massage bellanina face lift massage 1830 jeffco blvd ste c a rnold mo 63010 314-941-7108 therapeutic bodywork festus/webster groves deborah gambill licensed massage therapist certified yoga instructor 314-808-4363 reiki st louis cynde meyer st louis reiki master teacher classes and sessions 636-530-7579 star healing schedule your private and group session of star healing intergalactic energy® as channeled for 2010 and beyond from archangel michael to st louis channel medium author and energy facilitator kelly hampton 636-346-7093 for details reiki kansas city mary roseman reiki sessions and classes kansas city mo 64015 816-820-2694 cheri cain everyday yoga reiki and chakra sessions training 816-809-9574 check out the calendar of events life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes don t resist them -that only creates sorrow let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like lao-tzu natural medicine kansas city the tao academy dr fred weaver doctor of oriental medicine acupuncture food therapy herbal medicine massage chi gong meditation yoga 2440 w 47th ave kansas city ks 66103 913-362-8844 thetao structural integrationst louis alan and sally cina ease ­ align ­ balance structural integration is a tool for changing how you define your body and your life it releases stress in the system and brings new balance and openness to the body by aligning it with gravity 314-771-8730 6 spirit seeker magazine your online global community connecting you to products and services for the mind body spirit call 636-530-7579 for information considering a home-based business have you been downsized you are not alone association of home-based women entrepreneurs founded in 1998 hbwe is an organization dedicated to women working from home-based businesses and provides education networking leads and mentoring for professional growth in a dynamic energetic and welcoming atmosphere meetings are held the second tuesday of each month from 6:00 9:00 pm they include networking buffet dinner and a featured speaker prepaid reservations are required visit us next month call 314-805-9519 to make your reservation or visit for more information august 2010


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what if we re him spiritual autobiography of transformed catholic offers enlightening personal perspectives on god jesus by dr gene pascucci a successful dentist in reno nevada turned mystic dr pascucci was raised in traditional catholic family serving as an altar boy in his younger years he spent 47 years seeking spiritual truth and has come to rest in profound direct knowing of oneness what if we re him there s something going on here ­ the transformation of spirituality reveals pascucci s personal experiences of early spiritual pain guilt shame and confusion and provides the details of his 47-year journey seeking spiritual truth insights revelations epiphanies his provocative offering of a new spiritual paradigm the transformation of spirituality millions are seeking direct knowledge of the divine unmediated by traditional dogma pascucci s proposal is a personally empowering and enlightening vision of god jesus and the truth of our oneness this book is gene s spiritual service to his readers pascucci notes i have invested the greater part of my free time and personal resources traveling reading studying sitting in lectures listening to cd s and watching videotapes and dvd s in order to study everyone i could find who i felt knew something about what i most wanted to know this book is a distillation of hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in endless study of books travel lectures seminars and discussions along with many sleepless nights it is a synthesis of what became unveiled to me living in this vigorous inquiry process of course while engaged in this lifelong search for truth meaning and personal redemption gene completed dental school married and raised a family and developed a popular and successful dental practice in reno where he still works and resides with his family but his search did last nearly five decades taking him to several continents ­ including india where he met the renowned indian holy man satya sai baba in his bibliography pascucci cites more than one hundred teachers guides and mentors who provided spiritual nourishment along his path among them many familiar names ­ werner erhard maharishi mahesh yogi joseph campbell paramahansa yogananda ram dass freud carl jung byron katie the king james version of the bible muktananda deepk chopra eckhart tolle and many many others the book is not meant to be an indictment of catholicism and it isn t one rather it is a doorway for anyone who has been seeking like pascucci did for additional information answers and perspectives for people seeking to make the shift from faith and dogma to knowing firsthand the dogma and the truth do agree says pascucci but only if you understand what jesus was actually saying and pointing to his message really him and have been all along furthermore .what would this mean to us collectively what if we re him is written in a highly experiential style inviting the reader not just to understand what s being presented but also to feel some of what pascucci felt under the circumstances he describes my hope in languaging this notes pascucci was to write in a way that created a sense of feeling for the reader versus a sense of thinking language can be quite weak when it comes to trying to express a feeling so i decided to write `the vignettes or individual stories and epiphanies i experienced in the hopes of creating feeling and understanding and access to this spiritual awakening that was occurring from within me what was gene s primary motivation for writing what if we re him i don t want anybody to suffer he says that s what led him into the healing professions and also what motivated him to write this book our most significant existential suffering comes from the feeling that we are separated from god that we are somehow lacking something that would make us whole when it s finally seen and known that we were never separated from god nor could we ever be that pain simply ceases to exist i hope what if we re him will help all my readers have that experience and move along in their own growth and evolution available at back to st louis area by popular demand from brazil john of god aura and chakra crystal healing beds fri aug 6th sat aug 7th 9a-9p 1.5 hours south of downtown st louis pain relief center owensville mo call 573-437-7246 for appointment communicate with your angels http myangelcoach.webs com my angel coach sun aug 8th mon aug 9th tues aug 10th 9a-9p central st louis location call spirit seeker 636-530-7579 for appointment julie celestine 636-332-2808 angel facilitaor 8 spirit seeker magazine august 2010


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knock the door will open 6 keys to mastering the art of living by jeffrey a wands i n his new book knock and the door will open 6 keys to mastering the art of living atria paperback july 2010 $18.00 internationally renowned psychic medium popular radio host and author jeffrey a wands combines over 30 years of wisdom and intuitive insight he has successfully shared with his clients in a simple yet profound manual for mastering life based on years of spiritual counseling wands offers readers real life strategies for creating harmony happiness purpose and peace in every aspect of their life the biggest problem many of us have is that we get in our own way and trip ourselves up psychologically and physically we humans are hard-wired to avoid change the surest way to sabotage your own success is to let your fears get in the way says wands we need to let go of old fears grievances or misconceptions so we can gain control over our life rather than letting the past control us filled with invaluable advice tips and exercises that wands offers to his exclusive clients who wait up to a year to see him and the hundreds of people who attend his sold-out shows readers will have at their fingertips a practical userfriendly and timeless life guide to help them unleash the power and true potential that we each hold within us this comprehensive guide offers solutions for everyday situations from protecting your home from negative energy recognizing soul mates tricks to improving mental focus finding spiritual strength in adversity to strategies for diffusing anger and reducing stress knock and the door will open features 6 keys the first entails making a list of all the things in one s life that is pleasing and satisfying then writing a list of the things that one would like to change says wands the purpose of this exercise and many others in the book are that by acknowledging the things you want to change about yourself you are actually turning a negative into a positive when you are truly honest about yourself you are actually taking back your power the remaining five keys that bring full circle the foundation for knock and the door will open are as wands puts it the tools to discovering our own personal treasures · examine all of our relationships including with people who are in our daily lives right now as well as those who have passed on to the world of spirit wands helps readers discern which relationships are to be treasured and which bring about negativity and self-doubt · make sure our actual physical environment ­ both at home and at work ­ are really working for us because every aspect of our physical space affects our health and well-being · learn how to bring more prosperity into our lives this key includes financial prosperity but importantly also a boost to our well-being · increase our spiritual strength by affirming our belief in a higher power however and wherever we choose to conceive of and envision that power · achieve the balance we all seek in our lives by ensuring that we nourish our emotional and physical well-being this step entails controlling our emotions and taking care of our physical health in knock and the door will open jeffrey a wands has put forth a must-have resource and handbook for anyone looking to make real and lasting change in their lives the book is designed to help readers reconnect with their own psychic energy so they can make the most of the gifts they are given and attract the many treasures out there for the taking about jeffrey a wands jeffrey a wands the author of another door opens and the psychic in you appears frequently on national television including extreme makeover home edition today show maury and a&e s mediums we see dead people in addition to hosting his own weekly radio program psychic sundays on long island s walk 97.5 fm jeffrey is a popular guest on radio programs across the country including the ever popular coast to coast with george noory/art bell and the alan colmes show among others he has a worldwide client/fan base consisting of men and women from every walk of life his flourishing psychic practice regularly has a waiting list of up to a year for a reading his personal appearances and gallery shows are always appearances and gallery shows are always sold-out events 962-7112 9


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back to basics urban health fair market celebrates natural health and wellness when i was a little girl and scraped my knee my grandma would apply antiseptic and cover it with a bandage when i had a belly ache she would give me a carbonated drink or an apple depending on the type of discomfort a headache called for a light massage at the base of my neck and a cold wash rag on the forehead sniffles and a cough plenty of liquids lots of rest and chicken soup natural remedies and they worked every time these were the tried and true inexpensive methods that had successfully healed families for decades and in some cases hundreds and thousands of years in the old days when we got sick our caretakers didn t reach for pills or seek out surgeries they used the powaer of herbs salves healthy foods and their own healing hands and for the most part they stayed well by living active lives walking to the store scrubbing the laundry and the dishes by hand and praising `everything in moderation prevention was half the battle and they kept many illnesses at bay with prudence and common sense they ate their spinach and prunes bundled up against the cold and kept their bodies moving when they did need the doctor he made house calls the local dairy delivered people knew where their food was coming from and they knew their care providers what s even better is the providers knew them by name they knew their families they had more than just a business relationship they were a part of the same community we had gotten away from these basics of health and community for several decades until a few years ago when people began to find themselves once again drawn toward sensible natural and local we ve begun to make conscious choices that foster growth in our local economies building our communities while assuming responsibility for our health and the health of our families fortunately people returning to these basics are finding an array of natural products and a community of holistic providers who are eager to help them achieve their short-term and long-range goals of abundant health a balanced life and vitality this year s fourth annual urban health fair market presents a collection of these practitioners and products whose histories and philosophies are rooted in traditions of natural health and wellness massage acupuncture chiropractic nervous system scans fitness tests and classes yoga naturopathic and psychological health consultations and more will be available as samples of the benefits to be enjoyed with holistic practice providers participating in the urban health fair are also small business owners who live and work in your local communities the fair is an opportunity to meet with them one on one in a relaxed environment ask questions about their holistic offerings and decide which of these natural time-honored methods of prevention and remedy hold the best contemporary benefits for you the urban health fair market saturday september 18 2010 from 10:00am ­ 5:00pm on park avenue between 18th vail in the beautifully restored lafayette square neighborhood this free street festival includes live music healthy food options children s activities and a healthy pets section new this year the event will also feature a variety of wellness workshops these classes are presented by local healthcare professionals and wellness experts and range in topic from personality empowerment and development to how to get back to the basics of holistic health this year s featured guest speaker will be monica adams traffic reporter for fox 2 news certified personal trainer and until recently host of a health and fitness show sunday afternoons on kmox radio at the 2010 urban health fair market monica will focus on getting the most out of your exercise routines and how to separate the fads from the tried and true roads to health and fitness feng shui tip of the month tip a home s décor can reduce a child s inappropriately charged activity in feng shui we call anything that stimulates activity yang childhood is primarily a yang stage children are generally much more active than adults and it is appropriate for them to engage in a high level of physical activity however the amount of yang stimulation in a home can be reduced if this behavior reaches inappropriate levels too often we decorate children s rooms in ways that mimic their highly charged behavior using bright colors strong lights and intense pictures for a child who is naturally active and highly charged this décor will only increase the intensity and activity level for that reason it is important to add yin colors shapes scents sounds and textures just as quietly singing a lullaby can create an atmosphere in which a child can decompress and relax decorating a space with yin can counter a child s normally yang activity level recommendations ·uselightcolors,especiallysalmons,blues,purples,andtans ·useprintswithsquaresorsquarerepeats ·optforfurniturethatislowtotheground,withouttallspindlylegs ·useasquarearearugevenifthereiswall-to-wallcarpeting ·havescentsofherbsratherthanflowersdispersedinthechild sspace ·choosefirmratherthanbouncyseating ·keepthespaceslightlycool please report successful results from this tip we would like to share any of your results from this tip when we send our next month s tip we want to hear from you please feel free to send any feedback along with your first name last initial city and state to debbie roddy at info scenes from expo 2010 10 spirit seeker magazine august 2010 cynde meyer and her three children vince miles and temok masqueda opening ceremony


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feng shui practioner program offered in st louis mo call 636-530-7579 or email t he 2010 feng shui program is based on the black sect form of feng shui which is a blend of shamanic and wisdom teachings the black sect teachings are rooted in the premise that all form is an expression of consciousness intention and form and the understanding that all are constantly communicating energetically qi the vital life force is what we are working with in feng shui qi is what is changed when we work with the communication of intention when we change the qi of a home or a business it influences the luck/fate/karma of the inhabitants feng shui practitioners learn to adjust the qi thus enhancing the communication between intention creation and form the program also teaches the principles of western feng shui which helps bridge the gap between the mysteries of the eastern feng shui practices and pragmatic western thinking to create dynamic productive results for individuals and businesses the feng shui program will offer the basics of feng shui practices and knowledge in dowsing clearing techniques increasing intuition baubiologie prosperity consciousness and hands on learning the course of study is three weekends conference calls and in the field practice consultations businesses have particular feng shui needs for success students will explore various ways to support businesses from concept through realization space clearing of negative qi qi adjustments and feng shui principles specific to business students will be guided in business development to start them on a path to a successful career as a feng shui practitioner without a planned strategy it is difficult for anyone to vision and achieve goals students will be given step by step methods in creating a blueprint for success business practices marketing tools for a winning feng shui practice training in public speaking and methods for building a client base are part of the curriculum feng shui certification program a new profession and/or for personal growth and expansion coaches students in conducting feng shui consultations the coaching sessions help boost the confidence of the student in many cases the students can earn back the cost of this additional program through their own feng shui consultations before the end of the program this program is offered by cynde meyer and other guest teachers cynde has studied feng shui for over 25 years and became a professional feng shui consultant in 2004 cynde s background as an internationally known clairvoyant energy healer and teacher all come together to bring a successful blending of skills to her teachings cynde has a background in health care management and has helped countless individuals and businesses change and flourish by working with clearing and intention techniques to increase and balance the qi in their lives cynde is the publisher of spirit seeker magazine a midwest mind body and spirit publication and e-zine that may be read at program investment is $1800 payment arrangements are available mentoring and coaching program is an additional cost for more information about the feng shui practitioner program contact cynde meyer at 636-530-7579 st louis mo fall 2010 three modules september 11-12 october 17-18 · november 6-7 cynde meyer and feng shui happiness offers an in-depth exploration of contemporary and universal feng shui theory and practice as well as building on the intuitive arts which are an essential part of being a successful feng shui practitioner feng shui is the ancient art of placement the practice of arranging your environment to enhance your life and well-being our certification program includes training in feng shui dowsing five element theory meditation prosperity consciousness manifestation practices bau biology hands-on-learning in the field energy theory and clearing practices feng shui is a vital tool to facilitate life transformation for people their homes and their places of work we look helping those who are pursuing these fields professionally as well as for personal growth and expansion program investment $1800 payment arrangements available mentoring and coaching program is an additional cost a spirit seeker s reader comment ilovetheprayerbehinddr emoto sintentjuly2010issueofspirit seeker ihavesaidtheprayerandsent healingenergytogulfandsurrounding areas.ihavealsosentprayerandloveto thosethatareinvolvedwiththisdisaster butwhoarewetojudgeiftherewasignoranceandgreed?ifinditamazingasaloving communityofhealersandlightworkersthat wecanbesojudgmentalofthosethatdon t follow our wayofthinking.theyneedour prayerandhealingalsosincetheyarethe onesphysicallydoingtheirpartiscleaning upahorribledisasterandfranklyhowmany ofushavewalkedintheirshoes.loveand goodintentforall,andleavethejudgment uptogod thankyouforlettingmecommit ~n.r mentoring and coaching program optional there is an optional mentoring and coaching program offered as well although classroom learning is necessary observing feng shui consultations help the students progress and confidence the mentoring and coaching program prepares supports assists guides and live on stage 2 weeks only september 11-26 fox theatre · 11


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umami ­ by lauren mccabe the fifth taste for more information on cooking and recipes visit lauren mccabe chef owner 636.346.7710 keeping cool in the hot summer by mark a baker d.c dr baker has been helping people with their health and wellness for over 20 years he is a specialist in detoxification of the body and can be reached at 314-291-4401 also contact him to order young living essential oils umami is widely considered to be the fifth taste chefs have known about it for years but now it s all over tv ads and in magazines umami but what is this where does it come from and why is it important umami is generally described as a savoriness in foods it was first discovered in japan in the early 1900 s by a scientist dr kikunae ikeda if you want to google him who wanted to prove there was a distinctive characteristic in sea kelp that made certain foods taste richer than others he isolated the glutamate yeah it s that one but more on that later in the kelp as the amino acid that creates the umami taste before this time it was assumed that humans only had four tastes sweet salty sour and bitter dr ikeda proved that umami is actually a fifth taste umami is found naturally in foods containing natural glutamate and certain nucleotides these must be free-form in the food to produce the characteristic taste of umami in general the more mature or aged a food is the more umami is present some good if not exaggerated examples are the difference between true aged parmagiano regiano from italy and supermarket parmesan in the green can or between a dry aged steak and a cheap ground beef caesar salad is a great example of using umami for wonderful flavors and my recipe is attached other foods that are rich in umami include · seaweed · tuna fresh · sweet potatoes · cod · carrots · anchovies · pawns/shrimp · oysters · crab lobster · soy sauce · beef dry aged is better · asian fish sauce · bacon and other cured pork products · seasonal vine ripened tomatoes or organic canned · wild mushrooms cremini porcini shitake etc · truffles the fungus not the chocolate · parmesan cheese aged umami is important in the kitchen because it brings out the flavors of all the ingredients knowing what foods are rich in umami will help you make ingredient choices to enhance your cooking for example the next time a recipe calls for white button mushrooms try substituting creminis aka baby bellas i stressed above that the glutamate in umami rich foods are naturally occurring this should not be confused with the manufactured monosodium glutamate in processed foods recognizing the importance of umami our food industry uses manufactured monosodium glutamate to mirror the natural umami found in natural unprocessed foods this gives them an inexpensive way to make their foods taste richer and fuller without actually incurring the time or expense to develop these flavors in your own cooking using ingredients with the natural glutamate and umami you will create wholesome natural dishes you can feel confident in serving caesar salad from chef lauren of mealthymes caesar salad is traditionally prepared table-side have all ingredients prepped in advance the raw eggs make it necessary to use pasteurized in st louis they may be purchased at dierbergs croutons 3 cups cubed bread good quality french italian bread 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 1/4 cup butter melted 3 cloves garlic minced 1 tablespoon italian herb seasoning dressing 2 cloves garlic mashed 6 each anchovy fillets mashed 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon sea salt 1 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce freshly ground black pepper 3 tablespoons lemon juice freshly squeezed dash balsamic vinegar 1/3 cup parmigianino regiano or grana padano cheese finely grated 2 each eggs pasteurized eggs only 3 each romaine hearts torn or cut into small pieces make croutons heat olive oil and butter in a small saucepan over medium heat for 5 min or until garlic just begins to brown strain mixture into large bowl toss in bread cubes season with salt pepper and dried italian seasoning bake in a 350 degree oven for 10 12 min;until lightly browned the summer heat is upon us here in st louis it can become so hot that you feel like not eating i have come up with a few options to try when the heat becomes an issue 1 eat cooling foods such as melons cantaloupe and honeydew they are refreshing cooling and provide lots of minerals and water to rehydrate the bodily systems 2 eat more salads and raw vegetables there is nothing like the variety of greens vegetables and salad materials that are available in the summer months there is plenty of water and minerals available in the salad materials as well to help cool the summer heat 3 eat fruits that are in season cherries blueberries peaches nectarines and plums provide excellent sources of antioxidants minerals vitamins and water 4 drink plenty of good pure water lemon lime herbal teas and stevia flavored waters provide a more flavorful option 5 a meal that does not require much cooking may provide another option too much heat may not be as appetizing as it would be in the winter months 6 cut back on heavy portions of meat if you want to feel better just reduce the portion sizes of your meals especially the meat remember the more you put in your body to digest the harder your body has to work to digest all the food you put in 7 try food combining for better digestion proper food combinations will result in better digestion and better elimination as well at our office we provide a book about food combining to all who are interested in nutrition cleansing and elimination 8 try some fresh vegetable and fruit juicing in a juicer there is nothing like it as all the nutrients and enzymes are available in a useable form it may take tiwwwme but it pays off in how you feel put some ice cubes in the juice to slow the enzyme degradation if you plan on sipping it over a few hours there are other ways to cool off during the hot months water provides an excellent source whether it be the local swimming pool lake water sprinkler or shower air conditioning in homes and vehicles help to make our lives more comfortable as well remember to keep cool and comfortable in the summer months life becomes more enjoyable when you feel cool and good make dressing colon therapy with experience over 20 years serving st louis using the back of wooden spoon smash garlic anchovies sugar and salt with some of the olive oil add lemon juice eggs balsamic vinegar and worcestershire sauce whisking together slowly add remaining olive oil whisking constantly to emulsify add lettuce toss add cheese toss add croutons serves 6 about chef lauren lauren discovered her passion for cooking as a young child when an aunt taught her to bake peach pie she earned a diploma in professional culinary arts/wine studies from the cook street school in denver co receiving advanced training in both paris and asti italy chef lauren resides in st charles county cleanse purify your body mark a baker d.c kathy baker r.n 11558 st charles rock rd · bridgeton mo 63044 · 314-291-4401 chiropractic · colon therapy acupuncture · ionic foot bath each syllable the effect is to provide a kind of history lesson elegant sophisticated europe hard pioneering america i love it how in california they all think they re making american wine with the zinfandel zinfandel zinfandel s from hungary for crying out loud the norton is american it s one hundred percent american it s ours and the fact that it makes a phenomenal wine is just icing on the cake come on let s go and taste some in the wild vine author todd kliman sets out on an epic quest to unravel the mystery behind norton a grape used to make a missouri wine that claimed a prestigious gold medal at an international exhibition in continued on pg.13 an excerpt from the wild vine the suv rumbles over the hilly uneven earth toward the vineyards a yapping field dog running alongside jenni comes to a sudden playful stop and the dog nearly leaps into her lap hey there she coos stroking its fur then like a mother grown impatient she dispatches it now get out there and chase those deer she cuts the motor and we jump out for a long moment i stand staring at the perfect parallel rows of grapes the leafy vines straining upward toward the blazing sun like worshippers seeking a god pretty neat huh jenni asks drinking in the tableau with me beaming then guiding me through the rows of vines with the unwavering focus of a general in the field the ruddy skin the long clambering strides the flinty impatience it s as if some iconic pioneer woman tough-minded and independent capable of handling anything or anyone has stepped out of the pages of a willa cather novel look at you little characters she says as we come upon a grape called norton the prize of her vineyard and the reason i ve made the long drive out from the city the grapes still months from being plucked are beginning to cluster on the vines come on grow nortonians grow she draws her fingers through the tiny blue-black orbs like a jeweler showing off the quality of the pearls that s history right there the native grape of america good old norton born right here in virginia in richmond next to the names of the great european wines cabernet sauvignon pinot noir merlot chardonnay the name norton sounds jarring by comparison and jenni accentuates the effect by biting down on 12 spirit seeker magazine august 2010


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ee spirit s ating ion althy ie e sect ew het wnan uran resta c introdu ker es a local destination for a variety of espresso coffee drinks we serve kaldi s turkish coffee tea lattes fruit smoothies pastries and fine art being created live live music nights kids story time and other art events for all ages m-f 6 am 3 pm sat-sun 7 am 3 pm 7619 s broadway st louis mo 63111 broadway bean art coffee seafood steaks vegetarian meals home made bread and desserts/patio seating 314-773-8646 1811 pestalozzi st st louis mo 63118 facebook frazer s restaurant and frazers good eats frazer s restaurant and lounge green earth deli-located in green earth grocery offering fresh juices smoothies soups a variety of sandwiches salads wraps more 442 s buchanan edwardsville il 62025 618 656-3375 dine in or carry out m-f 11-5 sat 11-4 mealthymes professional personal chef service that provides in-home culinary solutions to busy families and individuals in the greater st louis area dinner parties wine food pairing cocktail parties private cooking classes other special events all food is prepared with fresh natural ingredients and menus are customized to each clients individual tastes 636.346.7710 http ah zeefa the royal cousin of hummus a ready-to-eat lentil dip or spread comes in 7 delicious flavours you can find it in your local store if not then call or order online www, 314 533-7100 arlington bed and breakfast healthy food abounds at the arlington inn and restaurant we enjoy a smoke and alcohol free environment in this civil war era historic building located in the scenic foothills of jefferson county mo 636-337-0043 or visit to see photos 207 east main desoto mo sayersbrook bison ranch lodge 573-438-4449 referred to as buffalo meat the north american bison is actually the source of the flavorful red meats that are 97 fat free and contain 40 more protein than beef buffalo-meat.html as one of the leading producers of bison meat in the world american gourmet is proud to offer an extensive selection of sayersbrook s award winning buffalo steaks www.americangourmet net/buffalo-steaks.html burgers and other exotic foods exotic-meat.html>foods inery exotic-meat.html rant and w continued from pg.12 vienna in 1873 and then norton all but vanished what happened find out the mystery behind norton as well as sample norton and other wines courtesy of st james winery at this special discussion book signing and wine tasting at left bank books downtown 321 n 10th street on sunday august 22 2pm house the new s spirit se urant coffee or $125 s and article cipe your resta one year f reviews re se locations all of the te on for magazine at of this secti a great introductory ra 9 art be a p -757 winery can 636-530 have r the section will eaders will be able to fiffiifind ating or healthy e eker r estau 13


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going green warming your water with sunshine by steve o rourke steve o rourke is an independent consultant who advocates for efficiency and sustainability through the intelligent use of energy and information he works with microgrid energy to promote renewable energy and in the pocess educates those prospects about the importance of energy efficiency and conservation you can find more on his blog ­ www he feeling of fresh warm water on your face in the morning shower is soothing refreshing and invigorating the feeling of sunshine on your shoulders is equally therapeutic ­ in modest doses of course imagine combining these two to naturally warm water with sunshine and you have a match made in heaven we ve actually been doing this for years ­ at least in the summer and in warmer climates some of the earliest versions of solar water heaters were simply metal tanks sitting out in the sun in the southwestern united states the climax brand solar water heater was first marketed in california in 1890 by the 1950 s half of the homes built in south florida had a solar water heating system but when the utilities started promoting cheap energy the systems were no longer cost-effective these original systems were only practical in the warmer climates because the thermo-siphon systems can t survive a hard freeze so rather than heating the water directly a separate heat transfer fluid typically glycol is used to capture the warmth from the sun and circulate that through a heat exchanger in the hot water storage tank this closed-loop system is the most common way of heating water with solar energy solar water heating systems used to be practical but not pretty in earlier models both the tanks and collector panels were mounted on a southfacing roof these systems tended to be clunky and visually unappealing as the closed-loop systems became more common insulated storage tanks were installed indoors the most efficient collector panel is made of evacuated tubes which have a vacuum seal and virtually no heat loss these work better in colder climates and on overcast days and are well suited for commercial or heavy-duty applications most residential applications use flat collector panels velux a long-time maker of skylights developed a closedloop solar water heating system with collector panels that look like skylights in addition to the high value placed on t aesthetics these collectors are more easily installed less expensive more durable and require less maintenance they are very efficient and work all year including the cold days of winter the size of the system is largely dependent on the number of residents of the home for one or two people a single collector panel can be used with a 60-gallon storage tank for larger families the systems can be scaled up to accommodate the greater volumes of hot water a control station maintains the temperature to a pre-set degree typically 120-140° f during periods of extended cloudy days or heavy usage such as with overnight guests supplemental energy from an electric or natural gas backup heating system kicks in to bring the temperature up to the desired level solar energy is a very cost-effective and reliable means of heating your water the systems require very little maintenance and typically reduce water heating bills by 50-80 if you have a gas water heater and furnace and electric oven and stove you can determine the how much gas is used to heat water when the furnace is off a general rule of thumb though is that about 20 of your total energy consumed is used to heat water prices typically range from $6,000$10,000 but solar water heating systems qualify for the 30 federal tax credit that makes them much more affordable in areas where energy prices are high the payback with incentives can be realized in as little as three years in the midwest where energy is relatively inexpensive the payback is closer to 10 years when calculating payback you need to take future increases in the cost of energy into consideration talk to a qualified installer to find out more about how this system can work for you there are a lot of ways to harness the clean renewable energy of the sun heating your water is one of the most natural and cost-effective ways to do it just think one morning as you re enjoying that warm shower you ll get a little sunshine along with it when you meet anyone remember it is a holy encounter as you see him you will see yourself as you treat him you will treat yourself as you think of him you will think of yourself never forget this for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself acim text p 142 14 spirit seeker magazine august 2010


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listen to cynde meyer on the spirit seeker radio show join cynde as she interviews leading cutting edge visionaries and authors in the area of mind body and spirit two hands new sounds section by gunnar madsen grammy nominated composer and pianist gunnar madsen offers this beautiful sweeping solo recording perfect for atmosphere setting and quiet contemplation his music has set the mood for series hits such as sex and the city as well as movies like the break-up and just a kiss available at for more information see guest call-in number 347 884-991 or listen live from 7 ­ 8pm 4 cst switching to tuesday s on june 8th cynde meyer has worked with many international high profile individuals organizations as an intuitive life coach she is a feng shui consultant reiki grief interlude by sharon clark and marti soler we will all experience loss and this is followed by grief grief interlude is an amazing set of guided meditations that compassionately offers respite and restoration the set is designed to reduce stress provide an inner calm and improve day-to-day coping skills while moving through grief available at www.griefinterlude com master teacher energy sound healer and gifted clairvoyant she helps balance the energy within people and physical spaces clearing out the past to create peace harmony and prosperity in the present she is the founder and publisher of spirit seeker magazine a midwest mind body and spirit publication that may also be read at tuesday august 3 rusti levin live i ching readings rusti has been working with the i ching for more than 20 years it was instrumental in writing the 81 verses of the tao and can help guide and enlighten one through life s many changes with appropriate answers to our many questions about love family business finances and health by ben woolman the musicianship on this cd is outstanding woolman presents a flawless technique that is clean and crisp an absolute pleasure to listen to and enjoy though he mainly plays steel-string guitar he visits numerous genres including folk blues and new age spiced with bit of classical jazz ragtime and world music available at www many moods if you are interested in having your cd reviewed by spirit seeker contact mich hancock at tuesday august 10 beatrex quntanna author poet lecturer symbolist and tarot expert beatrex has been counseling and teaching for the past 20 years using the tarot as an enhancement for personal and intuitive development tuesday august 17 cynde meyer and the ancient wisdom of feng shui call in with your questions and cynde will give you a feng shui reading on the air connect with spirit through sacred spaces and closed on mondays tues-th noon-7:00 p.m experiences we offer support tours crystal singing fri-sun noon-5:00 p.m bowl sessions energy work artifacts books cds evening classes etc free parking tuesday august 24 handbook for anyone looking to make real and lasting change in their lives the book is designed to help readers reconnect with their own psychic energy so they can make the most of the gifts they are given and attract the many treasures out there for the taking www psychic medium jeffrey wands on his book knock and the door will open jeffrey a wands has put forth a must-have resource and and numerous gatherings reiki/energy circle talking circles classes course in miracles etc come to commune meditate pray or shop 6361 clayton rd · clayton mo 63117 · 314.721.4455 please visit our website at for our calendar tuesday august 31 jonathan ellerby on his book inspiration deficit disorder jonathan reveals this modern epidemic and offers practical and holistic solutions for regaining your vitality and living your best life www promote your business in spirit seeker contact cynde meyer 636-530-7579 15



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