Networking Delaware 2012-2013 I.T. Services Catalog and Rates


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Networking Delaware's I.T. Services Catalog for 2012-2013

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networking delaware llc p.o box 9173 newark de 19714-9173 302-368-8630 we put the work back in your network networking delaware 2012-2013 i.t services catalog


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es contents page 3 about us general description of networking delaware llc page 4 the new us description of our new business model page 5 the foundation­ 24x7 monitoring the basis of our system s success page 6 the next level 24x7 management continued system protection page 7 monitoring services­ simple monitoring what s included page 8 monitoring services­ extended monitoring what s included page 9 services system support options page 10 admin services complete system administration services page 11 other services 1 various offerings page 12 other services 2 page 13 strategic services 1 business survivability page 14 strategic services 2 backup and disaster planning page 15 specializations 1 building trades and financial management firms page 16 specializations 2 business startups and relocation services page 17 time and materials charges for non-contract clients page 18 service contracts bank hours contracts­ save money page 19 our fans client testimonials and referrals page 20 more fans client testimonials and referrals page 21 22 our network defender plan comparison matrix page 23 the most important question you can ask yourself today


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es about us facts about networking delaware networking delaware began as a company in 2004 our engineers and technicians have from 10 to 22 years experience in computer network support all employees are background checked drug tested and equally important they are certified in their particular specialities early in 2008 networking delaware began doing business under a different business model segmenting the network administration group and the new network defender group that provides 24/7 automated network monitoring management and support network defender is the name of our most recent technological offering that is guaranteed to increase your security eliminate downtime and improve the overall performance of your entire network at the ultimate level we guarantee that your network will not go down if it does for any reason whatsoever we absorb all labor costs to get you back up and functioning normally networking delaware is a microsoft® registered partner what does this mean to you among other things it means we have exclusive access to microsoft s employee engineers when a critical problem arises that defies quick diagnosis we can escalate the problem up through the entire microsoft support hierarchy from there we have access to industry leading engineers who were part of the development teams that created windows and who in turn have access to microsoft s vast array of trade secrets and the millions of lines of code that make up the windows operating system as a microsoft partner we can provide this invaluable service at no additional cost to you you could pay up to $780.00 to purchase this additional service see fees at http for current rates with the one price ultimate level of our new network defender plan you can budget for computer network support just like rent or insurance


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es about the new us the story of networking delaware was pretty common and straight forward until march 2008 until then we had always provided service and support to small businesses whenever they had problems with their networks something stopped working an employee needed some training a virus had to be removed or a hundred other tasks the client called us they told us what they needed we came by as soon as possible and resolved the problem quickly and efficiently there was however one gigantic flaw with this business model while we did perform some preventative maintenance for a handful of clients by and large we had to wait until our clients were suffering until their productivity was negatively impacted in the worst of cases people were idled or data was lost this meant that we hardly ever received a phone call from a happy client they were always in near-chaos mode before they called us on march 1st 2008 all of that changed for the better that date was the day our new business model went into effect and the day our clients pain and suffering started to go away for good we made a commitment to the principle that preventing a problem and avoiding a disaster is many degrees of magnitude better than resolving a problem once it has occurred that was when the network defender plan was born earlier in the year we became aware of a new monitoring technology that was both comprehensive and affordable before then the only organizations that could afford these systems were governments and multi-national corporations we decided to acquire this software and combine this monitoring with a highly secure remote access system and several other options to create a new service plan that is dedicated to preventing network problems before they affect our clients network defender in fact we can guarantee it we are so confident in this technology that if your company is subscribed to the ultimate level of our network defender plan and your network goes down for any reason whatsoever we will provide the labor to get you back up and running normally at no additional you all of our work is 100 guaranteed


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the foundation 24/7/365 system monitoring we constantly monitor all aspects of your network so we can stay informed about the status and health of your hardware and software there are many things that can go wrong with your network and by keeping an eye on certain indicators we can detect pending system failures and in many cases actually predict future hardware failures before they occur we set reporting thresholds on every individual item to be monitored anytime any of these items deviate from these preset limits we automatically receive an alarm there are so many diverse items that are inter-related automated monitoring is the only method that can allow observation at so many levels simultaneously at this point several things can happen according to your wishes or the level of service plan you prefer 1 according to your policy we can pass the information along to you your i.t manager or anyone else with an email address pager or sms capable phone 2 as long as the system is still on-line and responding we can begin to address the problem remotely this is the normal procedure in approximately 95 of our problem discoveries evaluations and responses 3 if the unit is off-line or if the internet connection is down we can come on-site to solve the problem 4 if you are located out of our area we can inform another support vendor and they can address the problem according to your wishes whether or not problems are detected you can still receive a daily email with a summery of your system status probable resolution guaranteed resolution networking delaware remote response networking delaware on-site unknown client s i.t dept other primary alarm layer constant system monitoring


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the next level 24/7/365 system management through our monitoring efforts we are able to make system management decisions that can significantly increase the security of your network while still dramatically decreasing the chances for downtime and data loss when our system discovers a pending failure or out-of-spec situation in most cases we can respond remotely to resolve that problem if remote resolution isn t applicable or impossible due to the type of situation we can come on-site to begin resolution in addition to keeping an eye on the health of your network we also manage your security anti-virus signatures firewall configuration tcp/ip port policies intrusion detection status and hacker penetration attempts are all monitored and when a potential problem is detected adjustments are made to successfully manage the situation before it can compromise your data security the success of your backups are constantly monitored and the ability to restore data is tested every week on-site this is the most important item that can be monitored and managed we also strongly suggest that you redundantly backup to an off-site location this has saved many businesses who were victims of a fire or of equipment theft or vandalism most times you will not be aware that a problem ever existed until you receive our daily client status email this communication will let you know that either the day was uneventful or if not what happened why it happened and how we fixed it adjusted it or reconfigured it this is true of all-important server management as well as less critical workstation management even network infrastructure items like routers and switches can be monitored and managed if they comply to the snmp simple network management protocol standard most high-end units are smtp compatible.


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es monitoring services simple monitoring what s included 24/7/365 monitoring of your complete operation intended to discover the causes of downtime before they negatively impact your business simple monitoring service starts at $45.00 per month per unit monitored when on a yearly contract simple monitoring includes reporting on critical items all windows services critical services that have stopped responding backups success or failure in some cases partial backups are reportable anti-virus program status and virus signature file status up to date or not physical disk the disk subsystem including the i/o bus disk controller and the disk itself including any partitions as an indication of the overall performance of the disk subsystem and possible pending failure overall hard drive health via s.m.a.r.t monitoring compatibility read/write errors and trends disk access time spin-up time and drive queue length processor utilization monitors the utilization of all of the processor cores in the server up to a maximum of four cores to determine how heavily utilized each core is processor queue length ­ monitors the number of threads that are ready to run but unable to run used to determine cpu high utilization rates memory usage monitors the following indicators to determine if there is sufficient physical memory available and if the system is making best use of the memory that is installed available memory committed bytes non-pageable memory pages per second hard page faults only page file percentage used hacker activity­ shows login failures and other indications of intrusion attempts network interface monitors a network interface and ensures that if there are excessive levels of traffic or localized chatter you will be alerted.


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es monitoring services extended monitoring what s included 24/7/365 monitoring of your complete operation intended to discover the causes of downtime before they negatively impact your business extended monitoring service starts at $55.00 per month per unit monitored when on a yearly contract and includes all items monitored under the simple plan plus extended monitoring adds email system status exchange server database size bandwidth utilization­ incoming and outgoing tcp port status open/closed as per policy workstation online status via ping web-site online status via interrigation and ping asset device availability via ping and via an snmp monitoring agent when monitored unit is snmp compatible and item is applicable fan status chassis intrusion memory power supply temperature internal motherboard temperature processor temperature voltages raid controller status ups battery charge ups load ups battery life remaining ecc memory errors


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es services system support options remote and on-site hardware and software support for servers and workstations network infrastructure support for routers switches firewalls vpn appliances wireless equipment whether under a support contract or on a time and materials basis we will respond to problems discovered through monitoring or by client request our prefered method of first response is via remote connection it saves the client money while helping protect our environment another advantage of remote support is that we can usually respond more quickly often within an hour or less there is a one-half hour minimum for remote service if the problems cannot be appropritaely addressed remotely or if the problem involves internet connectivity we must come on-site to address and repair the problem there is a one hour minimum for standard on-site service and a twohour minimum for emergency on-site service emergency on-site service is when the problem must be addressed within four hours or less standard service is scheduled next day or sooner whenever possible we support intel and amd based machines running microsoft windows operating systems windows 2000 and newer we no longer support novell apple windows 9x or any version of unix or linux there are no travel charges for on-site service within a 20 mile radius of newark delaware travel charges outside this area are calculated on a time plus milage basis.


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admin services complete system administration services every server-based network that uses a domain schema requires an experienced network administrator capable of keeping up with the constant changes that take place concerning network security malware and changes in vulnerabilities many times a knowledgeable employee will attempt to function as an ad hoc network administrator this may be sufficient in certain situations such as creating users and assigning permissions however much of the time the tasks are rather complex and the interactions between the hardware the operating system and the user applications can be misleading and circuitous even experienced full-time administrators trained in specific areas such as active directory or security and authentication may run into problems that are obscure and very difficult to diagnose we suggest that you outsource your network administration tasks in at least the following areas active directory users and computers active directory sites and services domains and trusts group policy administration exchange server administration any security issues including intrusion detection systems any authentication problems integration of wireless systems into an existing network the administration of your network is an important element in the overall well-being of your complete system security begins with proper administration.


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es other services off-site backup systems we offer several off-site solutions depending on the client s needs not every system is right for every business and we have the experience and selection to provide the best match security audits every system is vulnerable in one way or another to security breaches data theft malicious data loss and hacker attacks the concept of a security audit is to expose these vulnerabilities so protection can be applied to the system to neutralize them however these audits often expose situations where an ongoing security breach is already in place or in progress these events occur without the knowledge of the client and can go on for extended periods of time without some way to identify them intrusion detection systems sometimes the best way to catch a hacker or internal attacker is through a sting operation we install a software agent on a spare computer that is installed in the system ahead of the vulnerable components this software then looks for behaviors that are indicitive of an attempted intrusion into the system log files are created and data can be recorded for forensic use later penetration testing penetration testing is very similar to intrusion detection except it looks for threats that have already made their way into the system software can be installed surreptitiously that is extremely difficult to locate and may be installed almost anywhere within the system we test for the teltale finger prints that show someone has penetrated past the parimeter and established an ongoing attack surface acceptable use monitoring millions of productive hours are lost every year through unacceptable network use by employees on-line shopping web-surfing on-line gambling perusing pornography and other actions can cost employers billions of dollars email containing racial or religious jokes and slurs can cost a business its reputation and eventually cause it to close its doors we can monitor for all of these situations and the employer can terminate employees who fail to comply with policy.


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es other services communications carriers through our partnership with 1-touch solutions we can offer excellent rates and management services for your relationship with various communications carriers for telephone and internet service fastsupport remote response via our fastsupport technology allows us to respond to your calls almost immediately most support tasks and virtually all network administration can be done remotely allowing for excellent resolution times and lowered costs to you this service is available to anyone at any time call 302-368-8630 for all the details our spam filtering service not only catches over 98 of spam but also filters out viruses and other malware before it even gets near your system an added side-benefit is that your mail server can be configured to accept mail from only one ip address dramatically decreasing your email vulnerability anti-virus anti-spyware anti-malware we make sure you are protected from the malware that permeates the internet today we are partnered with and employ software from major av developers like avg vipre trend micro symantec and others as appropriate for your business cabling and infrastructure support we provide certified cat 5 cat 5e and cat 6 low voltage cabling to code either directly or through our cable specialist partners we also install and maintain patch panels managed and unmanaged network switches bridges and wired and wireless routers


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es strategic services business survivability back-up and disaster recovery planning on-site tape backups were once considered the best and only step a company could take to protect them from data loss however it often became evident that there were major shortcomings to this method the amount of data a company generates increases every day tape backups take time to complete and often the backup system that worked yesterday now cannot complete in the time allowed tape is a particularly fragile medium and is adversely affected by humidity dust and dirt stray magnetic fields physical handling and even cosmic rays since the number of tapes reasonably available are limited it is evident that they will eventually be over-written by new backups consider the situation where a computer system has a large amount of historical data stored on it by historical we mean data that is being kept for long periods but is rarely accessed the data is stored on your hard disk and backed up along with your normal data if this data is in some way corrupted or inadvertently changed this will not be detected because the data is not being accessed moreover the corrupted data will also be backed up so it is highly likely that all of the backups will soon contain only corrupt copies of the data and the original data may be gone forever depending on who you ask between 10 and 77 of all tape restores fail see http for this quote gartner group estimated that 10 to 50 percent of all tape restores fail storage magazine and gartner reported that 34 of surveyed companies never test any restore from tape and of those that do 77 experienced tape backup failures from these facts and common knowledge it is easy to draw the conclusion that tape backups are an obsolete technology best replaced as soon as possible with more reliable backup methods with disk-to-disk in a raid redundant array of individual disks configuration one finds the most reliable yet the least expensive method to provide this basic foundation but backups are just that an important first step in disaster planning disaster recovery requires more than simple backups continued


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es strategic services business survivability back-up and disaster recovery planning part ii now that we have defined the best backup method what more is there to building a business survivability plan actually there are a lot of potential issues to consider one major concern is what happens to your data if your building burns down or if a thief or vandal steals or destroys your server and backup when most businesses were using tape backups they often designated one person whose responsibility it was to take the previous night s backup tape off-site and return it the next day only to repeat the procedure unfortunately this was the way a lot of tapes were lost stolen or destroyed and a lot of data became corrupted today we have the on-line backup available to us this cannot be thought of as the primary backup but as a tertiary data source from which data can be restored should a disaster occur on-line restores are excruciatingly slow to complete so data should always be restored from a local source if at all possible how often to backup at one time all backups had to occur at a time when the system resources were most fully available which was almost always over night what this meant was should data need to be restored at say 3 pm everything that had been entered for the entire day had to be recreated because you now had the exact same dataset that you had at end-of-business yesterday with today s disk to disk backup systems you can actually schedule snapshots to occur as often as every 15 minutes during these snapshots the only data that is backed up is that which has changed since the last snapshot this means data is never more than 15 minutes old so only a maximum of 15 minutes work would have to be recreated the last piece of the puzzle relates to mind-set and organization if and when a data loss occurs there must be a solid plan in place to facilitate getting back to business as usual and management must bless this plan commit it to writing and agree to adhere to it religiously individuals must be given tasks to perform when disaster strikes and a backup person must be assigned for each task who decides when a full data restore is required who informs whom who trains the other employees who will write the procedures who knows where the procedure manuals are kept these are questions that must be asked before a disaster strikes during the stress of disaster recovery is not the time to wonder what to do.


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specializations in addition to overall general service and support networking delaware has four areas of specialization 1 the building trades and building service trades from construction and remodeling companies to plumbers electricians and hvac specialists landscapers and stone masons networking delaware has the specific knowledge and experience to help put your business on top of the competition through network efficiency and automation in very competative fields like these this advantage can be the difference between success and failure a good example of how an advanced computer system can help keep you a step ahead of your competitors would be in inventory management the key to profitability in the building trades is in efficient use of materials and manpower without careful inventory management an entire crew could be idled for lack of a case of roofing nails but with jit just in time materials ordering management you are always assured that the materials will be there when you need them without having to invest in excess inventory we support maxwell systems quickbooks for construction peachtree and other accounting/inventory systems including bar-coding equipment and software 2 financial management firms many cpa firms accountants business coaches and tax specialists depend on networking delaware to keep their systems secure complient and up-to-date during tax season software updates can come daily we do whatever it takes to keep you up-to-date at all times this is where remote support can keep costs down while keeping software and databases cutting-edge current we have experience with software from many different vendors such as wolters-kluwer and cch intuit bna software thomson and ria cpa software sage software and others software from diverse vendors must often work in close syncronization to function correctly we work closely with the various vendors tech support organizations when problems occur in the update or syncronization process.



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