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sulit question 1a mark scheme able to label p q and r using the word given answer p lung paru-paru 1b q kidney ginjal r skin kulit 55/2pp sub mark total mark 1+1+1 3 able to draw lines to match the parts of urinary system and their function answer ureter ureter stores urine menyimpan air kencing channels urine from the urinary bladder out of the body menyalurkan air kencing dari pundi kencing ke luar badan channels urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder menyalurkan air kencing dari ginjal ke pundi kencing 1 urinary bladder pundi kencing 1 urethra uretra 1 3 6 55/2pp 2012 © hak cipta jabatan pelajaran negeri sembilan sulit


p. 2

sulit 2a i able to name part label x answer eardrum gegendang telinga 2a ii able to mark the function of x answer amplify sound vibrations menguatkan getaran bunyi 55/2pp 1 vibrates when sound waves hit it bergetar apabila gelombang bunyi mengenainya 1 2a iii able to state one effect if the part labelled x is damaged answer 1 the ability of hearing decrease kebolehan mendengar berkurangan 2 becomes deaf menjadi pekak any one 1 3 2b i able to name apparatus q answer switch suis 1 2b ii able to complete the observation in table 2.1 answer situation situasi the switches for the electric bell and the vacuum pump are turned on suis loceng elektrik dan pam vakum dihidupkan observation pemerhatian the sound of the bell cannot be heard no sound bunyi loceng tidak boleh didengar tiada bunyi 1 2 55/2pp 2012 © hak cipta jabatan pelajaran negeri sembilan sulit


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sulit 2c able to mark the hearing aid device answer 55/2pp 1 1 6 3a able to state what kind of skeletal systems found in land and aquatic vertebrates based on diagram 3.1 answer endoskeleton rangka dalam badan 1 1 3b i able to mark the group of mangrove tree answer flowering plants tumbuhan berbunga non-flowering plants tumbuhan tidak berbunga 1 1 3b ii able to state one of the support system of the mangrove tree answer stilt root woody stem akar sokongan batang berkayu any one 1 2 3c able to name two examples of animals supported by exoskeleton based on diagram 3.1 answers 1 prawn udang 2 crab ketam 1 1 2 3d able to name one group of vertebrates that are not found in diagram 3.1 answer amphibian amfibia 1 1 6 55/2pp 2012 © hak cipta jabatan pelajaran negeri sembilan sulit


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sulit 4a i able to name the process which occurs at x answer fertilisation persenyawaan 4a ii able to draw arrows in diagram 4.1 from x to the place where implantation occurs answer x 1 1 55/2pp 4a iii able to state what happened to the ovum if process at x does not occur answer 1 ovum will die ovum akan mati 2 will be discharged together with blood in the next menstruation akan dikeluarkan bersama darah pada haid berikutnya any one 1 3 4b i able to complete the sequence of development on diagram 4.2 answer process x zygote embryo 2 correct 1mark foetus 1 55/2pp 2012 © hak cipta jabatan pelajaran negeri sembilan sulit


p. 5

sulit 4b ii able to state one of the causes of sterility in male answers 1 the testes cannot produce sperm testis gagal menghasilkan sperma 2 there is sperm production but low sperm count sperma dihasilkan tetapi dalam jumlah yang sedikit 3 low quality sperms produced penghasilan sperma yang kurang berkualiti 4 male is impotent mati pucuk 5 imbalance of sex hormones ketidak seimbangan hormone seks 6 defective reproductive organs organs infected with disease kecacatan organ pembiakan organ dijangkiti penyakit 7 high blood pressure diabetes tekanan darah tinggi diabetes any one able to suggest one way to overcome sterility in male answers 1 2 3 4 taking nutritious food /good nutrition pengambilan makanan berkhasiat /pemakanan yang baik hormone treatment rawatan hormon surgery pembedahan in-vitro fertilization ivf persenyawaan in-vitro ivf any one 55/2pp 1 4b iii 1 3 6 5a i able to write one of the factor required for photosynthesis in the box on diagram 5.1 answer water air 1 5a ii able to state one importance of the gas produced during photosynthesis answer 1 for respiration cell respiration breathing untuk respirasi respirasi sel pernafasan 2 for combustion burning untuk pembakaran any one reject for rusting unruk pengaratan 1 2 55/2pp 2012 © hak cipta jabatan pelajaran negeri sembilan sulit


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sulit 5b i able to state the purpose of placing the plants in the dark answer 1 to remove starch from the plant untuk menyingkirkan kanji daripada tumbuhan 2 to prevent the process of photosynthesis by the plants untuk menghalang proses fotosintesis oleh tumbuhan 3 to prevent the production of food by the plants untuk mencegah penghasilan makanan oleh tumbuhan any one 5b ii able to state one function of sodium hydroxide solution based on diagram 5.2 answer to absorb carbon dioxide from the air untuk menyerap karbon dioksida dari udara 5b iii able to complete table 5.1 answer apparatus radas a b starch test ujian kanji observation explaination pemerhatian penerangan dark blue starch present biru gelap terdapat kanji no change no starch present tiada perubahan tidak terdapat kanji 1 55/2pp 1 1 1 4 5c able to explain how carbon cycle maintained a balanced ecosystem based on diagram 5.3 answer plants used carbon dioxide in the air for photosynthesis to produce oxygen tumbuhan menggunakan karbon dioksida di udara untuk fotosintesi bagi menghasilkan oksigen organisms used oxygen in the air for respiration and release carbon dioxide to the air organisma menggunakan oksigen di udara untuk respirasi dan membebaskan karbon dioksida ke udara 1 1 2 8 55/2pp 2012 © hak cipta jabatan pelajaran negeri sembilan sulit


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sulit 6a i able to state why some of the objects float and some of them sink based on diagram 6.1 answer 1 because of different density compared to the density of water kerana perbezaan ketumpatan berbanding ketumpatan air 2 less dense objects float denser objects sink objek kurang tumpat terapung objek lebih tumpat tenggelam any one 6a ii able to suggest one way to prevent flash flood sample answers 1 recycle kitar semula 2 clean the clog drain bersihkan longkang tersumbat 3 do not throw solid wastes plastics into the drain river tidak membuang sisa pepejal plastic ke dalam longkang sungai any reasonable answer 55/2pp 1 1 2 6b i able to explain why is the egg in situation a sink but floats in situation b answer 1 because in situation b the density of salt solution is higher than the density of the egg vice versa kerana dalam situasi b ketumpatan larutan garam lebih tinggi berbanding ketumpatan telur sebaliknya 2 because in situation a the density of distilled water is lesser than the density of egg vice versa kerana dalam situasi a ketumpatan air suling kurang berbanding ketumpatan telur sebaliknya any one 1 6b ii able to compare the density between cork and coin in diagram 6.2 answer the density of cork is lesser smaller while the density of coin is denser higher ketumpatan gabus adalah kurang kecil manakala ketumpatan syiling adalah lebih tumpat lebih tinggi 1 2 6c i able to name the method used in diagram 6.3 answer water displacement method kaedah sesaran air 1 55/2pp 2012 © hak cipta jabatan pelajaran negeri sembilan sulit


p. 8

sulit 6c ii able to record the volume of the marbles based on diagram 6.3 answer 20 cm3 6c iii able to calculate the density of one marble when the mass is 8g answer density 8/4 2 gcm-3 1 1 1 55/2pp 4 8 7a able to state observation based on diagram 7.1 in table 7.1 answer activity aktiviti a b observation pemerhatian no changes does not dissolve in water tiada perubahan tidak larut dalam air lime water turns cloudy air bubbles are produced air kapur menjadi keruh gelembung udara dihasilkan lime water turns cloudy air bubbles are produced air kapur menjadi keruh gelembung udara dihasilkan 1 1 c 1 3 7b able to name the gas produced in activity b answer carbon dioxide karbon dioksida 1 1 7c able to predict the result if the gas produced in activity c is tested with glowing wooden splinter answer will be extinguished extinguish akan terpadam padam 1 1 55/2pp 2012 © hak cipta jabatan pelajaran negeri sembilan sulit


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sulit 7d able to write two properties of calcium carbonate compound based on the observation in diagram 7.1 answer 1 does not dissolve in water tidak larut dalam air 2 reacts with acid to form calcium salt carbon dioxide and water bertindak balas dengan asid untuk menghasilkan kalsium garam karbon dioksida dan air 3 decomposes to produce calcium oxide quicklime and carbon dioxide when heated terurai untuk membentuk kalsium oksida kapur tohor dan karbon dioksida apabila dipanaskan any two able to suggest one substance that can replace calcium carbonate based on table 7.2 answer egg shell kulit telur 55/2pp 1+1 2 7e 1 1 8 8a able to state one inference about the uses of the table cloth based on diagram 8.1 answer the woman is able to transfer the hot pot because table cloth is heat insulator poor conductor of heat wanita tersebut berupaya memindahkan periuk panas kerana kain merupakan penebat haba pengalir haba yang kurang baik 1 1 8b i able to record the final temperature of thermometer q in table 8.1 answer type of material jenis bahan polistsyrene polistirena wool kain bulu aluminium foil kerajang aluminium final temperature oc suhu akhir oc 90 70 50 1 55/2pp 2012 © hak cipta jabatan pelajaran negeri sembilan sulit


p. 10

sulit 8b ii able to state the variables involved in this experiment answer responding variable pembolehubah bergerak balas manipulated variable pembolehubah dimanipulasi constant variable pembolehubah dimalarkan 8b iii final temperature suhu akhir type of materials jenis bahan volume of water isipadu air 1 1 1 55/2pp able to draw a bar chart of final temperature against type of material based on table 8.1 answer all points are correctly plotted semua titik dipindahkan dengan betul graph is drawn correctly graf dilukis dengan betul 1 1 7 8b iv able to predict the final temperature if copper foil is used to cover the tin answer less than 60 oc accept 30 oc ­ 59 oc kurang daripada 60oc terima 30 oc ­ 59 oc 1 8c able to classify the materials based on their ability to conduct heat based on diagram 8.3 answer ability to conduct heat materials keupayaan mengkonduksi haba bahan heat conductor aluminium frying pan pengalir haba stainless steel spoon kuali aluminium sudu keluli heat insulator sawdust tiles penebat haba habuk kayu jubin 2 2 4 12 55/2pp 2012 © hak cipta jabatan pelajaran negeri sembilan sulit



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