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free there s life in the inner west 195 31st august 2012 every fortnight local elections who to vote for we report you decide movie tix win plus beasts of the southern wild chinese takeaway is taking over the inner west distributed in leichhardt annandale petersham stanmore newtown rozelle balmain drummoyne haberfield five dock concord summer hill bouncy burwood burwood s festival will put some spring in your step df val esti .co m .au living the cut-price high life in vietnam local singer georgia mccarthy gets ready for the burwood festival photo:sam mcmillan bu r woo pre nts presents presents t 201 20 2012 2012 01 16 16 sept p b 0008 ciao_strip bc0008 c ao strip 08 p s day sunday a ay


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inner west whispers local gossip rumour hearsay and unsubstantiated fact latte leftie we are c!ao satire for the soul the past is never past as latte leftie has discovered following scurrilous allegations about his early journalistic career dear ll ­ while i can understand why you ve thus far chosen to maintain a dignified silence i believe you owe it to your many supporters to address the shocking charges that have been circulating in the blogosphere and which the inner west arm of the hate media has been slyly referencing at every opportunity is it the case that 17 years ago when you were a fresh-faced opinion columnist working on the biweekly haberfield community paper arrivederci you entered into a sexual relationship with the owner of an interior design firm that advertised in the paper furthermore is it the case that when this businesswoman ran as a liberal in council elections you devised her `isn t time to put some good taste into drab local politics campaign finally is it true that this woman redesigned your flat in an art deco-inflected minimalist style in return for a string of positive editorials in which you urged inner west progressives to put aside their reflexive anti-conservative bias and support a candidate whose aesthetic sophistication more than outweighs her desire to deregulate the industrial relations system and dismantle the welfare state disillusioned camperdown ll replies being targeted by an army of nutjob bloggers ­ and their reactionary fellow travellers in the murdoch media ­ is one of the many burdens a tireless fighter for equality such as my good self must bravely bear while the sequence of events you ve laid out above may have occurred all context has been removed from my actions and words as a gentleman i can say no more than i loved not wisely but too well i trust i have now comprehensively dealt with this baseless smear campaign and can return to advising gillard et al on how to run the country without any further distraction n email your dilemma to leane senzamici newtown council election yawnfest bar scene shake-up sando sayonara l recent polling on our facebook page showed 0 per cent of our facebook fans were interested in voting in the local elections sadly the truth is that there is nothing sexy about council elections the majority of inner westies especially those under 50 probably couldn t name a single councillor l goss on the high streets martini bar is moving to the old osvaldo polletti site bistro ortolan has been replaced by hip new bar `vinoteca which is owned and operated by the bar passalacqua crew style society has moved from ramsay st to dalhousie st and la casa ristorante russell lea will open a new bar next month l 3000 turned up to the save the sando rally ­ but still the receivers will pop it in on the market surely some good operator will find value in it super slick operator pj gallaghers has nabbed nortons on norton l ciao s council election predictions ashfield 2 liberal 4 labor 3 green 3 independent possible swing to liberal burwood 1 liberal 5 shared between labor and community independents mayor john faker canada bay 5 liberal 3 labor 1 green possible swing to liberal mayor angelo tsirekas leichhardt 4 liberal 3 labor 4 green 1 independent swing to liberal marrickville 5 green 5 labor 2 independent no change l clarification on friday 17th august we published an item which may have inadvertently implied that the leichhardt deputy mayor michele mckenzie behaved inappropriately at a balmain rozelle chamber event we are happy to acknowledge this was not the case food melissa leong resident chef jared ingersoll winsor dobbin wine c!ao history this photograph of white bay waterside workers circa 1958 was taken by hugh mason and reflects the fashion of working men on the port at a time when balmain was buzzing with shipbuilders dockworkers road workers miners and fishermen as part of history week 2012 which focuses on the theme of fashion powerhouse museum curator and author lindie ward will give a talk about the area s work and lifestyle fashions throughout the 20th century at balmain town hall at 6.30pm wednesday 12th september entry is free but bookings are essential call 9367 9211 design eleanor wales russell edwards art direction vote greens 1 editorial nancy merlo on saturday september 8 publishing sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards ben cregan nigel bowen jared ingersoll jason dunne and nathan agamemnonos the greens · 21 new playgrounds working with you working for you some snapshots from the last four years · 316 new childcare places new long day care centre and new occasional care centre · delivery of award-winning master plan for callan park · upgrade of leichhardt aquatic centre and leichhardt oval no.1 and stands · 4 new sporting fields first in more than 50 years · 35 increase in spending on footpaths roads and basic infrastructure · strong leadership with balanced budgets and strong finances ciao things we love harry s café de wheels finally opening in the inner west 374 parramatta rd burwood registered as a `quintessential sydney icon by the national trust of australia nsw everyone from elton john to the blues brothers has visited harry s over the years ­ even colonel sanders was known to take break from kfc to enjoy the odd `pie and peas c!ao s voice · the two-piece band outside berkelouw norton st ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia goals for the next four years · protect your rights to have a say ­ the o farrell government wants to axe them · $10m for new childcare centres and childcare places · sports fields open space in the bays precinct · further reduce carbon emissions · new leichhardt community centre · trust for callan park implementation of the callan park master plan · free wi-fi in shopping streets · 30-minute free parking trial and complete parking overhaul authorised by hall greenland 27 kegworth st leichhardt nsw 2040 2 what s in out out in ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville · finding a hair in your food and at your fave café too subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered to your doorstep email with your address cover local singing sensation and young talent time runner-up georgia mccarthy teams up with some very excited cheerleaders to ring in burwood festival on sunday 16th september photo by sam mcmillan · actually remembering to · buying a new green bag bring your green bag grocery every time you go shopping shopping because you keep forgetting to reuse the one at home · vegie gozleme from gozleme turkish house birkenhead point shopping centre · mulled cider from black sheep newtown · legacy day at marketplace · 70s nostalgia thanks to puberty blues and howzat · the line-up to get a gozleme at 12pm at the gozleme turkish house birkenhead point shopping centre · motorists who don t use their indicators · allocated seating c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west!


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community life a child s guide to local elections if you think you are delivering a verdict on julia gillard at the local elections you are wasting your time but what are you doing when you cast your vote and should you even bother r oad test rant has the inner west gone a little bit weimar republic in the most politically correct region in australia a couple of far-right activists are unashamedly appealing to prejudice while often caricatured as painfully pc the inner west has always had residents who were on the far right as well as the far left dr jim saleam probably the nation s most prominent ultra right politician has long operated out of the inner west and once ran for marrickville council while saleam hasn t been heard from much of late it appears a new generation is now taking up where he left off nick folkes a 42-year-old industrial painter from rozelle is contesting the leichhardt council election for the australian protectionist party promising to turn the inner west into a sharia-free zone and stop council grants to multicultural groups and the artist sergio redegalli who became a minor celebrity after painting `say no to burquas outside his newtown studio is running as an independent for marrickville council while it may not be much to celebrate it s worth noting that even the far right has become more tolerant over the last couple of decades while it s possible that folkes and his colleagues are simply cynically attempting to appeal to a broader audience they seem to be genuinely concerned about the homophobia and lack of respect for women they detect accurately or otherwise in islam it s rather hard to imagine australia s poofter-bashing skinheads of the 80s getting worked up about feminist issues or gay rights so who knows perhaps in a couple of decades a future generation of lunar right activists will be as concerned local government elections usually induce a yawn councils deal only with the very basic and most mundane services and they have hugely limited means of raising revenue under the new nsw planning laws local politicians won t even be able to block local developments anymore which will give some of them very little to do most of us just blindly follow our normal allegiances or get swayed by completely irrelevant state or federal issues what your elected local representatives should be interested in is the boring wonk stuff they should have managerial skills and an obsession with efficiency fiscal prudence and service delivery no wonder some of us would rather cop a $55 fine than vote for them but if you don t please don t complain when your rates blow out your library collects only dust your kids have nowhere to kick a ball and your local businesses pack up and leave in despair so how do our local councils stack up leichhardt similar political structure to ashfield and marrickville with similarly problematic results the 6 greens have a majority thanks to the consistent vote of an `independent but their four years of power and his will almost certainly end in september the result most insiders anticipate is a 4 lib/4 lab/4 grn split but this is now one of the wealthiest areas in sydney and labor will struggle to achieve that result burwood like canada bay this is another streamlined performance-orientated and very managerial affair there is one electorate a popular vote for mayor only 6 councillors and they all know what they re there for the greens are not bothering to stand a single candidate burwood is also having a referendum on becoming a city how preferences work your vote will end up somewhere and the only way to control that is to number the candidates yourself and include your second choice party or group for a valid vote you are required to only preference at least half the number to be elected the party s or group s how-to-vote card will usually instruct you to simply vote above the line with a single number but that hides any preference deal that may have been made there is nothing ideological about what they do few liberal voters in melbourne knew they were actually voting for the greens adam bandt but the party hard-nuts did they re treating you like a child don t be one n re a joke recently with an excursion into foreign policy and its residents have not even got a decent library sadly for the hardworking council staff its 5 grn/5 lab/2 ind combo too often deliver stalemates the last mayor was drawn out of a hat change we can believe in angelo seems destined to serve as long as he likes ashfield not so lucky ­ 12 councillors 3 members each in 4 wards have delivered a 2 lib/4 lab/3 grns/3 ind dysfunctional council as the $4m civic centre cost blowout attests those proportions may change a little but the adversarial political culture won t the mayor is elected by the councillors themselves ­ decided by insider deals in which you have no say canada bay this is one of sydney s most successful and cohesive councils and a popularly elected labor mayor has been in charge for a decade eight councillors no wards ­ 4 lab/3 lib/1 lonely green if labor does lose one spot demographic change makes that a possibility few will notice much difference marrickville if there s one common thread amongst the lowly rated councils it is the pattern that preferences and the multi-member ward system produces it can skew results away from the centre towards special interest groups and the political extremes marrickville turned itself into a great day out for dads a picnic on the green at balmain road sporting ground is the perfect place to spend father s day with your kids this year at leichhardt council s `dad s day out get ready for an afternoon of fun and free activities on sunday 2nd september from 12pm to 2pm as popular children s entertainers peter combe and loop de loop formerly known as the hooley dooleys arrive in rozelle antoine and bruce from loop de loop will hit the stage at midday joined by george from abc s playschool to get the kids singing dancing and jumping around peter combe ­ the original king of the kids ­ will then follow things up from 1pm to 2pm performing his entertaining hilarious and catchy songs for the crowd peter has been entertaining children for over 20 years and is a favourite among aussie performers there will also be a petting zoo for the animal lovers so don t miss out on this family friendly day of fun balmain road sporting ground is located inside callan park entry opposite grove st n for more information visit the knee-jerk reaction on the left is to revile and/or mock blue-collar australians who express concern that society is changing in ways that make them feel uncomfortable about the rights of muslims as today s patriotic firebrands are about the rights of gays and lesbians presuming of course they find some other group to obsessively hate and fear the knee-jerk reaction on the left is to revile and/or mock blue-collar australians who express concern that society is changing in ways that make them feel uncomfortable or powerless google nick folkes and the second most popular search result after folkes own website is theantibogan a blog devoted to ridiculing individuals such as folkes who ve supposedly `abused australia s freedom of speech those in the inner west can certainly afford to laugh it up at the likes of folkes who garnered a mere 269 votes when he ran as an independent for the seat of balmain last year but it s worth keeping in mind that the views of folkes and redegalli are not nearly as exceptional in what john howard used to lovingly refer to as `mainstream australia as they are in this neck of the woods what s on compiled by nancy merlo email tuesday 4th september info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are n nigel bowen exhibition faith fashion fusion muslim women s style in australia on september 12th from 6.30pm n marrickville library cnr marrickville and petersham roads tel 9335 2173 sunday 9th september sat 8th to sun 16th september national tree day in celebration of national tree day there will be a tree-planting event held at marrickville golf course from 2pm to 4.30pm and everyone is invited planting will be held on the fringe of the golf course so not to disturb any golfers and volunteers are asked to wear appropriate clothing including a hat and covered shoes volunteers will also have the opportunity to continue growing the local golf course environment by joining a landcare group on the day for more information call 9335 2254 or visit n marrickville golf course near beauchamp st marrickville ladies business luncheon `seven rules for creating world class connections is the title of this business lunch with she business founder suzy jacobs suzy will share her many insights into how to create `raving fans who will help generate limitless sales and a successful business based on customer satisfaction and repeat clientele contact monica brewer at she business on 0419 581 310 to register tickets cost $65 per person lunch runs from 12pm to 2pm n where concord golf club 190 majors bay rd concord 4 making the right connections history week it s time to rexamine our local history as history week 2012 approaches marrickville library intends on celebrating with a number of interesting talks and displays come along on september 10th from 10am to hear john vicars the last vicars family member to manage vicars woollen mills now marrickville metro give an illustrated talk about the company s history there will also be displays up in the library from september 11th to october 3rd showcasing marrickville s first and second-generation migrants plus a talk from powerhouse museum curator glynis jones about the plant a tree in your area sunday 9th september spring fete leichhardt public school celebrates its 150th birthday this year and is celebrating


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n local gigs saturday 1st september n local movies n art house picks dress up attack1 ­ holly throsby spurs for jesus spod teddy rock earthbeats yes finally a music festival for children by that i mean that it s really a festival for all of us to dress up and feel like kids again not the gumchewing glowstick-toting children you will see at good vibrations and big day out these days i mean actual children games jumping castles gleeful dancing this is definitely my kind of festival oh and there s arts or something too by the way spod amazing where have those guys been 12pm addison road community centre marrickville $10 kiddies $25 kiddies at heart free c d u le tiwinkoebts movies passes a very odd couple chinese takeaway on her own hushpuppy learns about courage and love one of the favourites from the recent spanish film festival is now getting a well-deserved wider release after winning the best film and the audience award at the rome international film festival that was probably inevitable as this is a sure-fire arthouse crowd-pleaser writer-director sebastián borensztein s comedy-drama follows the relationship between roberto ricardo darin a reclusive argentinian hardware store owner and jun ignacio huang a chinese immigrant who speaks no spanish thrown together by an absurd twist of fate roberto is a cranky guy who counts the number of nails in a packet of 50 and if its short invariably it is fires off angry calls to the supplier his only pleasure in life is collecting bizarre true stories from the world s newspapers and abusing his customers but his melancholic world crumbles after jun intrudes in unexpected ways even allowing the attentions of the lovely sister of a neighbour muriel santa ana to puncture his loneliness it s a sweet film ­ droll offbeat and engagingly kooky ­ with a truly astonishing surprise ending m15 at palace norton st and the chauvel on now n thanks to rialto distribution we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below holly throsby wednesday 5th september beasts of the southern wild benh zeitlin s first feature caused an absolute sensation at the sundance film festival earlier this year this is a breath of fresh air ­ a magical realist tale as well as an heroic journey set in an exotic and mythical part southern louisiana called bathtub there a six-year-old girl hushpuppy a stunning performance by quvenzhané wallis lives with her hard-drinking father dwight henry in a poverty-stricken community of marginalised and stumbling outcasts clearly all middle-class values and connection with the present have been long since been jettisoned there s no safety net here ­ only subsistence scrounging drinking scrabbling chickens the rising water of the mississippi and roaming prehistoric beasts the real word climate change the future it s a hauntingly beautiful film ­ both visually and in the tenderness it treats it s on-the-edge chararacters ­ who may or may not be living only in the young girl s head m15 at palace norton st and dendy newtown from sept 13 n thanks to icon films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below best of the rest kath kimderella sharon is now a penny wong fan and kath is into recycling renewables and gay marriage some inner westies may have difficulty in fathoming that their pet issues have gone bogan but for the rest of us there s some sly mad fun to be had with the foxy morons first big-screen adventure clearly everyone involved enjoyed themselves immensely with some insanely absurd plotting and jokes ­ and it infectiously shows but will anyone outside this country get it will anyone outside the balmain electorate even understand the horny goat weed joke pg on everywhere from sept 6 your sister s sister often lynn shelton s indie rom-com tetters on the edge of absurdity nearly but then it is rescued by the naturalistic and very affecting performances of emily blunt mark duplass and rosemarie dewitt the three stars of an unlikely threecornered liason over a week at a remote cottage but a vegan lesbian allergic to butter cliche alert one who happens to have a condom a key plot point after a night of drinking on hand whatever for no its not a satiric pisstake and really it is funny ctc at palace norton st and dendy newtown from sept 6 two to tango panel some music later on ­ the doctor urthboy dave rennick brendan maclean fabergettes the little lovers annie mckinnon this actually should be interesting technically it s more a panel than a gig but there will be some music later on however the majority of this night starting at 7pm is discussions based on the relationships between venues and musicians if you re interested in the live music industry and its ongoing relevance in sydney or just have nothing better to do i recommend coming along to this annandale hotel free n claire albrecht win tix drama and romance the metropolitan orchestra s series 5 concert promises to be energetic and romantic as it mixes classic musical pieces with something a little more contemporary and exciting in another impressive addition to the orchestra s fabulous 2012 season performers will be coming to the balmain town hall on sunday 16th september at 3pm with cellist patrick murphy featured at centre stage performing camille saint-saëns much loved cello concerto no 1 the september show program will also feature the original australian composition air and the void by vibrant composer david montgomery and finish nicely with the rarely performed lively orchestral highlight ­ mendelssohn s symphony no 1 ­ which was written by the brilliant german composer at the tender age of 15 tickets cost $35 or $30 for concessions and $15 for kids under 12 visit for more information or to book your seats moonrise kingdom in the summer of 1965 nerdy boy scout jared gilman goes awol from his camp with the very odd teenage girl of his dreams kara hayward pursued by parents bill murray frances mcdormand and assorted authority figures bruce willis edward norton and tilda swinton the plot rolls out in an extravagantly lunatic way and all of wes anderson s signature quirks are on colourful display but it is all fun tender even ­ there s not a trace of meanness in his satire instead there s melancholic understated beauty in almost every frame fabulous use is made of the music of benjamin britten as well as boy scout paraphernalia from the period dib dib dib dippity doo-dah pg at palace norton st and dendy newtown on now n reviews ­ re some mellow cello with patrick murphy with a fun-filled spring fete for the whole community children are working on a huge tile mural that will brighten things up on the day and of course there will be all manner of festival favourites on offer including great food entertainment stalls and rides old students of the school are encouraged to come along to celebrate the school s sesquicentenary and take a trip down memory lane n where marion st leichhardt tues 11th wed 12th september n to win a double pass to the concert email and tell us where you picked up your copy of ciao and what you most liked about it to-back screenings of die standing up and jose castillo s dreams at the mu-meson archives cnr parramatta rd trafalgar st behind king furniture annandale on wednesday from 7.30pm for $10 n tickets only available at the door to win tix see bottom right of page sunday 16th september story of a mother s journey to find her son during the war in the caucasas in august 2008 based on true events the film also offers a view of the war through the eyes of the imaginative young boy this will the be the largest festival of russian cinema outside of russia and includes an excellent selection of contemporary russian film from various genres n for more information visit the russians are coming until sunday 23rd september sydney style markets following the success of the first sunday markets at the italian forum the second sydney style markets event will be on again september 16th from 10am to 4pm join in the fun and pick up some unique pieces of quality handmade accessories from the product designers and creators themselves bring the kids along as well for free facepainting and plenty of other activities that will keep them entertained n for more information www sydney latin american film fest this not-for-profit film festival showcases the best of latin american film and culture all while supporting community programs in central and south america pop by the addison road centre at 6.30pm on tuesday for a $5 screening of rivers of men about cochabamba s war over water to be followed up by a panel discussion if you prefer alternative cinema there will be back russian resurrection most of the ninth russian film festival will be held at chauvel cinema paddington but there are a few sessions on offer at burwood westfield s event cinema that are worth checking out too ­ the controversial film august eighth showing at 2.30pm sunday 9th september tells the win double movie passes concert tix to be in the running to win a double pass to beasts of the southern wild chinese takeaway the latin american film fest and or the metro orchestra s concert all you have to do is email info@ciaomagazine with your name and address telling only at the movies sept 13 us where you picked up your copy of ciao you can enter for just one or them all but if you do ­ give us an order of preference community glamour at its best 5


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n local elections promotion four questions for four candidates in rozelle-lilyfield with you ve probably seen these faces on lamp posts but you want to know more right john jobling john jobling is a liberal candidate for the leichhardt council wangal rozelle-lilyfield ward and resident of rozelle why should people vote for you quite simply i have experience and knowledge i have previously been a councillor mayor shire president a member of parliament and an administrator of three local councils i have the vision the new ideas and thoughts to drive the council forward this is what has been lacking for many years what local issue will you be focusing on child care day care long day care and a new baby centre also management and value for the local dollar i want to see a rolling works program that is renewed every three five and 10 years this is how we will develop our sport facilities childcare roads and footpaths we ll amend the program as needed without a program it is extraordinarily difficult to see what is happening especially for the retail and commercial sector there are vacant shops and decay and people don t want to live here or establish a business we need the vision planning costing and implementation ­ in that order what is the first thing you will do if elected talk to council officers and set out to get the rolling works program implemented and turn leichhardt council around our council is the worst council in nsw for getting anything through and achieved people think it s all too hard ­ we ll go somewhere else if we can get the vision right we can get it to the relevant minister and look at developing it in the future we want cycle paths light rail and better amenities in canada bay with angelo tsirekas is a labor candidate for the city of canada bay and current mayor of canada bay this year marks angelo s 10th anniversary in the mayoral role and the russell lea resident shows no signs of tiring why should people vote for you as mayor of canada bay for the past 10 years i have worked with local residents to protect our unique lifestyle and deliver better local services by working together we have secured upgrades to local roads such as majors bay road improved local services such as the $11 million upgrade on the concord library on wellbank street and revitalised local parks and sporting facilities such as the upgrade of drummoyne oval angelo tsirekas unfortunately our councillors have lost the vision with the right leadership senior council staff will feel inspired and motivated to follow the vision instead we have poor vision and council staff behaving like they are councillors what are you going to wear on election day an enormous smile long trousers and a liberal t-shirt as will all our supporters and political colleagues including peter collins and john sidoti but i know there s more work to do that s why i will continue improving our community by working with local businesses and residents to upgrade great north road in five dock and fighting overdevelopment to take pressure off our area what local issue will you be focusing on as a proud local i am determined to protect our unique lifestyle by leading the fight against overdevelopment by working together we have successfully opposed applications to build high-rise in residential areas i ll keep speaking up on behalf of local residents to stop overdevelopment and take pressure off local roads and services what is the first thing you will do if elected i will work to deliver better services for our local community we need a new school in the concord west rhodes area as well as an upgrade of the great north road shopping precinct i am determined to work with local residents to deliver improved services for our local community what are you going to wear on election day i still haven t decided what to wear my eldest daughter works in fashion so i am sure she ll make sure whatever i do wear doesn t embarrass her too much phone 0429 042 797 email for more info for more info phone 0413 088 291 email in canada bay with michael megna is a liberal candidate for the city of canada bay and lifelong resident of the area he was first elected to drummoyne council in 1987 serving four years as deputy mayor and then six years as mayor following the merger of concord and drummoyne councils he was elected to the city of canada bay council in 2004 which he has represented to the present day michael believes that council under the current labor administration has fallen down on major infrastructure investment such as roads footpaths and parking if elected as mayor on september 8th michael says he intends to hit the ground running and start work on bringing canada bay s services up to scratch why should people vote for you i have a lifelong association with canada bay and have concerns that the area is looking rundown sure we have great parks and waterways but council isn t keeping up with necessary maintenance and upgrades canada bay s shopping precincts are tired and rundown and need a major overhaul to encourage residents to patronise their local businesses i will make sure that a major investment goes into our footpaths roads and parks i will also commit to more parking spaces in our shopping centres to keep canada bay s spending dollar within our area i have over 20 years experience as a councillor and six years as mayor so i can put that knowledge of local council to good use in getting canada bay back up to speed what local issue will you be focusing on 6 michael megna in leichhardt with simon emsley is a labor candidate for the leichhardt council eora leichhardt-lilyfield ward and has lived in leichhardt for almost 30 years why should people vote for you over the other candidates i am standing as a local labor candidate to improve services and facilities for the leichhardt community i have been active in the leichhardt community for over 30 years working to advance the role of local government in shaping an urban environment that is diverse sustainable and democratic along with my local labor colleagues i will work hard to ensure that leichhardt council delivers for the residents whether it be basic services like waste collection and maintaining footpaths or the bigger issues of planning controls and affordable housing what local issue will you be focusing on local government is about the things that affect people at the most immediate level i will be focusing on the local issues that concern residents the most like access to affordable child care delivering 30-minutes free parking for residents and introducing an effective affordable housing strategy for too long the greens-led council has been focusing on state federal and even international issues and ignoring the concerns of local residents i will be working to turn this around what is the first thing you are going to do if elected if elected i will start working immediately to develop an effective affordable housing strategy to ensure that there are housing options for the disadvantaged in the simon emsley the urgent repairs to footpaths and repairing damage done by tree roots to private property what is the first thing you are going to do if elected call the general manager and directors together to initiate a program of urgent upgrading of roads footpaths and parks what are you going to wear on election day my usual election day fare ­ jeans and a shirt leichhardt lga i look forward to working with the other 11 elected councillors to advance the agenda that local labor has developed for council what are you going to wear on election day along with my local labor t-shirt i will be sporting a mullet haircut acquired while working as a youth health worker in mt druitt i have managed to tame it into a bun to remind me of the inequity that currently disfigures the sydney social atlas for more info phone 0414 645 557 email for more info phone 0422 164 333 email


p. 7

n leichhardt your local liberals putting our area first real vision real answers positive practical proposals to refocus leichhardt council on local services and facilities 1 improve our family and community services 2 provide new open space and sports facilities 3 support local business and safeguard our village lifestyle 4 provide sound financial management and deliver on local needs 5 fix leichhardt s broken planning system to support our families easton park sporting precinct new tennis and netball courts playing field and community garden leichhardt central park green space baby health centre parking and new library local rates for local residents local liberals authorised by j tannous po box 3 mascot nsw 1460 vote 1 n canada bay vote 1 michael megna for mayor local issues · local action · local liberals councillor michael megna abbotsford five dock 0414645557 councillor helen mccaffrey concord 0418112235 councillor mirjana cestar concord 0449953054 dr tanveer ahmed drummoyne georgia wright concord west nick yap drummoyne elias bolos chris burt concord west nth strathfield council elections saturday 8th september 2012 authorised by judy love p.o box 200 five dock nsw 2046 ph 0419 437 913


p. 8

n your say carbon tax on tax off as we approach council elections the federal government has announced yet another change to the carbon tax this time wanting to link it with europe s trading emission scheme n sustainability local news linda loves vintage marrickville resident linda connell is the woman behind vintage fashion stall recycology and has been collecting vintage fashion pieces since the age of 10 her collection will be on display at this year s sydney summer love vintage show as a featured exhibitor linda will showcase some amazing pieces including a magnificent 1920s beaded cap she recently attained from the lisa ho vintage collection the vintage show will be held canterbury racecourse from september 14th to 16th n for tickets and more information visit who will you be voting for at the local election and why n i think we should have a `no faith no vote box to tick on the voting slip to say `i don t want to vote for any of these i have no faith in any of them anitra drummoyne n i ll be voting liberal i ve never been a labor supporter and what has gone on since they got into power has only confirmed my decision to vote liberal dana balmain n i don t know who i m voting for there s only one candidate i actually know of and i don t want to vote for her so i ll have to find out about the others adrian leichhardt n i ll be voting for the independent ted cassidy even though i don t particularly like him i m just going to try and choose the best of four evils ella ashfield n the party i usually vote for is polluted with rubbish candidates so i ll be forced to vote for another party due to this armando haberfield n i ll be voting liberal because labor never does any good they were no good 60 years ago and they are no good now guy haberfield this is considered good news for business as europe s carbon price is around $9 per tonne compared with our fixed rate of $23 however it s made it hard for local campaigners to find a sticky issue to use as a popularity tool there are 33 councils on the clean energy regulator s polluters list none of which are from the inner west to be on the list councils must produce over 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions per annum however the change will not stop rates going up according to local liberal campaigners like vittoria raciti who said ashfield council will spend over $72,000 on the carbon tax and who claims this will be passed directly onto ratepayers the department of climate change estimates the impact of the carbon price on an average household will be between 13 and 47 cents a week federally the implementation is punctuated with backflips and uncertainty greg combet had originally wanted a floor price of $15 per tonne by 2015 when the tax is to become a market-based emissions trading scheme the latest change has been met with both criticism and support john hannagan chairman of the australian arm of the world s largest aluminium producer rusal questioned the plan saying the carbon scheme should have been linked to china or the usa not europe asia america they are major trading partners if you are going to link into a system you want partners that you trade with mr hannagan told the australian meanwhile former reserve bank of australia board member warwick mckibbin said by joining the euro zone we could then blame someone else for our economic failures activists hope that a price on carbon will discourage the use of coal as an energy source the visionaries amongst us such as sustainable business australia chief andrew petersen argue that linking with europe and eventually with other markets in china south korea new zealand japan and california will reduce the risk of the ets and send a strong signal to investors the impact of the upcoming changes will take a while to filter down whether you agree with the carbon tax or not it cannot be disputed that the implementation of the tax has been poor with patchy complex and inconsistent misinformation going around it has been very difficult for local councils to determine the impact of the carbon tax on their bottom line count yourselves lucky given the carbon tax impact on councils outside of the inner west l hobart city council will charge the average linda connell with her vintage gems marrickville money marrickville council has announced which community organisations will be receiving funds through the 2012 community grants program with 22 organisations set to reap the benefits the newtown neighbourhood centre which will receive $3756 towards their `good food in a micro minute program is among the organisations including pcyc marrickville leichhardt marrickville domestic violence liaison committee and the exodus foundation to recieve funding happy hampers celebrating their end of term dinner on august 21st marrickville councillors were gifted with `made in marrickville food hampers as a thank you for their work containing an amazing range of premium foodstuffs including cheese from paesanella ice cream from alpino gelato and small goods from r s danube look out for made in marrickville at local festivals residential ratepayer an extra $24 a year l $11.80 will be added to the price of dumping a tonne of waste at woodlawn waste centre in goulburn l wyndham city council in the pm s own electorate can expect a carbon tax bill exceeding $10 million spring into sustainability the green living centre will be blooming with informative workshops and community activities this month to help residents prepare for spring traditionally a time for `cleaning out and starting fresh spring is the perfect time to think about new ways to start being more sustainable around your house and garden especially when it comes to food the upcoming `talk`n tea session on tuesday 11th september from 10.30am to 12pm at the centre located at 218 king street newtown will teach attendees how to pickle and preserve fruits and vegetables in order to avoid food waste and include tips from cornersmith café in marrickville if you d rather be in the garden than in the kitchen sign up for the tour down wilga avenue in dulwich hill on saturday 22nd september from 10am to 12pm where resident leonie mcnamara will discuss the verge gardens along this street wilga avenue residents have managed to work together to create a sustainable haven on their strip and they all get to reap the rewards of what they ve sown to find out more join the tour bookings are essential for all events wilga avenue residents love their verge garden n for more information and bookings call 9519 6366 or visit new park for leichhardt mayor rochelle porteous reopened the upgraded lambert park playground on august 25th marking the opening of the 21st new or upgraded playground in the leichhardt lga over the last four years council spent over $100,000 redesigning the previously under-utilised park addressing drainage issues and adding new seating fencing a bubbler and a larger playground area status update our pick of the best shhh don t tell anyone but i secretly like justin bieber s new song `as long as you love me although the line as long as you love me we could be homeless we could be starving we could be broke is just such a lie ashlea filma august 22 near lilyfield a nursesdasvai­l2pmble aby b thur ay 10am fre e 2 hour parking at the italian forum with any purchase auburn 9649 7900 belrose 9986 3331 blacktown 9622 1937 burwood 9745 6375 campsie 9789 9000 carlingford 9871 4522 caringbah 9525 0309 engadine 9520 8838 five dock 9713 4729 glebe 9660 6919 griffith 6964 7322 marrickville 9560 2488 merryland 9897 1011 neutral bay 9953 0609 revesby 9773 8510 riverwood 9153 7347 toukley 4396 4137 8 your local store 6-8 norton street leichhardt open mon-fri 8am-8pm sat-sun 9am-6pm ph 9560 7008 cc18118_ciao


p. 9

n local elections promotion in leichhardt with rochelle porteous is a greens candidate for the eora/leichhardt ward and current mayor of leichhardt she has lived in the leichhardt area for over a decade and been a councillor since 2004 why should people vote for you my track record the greens listen to you and work for you i am a hardworking and effective councillor and mayor i have been ward councillor for eora/leichhardt for the last eight years i care deeply about leichhardt and i can be relied on to always get the best outcome for the community what local issue will you be focusing on i am extremely concerned about the current proposed changes to the planning laws in nsw in the green paper if you are a developer or a builder these changes may look like manna from heaven but if you are a local resident with a new two-storey development going up next to you and no notification except when the builders arrive then it may look more like hell rochelle porteous budget and i will be pushing council to see delivery of the centre in the first half of 2013 the leichhardt community centre will be a real bonus to the area ­ a local centre tsirekas 2012 osdl v3.indd 1 the fact is that the liberal state government is quite for art and culture as well as a place for young people happy for these radical changes to our planning laws to for families and 1 slip silently under the radar submissions for the public 2012 osdl v3.indd for seniors tsirekas close on september 14th and for councils on october what are you going to wear on election day 5th one of the first jobs of the new council after the warm clothes comfortable shoes and a good election will be responding to the green paper we need kind heart councillors who will stand up for the rights of locals to have a say on developments in their local area what is the first thing you are going to do if elected i want to get our new leichhardt community centre on marion street built and up and running as soon as possible i had the funding brought forward in this year s let s keep let s keep angelo as our may let s keep angelo as ourmayor angelo as our mayor as mayor for the past 10 years angelo tsirekas has 10/08/12 improved local services and protected our unique lifestyle now angelo needs our support so he can keep delivering for our community for more information please contact angelo tsirekas on 0413 088 292 or email at authorised by dominic ofner 45 myall st concord west 1:55 pm cana da coun bay elec cil t satu ions rday 8 sep t cana cou elec t satu r 8 sep for more info phone 0418 213 054 email quality services balanced council local labor believes that leichhardt council must provide high quality services and a make our community a fairer place picturedabovel-r:frankbreen,darcybyrne simon emsley and linda kelly frankbreen,darcybyrne simon emsley and linda kelly authorised by kris cruden 61 justin st lilyfield 2040 vote 1 for your labor candidate on saturday 8 september we are asking for support to make leichhardt council more balanced and to · · · · p rovide30 minutes free parking for all local residents d eliver2 new childcare centres f undmore sporting fields and reduce fees for clubs w orkforaffordable housing for key workers and those with lifelong ties to the area community glamour at its best 9


p. 10

promotion festival day ­ sunday 16th september burwood festival is the largest annual free community event in the inner west and set to draw crowds from all over sydney on sunday 16th september come down to burwood park and enjoy a stellar line-up on the main stage that includes internationally acclaimed so you think you can dance and x factor winner timomatic other class acts include young talent time winners lil banditz krew runner-up and local girl georgia mccarthy and singer-songwriters the harmonicas are also sure to get the crowd singing and dancing from pop to rock and the best in inner west culture the 28th annual burwood festival will once again celebrate the onset of spring with a riotous mix of unique and memorable experiences to enjoy with family and friends the festival will be expanding its offering to young people this year creating the district youth area with specially selected entertainment including djs the big air school skateboard park a rock-climbing wall and horizontal bungee there will also be an artistic project that will see young festivalgoers contribute polaroids of themselves to create a collage that represents burwood for those of you that prefer a bit of a slower pace checkout the chill zone which has snacks and drinks served on cushy beanbags while you take in the view the youngest attendees of the festival ­ and the young at heart ­ will not be forgotten either with stage shows by the smurfs and a meet-and-greet with dora the explorer planned for the day as well as a disney sunday fun in burwood don t miss gorgeous georgia mccarthy getting to burwood festival burwood festival is easily accessible by public transport so leave your car at home and jump on a train or bus instead cityrail has regular services stopping at burwood station which is just a short walk to the park and there are also plenty of buses that stop on burwood road near the festival entrance bus routes 415 408 407 462 464 466 409 458 525 492 499 and 400 will all get you to burwood festival so hop aboard to enjoy a fun filled day out if you re travelling with the whole family find out about family funday sunday tickets n for more information visit www.131500 info or call 131 500 burwood really knows how to party come and join the fun pixar cars driver training race track the west tigers ball workshop face painting pony rides and an animal nursery rounding out an action-packed day this year the famous classic car show will make its 21st appearance drawing the best vintage cars from all over australia along with their admirers to be judged by the nsw council of motor clubs for sheer fun discovery and excitement there s nothing like the burwood festival n burwood festival burwood park cnr park ave burwood rd burwood festivalgoers can head to facebook tweet burwoodfestival or visit www.burwoodfestival for more information burwood park comer street main stage community centre pony rides presents 2012 main stage in front of community centre model boats toilets cars racing track next to playground burwood road face painting petting zoo next to marble arch smooth fm relaxation station next to tennis courts big air school rock climbing horixontal bungy north of marble arch carnival rides burwood park oval model boats on pond pony rides near pond classic car display burwood park oval food merchandise stalls toilets next to memorial arch classic cars display kids korner district youth park road town square food classic cars carnival rides district youth first aid disney cars racing track food merchandise big air school horizontal bungy relaxation station kids korner face painting petting zoo toilets chess rock climbing at balcony of westfield burwood vip area toilets 200m burwood station park ave information 10


p. 11

bu r w v esti f ood al a om .c u pres nts presents presents res ts e 2012 2012 2012 01 jo n the b ggest fes i al join the biggest festival gg al in the inner west in the nner west the ner h 16 16 s pt sept sunday sunday sunday unday da h adline perf rmance by timomatic l l banditz krew west headline performance by timomatic lil banditz krew west fo nce t momatic lil ce m ma c lil at itz kre we it kr t tigers c eer eading stunt team new youth zone featuring the ger cheerlea er e stunt team tu ea youth ne fe ut th tigers cheerleading stunt team new youth zone featuring the bi ai schoo ateb ard ark big air school skateboard park and djs the 21st classic car ch o e dj js cl ssic ca s big air school skateboard park and djs the 21st classic car show kid korner in luding stag shows by the smurfs and how id how kids korner in uding stag show o rn r in tage ho tag he smu fs m show kids korner including stage shows by the smurfs and your chance t hang out with dora the explorer r ch nce han out ith do the plorer ha c a u th o h plore your chance to hang out with dora the explorer bc00 bc0008 ciao_l_g c 008 iao 00


p. 12

kitchen ingredients with melissa leong smokin seafood 1 bag of cleaned de-bearded mussels olive oil salt and pepper for seasoning 1 big handful of apple or mesquite wood soaked in water for 20 minutes method 1.get the charcoal burning in the bottom of your bbq on one side 2 once the coals are hot place a disposable aluminium bbq container filled to ¾ of water beside the coal below where you ll place the mussels don t place the mussels directly above the hot coals as they will cook too quickly and dry out 3 in the kitchen pour a cup of water into a saucepan and bring to the boil 2 once boiling throw in the mussels and cover for about 2 minutes until the shells have begun to open 5 place the opened mussels in a bowl wine with winsor cheap as chips de bortoli 2011 la bossa chardonnay you can t argue with the value offered by the la bossa range which comes in well under $10 on special and you can t go wrong with this very modern only slightly oaked chardonnay that offers tropical fruit flavours and some refreshing crispness on the palate it s not a complex wine but it is very enjoyable chill it down and pair it with some portuguese-style spicy chicken $10 red velvet edwards 2011 tiger s tale cabernet merlot 2011 the wines from edwards and their second label tiger s tale are reliably good and always offer value for money but the big names of margaret river tend to hog all the attention and glory take a road less travelled to this delightful wine a classic regional blend of cabernet sauvignon and merlot medium bodied with just enough oomph and easy drinkability a really lovely drop for everyday enjoyment $22 a bit of mussel always comes in handy smoked mussels and oysters make me think of `70s dinner parties where the little buggers would be lanced on toothpicks alongside pickled onions soup in bread bowls and devils on horseback few realise however how simple smoking is to do at home and how rewarding the results all you need is an old school kettle-style charcoal bbq and you re away you can buy wood chips for smoking from any good bbq store where you find charcoal because they re so quick to make use up the leftover smokey goodness and try anything from fish salmon and trout work well to chicken or even corn 6 once they re cool enough remove the top shell leaving the mussel attached to the bottom half 7 place on the wire rack that fits inside your bbq ensuring the mussels are kept to one side of the rack 8 carefully place the soaked chips on the hot coals to get the smoke started 9 sit the wire rack in the bbq ensuring the mussels sit above the water container not the coals 10 place the lid on the bbq and ensure the vent is closed 11 smoke for 15-20 minutes until the mussels have taken on some colour from the smoke don t leave them too long as they will shrivel up into nothing 12 eat straight from the bbq the juices from the mussels are particularly good or store them de-shelled in a jar of olive oil ensuring they are covered in the fridge for snacks toothpicks optional if you have a gas bbq with a lid simply place dry wood chips in a piece of foil scrunch up the sides to make a little boat light them and shut the lid the process is faster as the heat is higher so don t leave your food in for as long n at the markets italian style domain day 2011 `g garganega 2011 former orlando chief winemaker robin day believes he was the first person in australia to produce a wine made from italian variety garganega the major grape used in the veronese dry white soave this is a full-on distinctively savoury wine aromatic and full of appealing flavour and freshness it offers a zingy zesty melange of fruit characters with pear and melon notes at the forefront along with a brisk backbone of crisp acidity $22 n n fruit everyone s favourite summer fruit has just arrived ­ aussie mangoes though the mexican ones are around too strawberries are at their peak when it comes to freshness and quality granny smith apples are in season and if pomegranates are your thing you better get them while they last ­they ll be finished soon n vegies asparagus green and yellow capsicums and chilli are in season at the moment lebanese and telegraph cucumbers eggplants and lettuce cos and iceberg are expensive also broccolini roman beans and corn are becoming scarce while broad beans and butter beans have risen in price 12


p. 13

lamb meatballs with skordalia meatballs 500g lamb mince 1 brown onion finely diced 1 garlic clove crushed 150g breadcrumbs 1 egg 1 tsp of chopped thyme 1 tsp of ground cinnamon fishy food preferences more on the modern diet as i outlined in last week s column i respect all my customers but particularly admire ethical eaters who have become vegetarian or vegan for ethical reasons however i do have a bone to pick with all the so called `pescetarians out there vegans respect but out of curiosity if you do not eat meat because of humane or ethical reasons would you consider it okay to eat a blood sausage made from the blood of a living and consenting human adult i know it s a gross idea but i have a vegan friend who although has never tried it thinks the idea to be completely reasonable it s an interesting if disgusting concept vegetarians if it wasn t for pork bacon yes i know its pork i just believe it deserves a special mention poultry game goat lamb possum snake snails insects dog just once all manner of seafood and the occasional bit of beef i would be there with you i love fresh produce and the vegetarian diet but some of you really need to draw a line in the sand and stand by it ­ if you say you are a vegetarian but love eating bacon that s cool but just so you know you are not then a vegetarian you are simply someone who prefers to avoid most meat except the occasional bit of bacon pescetarians or god forbid `vegequarians are people who don t eat meat but do eat seafood i propose that we get rid of this nonsense word it s without value a fad food notion and misleading when you say i m a pescetarian what you are actually saying is i mostly avoid meat but as for the rest it s a guessing game dependent on my mood you are in fact a fussy eater fussy eaters ­ i try to avoid processed foods but love a kebab after a few beers i avoid genetically modified foods and anything that comes from the sanitarium company and when i go to a restaurant i like to be impressed be proud of your fussiness embrace it communicate it clearly without the need for special titles and we will all be happier and thank your lucky stars as i do that you live in a country that accommodates your eating idiosyncrasies and spoils you with choice n jared ingersoll is the founder of danks st depot method sweat off onion and garlic then combine in a bowl with the lamb bread crumbs egg chopped thyme ground cinnamon and seasoning roll tablespoonfuls of the mixture into balls cover with plastic wrap and place in fridge for about one hour pre-heat oven to 180c heat a large oiled pan over medium heat and cook the meatballs until golden brown once browned place meatballs on a greaseproof tray and finish in the oven until cooked through skordalia garlic dip 250g potatoes 4 garlic cloves 50ml lemon juice 250ml extra virgin olive oil pinch of salt seed cuisine is set to blossom with tim at the helm method peel and boil potatoes and garlic once cooked strain and place in a food processor while blending add lemon juice and salt then slowly add olive oil until smooth and shiny portuguese influence in petersham and the traditional food is awesome i think that bringing a bit more variety to petersham is a good thing what kitchen utensil can t you live without it is the most obvious however it would have to be my chef s knife it s just used for so many things do you have a signature dish that you love to cook i don t really have one dish i love to cook i just love using greek italian and french flavours if you could invite anyone over for dinner who would your dream dinner party guest be why i have been lucky to have already cooked for my dream guest it was for my grandmother for lunch not that long ago to find out that she really enjoyed all the food made me feel that i had accomplished a big part of my dream n interview nancy merlo at home with tim vatsaklis tim vatsaklis is the new owner and chef at seed cuisine petersham open for lunch and dinner wednesday to saturdays lunch on sundays and breakfast on weekends seed is the new kid on the block taking up residence where the well-known greek restaurant perama used to be a fan of the old restaurant tim hopes to deliver quality mediterranean cuisine and update his menu regularly to keep diners excited what cuisines have inspired your cooking style i have been inspired by a lot of greek cooking from my grandmother and also picked up a lot of mediterranean cooking techniques along my journey in the industry why did you choose petersham to open your restaurant what is it you like about the food scene in the area petersham is a great little suburb close to the city and full of culture i really love the community glamour at its best 13


p. 14


p. 15

off the beaten track there are many facets to the increasingly popular destination of vietnam winsor dobbin discovers i m munching on crickets that have been deep-fried with lemongrass and chilli and very tasty they are too now all i need is a beer the local wines here in vietnam are not so crash hot we ve popped into a cricket farm on a tour of some of the lesser-visited regions of vietnam sometimes you need to take the roads less travelled to discover a country s heart and soul rural vietnam is very different to ho chi minh city now a frenetic generic asian city almost undistinguishable from several others and equally different to more disciplined and less welcoming hanoi beautiful hoi an and spectacular halong bay those four places are on the itinerary of just about anyone visiting vietnam for the first time and that s fine they give a nice snapshot of a country in transition but if variety is the spice of life then vietnam offers it by the bucketload from the fascinating hill tribe villages in the far north around sapa or on the laos border to more accessible destinations like nha trang dalat and the villages of the mekong delta most tourists begin their vietnam sojourn in ho chi minh city still known to most locals as saigon with a population of around nine million it s big and bustling with some of the craziest drivers you ll find anywhere wow factor choose from cliff-top hideaways or waterfront bungalows from mojito s cocktail bar for casual dining to the more serious sandals or maybe a massage at the xanh spa highly recommended i ve stayed at some of asia s best resorts and the facilities and staff here are up there with them even if the amazingly low price tag isn t rates start from $140 and there are several package deals available there is even a free shuttle bus to take guests into nha trang a funky beach resort try dining at the lively sailing club or enjoy lunch and a pilsener brewed on-site at the louisiane brewhouse boat tours head out from the port to nha trang bay but the water in the bay can be polluted more interesting are the thap ba hot springs where you can cover yourself headto-toe in mud and enjoy a number of heated pools with the locals and the po ngar cham temple which dates back to 781ad next stop after a 3-4 hour drive the charming hilltop town of dalat a former french colonial getaway with an altogether different vibe there are a number of surviving french villas and the lifestyle here is much slower choose from top-class hotels like the du parc hotel and dalat palace ­ both a little slice of paris in south-east asia check out the art deco railway station and the markets in the centre of town the highlight of my visit however was a motorcycle tour of the surrounding countryside riding pillion behind a licensed rider we passed tea and coffee plantations and spent some time in ta nung a typical village populated by ethnic hill tribe people it was fascinating to visit cricket farms silk weaving facilities and local coffee shops where the locals gather to play cards the scenery around here is spectacular and the air clean make sure to visit the elephant falls and cuong hoan handicraft centre to see silk garments being woven on the way to the mekong delta many tourists visit the former viet cong stronghold of the cu chi tunnels constructed to conduct covert operations and then quickly hide from the enemy that was the americans and australians this is not an experience for the claustrophobic the mekong delta is as fascinating as dalat but very different the mekong begins its journey in the high plateau of eastern tibet and after winding its way some 4000km through china myanmar thailand laos and cambodia it reaches vietnam and divides into nine channels the vietnamese refer to the mekong delta as cuu long ­ which means nine dragons join a boat trip at cai be and cruise the many canals taking in floating markets and family-run small businesses including rice paper popcorn popped rice and coconut candy factories for those looking for an authentic experience home stays are available on an island in the middle of the mekong river the share accommodation is clean but basic the food as in the case in most vietnam is delicious travel celebrate national cruise week if you ve been thinking of a cruise holiday there is no better time to book national cruise week is from 03 ­ 09 september 2012 and will be filled with spectacular cruise deals cruising specials will include l fiji islands 3,4 or 7 nights ­ 25 off l norwegian coastal voyages with hurtigruten ­ save 30 l cruise the mekong ­ 2-4-1 offer or bonus onboard credit offer on the special botanical departure 4feb13 with the curator of brisbane botanic gardens botanical artist jenny phillips l kimberley cruising with orion ­ save up to 25 l 50 off uniworld s grand france itinerary includes river cruising conditions apply ­ for full details please contact our office for details friendly village kids stretch of coastline is to be the centre of major tourism development over the next few years but for now mia is alone with its palm trees golden sands and choice these crazies routinely go the wrong way down oneof pools or the south china sea for a quick dip or if way streets and blithely ignore traffic signals any pedestrian attempting to cross at an intersection will find you are staying in one of the cliff villas in your own personal pool themselves the target of dozens sometimes hundreds everything here is bright shiny new and has a definite of homicidal lunatics on motorbikes many of them containing three or even four passengers some stacked metres high with goods going goodness knows where nonetheless i d suggest a couple of days here before heading off the beaten track to whatever slice of vietnam takes your fancy once known as the pearl of the orient the city s main attractions include the reunification palace formerly south vietnam s presidential palace and the war remnants museum which graphically depicts the many horrors of what the vietnamese call the american war also worth checking out is the remarkable central post office designed by gustav eiffel who created a certain french tower enjoy a drink at the rooftop bar of the rex hotel or caravelle both famous hangouts for foreign correspondents during the war or just stroll the streets taking in the sights and sounds the markets are great and beauty and spa treatments among the best and cheapest in asia if you re looking for a $10 massage you ve come to the right place a total contrast to the grittiness of saigon is the brand-new mia resort around 20 minutes south of the port city nha trang this facts and figures l getting there budget airline airasia flies sydney to kuala lumpur and from kuala lumpur to ho chi minh city 28 times a week in-flight entertainment tablets are available for hire and seats can be selected when booking for more info visit l footsteps in asia is an australian-owned and operated tour company that specialises in tailor-made holidays in south east asia including backpacking home stays and five-star resorts fia has 23 tour options for vietnam ranging from luxury river cruising on the mekong to boating on halong bay and adventure walking and cycling tours landonly prices for the popular week-long north vietnam escape start from $566 while the gourmet spicy vietnam tour starts from $1500 footsteps in style creates bespoke tours of vietnam thailand laos and cambodia experienced local guides are available in each destination for details call 1300 664 331 or see l for more information on the mia resort nha trang go to there are many other great deals sailing with silverseas azamara club carnival celebrity cruises holland america line scenic tours and more so visit our website and follow the links or give us a call today as an icca accredited cruise specialist agent we at global village travel can offer you these exclusive deals as well unbiased advice personal service and excellent value n global village travel 1/13 beattie street balmain free parking next door tel 9555 8355 ciao reader offer book a cruise to receive $25 off per person this offer is valid for cruise bookings of a minimum 7 nights made and deposited during september 2012 with global village travel limit of 1 voucher per booking conditions apply as in store for full details linea john pty ltd trading as global village travel licence number 2ta003595 meet your local adventure experts alix s pick best of morocco 15 days ex casablanca from alix adventure expert newtown morocco is another world a marvel of sights and sounds with its minarets honeycombed alleys and labyrinthine souks it captures the imagination like no other country i loved exploring its exquisite architecture and history meandering through the medina the smell of spices in the air it s the most exhilarating experience morocco info night wed 19 september 6:30pm start call to rsvp departs every sunday selected wednesday s $1585 itinerary casablanca rabat meknes volubilis fes midelt sahara camp todra gorge essaouira marrakech highlights soak up views of the high atlas mountains explore the fortified city of ait benhaddou indulge your senses in the souqs of marrakech kick back in coastal essaouira experience medieval morocco in the city of fes visit the ruins of one sultan s versailles dreams in meknes trek through todra gorge camp on the sandy dunes of the sahara includes 13 breakfasts 2 lunches 4 dinners 8 nights hotel 2 nights guesthouse 2 nights riad 1 night camping and gite accommodation local tour leader transport by train private and public bus camel call 1300 308 904 email visit 181 king street newtown conditions travel restrictions apply international airfare and visas not included price subject to availability at time of booking call for details nsw lic 3238685 community glamour at its best 15



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