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gorham middle school student handbook


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our mission to ensure that our students attain the competence for life-long learning creative and responsible action and fulfillment in our ever changing world our vision gorham middle school is a learning community that empowers students to achieve excellence and inspires them to become model citizens table of contents scroll down to read the student handbook for gms for quick reference to be directed to specific areas within the handbook click on the topic listed under the table of contents please note the content of the student handbook are subject to change


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based on the availability of updated information/policies principal s letter code of conduct academics dual grading system/honor roll standards based reporting homework guidelines homework club/gms library struggling students promotion/retention plagiarism daily operations attendance absences tardiness/arrival time dismissals truancy extra curricular participation student arrival


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bus regulations cafeteria daily schedule dress code lockers computer student computer and internet use rules laptop school email telephone use and messages books computer equipment other materials inappropriate items for school fire drill/lockdown behavior and discipline philosophy school-wide behavior systems permission and passes adult supervision unacceptable behaviors of concern gms documentation tools behavioral consequences


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school committee involvement removal of students behavior and extra curricular activities bomb threats threats and vandalism questioning/searching students weapons violence bullying and school safety student health services gorham school dept health services accidents allergies communicable diseases emergency card health screening illness/dismissal immunizations medications physical exams student health records student medication policy health services/athletic department allergy letter


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allergy protocol request for school personnel to administer medication student services guidance services social work services mentoring program english language learners gifted and talented response to interventionrti special services section 504 students in crisis extra curricular activities athletics other activities social events dances youth nights


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other federal regulations school committee policies alcohol and other drug use by students discrimination and harassment pest management smoking family vacations


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august 28 2012 welcome to gorham middle school we are very proud of our school and with very good reason over the past couple of years we have been identified as a school that is both high performing and highly efficient in a student conducted by the university of southern maine i think this means that we do good work and we do it very efficiently this handbook is designed to allow you to have at your fingertips much of the pertinent information that you may need over the course of the school year we do understand that in our current society things change very rapidly and we believe that this format allows us to respond to those changes without having to kill a lot of trees reprinting this handbook after each change we look forward to a very exciting school year in 2012-2013 we are entering the third year of our very successful advisory program where every student will have at least one adult who knows him or her well our very creative eical period will be entering its third year as well during this period we create a time for students who are struggling with their academics time to receive additional instruction in those areas of struggle and we offer some activities that highlight the content area literacy that is so important for student success finally we are in the second year of our very creative schedule that attempts to meet the needs of all of our learners we have several methods to communicate with the home and i would encourage each of you to try to become familiar with at least one method each day on our school web page we offer a rundown of the events for this week and the current day you can access this at www.gorhamschools.org i also write a blog a couple of time a week where i reiterate some of the events that are happening at the school as well as offer some insight into raising a middle schooler and some resources that you may find helpful we try to keep this light and airy but informative you can access this at www.gmsprincipalspage.com we hope that this will be the best school year for each of our students and as always should you have any questions please feel free to call us thank you for the opportunity to get to know your children as learners and for all of the support you show our schools during the year sincerely robert riley principal


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code of conduct school board policy ­ jicda policy statement the gorham school committee is committed to maintaining a supportive and orderly school environment in which students may receive and staff may deliver a quality education without disruption or interference and in which students may develop as ethical responsible and involved citizens the school committee believes that each member of the school community should take responsibility for his/her own behavior to that end the school committee recognizes the need to model and teach ethical and responsible behavior to define unacceptable student conduct and its consequences and ensure that discipline is administered appropriately having considered the input of staff parents students and the community the school committee adopts this code of conduct code community core values with rights come responsibilities member of the school community are expected to demonstrate ethical and responsible behavior consistent with its core values such conduct is fundamental to a supportive safe and orderly school environment and a civil society the highest result of education is tolerance the gorham school committee has established five core values.


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1 respect a person who is respectful of oneself others and the environment does Ø demonstrate polite and appropriate interactions with others Ø values themselves and others Ø care for surroundings does not Ø verbally abuse self or others Ø physically abuse self or others Ø cause damage to property 2 honesty a person who is honest in all endeavors does Ø seek to tell the truth


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Ø accept ownership and responsibility for actions and work Ø maintain trust in all relationships does not Ø plagiarize the work of others Ø engage in deceptive blaming or sneaky behavior Ø take the property of others 3 courage a person who is courageous in the face of ethical challenges does Ø stand up for what is right even when it s unpopular Ø take appropriate risks Ø seek advice when making difficult decisions does not Ø submit to peer pressure Ø avoid challenges Ø sacrifice aspirations when confronted by setbacks


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4 compassion a person who is compassionate does Ø show empathy by being sensitive to the perspectives needs and feelings of others Ø care about others and help them Ø reach out to those in need does not Ø ignore another s pain suffering or needs Ø hurt others feelings Ø take advantage of others 5 responsibility a person who is responsible as an individual and as a member of a community


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does Ø demonstrate accountability for personal behavior Ø take initiative to do the things that are expected Ø follow through with commitments does not Ø project blame on others Ø exploit others Ø ignore assumed duties or neglect academics dual grading system gorham middle school has a dual reporting system that offers information about each student s academic progress over the course of the school year our school year is designed in four quarters which also allows us to share four formal report cards that are issued at the end of each quarter midway through each quarter we will issue a progress report for each student teachers will provide intermediate progress reports beyond that building level schedule at the request


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of the parents parents can find percentage grades and the work completion and grading records of their child on an on-going basis through the parent portal within the district s infinite campus data management system each parent has been issued a username and a password to be able to access your child s information if you have forgotten either of these lost the information or never received the information please call terry lamontage in the gms guidance office and she can assist you in accessing your child s account parent/guardians will also be receiving a report on your child s progress toward meeting the content standards in each academic area as defined by the state of maine additionally this report will give you information regarding the learning skills and habits of your child letter grades correspond to numerical percentages as follows a=93-100 b=85-92 c=75-84 d=70-74 f=below 70 if a student receives an incomplete on a report card the student has ten 10 school days within which to make up the work standard based reporting sbr our school district continues to move in the direction of standards-based teaching learning and reporting at the middle school teachers within content areas have selected a few power standards per content area that are the most vital content and skills that every student at that grade level needs to learn and demonstrate.



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