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aeon 1 introduction warm greetings welcome to aeon where we have spent many years creating a world of contemporary heating designed to combine unrivalled performance with beauty and innovation we have taken the humble radiator and transformed it into a collection of striking designs created crafted and hand-finished by our experts using the finest quality stainless steel the results of our work are displayed over the following pages and we invite you to browse the collection and admire its versatility originality and elegance we know there s no place like home so why compromise on luxury or style when deciding how to heat it aeon has a design to suit every taste room size and heating requirement from compact towel rails to showstealing heated sculptures we have a huge range of products to choose from we hope you enjoy discovering them aeon collection >4 technical specifications 84 valves accessories 100 terms conditions 105 delivery 106 quality 107


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aeon 2 the collection aeon 3 the collection ehd r 31 abacus ehd r 27 alien ehd r 45 arat ehd t 44 atilla ehd r 20 t bamboo ottoman h r 6 ehd r 12 panacea panacea bath ehd t 13 panacea mirror ehd r 14 ehd r 55 pegasus ehd t 49 r bolero ehd t 70 r bosporus cappadocia h t 69 cat ladder ehd t 41 ehd t 57 cengiz ehd t 77 petit planet moon ehd r 26 ehd r 78 rende ehd t 63 s-type ehd t 66 seren ehd r 40 t clipper ehd r 56 t coffer ehd t 37 combe ehd r 28 dalya ecstasy e r 58 ehd t 80 serhad ehd t 81 serif ehd r 15 sesriem ehd t 50 siesta ehd r 76 sofi h r 23 elixir ehd t 43 f-bar ehd t 48 fatih ehd r 22 fluent ehd t 54 gallant h r 24 speira ehd r 53 stanza ehd r 9 stargate ehd r 19 stria sumela h r 4 ehd t 32 r gallipoli grandeur h r 10 t honeycomb h t 68 r ehd r 73 imza ehd t 72 kaptan ehd r 42 supra h t 43 t-bar ehd t 59 tora ehd r 18 truva ehd t 36 tubo ehd r 51 kare ehd t 74 karnak ehd r 47 labren h r >8 t lokum h r 75 lunar ehd t 61 tudor ehd r 34 twister ehd r 82 venetian ehd r 16 wave ehd t 60 windsor aeon collection >4 terms conditions 105 technical 84 delivery 106 madonna h r 65 t ehd r 38 t marbella ehd r 25 marion ehd r 77 meridien ehd r 64 mystic ehd t 69 zenith valves accessories 100 quality 107 ehdrrtttr electric only hot water systems only dual fuel systems radiator radiator heated towel rail heated towel rail heated towel rail radiator


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aeon 4 sumela aeon 5 sumela sumela this low horizontal radiator is attractive sturdy and reliable its bold industrial appearance is surprisingly versatile fitting in with almost any interior design theme r 94 model shown suml718-s brushed matt using stainless steel pillars wsss and labrador antique wsla granite pillars


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aeon 6 ottoman aeon 7 ottoman ottoman strong and sturdy echoing the powerful era of turkish history for which it is named this radiator will easily heat a whole room while built-in led lights create an after-dark transformation r 91 models shown below ott170-31 right ott170-60-s with ogt170-s glass top kit and llo light kit


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aeon 8 lokum aeon 9 stargate stargate serenity calm peace look into the ever decreasing circles of this restful design to be transported beyond the stars we defy you not to relax in front of its zen-like quality r 94 model shown sta186 lokum retro revolution this funky powerful radiator stands from floor to ceiling doubling up as the ideal room divider also available as a wall-mounted radiator r 88 t models shown left lok45-s right lok21-s


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aeon 10 grandeur aeon 11 grandeur grandeur perfect for an entrance hall or bathroom scrolled arms evoke the timeless beauty of the renaissance period resulting in a modern design with a classic twist r 87 t model shown gra146-s brushed matt


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aeon 12 panacea aeon 13 panacea bath panacea bath the perfect bathroom accessory this chic louvre-style towel rail will keep the room toasty while you bathe and give you something lovely to look at while you are getting dressed afterwards t 92 model shown pan1208-s brushed matt panacea alluring understated elegance this low-slung louvre-style radiator sits unobtrusively against the wall throwing out plenty of heat without feeling the need to shout about it r 91 model shown pane0512


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aeon 14 panacea mirror aeon 15 sesriem panacea mirror the last word in practicality combines a full-length mirror with attractive louvre-style heated bars and led lights perfect for bathrooms bedrooms and getting ready for a great night out sesriem flowing luxury feel yourself relax as you look at this fabulously fluid radiator ­ then imagine how wonderful its enveloping heat will make you feel sink into liquid heaven r 92 model shown panm180-s and panmtr6-s clip on towel bar attachment brushed matt r 93 model shown ses186


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aeon 16 wave aeon 17 wave wave vertical woven loveliness this works horizontally or vertically and brings a pleasing sense of order to the room sensuous and tactile this gorgeous radiator will appeal to more than just one of your senses r 98 model shown wa216v wave horizontal r 98 model shown wa715h-s brushed matt and verde butter y wsvb granite pillars


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aeon 18 truva aeon 19 stria stria the kitchen is the hub of the home make it warm and cosy with this stainless steel beauty designed to perch elegantly on the wall while emitting its welcome heat r 94 model shown str2010-s brushed matt truva who can make the tallest tower the stack of criss-cross bars makes this heated sculpture strangely reminiscent of childhood building blocks who says the fun must stop when we grow up r 97 model shown tru193-s brushed matt


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aeon 20 bamboo aeon 21 bamboo bamboo wall brings the outdoors inside this set of stainless steel hollow bamboo shoots reaches up to the sky wall and corner versions introduce a touch of eastern promise to the room r 85 t model shown baw418 bamboo corner r 87 t model shown bac618-s brushed matt


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aeon 22 fluent aeon 23 elixir elixir when is a table also a radiator when it s a dramatic triangular heat source accompanied by a co-ordinating mirror this will be fluent echoes of oriental tranquillity bring a sense of calm to this beautiful radiator its fascinating organic design will ensure it does not fade into the background the undisputed focal point of any room r 87 model shown elx120-s brushed matt and elxm120 brushed matt frame mirror r 87 model shown flu186


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aeon 24 speira aeon 25 marion speira time to turn up the heat this stunning sculptural light and heat installation is so much more than a radiator its spiral glamour oozes impact drama and class once seen never forgotten marion subtle luxury the simple design belies an easy elegance and versatile performance this classic radiator will enhance any room of the house ­ no need to banish it to the kitchen or bathroom r 94 models shown right spr120 below spr66 r 89 model shown left malt5-180160-s brushed matt above mal20-7660-s brushed matt


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aeon 26 planet moon aeon 27 alien planet moon the eagle has landed right in your living room with this stunning show-stopper moon crater details bring the galactic theme vividly to life in one of our most unusual radiators alien other-worldly appeal this bold radiator stands tall with its narrow square columns and smooth satin finish they ll be talking about this innovative design across the galaxy and beyond r 92 model shown plam186 r 84 model shown al20-s brushed matt



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