Networking for a New Job


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networking for a new job when done smartly networking can be an important part of your job search strategy through networking we meet new people who can give us insider advice and information on an organisation or industry or even help set up an opportunity for us 1 use your existing network it s useful to make new contacts but don t neglect your existing ones phone up someone you haven t connected with for a while and arrange to meet up for a coffee once you tell them what kind of job you re looking for they may surprise you with how they can help 2 join professional associations y/n professional associations are good places to meet new contacts become a member of the association related to your career field and keep track of any networking events it s organizing 3 think quality not quantity summary checklist 1 explore current contacts 2 join associations 3 choose carefully who to give your business card to 4 prepare elevator pitch 5 go to face to face networking events 6 create social media strategy 7 build online profile 8 be interested in others list what you have learnt about each contact there s no point spraying out business cards to everyone you meet if most of them can t or won t help you in your job search when you go to networking events take only a few cards with you and hand them out only to the people you make a genuine connection with 4 create an elevator pitch when you re going to a networking event it s a good idea to have 30 9 track new contacts and seconds of spiel prepared so you can follow up easily introduce yourself to others and 10 find ways to be helpful list tell them what your job search goals helpful tasks/deeds done are include in your pitch a couple of short sentences about what you re doing at the moment what your background in terms of experience is and what you re looking to do next follow us @posignition


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5 be genuine although it s useful to have an elevator pitch prepared and to carry a few business cards with you this doesn t mean networking is all about sell sell sell tell people about yourself but be authentic in also listening to what they themselves have to say people can tell if you switch off as soon as they start talking take a genuine interest in others 6 follow up after initial contact it s easy to say to someone you meet at an event that you ll contact them soon but then to go home and forget all about it don t let your new contacts slip through your fingers even if they say they ll contact you send them a short email the day after you meet them just to say you enjoyed making their acquaintance that way they re unlikely to forget you 7 diversify your networking balance your face-to-face networking with online social networking it s best if you can include both in your job search strategy as you open yourself up to more opportunities and are more likely to find something truly suitable if you diversify your efforts 8 make your profiles informative potential employers look at our twitter bio or linkedin profile to learn more about us and to see if we re suitable for any job vacancies they may have coming up therefore it s crucial that you use your bio to clearly state what value you have to offer to employers and what kind of work you re looking for 9 be professional online when you re on a social media site in the comfort of your own home it can be tough to remember to be as professional as you are when you re face-to-face networking however even though we re hidden behind a screen it s important we remember to be polite and respectful of others to use correct spelling and grammar and to watch our language 10 help others out we re more likely to get help from our networks if we re seen to be as willing to give as we are to take the best way to reach out to someone is to offer to help them this will get their attention and will make them more likely to return the favour by assisting you in your job search follow us @posignition


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this checklist has been created by position ignition ltd one of the uk s leading career consulting companies contact for more information follow us @posignition



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