10 Important points you should know about the school


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10 Points for Parents to know about the school

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every school has their own unique ways of doing things and rules and routines that have been in place for many years this booklet is designed to be a quick reference for parents to remind them about the 10 most important things to know about waiau pa school these are just a brief explanation of the 10 most important things to know everyone is encouraged to read school policies and parent booklets for more detail as well as asking other staff vision our school vision is learning skills for life what this means is creating students who have the attributes to cope with new learning as well as being positive citizens our school mission is to develop lifelong powerful learners who can contribute positively to our community as a school we have developed two concepts to allow for a shared language and development of these lifelong learning attributes powerful learner making connections taking risks asking questions persevering reflecting rich values respect inclusion caring honesty these concepts are shared throughout the school and are included in our assemblies certificates portfolios newsletters as well as daily school life.


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attendance absences being at school regularly gives your child the best chance of success school starts at 9.00am it is vital that children are at school before 9am lateness to school causes both disruptions to the class as well as putting your child a step behind everyone else if your child is sick or away for the day a phone call to the office or an absence form filled out on the internet is required before 9.00am the ministry of education considers the following reasons justified absences sickness family bereavement medical dental appointments all other absences are considered unjustified patterns of poor attendance will be followed up by a truancy officer behaviour we have high expectations of attitude and behavior students are expected to behave in a way that reflects our rich values each classroom has a behavior management system to deal with inappropriate behavior within the classroom the school also operates a thinking room during lunchtimes the purpose of the thinking room is to support our discipline plan with a withdrawal space for students who need time to think about how to behave appropriately students are referred to the thinking room when inappropriate behavior has occurred out of the classroom behaviour in class is below expectation and the classroom management system has already been used children referred to the thinking room are required to fill in a red slip this is then taken home for their parents to sign the aim of this red slip is to keep parents informed of behavioural issues the best outcomes for improving student behavior are achieved when parents and the school work together all thinking room incidents are collated and reported to the bot each term trends and patterns are analysed to identify problem areas or possible bullying.


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communication open communication between home and school is vital to ensure the best outcomes for your child if you have any questions or concerns about your child the first contact should be the classroom teacher contact can be made through the school office for an appointment with your child s teacher parents are asked not to contact teachers after school hours at their homes unless there is a real emergency homework all children are given homework this can range from a daily reader at the junior end of the school to more in depth activities for the senior school students the aim of homework is to create a link between home and school as well as developing good time management skills any questions about homework should be directed to the classroom teacher lunches if your child needs to purchase their morning tea or lunch from the shop please ensure a note is sent to the office first thing in the morning so they can go to the shop to order this children without a note will not be permitted to go to the shop subway gets order on a monthly basis no set date so this will be advised in the newsletter a week prior to ordering the pta will be doing school lunches once a month american hotdog $3 sausage in bread $2 and just juice splash 125ml carton $1.50 dates for these will be in the school newsletter.


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reporting to parents at waiau pa we report to parents about their child s progress in a number of ways sharing my learning evenings these are open evenings where parents can visit classrooms at anytime during a specific evening these evenings happen during terms 1 3 parent interviews these are formal parent teacher interviews where strengths and areas for improvement can be discussed parent interviews are held at the end of term 2 portfolios these are a detailed record of student achievement in the core areas of reading writing and mathematics portfolios are sent home at the end of terms 2 4 rich reports these reports are included in the portfolios rich reports reflect your child s attitude towards learning and social interactions school hours the school contact details are ph 2321753 fax 2321783 or email admin@waiaupa.school.nz or williams.simon@waiaupa.school.nz students cannot be at school before 8.00am and must be collected before 3.30pm a bag bell is rung at 8.45am for children to hang their bags and get ready for the day school begins at 9.00am 1st teaching block morning session morning tea 2nd teaching block lunch time afternoon school 9.00 10.30am 10.30 11.00am 12:40 1:30pm 1:30 3:00pm toys personal items at school toys are not permitted at school this includes items such as playing trading cards gameboys electronic games toy cars ipods media players children are allowed to bring their own rugby soccer netballs and skipping ropes but these remain the student s responsibility to look after.


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cellphones are not permitted at school any students found with a cellphone at school will have it confiscated and it will be kept in the office until their parents are able to collect it if students require a cellphone to contact parents after school they must hand their phone in to the office at the beginning of the day and may collect at the end of the day uniform uniform is compulsory at waiau pa school the uniform shop is open on wednesday afternoons from 3.00pm 3.30pm uniforms can be ordered outside these hours at the office by filling out an order form and the uniform will get delivered to your child s classroom correct uniform is as follows year 0 6 students gold polo shirt with school logo and black trim shorts boys or skorts culottes girls with school logo polar fleece with school logo gold slouch hat year 7 8 students black polo shirt with school logo and gold trim shorts boys or skorts culottes girls with school logo polar fleece with school logo black bucket hat if students are not able to wear correct uniform a note must be brought from home hats are compulsory during terms 1 4 children may wear the following jewellery a watch one pair of stud earrings a necklace only if it is of cultural significance a note from home must be supplied make up or nail policy is not allowed.


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footwear is a personal choice but should be suitable for the activities encountered at school the recommended footwear is black leather shoes or sandals with black straps tidy sneakers or trainers are also acceptable black or white socks only all long hair must be tied back to ensure safety and hygiene extreme hair styles are not permitted.


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conclusion once again there are lots of other unique things about our school and how systems operate this booklet is just the 10 most important things to know.



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