5 Good Reasons to Change Careers


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5 good reasons to change careers if you are finding it hard to remember or hard to find reasons why a career change is a good idea here are a few thoughts to get started with 1 it s an opportunity for a new start you have the opportunity to choose your career all over again and get it right this time many of us chose our current careers when we were fresh out of school or university parental expectations peer pressure or our lack of knowledge on different careers may have led to a choice of a career that just a few years later leaves us feeling disappointed and discontented if you make and stick with the decision to change careers you re giving yourself the opportunity to make a more informed and suitable choice of career this time round 2 you will be able to fulfil your true potential perhaps you re unhappy in your current career because it frustrates you your work doesn t allow you to use the full extent or range of your talents and skills leaving you bored and unfulfilled you know you could contribute more value to the world of work if you were allowed to work within your areas of strength finding a new career allows you to find a role which plays to your strengths allowing you to realise your true value follow us @posignition www.positionignition.com


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3 it will go down as a major achievement think back to the other times in your life when you ve achieved something massive remember the energy it gave you and how it boosted your confidence acting as a launch pad for other achievements and milestones in your life don t underestimate what a huge achievement changing careers also is yes it s a challenging process which is why we find it hard but once you ve successfully moved to your new career think of how much more satisfying it ll be because of the obstacles you ve had to overcome 4 a new life is exciting leaving your old world for a completely new one can be scary but it ll also be exciting in your new career you ll be learning new skills doing a different type of work meeting new people working in a new environment and even travelling to work via a different route enjoying the newness of it all will revitalise you and leave you with an energy that endures long after the initial novelty has worn off 5 you can be happier in all aspects of your life whether we re loving or hating our work it has a big effect on other areas of our life as work takes up such a huge percentage of our time the way we feel about it can affect our attitude to the rest of our lives moving to a career you enjoy more may give you more energy at home improve your relationships with your family and friends help you sleep better and give you more positive thoughts all round this checklist has been created by position ignition ltd one of the uk s leading career consulting companies and founders of the career ignition club please contact enquiries@positionignition.com for more information or to suggest additional resources follow us @posignition www.positionignition.com



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