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finding the right role 1 be authentic one of the key parts in finding the right role for you is in being authentic about it this means knowing yourself well enough to identify what it is you are good at what you can do with it what you actually want to do and therefore what type of job is right if you are authentic about what you are searching for you will get it 2 be clear about your boundaries know what you want and what you do not want what you are willing to negotiate over and what you are not having clear boundaries will really help you sieve out what role will work for you in the long term and which ones will not 3 talk to people one of the most effective ways of finding the right role is through connections by talking openly and clearly about what you are after those who you talk to will be able to offer help towards getting it 4 be genuine to those with whom you connect when talking to people get to know them genuinely that means learn about their interests their family where they travelled most recently what they do ­ anything and everything about them people want to help those who show a real interest in them ­ so do not `network simply to help yourself ­ do it because you want to meet some great people and stay in touch with them 5 identify what is important to you in your career it helps to be clear in your mind about this prioritise the different aspects e.g working hours location type of office type of role flexibility travel work ethos and so on follow us @posignition


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6 be creative think outside of the box explore various avenues to find what you are looking for talk to people you wouldn t normally consider talking to about your career see what you can learn and what you find out find new things to read to inspire you ­ new blogs newspapers magazines do different activities to see if it inspires a different trail of thought restricting yourself in your routine work and activities will limit your thinking and scope to finding what you are looking for 7 learn about yourself the more you know about yourself the more likely you will figure out what will make you happy ask your friends for their thoughts on you your character what they see you doing don t take it as the solution ­ but a way to get your thoughts going and understanding how you are perceived discover what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to harness them use psychometrics tests to discover more ­ myers briggs is a good one to identify your character traits this checklist has been created by position ignition ltd one of the uk s leading career consulting companies and founders of the career ignition club please contact for more information or to suggest additional resources follow us @posignition



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