5 Ways to Find Your Career Calling


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5 ways to find your career calling what is it that we are most passionate about ­what can we build a career from as overwhelming as these questions might initially seem if we break down the process of deciding upon our new career into several steps we can make it more manageable and this will increase our chances of successfully finding the right career 1 reflect you need to reflect on yourself and your life to identify your passions although that may seem obvious it s far easier said than done it s not natural for us to take time out and reflect upon our interests preferences and experiences but it s absolutely essential to finding a career we ll be passionate about sit down get a pen and piece of paper consider the following questions and write down whatever comes into your mind · what are your hobbies/interests include activities from throughout your whole life from childhood onwards that you still enjoy doing if you can find a way to get paid for what you love doing anyway then that s great · what are your beliefs/principles if you re passionate about a particular cause or feel strongly about a certain issue then acknowledging this may help you to identify a career or employer organization that is aligned with your beliefs and objectives follow us @posignition www.positionignition.com


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· which aspects of your current career are you passionate about even if you only really enjoy doing one thing at your current work use that as a potential basis around which to build your new career · what are you good at we tend to be good at the things we enjoy and to enjoy the things we re good at if you really can t think of yourself in terms of your talents ask those who know you well or think about what people ask you to do most often if you re asked to do certain things frequently it s most probably because you re good at them 2 research once you are clearer about what you care about and what you enjoy you can start thinking of career fields that match up with that for instance if you re interested in elderly rights/care and you enjoy campaigning and interacting with others then research charities that offer advice support and services to the elderly and/or draw attention to social or legislative issues affecting older people look at the organisations websites or literature to get an idea of the different roles in which they employ people phoning up an organisation is also a good way of getting information on what they do and who they employ as they re often happy to help in any way they can 3 experiment a great way of finding out if you could be passionate about a certain type of work day-in day-out is to try it out volunteering is an accessible and convenient way of doing this as you get a taste of the work with relatively little pressure and you need not commit fulltime there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in the evenings or at the weekends or for one or two days during the week don t feel you have to be limited to volunteering for a not-for-profit organization either business volunteering is becoming increasingly common many volunteer opportunities also include on-the-job training which will look good on your cv and will help develop skills you may need in your new career 4 connect with others talk to people within your network who seem passionate about their careers firstly being around people who get that kind of energy from their work and invest it back in may help stimulate your own passions giving you a clearer idea of what they actually are secondly if the people you talk to are in the career areas you re interested in you ll get the insider s view on what it s really like to do the job every day whatever you do there are some days when you won t feel passionate about your work or you ll feel discouraged you know this already from your current work find out from others what these days are like in your potential new career field follow us @posignition www.positionignition.com


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5 learn if by now you re serious about changing to a particular career field that you believe aligns with your passions you may need additional training to be competitive in that particular labour market or you may just want to learn as much as possible about the job and how to do it in this case look out for learning or training opportunities near you check in with your local further education college to see what relevant courses it offers some community centres also run classes and short courses ask around for a private tutor or go to your library and take out books that you can use to teach yourself certain skills this checklist has been created by position ignition ltd one of the uk s leading career consulting companies and founders of the career ignition club please contact enquiries@positionignition.com for more information or to suggest additional resources follow us @posignition www.positionignition.com



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