How to Career Change into Green Collar Work


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issue 36 digital edition august 2012 advice 24 25 change career not employer pages 8&9 the green economy accounts for more than 900,000 jobs in the uk simon north shares his advice on how to be a part of it how to career change into green collar work whatever one s predisposition to climate change global warming and the green agenda we all agree that we re running out of fossil fuels and we ve got to take new and different approaches to the way we utilise the planet s natural resources already the green economy represents more than 5 of the uk s gdp the proportion of our exports is also estimated at 5 small business in particular sees opportunities in the green economy indeed 48 of small business owners say they see green growth as an opportunity for their company over the next five years the green economy is still new and young but is maturing quickly it already accounts for more than 900,000 jobs in the uk a 3 of all jobs in the economy where are the green economy businesses sitting within the business cycle they are young and when you start up anything innovative they are two things that need to happen a you have an idea b you raise money to fund it what you have at beginning of any new sector is an element of risk you don t know if it s going to be a technology that can make money if you think about the business cycle it s a bit like looking at a clock face the green economy is sitting between 12 and 3 o clock the different skills needed by green start-ups are in the development cycle identify the skills that these businesses within the green sector need and see where your skills set fit in upgrade your knowledge and skills before shifting into the green sector read up on what the green economy actually is and where it s going build upon your existing skills that might be useful and identify and then learn new skills that you ll need commit to volunteering in environmental-type roles to show your commitment and a sense of purpose that matches that of a green company show an enthusiasm for the area of the green sector you want to go into build and demonstrate a knowledge of the organizations you want to apply to this sector is incredibly competitive so you can t just rest back on your laurels and think this will come to you these businesses are full of people who are passionately interested in the technology and who have a strong sense of purpose commit to understanding that mindset consider whether you have experience in setting things up setting up systems establishing teams creating teams something as simple as your ability to move a write quality covering letters pages 10-13 what to expect from a recruiter pages 20-23 we need psv vehicle engineers now self employment contents news advice comment


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issue 36 digital edition august 2012 advice 26 27 news financial skills partnership unveils graduate foundation college unemployment figures out yesterday showed a slight decline of 0.2 in the youth unemployment rate to 21.9 only a slight abatement in the alarming trend of youth unemployment which recently reached a twenty-year high meanwhile the financial services sector is leading the way with a groundbreaking new initiative a graduate foundation college which fast-tracks unemployed graduates and enhances their employability starting in september a pilot programme will create opportunities for up to 150 young unemployed graduates and increase their employability for small to medium-sized advisory firms potentially leading to careers as a financial advisers liz field ceo of financial skills partnership comments this visionary new idea will give unemployed graduates access to rewarding careers in a sector which many young people have traditionally found difficult to enter and open up the industry to recruitment from a wider and more diverse pool of keen and able candidates small and mediumsized businesses make up over 90 of the financial services sector traditionally constrained by the demands of serving their market these firms tend to rely on recruiting existing advisors finding the time and resources to devote to training and upskilling new talent can be difficult fsp has addressed this specific need through the graduate foundation college by creating a structured training programme which enables graduates to be ready to hit the ground running when joining smes liz field the graduate foundation college will provide small and medium-sized firms in the sector a pre-selected pool of high quality candidates who can contribute from day one these can help firms grow their businesses and compete in a fast­changing market-place serving an increasingly diverse customer base the college will deliver a concentrated pre-employment training programme encompassing on-line virtual learning face-toface exam preparation and work experience major sector employers such as aviva just retirement and scottish widows will help provide the training ensuring its quality and industry relevance successful candidates will be offered work placements with participating smes and many of them will then be offered permanent jobs smes employing them will benefit and have access to a pre-trained pool of able and highly motivated candidates all the latest career news pages 4-7 how to career change into green collar work if you are going to make a career change into green collar work you will need to be committed to making this happen business from a garage to an office could be useful have you got experience in choosing the right space for an office and setting up voicemail and security systems for example before the company starts employing more staff it ll need a core of people with key skills you could be one of these people are you capable of getting results with limited resources can you show your abilities to make a practical difference quickly all organisations need project management skills some will also need programme management skills these skill types are easily transferable into any sector you may need to update your skills or qualifications to the requirements of the green sector the green economy has a real sense of purpose that may be disruptive to local communities a green-focused business might cause changes and problems that these communities don t like marketing and pr can be very important consider how you d communicate with local communities about what the company is doing and why this is a good thing if you re coming from the public sector you already have skills in relating to the public private sector companies may not have the same experience and be so good at this area of work so they may need someone who can overcome the `not in my backyard philosophy think about how your expertise can be applied to the green economy this expertise could be around purchasing procurement planning engineering testing analysis business development sales resales and so on look harder at yourself and what it is you ve experienced in your career drill down into your specific skills to identify where it is that you think you ve got very specific expertise that can be transferred across if you are going to make a career change into green collar work you will need to be committed to making this happen you have to show evidence that you are dedicated and determined to enter this sector and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get into it get to know the sector and be confident talking about it know the players and find the segment that interests you and fits you best it can also be helpful to target and identify specific companies in your area to contact and work for the green economy is new immature energetic and is developing fast if you have the energy the right attitude and relevant skills why wouldn t you be useful to companies in this sector about the author simon north is co-founder of www position ignition career change specialists reshape redesign your career pages 14-17 find the right career coach pages 30&31 find out more on 020 7055 9798 london contents news advice comment self employment



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