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free there s life in the inner west 194 17th august 2012 every fortnight yummy macaroons taste-testing the inner west s best win movie tix holy motors monsieur lazhar love plus is taking over the inner west distributed in leichhardt annandale petersham stanmore newtown rozelle balmain drummoyne haberfield five dock concord summer hill dog sees god confessions of a teenage blockhead footprints eco-fest dressing for a greener future elly is wearing a dress made from recycled plastics by anna cahill photo ben cregan a rse asvai­l2pmble y nu bab ay 10am thursd fre e 2 hour parking at the italian forum with any purchase auburn 9649 7900 belrose 9986 3331 blacktown 9622 1937 burwood 9745 6375 campsie 9789 9000 carlingford 9871 4522 caringbah 9525 0309 engadine 9520 8838 five dock 9713 4729 glebe 9660 6919 griffith 6964 7322 marrickville 9560 2488 merryland 9897 1011 neutral bay 9953 0609 revesby 9773 8510 riverwood 9153 7347 toukley 4396 4137 your local store 6-8 norton street leichhardt open mon-fri 8am-8pm sat-sun 9am-6pm ph 9560 7008 cc18118_ciao


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inner west whispers local gossip rumour hearsay and unsubstantiated fact latte leftie we are c!ao satire for the soul a brave journalism student who interned at a certain inner west paper exposes the rampant heteronormative elitism that can exist even in a putatively progressive publication dear ll ­ you ve always been a shining beacon of inspiration for me and because of you i understand i m duty bound as an aspiring journalist to speak truth to power and report on the festering pit of reactionary intolerance i encountered during my recent work experience at a local paper given the paper is run by a woman from an economically marginalised non-normative background i had high hopes so you can imagine my righteous indignation when during my first hours on the job i heard her express the ageist sizeist lookist and heterosexist opinion that a weightchallenged 70-year-old drag queen did not confirm sufficiently to beauty myth standards to go on the cover and people would vomit if we ran that like most editorial decisions cover model selection seemed to be driven by two base considerations ­ what the ignorant majority of people were interested in and what would generate advertising revenue i was then given the task of writing about a clothes shop because women are into fashion but had my copy spiked when my fearless investigative journalism revealed that the retailer in question a regular advertiser employed no muslim intersex indigenous or non-english-speaking australians when i suggested we do a special gay marriage issue given it s a subject that q&a rightly devotes at least half an episode to every week one member of staff ­ an unabashed liberal voter no less ­ rolled their eyes and suggested perhaps people are a bit over that no doubt i m sacrificing a glamorous lucrative career in community publishing by penning this exposé but as a media practitioner committed to the ongoing viability of inner west democracy i must discharge my responsibilities as a member of the fourth estate honourably the mole ll replies bravo mole just quietly as soon as you launch your own media outlet i ll be delighted to jump ship and join your ranks n email your dilemma to leane senzamici newtown passionate pollies family values liberal s awkward brothel connection l clarification leichhardt council s general manager peter head has denied there is any truth in the rumour regarding council staff as printed in the last issue of ciao he says lmc has not found any senior manager ­ nor in fact any member of council staff ­ to have bought supplies on the council s bunnings account for other than council purposes l councillors are becoming passionate about local issues lately with leichhardt deputy mayor michele mckenzie making her debut appearance at the rozelle balmain chamber drinks last week we can t tell you what transpired after a few glasses of wine l love them or hate them haberfield s racitis are one of the inner west s most influential families and they are hoping to extend their influence into the political arena with vittoria raciti standing as a liberal party candidate for ashfield council the herald recently ran a story linking her property interests with haberfield brothel singapore house seeing as though vittoria is campaigning on family values she was quick to deny ever receiving rent from the brothel saying that a real estate agent managed everything what do you think has really been going on at 106 ramsay st l marrickville greens have started their campaign strongly by pitching for volunteers saying a single booth usually rises by about 3-5 per cent just by having people wearing greens shirts and handing out how-tovote cards that might not sound like much but that 3 5 per cent could be what we need to maintain the number of councillors we have or break through to win a historic six greens councillors look out l more uncensored gossip on our facebook page food melissa leong photography nudzejma avdic resident chef jared ingersoll c!ao history when was the last time you went to a tennis party wearing a full-length dress frilly hat and gloves actually who s even been to a tennis party recently this one pictured right held at abbotsford house in 1911 was a rather big affair and the boys too made sure to wear their sunday best ­ ties and all the party would have been held by the grace family founders of grace bros who lived in the house until 1917 source paul mckenzie thanks to the city of canada bay for the image winsor dobbin wine russell edwards art direction editorial nancy merlo dad s day out publishing dad s day out sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards ben cregan nigel bowen jared ingersoll jason dunne shanel salih and candida russo ciao dad s day out things we love guerilla gigs did anyone else catch a glimpse of this band rocking out on the back of truck driving down king st the band was sticky fingers and guerilla gigs like this one are revolutionising live music turning the whole world into one big stage if you missed it check out fire engine sessions on youtube peter combe comes to rozelle c!ao s voice · the new big brother · gypsters · coloured denim · the cute pizza chefs from napoli in bocca haberfield · the smooth new great north rd and queens rd intersection finally · floral pants · hot chocolate with marshmallows · talking about property prices et tre ys cil ce ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia what s in out out in · hipsters · birds painting cars overnight in lilyfield leaving a big clean up for drivers in the morning · the new speed bumps on booth st · people stealing mail from parramatta rd shopfronts · afternoon traffic on balmain rd avoid the road at all costs between 3pm to 5pm · talking about the weather ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville callan park balmain rd sporting ground rozelle writers centre da rli ng rd rk pa dr ive subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered to your doorstep email with your address cover the footprints ecofestival is coming up on sunday 26th august at the whites creek valley park don t miss out on all the entertainment stalls and info about the latest green initiatives in your area al be r entry opposite grove st to rd ain lm ba m aid as for further information please visit w waste ise 2 e ent s tre et st re et eet e str grov eet ill str o ne c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west!


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renovating visit us today or buy online showrooms open 7 days phoenix `vivid conical shower rose arm mirrored shaving cabinets 3 300mm only $144 4 450mm only $144 600mm only $152 7 750mm only $165 9 900mm only $180 1 1200mm only $220 polyurethane cabinets vizzini undermount kitchen sink 384 x 444 x 210mm sale price avalon vanity on legs 600mm only $361 750mm only $389 900mm only $417 1200mm only $658 polyurethane cabinet with ceramic top also available kickboard or wall hung rrp $149 now only 3 star wels rating 8 l/per min 85 save 198 $64 metro wall hung vanities with hidden handles vizzini square shower screen 1 10mm toughened glass 900mm x 900mm door av available with knob or bar handle rrp $1040 now only methven satinjet shower rail 10 year warranty vizzini momento fixed over bath screen c change your ugly shower curtains now sh 10 10mm toughened glass 70 700mm wide x 1450 high rrp $699 now only 740 save polyurethane cabinet with ceramic top 600mm only $415 750mm only $435 900mm only $495 1200mm only $699 also available on legs or kickboard rrp $405 now only $300 manhattan toilet suite close coupled full ceramic soft close seat rrp $400 now only 199 230 save $469 designer floor waste vizzini lucio wall faced toilet suite toi easy clean ceramic quick release soft close seat geberit flush system rrp $695 now only bermuda mk iii toilet wall faced toilet suite easy clean ceramic quick release soft close seat geberit flush system 300 save $100 adp sante fe 1 wall hung vanity unit australian made with german hardware 900 x 475 x 400mm cabinet available in 4 different colours rrp $696 now only 395 also available in 1500mm designer floor waste smart tile 100mm only rrp $89 rrp $795 now only 525 now only 49.90 save $39 vizzini `phoenician free standing bath roma bath set alisha ii basin mixer 5 year warranty australian standard 5 star water rating 1730 x 790 x 730mm rrp $1599 now only modern bath tap set suitable for any bathroom rrp $150 now only 580 1090 64 save $86 rrp $380 now only save $509 159 74-76 pyrmont bridge rd 200m from parramatta rd 9 barney street off church street camperdown/glebe north parramatta 1 300 go bo ys 1300 462 697 a t li best b d australia s b t brands


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community life magnificent macaroons as masterchef has reminded us no matter how you spell it there s nothing lovelier than a macaroon/macaron as i set off on my macaroon challenge one question kept plaguing me is it `macaroon or `macaron eventually i discovered that macaroo-n is the english spelling of the french word `macar-o-n and they are the same thing however complications arise once you discover that `macaroon with the double `o is also the name of a small cake-like almond biscuit ­ this is where you have to be careful not to confuse the two but moving on i m more interested in the taste of macaroons than in their pronunciation and here are how a few inner west variations measured up against my ridiculously high standards as set by the first macaroon i ever tried in a gourmet food hall in paris r oad test rant life inside the bubble a new american book examining the iq-based social statification happening in the us explains a lot about the inner west and its residents american political scientist charles murray is most famous for his 1994 book the bell curve which argued that iq is destiny and that different races have difference average levels of intelligence in that book he identified the emergence of `cognitive elite a new social strata made up of the highly intelligent a group who were becoming increasingly separated occupationally culturally geographically and politically from the remaining 90-95 per cent of the population in his latest book coming apart the state of white america 1960-2010 murray explores the deepening fissure that s developed over the succeeding 18 years between the overeducated snobs and joe sixpack latte-sipping elitists and bogans in the australian vernacular briefly murray argues that with the expansion of higher education over the last four decades smart kids from all social classes have been hoovered up into the `cognitive elite they go to uni together work together marry each other and congregate in what he calls super zipcodes i.e postcodes they then produce offspring who have the genetic blessing of high iq parents topped off with the advantage of accessing the best educational facilities either expensive private schools or the pick of the crop of state schools once they come of age those kids repeat the process and voila pretty soon you ve got a hereditary brahmin caste what this brilliant creation tastes like they are more expensive than the rest but they are bigger with more filling ­ and that deliciously smooth yoghurt gelato filling was a champion at the australian grand dairy awards 2012 after all finished with a spot of sweet berry sauce on top and two pink slightly chewy bits of meringue it s the perfect summer macaroon appearance 5/5 taste 4/5 locantro fine foods even though these macaroons are quite small and cute compared with others they are very rich and you ll find the bite-sized portion is quite big enough i tried the salted caramel flavour 2.60 each and found that the saltiness stood out so the sweetness of the meringue balanced things out nicely the tiramisu flavour only had a very subtle coffee taste and was very creamy with a hint of chocolate from the light dusting of chocolate powder appearance 4.5/5 taste 3.5/5 pasticerria cavallaro while these brightly coloured macaroons look a little messy and flat the flavours pack a punch the cherry chocolate 2.50 tastes like a maraschino cherry with a hint of chocolate flavour in a crumbly white meringue and the passionfruit 2.50 has an extra fruity soft gooey centre with a strong passionfruit flavour it s all about taste here not the look appearance 2.5/5 taste 4/5 adriano zumbo people across the inner west argue over whether adriano s `zumbarons are in fact the best in sydney many say they are overrated and sadly i have to agree somewhat he certainly offers the most creative exciting flavours and they all look great but it depends on which flavour you choose whether you ll be impressed or not the malted milkshake and custard crunch were a let down but the peach ice tea ­ sprinkled in tea leaves and with a jelly surprise in the centre ­ was delightful and the chocolate doughnut it tastes more like a cinnamon doughnut won me back appearance 5/5 taste 3/5 n nm worth the extra buck ­ i tried both the orange flavour and strawberries and cream variety and they were fresh delicious flavoursome and looked amazing i like that the meringue has just enough crunch and crumble when you bite into it and aren t too chewy appearance 5/5 taste 5/5 rino saffioti s chocolate shop these skilfully made macaroons appear perfectly sized and shaped with just enough filling between the fluffy outer shells they are $3.30 each but trovatino cafe once i caught a glimpse of the yoghurt gelato macaroons 4.50 from trovatino s i had to try one and they didn t disappoint imagine a macaroon and an ice-cream sandwich had a baby and you will have an idea of party euro-style almost everyone living in the [innerwest bubble has a university degree a prestigious job and a small l liberal political outlook inner westies may find his description of life in a super zipcode eerily familiar apparently the streets of these enclaves are full of gourmet coffeehouses art house cinemas and high-priced retail shops almost everyone living there has a university degree a prestigious job and a small l liberal political outlook the people of this strange land are a lot thinner and healthier than their non-super zipcode compatriots and watch a lot less television and then mainly cult shows such as the west wing that reflect back to them their upper middle class lifestyle they also tend not to be involved in long-term de facto relationships or have children out of wedlock as murray observes life inside the super zipcode bubble is very civilised the only problem is that life inside the bubble is becoming ever more disconnected from life outside it if you re a member of the cognitive elite who wants to know what kind of a malfunctioning society that kind of apartheid creates you d best read the book if you really are a super zipcoder you should live within walking distance of a good bookstore n nigel bowen foodies music and motor buffs rejoice the fourth annual euro festa is coming to the waterfront on sunday 26th august and bringing bags of fun for the whole family live entertainment from spanish flamenco dancers live music hair styling tips competitions and cooking demonstrations is just half of what you can expect from euro festa 2012 there will also be plenty going on to keep the kids busy throughout the day including a jumping castle petting zoo and face painting plus puppeteer dennis murphy will be roaming the piazza putting on his comical puppet show from 10am to 4pm this italian-themed festa has become a must do on family calendars throughout the inner west drawing a crowd of thousands foodies can wander through market stalls overflowing with mouthwatering european flavours or join a pizza-making comp while car lovers can browse displays from lamborghini maserati and ferrari don t miss out on all the competitions happening on the day either brilliant grand prizes will be announced at the end of the festa t n the waterfront 21 bennelong parkway wentworth point 5 minutes from sydney olympic park what s on compiled by nancy merlo email sunday 19th august info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are sydney style markets this sunday marks the launch of sydney style markets ­ a day of fun activities and face painting for the kids and great shopping for mums with heaps of fashion accessory and homeware stalls setting up in the italian forum leichhardt from 10am to 4pm n sunday 19th august professional or amateur groups competing in the scooter skate or bmx category on the day plus enjoy live entertainment from hip hop and beatbox performers morganics there will also be freebies art comps stalls and great prizes to be won entry costs $15 and includes show bag from 11.30am n first ave and ingham rd five dock sunday 19th august contemporary classical music to the people and mash it up with pop old and new music ­ plus visually surprising theatrical wonders ­ all dished up in a casual sunday arvo at your local bowlo the fun starts at 3pm entry costs $20 15 at the door n petersham bowling club 77 brighton st petersham wednesday 22nd aug to 12th sept big air school head down to five dock skate park this weekend and join the fun as big air school comes to town bringing tonnes of actions sports and entertainment you can join the 4 off to five dock sizzling tunes `sizzle makes a much-anticipated return to petersham bowlo this month warming up your winter with some fiery tunes a sizzling smorgasbord and cheap drinks an afternoon of truly unique music ensemble offspring and their musical friends will bring couples workshop drummoyne community centre is holding a 4-week program titled `building better relationships for couples every wednesday from 7pm to 9.30pm facilitated by experts from relationships australia the workshops are designed to help couples with or without children find ways to manage conflict constructively covering topics such as good communication support skills valuing difference managing gridlock and planning ongoing change the community centre 10 cometrowe st drummoyne cost is $40 n info and bookings call 9719 8102 from weds 23rd august study without stress with hsc trials about to start local psychologist janice killey will be running courses called study without stress to help students manage stress during terms 3 and 4 as a former teacher school counsellor and mother of three children who all went through the rigors of final exams over the past few years janice understands the issue from all sides the first course kicks


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n local gigs saturday 25th august n local movies zoo bombs mesa cosa dead farmers chalkeaters not for the faint of heart zoo bombs are probably exactly like they sound ­ a bomb exploding in your face with the raw animal power of an entire zoo they re from japan so you know mesa cosa are ridiculous dudes from melbourne playing insane good music also they re very attractive sandringham hotel newtown $12 $15 friday 31st august free c d u le tiwinkoebts movies passes drama as crisp as the winter chill monsieur lazhar the very best from the recent sydney film fest are now starting to hit our screens and as usual ciao readers who enter our movie comps could win an early peek philippe falardeau s bitter-sweet drama was voted the audience s favourite at the fest and has also scooped up a well-deserved academy award nomination it opens with a scene in a frigid playground in a montreal primary school as a bunch of kids come to terms with a tragedy the classroom suicide of their loved young teacher it ends on a note of tremendously poignant sadness if that sounds tough-going it is anything but much rests on the sweet empathy the substitute teacher mohamed saïd fellag an algerian refugee with his own demons brings to the classroom as well as the wrenching scenes with the troubled kids ­ notably brigitte poupart as claire thankfully this is not just a regular inspirational teacher fantasy ­ in real life such stories are rare but as this superbly crafted compassionate movie shows there is great joy and triumph in heartbreak ctc at palace norton st n thanks to palace films we have 10 double passes to give away for the special preview screenings on fri aug 24 ­ sun 26 and fri 31aug ­ sun 2 sept details below tim rogers catherine britt it s that guy you know from you am i also i just found out that he was school captain impressed yet if not maybe you ll get to see him ridiculously drunk like that one time at falls festival or that time when he got all up in mark holden s grill yeah that s what i m after the factory theatre enmore $35 +bf some affordable inner west property holy motors kylie minogue has moved a long way away from ramsay st and here even makes her song mate nick cave look like a straight dude from the burbs her strangely affecting role in leos carax s baffling yet compulsively watchable film festival hit which is sure to produce plenty of excited chatter will enthrall her fans and earn respect from those who have yet to give this talented singer/actress her due but it is denis lavant s performance that will truly startle it is confronting and audacious ­ nothing short of amazing he s monsieur oscar a shadowy character who travels from one life to the next in the back of a stretch limo he is in turn a captain of industry dancer assassin beggar monster family man and lover each transformation presented with little explanation about what is going on in one long scene he lies naked in a sewer with an erection while a beautiful super-model you re a brave girl eva mendes croons a lullaby as he falls asleep one thing s for sure you ll be awake throughout elated enthralled and ready for a second viewing ctc at dendy newtown from aug 23 n thanks to icon films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below at the multiplex the bourne legacy matt damon s jason bourne has finally been eliminated his fans will miss him though tony gilroy s franchise reboot flies along briskly and is just as exciting as the earlier eps jeremy renner plays the new fugitive an assassin agent chemically enhanced by his bosses he s now the ultimate pill-popper and without his chems life gets nasty he lands in the arms of a spunky and helpful doc rachel weisz but is too pill-pumped to notice that she is also astonishingly beautiful whatever it is in those meds normal red-blooded spies won t want them m15 on now everywhere the school captain on tour friday 31st august freshly squeezed ­ ozi batla sky high p-smurf jackie onassis crochet crooks this is the cheaper parramatta road option for the night ­ hip hop buy tickets right now i say this because it is a convenient way to pay and also you get a free drink at the door if you buy presale yes yes!annandale hotel $10 n claire albrecht n ciao s pick win tix where is his helmet win tix royal road to ruin drug use suicide eating disorders teen violence rebellion and sexual identity ­ this wild and hilarious award-winning play by bert v royal has it all and more and it s playing at king street theatre for one week only dog sees god confessions of a teenage blockhead sees angsty teenager cb begin to question the existence of an afterlife when his dog dies from rabies but who can he turn to when his friends are too intoxicated from drinking and smoking to offer any kind of comfort or explanation his sister has turned goth and his ex has been institutionalized a chance meeting with a bullied `arty kid however offers cb peace of mind and sparks a friendship that will push this teen to the depths of his angst the season runs from august 22nd to 26th playing at 8pm wednesday to thursday 7.30pm friday and 2pm and 8pm over the weekend tickets cost $27 or $22 for concession where 644 king st newtown for more information visit n to win a double pass to the play email and tell us where you pick up your copy of ciao love despite the captivating soundtrack from cult altrockers angels and airwaves it s hard not to think of william eubank s space psycho-drama without instantly humming the david bowie song ground control to major tom gunnar wright stars as the first astronaut in years to be launched into space for a solitary orbit but months into the mission his aging equipment falters and a chilling message from houston leaves him slowly coming to terms with the knowledge that he may be the last man alive floating in his tin can but then a stunning find on his craft changes everything what happens next is deliberately ambiguous and will infuriate and excite sci-fi fans in equal measures love is as murkily enigmatic as kubrick s 2001 but that title may just give you a clue can you hear me major tom can you m15 at dendy newtown from august 30 n we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below n reviews ­ re off on wednesday 23rd august at 3.45pm at life resolutions level 3 suite 10 10 norton st leichhardt and covers issues like procrastination perfectionism exam preparation and life/study balance just to name a few n for more info visit www until sunday 26th august exhibitions runs wednesdays to sundays from 11am to 4pm so don t miss out on this confronting show n where pidcock st camperdown for more info visit monday 27th august again raising money for drummoyne public school the p&c will hold their annual school fete from 9am to 3pm this august so bring the whole family along to enjoy a day of rides stalls musical entertainment and delicious food go on it will be fun for more information call 9181 2636 n where rawson ave drummoyne author talk at shearer s michael robotham s psychological thrillers are known for having some of crime fiction s most compelling characters and the author himself is coming to shearer s at 7pm to meet his local fans as well as being one of the most accomplished crime authors of today he is the pseudonymous author of ten best-selling non-fiction titles come along and hear this prolific writer talk about his works and career and answer your questions don t miss out on what is sure to be a riveting night ­ entry costs $10 and includes refreshments for bookings call 9572 7766 n shearer s bookshop 99 norton st leichhardt free local exhibition chrissie cotter gallery s artist in residence dr josh wodak will be exhibiting the result of his work over the last two months with two exhibitions that deal with environmental concerns such as climate change and the rising sea levels the first `when i was a buoyant is made up of photographs depicting future sea level rises from different climate change trajectories while `turaluralu tuvalu looks at the different dimensions of climate change and the effects of sea level rises on low-lying pacific islands the win double movie passes theatre tix michael robotham sunday 26th august drummoyne public fete everyone loves a good school fete ­ it brings us back to our own childhood and makes you want to spin a chocolate wheel to be in the running to win a double movie pass to holy motors monsieur lazhar love and/or the play dog sees god confessions of a teenage blockhead all you have to do is email with your name and postal address telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao you can enter for just one or them all in a single entry but if you do ­ give us an order only at the movies august xx of preference thanks to all our regulars we love all your feedback and jokes please do try again community glamour at its best 5


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breaking up with items from your wardrobe for a good cause doesn t mean restricting what you reject to that ill-advised lurex jumpsuit from your office s 70s-themed christmas party your discarded work gear could help someone dress the part for an important job interview marrickville-based not-for-profit organisation dress for success sydney outfits disadvantaged women free of charge in high quality professional attire for job interviews they also run job-support service workshops covering topics such as `personal styling and presentation `building your resume and `interviewing for success led by founder chair megan etheridge a former public relations and marketing professional the service started as suited for work in burwood and operates through agencies such as job network disability employment services and indigenous employment programs among others our only criterion for referral is that the referring agency believes their client will benefit from having an appointment with us says etheridge there are layers of volunteer involvement within the charity and many ways the public can get involved hr professionals come in as coaches for clients while others sort and iron clothes donations the reloved revolution you know it s time for a spring clean when you can no longer see the floor of your bedroom but what are some innovative ways to repurpose unused items beyond the usual charity clothes bin drop get inspired by these bright ideas on how to farewell winter with a creative clear-out for as melissa pearce discovers seconds can mean a wealth of community cheer s s 6 financial controller office manager and it trainer cottman understands what it means to juggle home and work she s also met more than a few hoarders in her professional life anxiety is a huge thing with hoarders says cottman it is one of the reasons i always say to new clients `don t worry we re not about to come and throw everything away her top tip for starting a spring clean if you find it hard deciding where to begin start with the floor don t spend time stressing about what to throw away start focusing on what you want to keep and how it benefits your life the first step to getting organized is knowing how you want your life to be if your home is not a good reflection of `you make a change one man s trash is another s treasure is a universal truism for a reason the posting possibilities on friends with things are limitless and often entertaining we ve had everything from beehives to trampolines from power tools to pet cockatoos ­ anything is possible have a look around the site and you ll be amazed says prasad there is always a better place for your pre-loved stuff than the trash you just have to look hard enough corporate suits are the obvious item to donate and there was a constant stream of courier deliveries on the morning ciao visited the showroom where end-of-line ranges from table eight are just some of the goodies on offer nothing goes to waste with inappropriate work clothes think flouncy going to the bubbles and bargains sales held throughout the year and clothes that are entirely unsuitable collected by the likes of vinnies and oasis etheridge has a pertinent piece of advice for ciao spring cleaners though we never say `clean out your wardrobe if you don t want it because it is old and tired how can you expect a disadvantaged woman who already feels bad about herself to wear it so now that you ve attacked your wardrobe why let the recycling revolution stop there secondcycle take in old bikes that can be fixed up and gifted to people who don t have a car or may not be able to afford public transport jack moggach is one of the four bike enthusiasts two of whom live in stanmore behind the network of volunteer mechanics who work with organisations like the red cross that request bikes for their clients the better condition the bike is in the quicker we can deliver it to someone in need says moggach we can t really fix bikes that have serious structural faults cracked frames significant rust etc as a peoplepowered volunteer organisation it s best if the bike is safe and rideable or close to rideable when we receive it secondcycle is also always eager to hear from community partners that could benefit from their services you don t even have to leave home to get into recycling mode when sites like friends with things are a mouse click away a place for sharing with neighbours the not-for-profit online `market has been live for about 18 months founder ravi prasad who runs the site with matthew taylor from erskineville says it s still early days and there s a lot left to do such as a redesign but increased traffic to the virtual swap meet where you can borrow or swap things with people for free can only help the initiative bloom one of prasad s favourite things about the sustainabilityfocused site is that it builds stronger safer happier neighbourhoods it s fun you make a new friend every time you share the growing international movement towards sharing is not only cost-effective and environmentally friendly but also helps ease the pressure on resources created by population growth in big cities and encourages community spirit in our atomised times collaborative consumption may change the world one day and we re doing our little part to help explains prasad ok so you ve got your `donations box ready but you need help to see beyond the clutter sarah cottman is a professional organiser who heads up heavenly order a company offering advice for self-starters through to the totally overwhelmed across sydney there is little about chronic disorganisation that fazes cottman with her own daily balancing act as a mother of three wife dressed for corporate success ­ in pre-loved recycled clothes getting involved dress for success tel 1800 77 3456 needs corporate clothes in sizes 18-26 handbags reverse garbage tel 9569 3132 needs industry samples/discards perspex acrylic etc props or fit outs from events/stage shows/exhibitions that can be reused/repurposed as well as any arts and craft materials or materials that can be used to create art nb reverse garbage does not accept e-waste computers electrical equipment dress for success sydney sees about 10 clients a day this month they helped a 24-year-old girl who dreamed of working in the community sector feel confident enough to achieve her dream she chose a dress and leggings by balmain brand andiamo to wear to her interview and received styling assistance from volunteer ivana morris she was also booked in at mask beauty academy in parramatta for a hair makeover including foils cut and blow wave the staff are wonderfully supportive and patient with fantastic knowledge for all shapes she said i have just secured a job working with children and office duties i am now ready to step into the workforce with enough clothing and styling knowhow to look good while feeling absolutely fantastic and confident success story friends with things needs more of everything but particularly domestic things that you may have bought but rarely use heavenly order needs clothes these guys organise community initiatives on their facebook page like the recent winter warmer project to encourage people to come together over a wardrobe clean-out and give clothing to charities second cycle needs old bikes ­ the highest demand is for adult bikes and mountain bikes plus parts like handlebar tape and inner tubes bike locks helmets diana and helen from thomson reuters pictured with dress for success executive director kate celebrated international women s day 2012 by donating some fabulous clothes!


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sunday 2nd sept fathers day at leichhardt bowling club arefo ot b owls b special meals for dad family friendly seafo o d raffles fun for dad daily specials lascala i ta lian seafoodres ta urant parking available at rear first street off balmain rd from city west link a-la-car temenu bo o king sesse ntial cont ac tnelson 9 5 6 9 1 9 3 6 88-92 piper st leichhardt ph 9569 1936/9560 3574


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n your say contain yourself to container tax or not to container tax that is the question the greens have introduced legislation into federal parliament to implement a national container deposit scheme nsw used to have a cash-for-cans scheme you may remember squashing cans with your bare hands when you were a kid and getting excited about the money you could potentially earn but currently only south australia and the northern territory refund depositors 10c for every bottle or can collected the food and grocery council fgc have opposed the scheme claiming their product stewardship model is a better way to reduce waste the product stewardship approach would see industry provide direct funding for projects and suppliers take a role in managing the packaging and disposal of the product a national drink container deposit system would cost around $1.76 billion whereas the product stewardship model ­ modeled by pricewaterhousecoopers under the packaging impacts consultation regulation impact statement ­ would cost around $60 million they are also pushing for new recycling bin infrastructure including 30,000 new dual waste and recycling bins installed nationally this national bin network would be expected to increase recycling rates to around 66 per cent the fgc have pushed hard with a no drink container tax advertising campaign and let the australian public know that a case of beer will cost them an additional $4.80 the have also stuck to the tax terminology rather than the deposit scheme terminology they want consumers to feel financially burdened think carbon tax on the other hand the greens and other organisations like the boomerang alliance scout groups and local councils see the deposit scheme as a way to change behaviour australia currently wastes eight billion containers every year ­ and we all know where they end up ­ on our roads parks beaches and waterways we manufacture around nine billion plastic drink containers annually in sa 98 per cent of these are n sustainability local news balmain car bash balmain will be buzzing this sunday 19th august as hundreds of people are expected to pour onto the streets in support of variety s 2012 car bash local children s charity variety who are based out of the old police station in rozelle are starting this year s car bash from balmain for the first time in 20 years over a hundred specialty cars will be lining up along darling street from 6am heading towards town hall with the first car to roll over the start line at pcyc at 8.30am on its way to bamaga in queensland all the funds raised during the event will be donated to sydney secondary college s balmain campus for new facilities no roads will be closed during the event but no buses will be stopping between woolworths and town hall n for more information visit making sustainability sexy a plastic bag dress it s all about recycling and re-using this issue do you think sustainability is sexy n yes caring about your environment is sexy candy burwood n i ve always loved a man who carries a green bag elle five dock n i always notice when guys i m dating recycle and it does make them that little bit sexier than tossers fran petersham n no but neither is economic growth tahuna five dock n doing it with the lights out is sustainable and i think that s sexy ­ so i suppose yes sustainability is indirectly sexy kiel glebe n i m sure everyone will start to think sustainability is sexy when our resources start to run out alana newtown n sustainability is absolutely sexy it raises my temperature in a good way leane newtown campaigning in perth photo silkephoto recycled for the rest of australia this drops to 45 per cent so perhaps there is something to be said about the deposit scheme encouraging people to think twice about the disposal of a container however only once we understand that re-using is more sustainable than recycling and there are large costs associated with collection and recycling of containers will we realise the simplest solution is to avoid packaged products in the first place buy your beer on tap bring back the milk man and keep using that fitness first drink bottle it s the most sustainable way to live recycling rates for beverage containers from the keep australia beautiful national litter index 2009-10 · aluminium cans ­ 64 per cent · glass ­ 52 per cent · pet soft drink and water bottles ­ 56 per cent ·liquid paperboard milk cartons ­ 59 per cent ·high-density polyethylene milk bottles ­ 43 per cent n cindy mullen trollies pollies and other good samaritans truckloads of tucker curves abbotsford/drummoyne have helped feed a heap of hungry people in need this month after holding their annual food drive on monday 13th august along with mayor angelo tsirekas irene pudsey from curves proudly presented ozharvest with over 500kg of food the majority of the donations come from our members either by bringing in the groceries themselves or donating money where we go and purchase the groceries we want to thank everyone who donated and participated in the food drive said irene there were enough foodstuffs to fill six shopping trolleys and the variety was amazing everything from baby food to pasta sauces and biscuits was donated ozharvest driver barney and volunteer claire gratefully accepted the food on behalf of the charity and certainly got a workout loading up the delivery van n for more information visit green-thinking winners the winners of canada bay s sustainability awards were finally announced on august 6th to the applause of over 300 supporters from the local area young talent time winner greg robinson took out the sustainable culture award and was honoured with the responsibility of opening the awards dinner at rhodes phoenix restaurant the outstanding young performer kicked things off with a classic michael bublé tune before mayor angelo tsirekas highlighted the council s various green initiatives including the installation of gross pollutant traps that stop about eight tonnes of pollutants from reaching local waterways each year celebrity gardener costa georgiadis who hosts abc tv s gardening australia and is a self-proclaimed half-man half-hedge was the keynote speaker on the night and congratulated winners for taking action to care for their local environment more than 70 nominations were received during the sixth annual sustainability awards this year across 14 categories winners included club five dock rsl for the community partner award fiona johnston ­ who took home the environmental citizen award ­ and les hollis smash repairs which won the environmental business award for its commitment to environmental accreditation n for more info visit status update our pick of the best did you know `staying alive by the bee gees was set to the exact speed of the average human heartbeat at 103 bpm ironically `another one bites the dust was also set to this bpm peter nittes august 13 celebrity gardener costa georgiadis and his pet chicken kinky were a hit with norelle seymour and colleen pettiford a book club for the kids the reading studio is an exciting innovation led by robert and david berkelouw of berkelouw books tucked away upstairs on norton street the reading studio is a literary haven for children between 2 and 10 years old born out of a need for young children to develop learning and listening skills through reading robert and david both with young children of their own noticed the lack of educational reading programs for kids based on imagination critical thinking analysis and play they started developing a program enlisting the expertise of some of australia s leading academics including associate professors jane torr and alyson simpson professor vrasidas karalis and richard gill becoming the first of its kind in australia the program is underpinned by the principles that children learn through play want meaningful interaction with their teachers and peers and want to be challenged it has had remarkable effects on children who began developing creative analytical and meaningful thinking skills growing their vocabulary 8 n local business becoming more confident and learning to make emotional connections between words and character children s phonetic awareness and alphabetical principles also start to improve the reading studio uses a number of popular texts such as the hungry caterpillar nursery rhymes singing dancing drawing writing and role play to really engage with the written word in order to enhance cognitive learning memory and concentration robert says children learn to develop their imagination and critical thinking they also learn from each other when they are able to express concepts to their peers in their language they are really connecting and creating teachable moments local mum cathy enrolled her son in the program and is very impressed my children love books and now their love of reading is really growing they are able to concentrate more and the variations of story telling always make it interesting she says her three-year-old ethan echoed this sentiment chiming in the best bit is the drawing n the reading studio berkelouw books 70 norton st leichhardt more info at robert berkelouw a bookworm from way back


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n promotion garden tours the annual footprints eco festival will be held from 11am to 3pm on sunday 26th august at whites creek valley in annandale the day will be packed with plenty of family friendly entertainment including a wide range of free activities from workshops to hands-on gardening experiences for young to old to enjoy live music featuring the fantastic mardi pannan as the main performing artist on the day the festival will be buzzing with live music mardi plays intimate but energetic music that s just a little bit bohemian putting listeners at ease in their minds and making them feel as though they ve floated off to another amazing world his type of music will also keep festival-goers relaxed as they enjoy a picnic on the grass with their family after the main stage entertainment the pennys will be performing their own unique brand of upbeat music ­ a mix of indie folk and rock sure to keep the audience singing along to catchy tunes all afternoon stage at midday bringing to life the educational fairytale of tiddalik the frog which is based on an australian aboriginal myth where a greedy frog consumes all of the other native animals rochelle and shirley tend to the community garden kids love getting outdoors for the ecofest whites creek valley park growing greener and healthier every day the whites creek valley park community garden is an asset that gives back to its community gardeners in the bustling sometimes over-crowded inner city suburbs it can be hard to find a place to take time out and reconnect with nature but whites creek valley park and wetlands is one such place to do just that whites creek was made into one of the earliest concrete storm water channels in australia between 1898 and 1938 but it wasn t until 2002 that wetlands were created next to the creek today these wetlands are going strong with vegetation continuing to grow and the aquatic ecosystem steadily developing where local fauna including tadpoles and insects are finding a home and breeding the friends of whites creek valley park fowcvp run and maintain the community garden beside the whites creek cottage community centre and also organise regular garden talks throughout the year to educate more people about caring for the environment and growing sustainable food sources n check out the community garden at the footprints eco festival ­ tours will be running from 11am to 3pm throughout the day images danielle stirgess from memorable moments photograph sustainable fashion ciao s recycled fashion parade will feature secondhand clothing from a host of sustainable local outlets plus a couple of special one-off sustainable pieces by innovative young designer anna cahill anna will be showcasing two of her environmentally friendly and wearable artworks including her `ecouture dress ­ made out of recycled plastic bags ­ and her `roundabout runway bodice which is made completely out of paper mache using old street directories and laced up with vhs ribbon talk about creative other highlights don t miss checking out some short locally-made films from the footprints film festival which will be showcased during the day at the `cycle-in cinema where the audience pedal in to see the films it s just like a drive-in but for bike riders n for more information visit something for the kids antoine and bruce of `loop de loop formerly known as `the hooley dooleys will be keeping the kids busy during the festival with a jam-packed show of fun sing-alongs and comedy acts that will keep young uns laughing and participating all the way through ian mortimer will also take to the markets and workshops any keen green shopper will enjoy browsing through the market stalls selling everything from jewellery to food and drink and offering information about local green initiatives there will also be plenty of hands-on and educational experiences to be had such as tree planting workshops and wildlife exhibitions showcasing native animals all workshops are dedicated to raising awareness of the environment community glamour at its best 9


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eco futures n promotion fabric swap don t be a material girl textile waste is a massive problem in today s society once clothes get wet stained or mildewed they cannot be sold which is why perfectly good designer clothes are often dumped and discounted at auction houses for silly reasons like `smoke damage there s also the problem of consumers constantly wanting to update their wardrobes and simply dumping last season s threads all no fabric use paper up it s estimated that mached road maps instead around two million tonnes of textile waste is discarded every year the easiest way to recycle this extra fabric is to repurpose it perhaps by creating new unique pieces of clothing out of your fabric offcuts ­ whether it s cotton clothes string wool denim linens plastic or anything else around the house that you can think to make use of why not take inspiration from anna cahill s `roundabout runway bodice above which is made of old street directories you will not only save money but you will also be reducing landfill material gets thrown away daily only because people don t realise how to reuse it so if you can t think of what to do with old fabrics yourself donate them to a secondhand store where someone else will surely find a way of turning your trash into sartorial treasure the green living centre in newtown will also be holding a fabric swap and nostalgia quilt-making demo on saturday 1st september from 11am to 3pm this is another great place to swap your unused or pre-loved fabrics for something you will use come along and discover how even the smallest pieces of fabric can be given new life with the traditional past time of quilting n for more information visit the inner west is green get in touch with our visionary local businesses and community organistions co-operative shopping alfalfa house community food co-op is a not-for-profit co-operative that aims to provide where possible minimally packaged and minimally processed affordable wholesome organic food to its members most of what the co-op sells is unpackaged ­ shoppers simply bring their own containers and scoop pour or ladle out the exact amount they want neither you nor the environment pays for unnecessary packaging this process also allows you to only buy what you need ­ the price is the same whether you buy five grams or five kilos alfalfa house will be at the footprints festival taking donations for fresh vegan baked goods so stop by and say hello and get to know your community food co-op for more information visit n alfalfa house 113 enmore rd enmore tel 9519 3374 handy herbs made from powder-coated steel the herbmobile is the perfect light and portable kitchen garden on wheels colleen pettiford is the inventor and designer of this innovative cart that allows you to have your herbs right outside your backdoor the herbmobile is easy on your back and you can easily wheel it from the sun to the shade if you live in an apartment with a small balcony a herbmobile is also a great space-saving option colleen will be holding backyard workshops to help you make your own kitchen garden throughout the year visit the website for more details dates and to make a booking n for more information visit sartorial sustainability merry frolic frolic clothing on king st focuses on quality vintage stock and shows that a business based on sustainable practices can be financially environmentally and socially viable while being sustainable frolic minimises its resource footprint in all aspects of operation including using only grey water 100 per cent green energy and zero waste production the majority of stock is pre-existing garments other stock is chosen on the basis of local or sustainable production customers are encouraged to increase their understanding of the value and advantages of reusing existing garments and regularly given information about styles cleaning methods and other local sustainable businesses don t miss ciao s fashion parade at the footprints festival to see frolic strut their sexy stuff for more information search `frolic clothing on facebook n frolic clothing 461 king st newtown tel 9519 9895 vintage and retro suze the day is the place to clamour for glamour stocking the greatest range of frocks slacks jackets accessories and collectible garments suze the day has the perfect outfit for every occasion from burlesque vintage and furs suze the day sources garments from all around the world recently in is a huge range of glorious rabbit fur jackets dating from the `50s through to the `70s some amazing faux furs and short `70s leathers don t miss the fashion parade at he footprints festival to see some of suze s gorgeous outfits on display for more information look up `suze the day on facebook n suze the day 500a king st newtown tel 0431 651 784 open tues ­ sun fruit comes with its own packaging congratulations to our winners business access award the party people community organisation recognition 50 years drummoyne rotary club sydney rowing club greg robinson best maintained property award 45 creewood street 31-33 burton street disability employer of the year award sustainable culture environmental business award len hollis smash repairs fiona johnston fairmile cove anne tully best maintained property award business recognition award 100 years service wareemba pharmacy business recognition award 50 years rocky s hair and beauty environmental citizen award environmental organisation award award for special heritage work community partner award club five dock rsl business recognition award 25 years proline building council s sustainability awards is a program designed to encourage sustainability practices in our community and is an opportunity for us to recognise and reward those people who are committed to this sustainability awards were presented to exemplary businesses community groups and individuals who have achieved economic social or environmental progress in the city at an awards dinner at rhodes phoenix restaurant on monday 6 august business recognition award 25 years adam lee funeral director business recognition award 25 years drummoyne hair design precinct development award hunter beanland ­ drummoyne business chamber business recognition award 25 years concord hotel special heritage precinct award wilga street child friendly business award birkenhead point


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promotion photographer sam mcmillan stylist shanel salih hair makeup david cranson from ubeauty makeup model djaafar from wink models child george location callan park rozelle fashion dad ben sherman white t-shirt $39.95 flinders and lane multi-coloured check shirt $89.95 mossimo max relaxed cargo shorts $79.95 all from adam eve me converse all star shoes in chili pepper $89.95 from ungars shoes child blue t-shirt `hey boy $13 grey hoodie jacket $30 denim blue jeans $30 all from all about kids mercury laceless canvas casual shoe in navy $10 from target cougars polo neck t-shirt in stone white $29.95 highland ridge freestyle leisurewear waist pant in olive $39.95 all from lowes caterpillar beck mid shoes in worn brown $169.95 from ungars shoes elwood `mitchum v-neck knit in dusty red $99.99 ben sherman white t-shirt $39.95 mossimo `lucas slim comb pants in black $99.95 all from adam eve me cushe footwear vinyl 45 nylon runners in black/white $169.95 from ungars shoes dad original denim slim straight jeans in ink $69.99 ramone check shirt in red $49.99 delray crew tee in cream $29.99 all from jeanswest sperry top-sider billfish shoes in dark tan $189.95 from ungars shoes child navy cardigan $30 striped blue white red navy t-shirt $15 capri pants in beige $30 all from all about kids mars lace-up canvas casual shoe $20 from target mascot sherrin football $19 from target ssss marketplace sources lowes shop 60 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9560 3501 target shop 70 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9560 3033 all about kids shop 51 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9518 3855 adam eve me shop 43 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9569 9778 jeanswest shop 23 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9568 3181 ungars shoes shop 71 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9550 0842 community glamour at its best 13


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kitchen ingredients with melissa leong xo clam 1 kg pippies or clams we used a combination of various nz clams 1 clove garlic crushed 1 heaped tblsp blackbean sauce 1 heaped tblsp xo sauce 1 tsp raw sugar 100ml chicken stock 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger grated a splash chinese shaoxing wine 1 long red chilli chopped into rounds ½ packet of dried vermicelli rice noodles 1 cup water coriander to garnish method 1 in a hot wok add a cup of water and boil wine with winsor savvy buy brown brothers 2012 sauvignon blanc it may be under the brown brothers label but the fruit is 100 per cent tasmanian this is a vibrant tangy and zesty number full of the joys of youth with grassy/tropical fruit aromas that follow through to the palate where green notes are allied to passionfruit flavours and some searing acidity on the finish a wine for enjoying well chilled with some ocean trout or asparagus smothered in butter $18 red alert parker coonawarra estate 2008 terra rossa cabernet sauvignon a classic coonawarra cabernet with style and substance that has pleasingly been released after some significant maturation while there is 14.5 alcohol the wine is beautifully balanced with nary a hint of heat on the palate there is softness and approachability right now with the cabernet aided and abetted by small amounts of merlot and petit verdot but there is also impressive structure a seriously good red $44 isn t it time you clammed up 2 throw in the pippies or clams and cover for 3-4 minutes until the shells have opened 3 drain and place aside in a bowl 4 wipe out the wok bring it back to a high heat and throw in the garlic ginger blackbean sauce and xo sauce and shaoxing wine bring to simmer 5 add the stock sugar and chillies and mix to combine season to taste 6 boil a pot of water and once boiling cook the rice noodles for 3 minutes or until almost cooked drain and set aside 7 in a fry pan or another wok add peanut oil and heat to high ensuring the oil evenly coats the bottom 8 add the rice noodles and give them a shake to stop them sticking to the bottom allow the noodles to fry until crisp and golden on the bottom then flip to do the same to the other side 9 return the pippies or clams to the xo sauce and stir to combine and heat through 10 serve on the bed of crispy noodles and garnish with coriander leaves enjoy it with a good asian beer n there are few things more enjoyable than tucking into a bowl of saucy clams or pippies picking the sweet juicy pieces of meat from the shell licking the sauce from your fingers and generally making a fantastic mess xo is a much-loved concoction which is used as a dip relish or sauce the xo denotes a certain superiority and the aromatic paste includes dried and fresh chillies dried scallops shallots dried shrimp and other aromatics great recipes are readily available but you can also buy reliable versions at your local chinese grocer rising star flametree 2011 chardonnay the wines from flametree in margaret river just keep getting better and better this is an excellent fruit-driven chardonnay that should have widespread appeal it has the stone-fruit flavours and complexity hints of spicy oak that play an impressive support role and zingy white citrus on the finish with impressively steely acid there is a potential party or dinner party if you prefer in every glass $30 n at the markets n promotion n fruit this week apples and pears are great value but the greatest buy of them all is strawberries which have dropped down from $4 to around $2 a punnet n vegies the rain and cold in queensland is very bad at the moment so some vegies are in short supply if things don t warm up vegetables such as cauliflower broccoli beans and tomatoes will be more expensive due to limited stock n tony trim tim s fresh shop 21 marketplace leichhardt tel 9572 6886 drummoyne pride the drummoyne business chamber is an important organisation for the business community every three months they will reward a local business with the drummoyne pride award drummoyne has a vibrant engaging community that is accepting and welcoming known for its top customer and friendly welcoming people drummoyne is a suburb full of pride this quarter drummoyne s first ever award was given to irene makis who is a qualified fashion designer the award is given to her business all occasions alterations couturiers which is a dressmaking service where clients can custom order bridal formal and race wear by bringing in a picture a pattern or an idea to create the award was given for excellence in presenting and maintaining the shop to the highest standards of cleanliness attractiveness and improving the customer shopping experience in drummoyne ciao magazine interviewed irene makis and discussed how she found it an honour to receive the drummoyne pride award her efforts and dedication had not gone unnoticed irene started out as a young designer in sydney and was employed by lots of the great fashion houses and the top labels throughout the 27 years of creating and sewing garments she learnt a lot from the older traditional ladies clothing alterations dress making specialising in bridal and formal wear all other alteration s with this voucher 10 off pant hems $15 jean hems $11 186b victoria rd drummoyne ph 9181 4600 irene and amanda custom making a gown after having started up and sold two businesses irene couldn t resist the urge to get back into fashion as she says she performs miracles and does things that others can t i can see the best way to alter through understanding structure of the garment irene is particularly good at leather silk and beading for men s and women s wear bridal and costume designs one of the most outstanding pieces she designed was a bridal gown made with black silk irene has brought back bespoke tailoring to drummoyne and the community has welcomed her warmly ever since irene could remember being a successful designer and business owner in a supporting area such as drummoyne is what she always wanted now she has achieved that goal thanks to her local community in drummoyne n all occasions alterations couturiers 186b victoria rd drummoyne ph 91814660 drummoyne business chamber the drummoyne business chamber inc was formed to promote drummoyne for the benefit of both local businesses and the residents of our community it is a non-profit organisation open to all drummoyne residents and business owners the purpose of the chamber is to encourage the local businesses our local council and the community to unite and be involved in all future planning and events in drummoyne and so that we can proudly create an identity for our beautiful bayside suburb that we all share and enjoy chamber meetings are held on the 1st wednesday of every month 6pm to 7pm at pj s gallagher s at the corner of victoria lyons rds drummoyne first ever drummoyne pride winner 14


p. 15

lemon curd tarts makes approx 6 tarts 125g of caster sugar 140g unsalted butter chopped juice and zest of one lemon 4 eggs 6 tart pastry cases 1 place sugar eggs zest and lemon juice in a bowl over a bain marie making sure the bowl does not touch the water and stir with a whisk the mixture is ready when it coats the back of a spoon 2 remove from heat and add butter until combined 3 pour your lemon mixture into your precooked tarts and refrigerate for up to 6 hours 4 serve with a light dusting of icing sugar and a dollop of cream or gelato master married chocolatiers a warning to fussy eaters the modern diet let me start off by clearly stating my position i stand by the following 1 the customer is king 2 i respect all my customers but have a soft spot for people who eat consciously vegans vegetarians ethical eaters 3 i always try to accommodate requests ­ especially allergies now that being said i have to also say some of you are seriously taking the piss gluten intolerance is a real medical condition called celiac disease ­ it is a serious condition you are not celiac if you wake up with a hangover have a bacon sandwich and feel uncomfortable and bloaty afterwards allergies are also serious if you go to a restaurant and have an allergy tell us as soon as possible preferably at the time you make a booking and any self-respecting restaurant will make sure you re well looked after if you send through an email listing your allergies as follows this was a real request by the way cannot eat highly allergic onion garlic spring onions celery soft green herbs parsley coriander vinegar citrus dairy vegetable oils animal fats goat s cheese is okay prefer to avoid goats cheese stone fruit melons watermelons berries red meat poultry shellfish crustacean can eat chicken breast potato butter lettuce not fancy ones only iceberg ice cream as a treat and then when you come in eat half of your partner s food because it looks so damn yummy the kitchen may just hate you with the force of a thousand suns i think i need a holiday i wonder how long these modern diets and fussy eaters would last if we were not so lucky to be living in this rich country with all the modern systems in place to spoil us with an almost unrealistic level of choice i am pretty sure we would not starve to read more about jared s take on the modern diet check out the next issue of ciao n jared ingersoll at home with rino and marisa saffioti rino and marisa saffioti may have a new shop front in haberfield but they have been making delicious chocolates and tantalising sweets behind the scenes for 20 years supplying the david jones food hall up until two years ago rino and marisa finally finished the renovations to their café this year and are coming face to face with their foodie fans for the first time here the couple share how they fell into the chocolate business and which of their chocolate creations is their favourite how did you start out in the chocolate business we came to a crossroad in our lives and found an opportunity to buy an existing business marisa started it at the beginning but a year or so later i was out of work and we ventured into a total career change ­ marisa coming from a background in the fashion industry and myself as a computer technician so together for the past 20 years we ve made it our mission to build a successful business with quality ingredients to give our customers the best possible chocolate experience what is it about chocolate that you love do you have a favourite chocolate from your collection we love when our customers tell us they enjoy eating our chocolates that makes us feel good and gives us great pleasure we change our favourite chocolate every week but one of them would have to be the classic strawberry also the modern salted caramel and anything that has coconut like coconut roughs wild cherry or cocco bello just to name a few what s the secret to creating a great dessert the secret to a great dessert is a balance of flavours that compliment each other and it must be made from quality ingredients if you could invite anyone over for dinner and hot chocolate whom would you invite why our favourite cook would have to be jamie oliver and the other from sydney is john lanzafame we would have them both over for dinner because they are so down to earth and they are very passionate about their cooking n interview nancy merlo atto matto trattoria alberto s no.1 pizzeria restaurant was established 33 years ago and has been successfully catering to the locals of the inner west ever since winter deals spaghetti with meatballs brocolli w garlic bread $16 everyday from the 16th of soon starting august delight your palate with light lunches on thursday friday saturday light degustation menu entree one course drink from $25 extended trading hours since 1979 spend $51 and you get a surprise alberto caters pizza pasta beef veal chicken pork dishes seafood upon request world class chef authentic italian cuisine business catering corporate lunches great for functions family friendly restaurant takeaway menu free parking level 1 4/12 garfield street five dock {next door to the library above superbarn 589 king street 9519 4262 dinner 7 days 5 till late lunch pick up or delivery for lunch orders over $100 pizza/pasta we can cater pizza or pasta for your next event just give us 24 hrs notice dine in takeaway or delivery see our website for more tasty deals generous toppings prompt service unbeatable value for money bookings 02 9712 7770 facebook gattomattotrattoria community glamour at its best 15



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