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a magnificent report by ella cameron


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an emperor penguins feeding is a lot different to ours the emperor penguin feeds off small creatures in the icy cold ocean such as squid and krill this is the food that they gorge on krill


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freezing antarctica is the home of lots of penguins antarctica is basically a desert of ice surrounded by stormy seas the emperor penguin breeds in the harsh winter of antarctica when the sea is frozen and the sun never rises.


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flippers are a definite special feature for the emperor penguin this is because because they are slow walkers their flippers are stuck out to balance them.


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the dangerous enemies of the emperor penguin are leopard seals and killer whales sometimes even killer whales lunge out across the ice after a frighten penguin has leapt for safety.


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baby penguins are born in eggs the father alone welcomes the baby chick to the world even he fathers are struggling to eat because they have to find food for their chicks.


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emperor penguins are very intelligent creatures among our planet care for our penguins and let them keep all of their happy life that they have.



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