Staying Motivated During Your Career Change


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issue 26 digital edition october 2011 advice 34 35 all the latest career news pages 4-7 staying motivated during your career change when making a career change one of the most important aspects to ensure success is being clear about what you are trying to achieve find your career passion pages 18-21 clarity specificity and precision are keys to maintaining your motivation during career change as simon north explains this is where you will get your motivational energy to drive through a career change and make it successful comes from instead of pursuing a range of ideas spend time on narrowing down your options and getting focused set yourself a goal to get as clear as you can about precisely what your goal is and what your focus will be on be as specific as you can choose one career one avenue one type of role sector/field and hone in on it as much as you can focus on using your strengths choose the career you want to change to by asking yourself what you wish you were doing right now and identifying your strengths by possibly using a tool such as strengthsfinder http www.strengthsfinder com/home.aspx once you know what you want to be doing and you know what you re strengths are make a list of the careers that incorporate both your passions and your talents and choose the career that jumps out at you from the list think about ways to be smart make sure that you act smart and start your career change the way you mean to go on lay out good habits and make sure that you are taking care of yourself so you don t get exhausted as you move through this shift and career change simple things such as getting a good nights sleep can impact your ability to perform and make progress so stay on top of your sleeping hours to allow yourself time to rest and recuperate it s also important to eat well cut down on the amount of processed foods you eat and increase your intake of fruit vegetables and whole grains getting regular exercise will also increase your well-being and alertness even if it s just a short lunchtime walk 3 times a week make sure your network and connections are up to speed one way to make a career change progress forwards with real momentum is by networking and connecting to colleagues and friends who can help you with this significant shift when looking at your network make sure that you establish a plan of action and strategy before you reach out to them be clear about what you want to ask them what you want from them what you d like to learn from them and also how you can be helpful to them nowadays there are a range of ways to maintain build and grow your network you may want to attend networking events and there is also online mediums such as linkedin to think about if you aren t confident in making the most of linkedin for your career change you may find the following useful reading manage the career plateau effectively pages 26-28 from finance to fitness pages 30-33 contents news advice comment case study


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issue 26 digital edition october 2011 advice 36 37 news when the going gets tough the tough get going that is the message freelancers are sending out in the midst of the economic downturn keeping motivation 125 linkedin job search tips http www establish a good routine the most effective way of keeping yourself motivated during a career change is to have a clear routine for each day whatever routine you establish for yourself needs to be as well thought through and balanced as if you were preparing for a marathon split the day up into hourly instalments and decide what order you re going to tackle tasks in and how much time you re going to assign to each task be it one hour two hours or three hours different job search tasks to incorporate into your schedule could for example include searching a particular organization s website for current job vacancies suited to your aspirations or going out for a coffee with an old contact who now works within the field you re interested in clear a space at home for you to work on your job search as a clutterfree environment will make it easier to stay motivated and stick to your timetable don t let yourself get distracted it s so easy to pick up newspapers to login to online recruitment boards and to get driven along by the seduction of a job that looks just right for us when some people call the recruitment game for a candidate a lottery it s because the candidate puts themselves in a position where they re not in control when you re distracted you lose control stay focused on the career you ve chosen by setting up google alerts for keywords relating only to that career visit specialist job boards instead of general ones and use the keyword search engine on the site instead of aimlessly browsing vacancies unrelated to your chosen new profession for more information and tips on how to structure your career change look at this 85 mid life career change tips http www book about the author simon north is the co-founder of position ignition one of the uk s leading career consultancies which specialises in career change executive job search and career challenges mid life career transitions and new career directions a survey of over 2,000 freelancers and contractors carried out by pcg shows that 75 of those polled had been in contract for at least eleven months out of the last twelve and in a remarkable show of confidence 84 of those surveyed believed that business opportunities would stay the same or increase in the months to come freelancers also showed their flexibility and adaptability by taking their abilities into the private sector when the public sector came under pressure since 2010 13 of respondents had moved to the private sector the survey also showed more than a degree of optimism on day rates with over 50 not expecting the rates to go south and looking back at the last twelve months 84 had seen their rates freelancers get going career support during change pages 22-25 stay the same 51 or be increased 33 john brazier md of pcg commented we are not at all surprised freelancers are in demand they are the natural accelerants of the economy as uk plc gets back on its feet however our members report it s been a tough road particularly those who saw local public sector work dry up and had to revise their business plans but our members have demonstrated their adaptability by securing contracts in the private sector mr brazier continued we still live in uncertain times and government must wind up the rhetoric and start cutting red tape and regulations to enable the freelance workforce to deliver its full potential uk find your career passion pages 18-21 your career change motivation pages 34-36 from finance to fitness pages 30-33 contents news advice comment case study contents news advice comment case study



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