Identifying Transferrable Skills for Your Career Change


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issue 28 digital edition december 2011 advice the transferable skills you acquired at school college or university are also relevant if you ve ever done any voluntary work had any hobbies or interests raised a child or cared for an elderly relative you will have picked up transferable skills from these experiences too all your life you ve been acquiring skills that can be transferred to your new career try identifying those skills by taking the following steps reflect on your experiences the most direct way to discover how your experiences have benefited your transferable skills set is to consciously take a few hours this weekend to reflect upon them go through your life starting from childhood and make a note of all the significant academic tasks extracurricular activities jobs and family responsibilities you ve undertaken write down the skills you used in each of these accomplishments and look at how you could use these same skills in your new career look at the skills you ve used this week as well as reviewing your life as a whole thinking about the 28 29 most recent tasks you ve completed can also be of value write down what you ve done this week both in and away from the workplace what skills did you use the fact that you ve used these skills so recently is useful for your career change as it shows potential employers what you re capable of right now when you re actually doing something think about the skills you re using in order to get it done how could these skills be used elsewhere thinking about our skills can be a challenge so ask those who know you well for their feedback the people who are closest to you know what you re good at and can probably already imagine you using certain skills in a variety of contexts a good quality career professional can also give you valuable feedback a career guide that s really worth their salt will take the time to get to know you and once they do know you they ll give you an objective and informed viewpoint allowing you to make decisions from a much stronger platform nisa chitakasem believes that we all have transferable skills whether we know it or not you ve decided you want to change careers and you re wondering how you can sell yourself to potential employers how can you convince them that you have the skills to succeed in a profession you have no experience in even if you don t have direct experience of a certain career field that doesn t mean you don t have skills pertinent to it we all have transferable skills whether we know it or not no matter how drastic the difference between our old career and new career our previous experiences both in and outside of work will have led to us having transferable skills and at least some of these transferable skills can be put to use in any profession including your chosen new profession we all have transferable skills but how do you go about finding out which ones you have here it s important to take all of your life experiences into consideration not only your current work role but previous ones all the latest career news pages 4-7 for better and for worse pages 18-21 about the author nisa chitakasem co-founder of position ignition the uk s leading career consulting company she is also co-author of how to get the job you want which can be found on the position ignition website when one door closes pages 22&23 identifying transferable skills for your career change contents news advice comment all your career questions answered pages 24&25 self employment



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