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simple guide to choosing an atv chris knight gives you a few pointers east texas pick me up magazinei m free july/august 2012 off-road edition hot weather fishing teaching kids to fish by luke clayton east texas outdoors magazine delta waterfowl youth shoot 2012 pbr red river showdown pineywoods friends of the nra 5th annual lake palestine palooza pg 1


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new expanded grill outdoor deck with big screen tv lake palestine 18270 singingwood lane flint tx 75762 from tyler south on hwy 155 from loop 323 in tyler turn right on big eddy road to the lake approx 10.6 miles to the marina from the south hwy 155 north turn left onto fm 2661 by brookshire s turn left on big eddy road to the lake approx 4.6 miles · pontoon boats · tackle · paddle boats · lures · kayaks · fishing rods · fuel · yearly boat stall rentals · t-shirts and souvenirs · fish cleaning station · live and frozen bait · 24-hour security · fishing licenses · covered boat stalls with water and electricity 903-561-1413 a new nationally syndicated series about some of today s most talented singers and songwriters a behind the scenes look at what it takes to be a real texas troubadour check the website to learn where to watch troubadourtx.com east texas outdoors magazine pg 3


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contents 13 feature story simple guide to choosing an atv by chris knight 54 64 70 72 74 76 hot weather fishing by mark allen bearly by larry weishuhn the reader board red dirt texas girl challenge the outdoors campout words from the warden 18 20 25 28 32 41 46 48 50 pg 6 rod review by jerry dolezal by luke clayton soldiers serve with heart teaching kids to fish by luke clayton special section ­ off-road mineola nature preserve 5th annual lake palestine palooza reel recovery to harvest or not to harvest by ed thomas 13 summer school on tawakoni 64 etoutdoors.com


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east texas magazine vol 2 issue 4 staff pasha ross watson angie dolezal luke clayton jerry doc watson managing editor account executive creative director editor at large senior field rep 35 50 28 contributing writers content luke clayton larry weishuhn chris green mark allen tiffany elliott jerry dolezal chris knight chef cedric fletcher ed thomas robbie gunn cherish cooley montana threlkeld contributing photography kayne parrish robbie gunn david alvey debbie mckinney dearil jackson angel tyner ed thomas michelle byerly east texas outdoors magazine published by circle j.p enterprises llc p.o box 605 111 w main st frankston tx 75763 855 etoutdoors advertising questions can be forwarded via email to info@etoutdoors.com subscription available at etoutdoors.com the opinions expressed in east texas outdoors magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the editor publishers or their agents the publisher is not responsible for any intentional or unintentional misuse of another author s work all materials received and used in this magazine are considered original and submitted by it s original owner all materials in this magazine are under copyright to each individual author and may not be republished without permission from that author the information contained herein has been compiled from sources deemed reliable and it is accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief however east texas outdoors magazine cannot guarantee as to its accuracy completeness and validity and cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions east texas outdoors magazine pg 7


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editor s letter n ancient times when the night sky was not obscured people depended upon constellations to navigate the seas plant crops and planned much of their lives around what happens above in charting these constellations they created images one being that of the dog the constellations canis major and canis minor the brightest of the stars in canis major the big dog is sirius this also happens to be the brightest star in the night sky and referred to as the dog star the traditional dog days derive their name from this constellation and those dog days of summer fall between july 3rd and august 11th the reason for this reference to the night sky the dog days of summer are upon us i find myself amused to realize the dog days have absolutely nothing to do with the dogs digging a hole in a shady spot as they pant relentlessly i am so very thankful for the rain we have received in east texas thus far and hope the trend continues if you didn t know it has been very busy around east texas all of the outdoor events fishing tournaments and people getting outside are the perfect mix for exciting times in our neck of the woods the biggest party on lake palestine the lake palestine palooza is always a treat and we are so excited to be a part of this annual event the villages marina and h&w marine do an excellent job creating a fun-filled day for the entire family while supporting such a worthy cause lake wright patman played host to the challenged outdoorsmen of america and welcomed deserving children into the challenge the outdoors campout ryan lynn and the soldiers serve with heart organization continue to give back to those who are so deserving of our time and attention reel recovery is nationally touching the lives of those battling cancer the people involved with these organizations are out there every day making a difference my hat is off to all of you living on purpose if you want to make a difference get involved not every opportunity requires a lot of money sometimes a little time and effort will go a long way east texas outdoors magazine is extremely proud to welcome angie dolezal as our creative director her passion enthusiasm creativity and professionalism are contagious and we are honored to share her talents with our readers runoff elections for smith county sheriff are at the end of july and you the voters of smith county have an opportunity to determine the direction of and leadership in your community please be sure to go vote and let your voice be heard in this runoff election everyone at east texas outdoors magazine wishes candidate for smith county sheriff chris green the best of luck in the upcoming election chris always the consummate professional friend and all-around great guy continues to bless us with his wisdom insights and love of the outdoors in each issue we are proud of the manner in which he and his affiliates have managed to conduct a campaign based on honesty and integrity we would never expect anything less from chris be on the lookout for the next issue it is that time of year again and we are gearing up with our hunting issue as always we thank you for giving us the opportunity to showcase all that east texas has to offer drop us a line anytime see you outdoors i angie dolezal our new creative director doc colton and stacy dean campbell at the troubadour tx season finale concert taped in addison pg 8 etoutdoors.com


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east texas fishing guide service lake palestine we fish for what s biting free east texas outdoors magazine bait and tackle provided fish cleaned and bagged 903 271-4683 or 903 271-3716 www.easttexasfishing.net email etexasfishing@aol.com pg 9


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on the tournament trail budlight trail lake fork 05/06/2012 1st ray vereen 2nd troy clemens troy rossman 3rd phillip hope steve hope boss championship caddo lake 06/02/2012 h&w marine triton team members take ranger championship 1st terry burghart jeff holder fishers of men bob sandlin 04/28/2012 1st mike stroman aaron walker 2nd paul ferguson ronnie durrett 3rd tom ward dave cahal pg 10 etoutdoors.com


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media bass lake palestine 06/09/2012 1st ryan whitfield carey knight 2nd jn williams trey miller 3rd mike cagel george lambert budlight trail toledo bend rayburn shreveport spring team division 05/26/2012 1st dennis tietje brandon baker 2nd jeremy burge kraig welbon 3rd randy despino kevin lasyane bassmasters weekend series sam rayburn 05/26/2012 1st nick lebrun h&w marine s tnt cross lake 06/07/2012 1st ed chance tommy neil east texas outdoors magazine pg 11


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what are you thinking got an idea east texas outdoors magazine is for our readers and your feedback can help us bring you more of what you want in each issue please share with us what you like and what you don t topics you would like to see us cover events you would like to read about we look forward to hearing from you please e-mail your ideas comments and suggestions to pasha@etoutdoors.com or mail your comments to east texas outdoors magazine attn editor p.o box 605 frankston tx 75763 pg 12 etoutdoors.com


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so many to choose from east texas outdoors magazine pg 13


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simple guide to choosing an atv ith so many brands to choose from and then so many models within each brand it seems like a daunting task to gure out which atv or side by side vehicle is the right choice at least six major brand names are well known in the o road vehicle market and each brand has its own idea of how they wish to position their products in such a competitive market some boast reliability some claim horsepower others focus on utility while a few pinpoint sport enthusiasts it can be concluded that all of the brands have their good points but with so many choices which one is right for you by chris knight w innovations my how atvs have changed and developed over the years some of the innovations seen over the last decade are absolutely amazing when talking about innovation you can t help talk about brp bombardier recreational products the parent company of can-am who no doubt leads the industry in this area here are some of the latest innovations at brp that impress me the most torsional trailing arm independent tti rear suspension with external sway bar exclusive to can-am tti eliminates scrub and camber changes by using proprietary geometry that places the pivot points ahead of the rear wheels the torsional trailing arm independent tti rear suspension is the only independent rear suspension that eliminates scrub and camber changes because the pivot points are ahead of the wheels the rear wheels pivot up and down which ensures that the vehicle only moves in the direction you point it tti has fewer parts than competitive designs and signi cantly decreases tire wear intelligent throttle control itc itc s throttle-by-wire set up improves throttle response smoothes power delivery and ensure precision throttle control even in the roughest of terrain the rotax engine uses a throttle-by-wire system for more accurate throttle response and a smooth power delivery if the driver s foot bounces on the gas pedal in rough terrain itc detects unwanted bounces and lters the input resulting in more throttle accuracy especially at low speed it also reduces the number of moving parts in the vehicle has no cable to adjust lubricate or replace and the system has an increased life span removable free-standing seats driver and passenger advanced ergonomics the can-am commander was designed with a more ergonomic seating and steering position than competitive side-by-sides this provides an optimal seating position automotive-like ergonomics low hip position h point easier ingress egress optimal comfort when riding and more legroom pg 14 the freestanding commander seats can be removed from the machine without tools full bolster seats provide lumbar and shoulder support and provide comfort in aggressive riding situations both seats are easily removable and come with an integrated stand o ering a comfortable seating position when used outside of the vehicle etoutdoors.com


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the industry s most versatile and usable cargo box design has a 600-lb cargo capacity dual storage levels anti-rust box and tilt-assist dumping industry s rst cargo box with two levels separated by a removable water-resistant panel it o ers the possibility to have an upper and a lower bed with their independent tailgate carrying capacity of the box is 13.1 cu ft /372 l of total volume and 600 lb the tilt-assist dump-bed can be easily activated from both sides its single latch upper and lower gates are easily removable and no tools are required made of high-strength anti-rust anti-dent composite also comes with an optional trunk lock as an accessory to secure lower level industry s exclusive dual-level cargo box the dpstm technology includes a direct link setup that uses advanced magnetic eld sensors for faster response to steering input than competitive technology which then minimizes steering lag less kickback and more trail feedback is supplied to the operator because of the 50:1 nal gear ratio which is the largest in the industry a high-capacity 50-amp motor means the dpstm will never fade with heavy use and all dps tm-equipped models also come with the visco-lok qe new dynamic power steering dpstm all dps-equipped models have the visco-lok qe calibration up front which has all the features and bene ts of the standard quickengagement visco-lok di erential but with an even quicker engagement point the industry s only progressive auto-locking front di erential that engages all wheels at any speed it constantly monitors front wheel speed and if it detects one wheel spinning faster than its mate it progressively sends more power to the wheel with better traction all without the driver having to push buttons or pull levers visco-lok qe auto-locking front di erential itc s throttle-by-wire set up improves throttle response smoothes power delivery and ensure precision throttle control even in the roughest of terrain the rotax engine uses a throttle-by-wire system for more accurate throttle response and a smooth power delivery if the driver s foot bounces on the gas pedal in rough terrain itc detects unwanted bounces and lters the input resulting in more throttle accuracy especially at low speed it also reduces the number of moving parts in the vehicle has no cable to adjust lubricate or replace and the system has an increased life span the can-am commander family of side-by-side vehicles features the industry s best lighting system at 240-w automotive-style projectors on each side run at 120-w in low beam and 240-w in high-beam mode intelligent throttle control itc 240-w lighting d.e.s.s.tm digitally encoded security system the industry s rst standard anti-theft device the can-am commander comes with two di erent keys one that limits top speed to 44 mph 70 km/h the second is the performance key with no limitation on speed or power an optional third work key is available for purchase and limits top speed to 25 mph 40 km/h for use on work sites east texas outdoors magazine pg 15



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