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Product catalogue 2012

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the natural choice


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page sr ll tg cb snh csb cr cl r var ph colours b gy o rd w black grey orange red white side releases ladderlocs tri-glides dividers cam buckles snaphooks clip suspender buckle centre release cordlocs cord ends rings various phone holders leaflets certificates materials a dl e n n/gf pe pp 4 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 18 20 22 24 26 acetal delrin elastomer nylon nylon/glass fiber polyethelene polypropylene product photographs in this catalogue are designed primarily to portray the style shape and where possible function of the individual nexus parts and may not necessarily be at normal size it is the responsability of the customer to determine the suitability of itw nexus products for use in their particular application extra information at


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the following technical information is designed not only to assist in the selection and use but also to show the capabilities of the engineered buckles and closures manufactured by itw nexus europe it will not provide all the answers as plastic technology is an ever changing field but it should prove a useful guide the itw logo nexustm nxtm fastextm fixlocktm are registered trademarks of illinois tool works many of the products shown in this catalogue are covered by one or more patents


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sr side releases wsr dwsr wsr 20 wsr 25 wsr 40 wsr 50 n,a n,a n,a a mat bbbb col dwsr 25 dwsr 40 dwsr 50 a a a mat b b b col the world side release wsr buckles offer a short compact and functional design including a new center rib in the female to increase crush resistance they also incorporate the patented slick click latching mechanism the world side release is also available with dual ladderloc facility both 40 and 50 mm version have a contoured profile to improve user comfort airloc airloc dual airloc 20 airloc 25 airloc 40 airloc 50 aaaa mat bbbb col airloc dual 25 airloc dual 40 airloc dual 50 a a a mat b b b col with all the structural benefits of the world range the airloc features the enchanced see-thro design dual ladderloc facility with see-thro design 4 the natural choice


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side releases wsr tongue mp buckle 50 sr wsr 40 tongue wsr 50 tongue a a mat b b col mp buckle 50 a mat b col based on the wsr design this buckle with extended tongue offers rapid release even with gloved hands this part is ideally suited to diving equipment the mp buckle 50 mm has been designed specifically for situations when two handed release is preferred sr sr 20 sr 25 sr 30 sr 40 sr 50 sr 60 n,dl n,dl n n,dl n,dl dl mat bbbbbb col originally designed by itw nexus the side release buckle has long been the standard for both performance and appearance in the buckle industry patented center bar wings prevent both overflexure of arms and release under impact loading the natural choice 5


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sr side releases esr desr esr 20 esr 25 esr 30 esr 40 esr 50 esr 60 aaaan,a dl mat b,rd/b bbbbb col desr 50 desr 60 n,a dl mat b b col the europa side release esr buckles feature the patented slick click latching mechanism with a thoughtful ergonomic design from the europa side release family offered also with dual ladderloc facility both 50 and 60 mm versions have a contoured profile to improve user comfort esr 60-b esr 60-b dl mat b col designed with wider female slot to accommodate wider belt specifications 6 the natural choice


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side releases ss-40 ss-440 sr ss-40 n/gf mat b col ss-440 n/gf mat b col the super strong offers a high resistance load to meet specific applications the newer redesigned and stronger version of our standard ss-40 shockloc 15 shockflex 15 shockloc 15 a mat b,rd/b col shockflex 15 a mat b,rd/b col the shockloctm was specially designed for 15mm webbing with a curved profile to ideally suit bicycle helmet requirements exclusive patented flex design and integral shock absorbers to allow impact load absortion ideal for leisure helmets w5w 25 w5w 25 a mat b col the 5 way buckle provides safety to the juvenile industry its 25 nw load release avoids opening by infants the natural choice 7


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ll ladderlocs ll ell ll 12 ll 15 ll 20 ll 25 ll 30 ll 40 aaaaaa mat bbbbbb col ell 20 ell 25 a a mat b b col the europa ladderloc is designed with an optimum relase angle to maximise webbing grip while maintaining easy tightening and gradual release ladderloc adjustor are the most versatile buckles available allowing easy one-handed release or tightening of webbing and straps wll 25 sll wll 25 a mat b col sll 25 sll 50 a a mat b b col this compact and attractive design also offers easy threading precise locking and significant strenght properties the super ladderloc offers enhanced performance under higher load applications 8 the natural choice


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tri-glides tg etg tg tg 15 tg 20 tg 25 tg 30 tg 40 tg 50 nnnnnn mat bbbbbb col etg 20 etg 25 etg 30 etg 40 etg 50 aaaaa mat bbbbb col the itw nexus triglide tg has become the standard strap length adjustment for the industry the europa triglide provides length adjustment on strap assemblies as well as innovative styling designed also with teethed bar to increase load retention sg sg 20 sg 25 sg 30 sg 40 nnnn mat bbbb col the lower profile and smooth action allow the slimglide sg to be used in applications where the standard tg is unsuitable the natural choice 9


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tg dividers air divider ad 15 international divider air divider ad 15 n mat b col international divider 15 n mat b col this helmet 15 mm strap divider allows easy slide pre-set fitting when open with excellent webbing retention combined with the ability to re-open when necessary the newest redesigned 15 mm strap divider a simple modern and effective divider for helmet industry wa 17 wa 17 n mat b col the wedge adjuster wa was designed to perform to the rigid demands of the protective helmet retention systems 10 the natural choice


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cam buckles hpcb pcap cb hpcb 315 hpcb 320 hpcb 325 hpcb 330 hpcb 340 hpcb 350 aaaaaa mat bbbbbb col pcap a mat b,gy,w col versatile cam buckle central adjustment to secure webbings while locked on a surface the high performance cam buckles hpcb provide an easy use and adjustment to secure webbing the locking doors trap the webbing to prevent unintentional slippage lpcb lpcb 327 lpcb 815 lpcb 820 lpcb 825 a a a mat b b b col lpcb 327 a mat b col the positive locking action of this cam buckle is complemented by a low profile design a low profile cam buckle with longer tab for 25 mm webbing the natural choice 11


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snh snaphooks snh rsnh snh 20 snh 25 snh 30 snh 40 n/a n/a n/a n/a mat bbbb col rsnh 25 rsnh 40 n/a n/a mat b b col itw nexus snaphooks are available in a wide variety of sizes for numerous applications most popularly used as shoulder strap attachments they are strong lightweight and easy to use rotary snaphooks allowing 360 degrees webbing rotation wtc 25 kh wtc 25 dl mat b col kh 5 kh 8 n n mat b b col a unique solution to connect webbing onto tubular section moulded karabiner hooks eliminate the traditional metal crimp ring they securely grip shock cord by means of a fastening mechanism 12 the natural choice


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clip suspender buckle csb ncsb 4040 csb csb 3030 csb 4040 csb 5050 a a a mat b b b col nscb 4040 a mat b col buckle specifically created for the workwear industry a third bar incorporated to allow strap on the clip strong lightweight and attractive new version of suspender buckle ideal for workwear garment ncsb 3737 ncsb 3737 a mat b col designed to compliment the ncsb style this lightweight but durable product increases the size range and customer choice the natural choice 13


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cr centre release fx 3 fx 5 fx 3 gz+3way n/gf mat b col fx 5 gz+5way n/gf mat b col a group zero center release buckle for 3-way webbing applications with ergonomic style for easy parental operation according to ece 44.04 a group zero center release buckle for 5-way webbing applications with ergonomic style for easy parental operation according to ece 44.04 gp 1 fx 1 gp 1 n/gf mat b col fx 1 n/gf mat b col a group 1 buckle stylish recreation for 5-way european seatbelt systems sliding push button design slick streamlined and very lightweight according to ece 44.04 a group 1 buckle revolutionary all plastic made buckle capable to withstand high load applications and compliant to ece 44.04 standard qcr qcr 720 qcr 725 qcr 740 qcr 750 aaaa mat bbbb col the quick center release buckle combine easy adjustability and appearance with single-handed top release 14 the natural choice


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cordlocs ecl ecl toaster cl ecl a mat b col ecl toaster a mat b col the ellipse cordloc boasts a patented hole alignment feature which eliminates the process of manually compressing the closure to thread the cord then a simple squeeze permanently unlocks the alignment mechanism and securely grip any cord based on the popular ecl shape the slotted body makes direct connection to the fabric possible this feature enables one handed cord release gtsp cordloc dcl gtsp cordloc a mat b col dcl n mat b col an advanced ecl toaster with self cleaning feature and added ribs on the top to be easily used with gloved hand the double cordloc offers a fashionable functional method of joining cords and sealing bag tops cf std 410 cf mini 44 cf std 410 a mat b col cf mini 44 a mat b col a two piece non-corrosive all-plastic cordloc a mini non-corrosive all-plastic cordloc the natural choice 15



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