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free there s life in the inner west 191 6th july 2012 every fortnight slow cooked bliss melt-in-yourmouth meat win movie tix not suitable for children spanish film festival is taking over the inner west distributed in leichhardt annandale petersham stanmore newtown rozelle balmain drummoyne haberfield five dock concord summer hill plus celebrity theatresports our affordability crisis it s cheaper to live in manhattan a bite in the food capital of france inner west on film now showing at a cinema near you writer and star of not suitable for children michael lucas and sarah snook photo ben cregan promotion finishes 11 th july hurry prices smashed fre e 2 hour parking at the italian forum with any purchase in le ic hhar dt hot price 99 vittoria espresso coffee 200g twin pack limit 6 of 3 per customer applies leichhardt store only auburn 9649 7900 belrose 9986 3331 blacktown 9622 1937 burwood 9745 6375 campsie 9789 9000 carlingford 9871 4522 caringbah 9525 0309 engadine 9520 8838 five dock 9713 4729 glebe 9660 6919 marrickville 9560 2488 merryland 9897 1011 neutral bay 9953 0609 revesby 9773 8510 riverwood 9153 7347 toukley 4396 4137 your local store 6-8 norton street leichhardt open mon-fri 8am-8pm sat-sun 9am-6pm ph 9560 7008 cc17999_ciao


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inner west whispers local gossip rumour hearsay and unsubstantiated fact latte leftie we are c!ao satire for the soul it s a brave new world and latte leftie is doing his best to adjust to changed circumstances in the media job market dear ll ­ with all the ructions at fairfax i m worried that my fortnightly dose of latte leftie might be taken from me at the very moment gina rinehart will be putting the mockers on 10,000 word david marr think pieces about australians incorrigible xenophobia and adele horin tearjerkers about disabled seniors being sexually interfered with due to the liberal party s aged care policies please tell me that you will keep proudly flying the progressive flag in a town where we ll soon have lord mockton writing editorials for the sydney mining herald with bolt ackerman devine albrechtsen et al bringing up the reactionary rear in the toxic hate media portia petersham ll replies you can rest assured i shall never trade my deeply held principles for 30 pieces of iron ore portia having said that i must point out that as a non-sizeist feminist i ve been very upset at the treatment my media colleagues have meted out to mrs rinehart sure her old man might have had some unfortunate ideas about curtailing free speech the merits of dictatorial government and the need to sterilise our indigenous friends granted she might have been the first person to ever drop out of an economics degree because her lecturers were insufficiently enamoured of the free market and ok she may want to employ only robots and coolie labour on her mine sites but this is a woman who like many an inner westie writes poetry can such a sensitive soul be all bad i no longer think so while some of my earlier columns may have betrayed a juvenile lack of respect for this nation s noble wealth creators i d like to put on the record i ve now embraced the kind of brendan o neillesque marxism that allows one to regularly write for the conservative press barons while remaining a firebrand radical n email with your dilemma leane senzamici newtown why bof likes drummoyne groundhog day in leichhardt and the road that never dies is back but sadly a beloved cafe in rozelle disappears l stay tuned for generous handouts from the state government in the seat of drummonye we re not sure why tactically but drummoyne has been given more money than any other electorate look out for henley marine drive refurbishment a five dock piazza development in front of the post office which will be a tribute to the aeolian islands clearways on lyons road and sporting oval upgrades this is state funding matching council funding dollar for dollar and is proof that an effective labor mayor and liberal state mp can work together to better the community see what happens when your mp is in government l pre-selection candidates are starting to emerge with the greens anointing former councillor hall greenland for leichhardt plus neerav bhatt and craig channells liberal and labor have yet to make their announcements but some candidates who were to be resigning are now said to be re-standing l good old tony abbott has pledged $10 million to build the m4 east if he wins the next election this is a good move to help unseat minister for infrastructure anthony albanese we look forward to hearing how albo will counteract this l rozelle says goodbye to street icon bar lazio struggling with rent increases and footpath license hikes bar lazio s sudden absence is being mourned by all no news yet of the new tenant l as if we need more gambling dens it s been rumoured that the bath arms hotel on the corner of burwood and parrmatta roads will become a tab food melissa leong photography nudzejma avdic resident chef jared ingersoll c!ao history originally built in 1929 the heritage-listed majestic theatre on new canterbury rd petersham has been transformed into a residential and retail hub that brings the old and new together in stunning union with hidden traces of the original building found throughout the new apartment complex this photo was taken at the opening of the odeon theatre in 1947 though the building was home to the inner west s most boisterous performers and theatergoers from as early as the 1930s before becoming a nightclub and roller skating rink in the 1980s ­ attracting a new cult following image courtesy of growthbuilt jo grace design russell edwards art direction editorial nancy merlo publishing sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards ben cregan nigel bowen jared ingersoll rachel hayter and ocean scott sign the petition to save maurice things we love maurice the inner west s window washer he wears a different hat almost everyday and often dresses to match the season ­ whether it s in tigers colours or christmas stripes he s been moved along from ashfield to annandale and now the powers that be are trying to bring an end to his colourful cleaning venture for good do you think maurice should stay or go photo courtesy of adam booth ciao c!ao s voice · warm italian food from il trattor ra ro concord · greek sweets from marrickville · the woolies sushi bar leichhardt · buying bags full of books from second hand shops · ping-pong tables coming to camperdown park · `zoo york t-shirts · drinking endless cups of tea in winter ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia what s in out out in ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville · norton street s weekend gridlock · crater-like potholes around henley marine drive · warm lettuce in toasted sandwiches · heads of state becoming heads of basketball · people stealing during an open house inspection · `drink-riding ­ riding a bike while drunk can be just as dangerous as drink driving subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered to your doorstep email with your address cover michael lucas and sarah snook screenwriter and leading lady of not suitable for children are all smiles as their inner west-based film opens nationally this july photo by ben cregan at palace norton st chauvel · 4-15 july 2 c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west!


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you have to go all the way back to before hugh jackman went all jazz-hands musical theatre to find anything that could be described as an `inner west movie but when it rains it pours and 13 years after the release of erskineville kings inner westies will soon be presented with two films that hold a mirror up to their community not suitable for children is about a slacker newtownian played by true blood s ryan kwanten on a mission to impregnate someone before radiation treatment renders him infertile being venice follows the travails of an inner west woman breaking up with a lover having an affair with her spoken for best friend and dealing with her father moving in we asked miro bilbrough being venice s writer-director michael lucas and sarah snook the screenwriter and leading lady of not suitable for children to tell us what they love about the inner west what their films hope to capture about it and what advice they have for inner westies hoping to follow in their footsteps grit film it s the lifestyle you have in your twenties when you don t have the adult responsibilities like kids and a mortgage i guess it is possible that creative people are being priced out of the inner west in terms of buying anything at least but i m happy to rent as are a lot of my friends in the arts you have your friends around and you can create your own community great art can come out of collaboration and having similar people nearby certainly helps i would love to own a house in the inner west ­ hopefully i ll keep getting employed and be able to afford it one day the only advice i would have for other actors living locally is to pass on one of the most important things a drama teacher ever told me it is a marathon not a race and everyone has their own individual journey n not suitable for children opens july 12 s s 4 flicks #1 michael lucas #3 miro bilbrough based dulwich hill occupation writer-director based surry hills occupation screenwriter not suitable for children is autobiographical i m 33 and now live in surry hills but i spent a good portion of my twenties living in inner west share houses and throwing lots of parties with my housemates the house in the film is the nunnery it s in forbes street newtown and was once a nunnery then a hippy commune there were still hippies living there when we took it over to shoot i never went to one there myself but it s an infamous party house and has been for decades no doubt it will like the neighbouring houses be renovated and gentrified the lead character has inherited the house but realistically it is now not the kind of place you would expect a guy like that to be living in so maybe the film is capturing a dying world the inner west has that culture of people in their twenties who aren t quite settled into a life choice yet so it was the appropriate terrain for the story and visually the inner west has a beautiful shabby chic texture a lot of american romantic comedies are set in impossibly wealthy clean and gleaming environments whereas the inner west has texture ­ a bit of grit a lot of colour and so much vibrancy when i go to american cities that have been so beautifully captured on film i often think that what we have in australia is a lot more exciting so why aren t we capturing it in the same way we certainly capture the outback and we ve well and truly captured the suburbs but for some reason we haven t really captured the inner urban areas i hope inner westies will feel the film is authentic a lot of the extras were inner westies and two of the three main actors in it live in the inner west i hope people look at it and recognise part of their own lives not just places that they know but the kind of relationships they have and a world that rings true for them the inner west is an inspiring environment the cafes are filled with young hungry creative people and you feed off that energy every morning when i write i like to go to a café and sit there with my laptop there is something about that environment that switches on your creative instincts my advice to aspiring screenwriters in the inner west is to realise that although writing is a solitary activity filmmaking is an intensely collaborative one you can be a brilliant writer but if you can t learn to work with legions of other people you re going to find it difficult sarah snook with ryan corr on a newtown doorstep in not suitable for children miro bilbrough centre near the summer hill flour mill ­ on the set of being venice with actors garry mcdonald and alice mcconnell i lived in dulwich hill after i moved to sydney from new zealand two decades ago i ve lived in other places but come full circle and ended up back here i love dulwich hill s quietness its unfashionableness its incredibly eclectic citizenry it is quite a soulful place the inner west is or at least used to be more affordable and it has a less commercial feel the upwardly mobile thing is not hugely attractive to artists because one they can t afford it and two it doesn t reflect their values i would hate to project a future in which the inner west was emptied of artists it does happen to areas most famously soho in new york in the 80s so often the areas artists move into are the areas where fashion and money follows i can t predict what is going to happen but i think artists are immensely resourceful we always find the cracks in the system and that is where we thrive you need to be a multitasker ­ i teach and script edit as well as pursuing my own projects there s something edward hopperesque about the inner west in rozelle and particularly balmain something about the main streets of the area and the slightly dilapidated buildings with their deep-shadowed awnings and wide upstairs verandahs cinematographer bonnie elliott production designer alex holmes and i sought out this architectural vernacular for the film we were also interested in the railway lines how the suburbs cluster around them their noisy democracy and restless presence the random characters you meet i wanted to capture the less iconic sydney in being venice its slightly scrappy beauty and sensuality and i wanted to show the lesser-seen people as well as the places i don t think we often see the downwardly mobile artistic milieu of this town up on screen there are quite a few marginal characters who wander through the film and i wanted to show those forgotten people the sydney in the film is not the flashy sydney the glamorous glossy market-driven city seen in so much media i d advise inner westies wanting to get into film to be true to their vision also you have to be creative in how you live your life not just in what you put on the page and you have to be incredibly resilient it is a long road and often a long time between drinks ­ i began work on being venice in 2004 don t do it for money or glamour because there is very little of either but there is an immense amount of joy and the privilege of doing this kind of creative work n being venice opens in october n words nigel bowen #2 sarah snook despite being home to a gazillion actual and aspiring directors screenwriters and actors the inner west doesn t loom large in the nation s cinematic consciousness but in the chilly shadow of creeping gentrification a number of local talents have now sought to immortalise on film the bohemian underbelly of their muchloved neighbourhood don t get to see the sun set because you re in a valley down near the beach i really love the aesthetic of the inner west ­ the terrace houses the fig trees the parks and gardens i think that kind of environment appeals to a lot of artistic people and it s close to the city i prefer not to use a car and like to be within walking distance of things here i can ride my bike around everywhere i ve done some guest roles on shows like packed to the rafters and all saints and had a semiregular role on a channel w show called spirited but i don t get recognised here not yet anyway that s good it means i get to keep my anonymity although michael wrote the film based on what he experienced a decade ago i think that [share houses and partying scene is still around both [the director peter templeman and michael wanted to make sure the film had an authenticity to it we worked pretty hard at that and hopefully we ve achieved it i think when people who live in the inner west see the film they ll be excited to see locations they know but hopefully what they ll also recognise is an authentic portrayal of the inner west lifestyle ­ doing your own thing and not caring too much about it taking life as it comes i m 24 i live in a share house and i went to a great party at my neighbours house on the weekend in that way my life is very similar to that of the character i play in the based redfern occupation actress when i came from adelaide to sydney to study at nida i moved into what was pretty much the block near redfern station that was my introduction to sydney and i fell in love with it i ve moved around since then including stints in coogee and randwick but now i ve ended up back living in redfern a lot of my friends are in stanmore and newtown so i spend a lot of time in those suburbs as well i missed the light ­ which seems different in the inner west ­ when i was living in coogee you can see the sunrise in coogee if you get up early enough but you


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community life how inner west movies see us the movie not suitable for children opening next week chose the inner west as a location for a very good reason ­ because we look great but what do other movies set here say about us erskineville kings a gorgeous depiction r oad test rant battle of the sexes when it comes to splitting the bill are the boys losing out guest ranter james falk tells ciao what modern feminism should look like i go to swans games the rugby and the odd bar with female friends just friends of course since i ve been married for 20-something years and we always split the bill or take turns to pay but dating is a different game as a quasi-professional wingman i can see the difference all the time there remains a feminine expectation one that runs across class education and income that if a guy asks you out you don t pay not across all women all the time thankfully but across a hell of a lot ­ and it ain t generational there are plenty of 20-something girls who can bleed a wallet dry then move on anyone had a drink at the ivy lately so what s the difference between going out with friends and the dating world simple sex isn t on the line with friends it is when you re on a date and men in their ever-hopeful state of permanent sexual deprivation are willing to spend big to increase their chances no possible sex no expectation men pay possible sex men pay and it isn t good news for a man s attractiveness if he challenges that system the relationship between sex and money is a worry for anyone with a vaguely feminist sensibility or at least it should be yet for many women it doesn t seem to be an issue not for those enraged at the barriers to board membership for their deprived sisters who earn $800,000 a year and not for those worried about how women are portrayed as sexual objects on billboards ignoring how they portray themselves or those fighting unequal responsibilities in parenting and household duties in fact not for any feminist activist no feminist theory ­ at least liberal feminist theory ­ is about equality in law about equal rights to autonomy and choice about similar social expectations of behaviour and responsibility about stopping double standards based on gender i ran this past a dinner party once oops and tempers rose presumably because the women knew their position was indefensible that was clear the moment they played the it just makes up for all the other shit card here s the problem having your meal and drinks covered is a privilege based on gender and implications of sexual availability it s exploitation of others need and just as unfair and sexist as forcing married women out of the workforce ­ also based on gender and availability expecting it and accepting it is exactly the sort of sexualising double standard women should be fighting against it s one thing to stand up for what is right and promotes equality when it brings you a benefit but if it s really about the principle ­ not a naked claim to privilege ­ you should also stand up when it doesn t but maybe free drinks are more important of ersko before it gentrified into one of clover moore s twee urban villages its crumbling victorian buildings and traffic blasted decay has never looked so appealing the two brothers one played by hugh jackman are less so basically they are losers though filmed in 1999 and devoid of any retro props it seems to depict a macho we like sex a scene from being venice working class culture which had already vanished by the 80s though a cameo by the late lefty looking for alibrandi in 2000 pia bookseller bob gould he plays himself as a hardass boss provides some nostalgic irony what does miranda seemed destined for great things sadly no after her role in this engaging coming-of-age it say about us we eat chips and tomato sauce drama set in glebe leichhardt and haberfield for breakfast and our men have father issues brilliantly capturing the confusions of class being venice miro bilbrough makes ethnicity and italian family life in sydney it remains evocative use of some familiar locations an inner west classic perhaps our best movie ever stanmore s main street the inner west rail line and josie s pillion ride over the anzac bridge on the the summer hill flour mill balmain s elliot park back of a triumph just melted this old bikie s heart in her debut feature it stars alice mcconnell as what does it say a rare critical and box-office a confused and promiscuous 30-ish wannabe poet success so let s say ­ if all oz movies told our great career choice and her ex-hippie dad garry stories and told them from the heart there would mcdonald cinematographer bonnie elliott has be no crisis in the local industry served us well ­ the locations look just stunning garage days 2002 same actors as release date october 2012 what does it say about us we eat bircher muesli for breakfast and alibrandi pia miranda and kick gurry but only two years later in that time the glebe our women have father issues school captain had gone from being a nice italian girl who loves her nonna to a punk rocker in newtown using a vibrator in the very first scene the rest of the film shows a hyperactive and colour saturated newtown only an ad man could have dreamt up what does it say about us we re in a levis ad circa 1980 and have sex on gravestones while whispering have you ever thought about suicide candy there is nothing interesting about the lives of junkies they jab needles in their arms lie to their friends have miscarriages steal from their family bring misery to everyone around them and then they nod off nor was there a reason to bring luke davis s admittedly poetic novel set in melbourne about two doomed lovers heath ledger and abbie cornish to petersham in 2006 what does it say about us nothing rats in the ranks bob connolly s 1996 fly-on-the-wall doco of a leichhardt council mayoral contest confirmed what we always suspected about our politicians they are certifiably mad no one comes out of the inept scheming backstabbing and rampant narcissism he so candidly filmed with any credit whatsoever though the star larry hand does it all with appealing self-depreciating humour the mystery remains why did any of these people one of whom is still active in balmain politics agree to participate what does it say about us inner westies should not be entrusted with a vote n russell edwards good laughs for a good cause see aussie celebrities as you ve never seen them before when celebrity theatresports gets underway on july 21st at the enmore theatre each year the annual theatresports show sees the best comic improvisers in australia joined on stage by tv and sports celebrities to create live comedy scenes improvised from your suggestions this year s hosts are rebecca de unamuno with tom walker and celebrity guest judges include dave collins from the umbilical brothers enjoy a hilarious show while raising money for canteen with the entire proceeds of the monster raffle and a portion of ticket sales to be donated to the charity in support of young people living with cancer it s fun-raising while fundraising ­ anything can happen when there are no scripts to follow so don t miss this fast-paced comedy adventure of a life time see theatresports at 8pm july 21st and the enmore theatre 132 enmore rd newtown tickets cost $45 55 or $38 48 for concessions and are available at or by calling 9550 3666 n to win a double pass to theatresports email info@ciaomagazine and tell us who your favourite comedian is win tix what s on compiled by nancy merlo email until tuesday 10th july wednesday 11th july sing dance laugh info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are n james falk blogs at http picnic day from 11.30am to 2.30pm on july 15th there ll be a whole lot of music sausage sizzle heritage games races and fun for the whole family n where station st petersham until friday 13th july tuesday 12th july unhinged beasts australian artist emma kidd s original unhinged beasts exhibition will be displayed at sweets workshop gallery offering an insight into her brilliant imagination where she s created tangible expressions of mystical monsters from far off lands the beasts revolve around an ink-based medium hanging with an almost surreal and delicate nature sweets workshop gallery invites you to embark on a journey of mystical lands and hinged beasts acting rather unhinged n where shop 4 58-60 carlton cres summer hill 6 health workshop ­ sleep talk for a health forum with a difference don t miss `sleep talk 7pm upstairs at berkelouw books newtown offering a hands-on session to help insomniacs improve their sleep the forum will be catered for by earth plate with foods that aligns with the nutritional aspects discussed by guest speaker nutritionist fiona workman this forum will be the first of many catered by earth plate s lydia and carly who started out hosting vegan gluten free organic cooking workshops at alfalfa house tickets $20 email to book n where 6-8 o connell st newtown balmain author talk come and spend the afternoon with highly acclaimed young adult author melina marchetta if you re an italian living in the inner west especially in haberfield you won t want to miss this talk at balmain library with the author of looking for alibrandi some of melina s more recent titles include saving francesca and her most recently published froi of the exiles the much awaited follow on to finnikin of the rock limited spaces are available so call 9367 9211 to book your spot author talk starts at 2pm refreshments provided n where 370 darling st balmain alibrandi author melina marchetta sunday 15th july picnic day at fanny durack come along to petersham park and help celebrate 100 years since fanny durack became the first woman to win a gold medal at the olympics at the centenary celebration school holiday cheer marrickville council has an exciting program of activities for kids these school holidays starting with an under the sea monster painting session for kids aged 8-12 years-old at stanmore library july 11th 2pm ­ 3pm there will also be a fizzics education science of sounds session at marricvkille town hall from 2pm on july 10th and a delicious chocoholics workshop for 12 to 18-year-olds at marrickville library july 13th 3pm ­ 4pm where students will get the chance to create customised chocolate designs using dark milk and white chocolate plus a variety of yummy fillings n for more info call 9335 2222.


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n local gigs friday 13th july n local movies the 50-50 club zoe k the shadow katz dj goldfoot this will just be a ridiculous amount of fun get dressed up 50s style glam listen to zoe k and her dayum funky sexy originals and covers watch go-go girls dance it up and experience dj goldfoot whoever that is get involved.the vanguard newtown $15 friday 13th july free c d u le tiwinkoebts movies passes n ciao s pick a truly heart wrenching story the mess hall regular john kill city creeps anyone who has read this column semi-regularly anyone are you out there will know that i think the mess hall margaret you ll have to head east to catch our pick of the week maybe the whole year ­ this is so fabulous kenneth lonergan s long delayed follow-up to you can count on me is a wildly ambitious exposition on guilt morality and family life anna paquin plays lisa a headstrong teenage girl who s convinced she caused the death of an innocent woman after playfully distracting a new york bus driver mark ruffalo sometimes the plot strays there is so much going on here with such a brilliant ensemble cast matt damon jean reno many others but when it stays on track and when lisa s world comes face to face with the brutality of public life margaret becomes just like the grand opera which closes the film ­ a searing lyrical tragedy which soars to majestic heights ma15 at palace verona from july 12 caught between crying kids and crazy parties in ersko not suitable for children the three stooges the mess hall put on a smashing live show and i will always recommend that you attend this time it s even better because regular john is playing that may mean nothing to you if so go and get yourself educated on what a live rock band is all about annandale hotel $20 +bf a warm and generous reception at the sydney film festival suggests peter templeman s equally warm and generous ode to the inner west will do excellent business on its home turf it deserves much more than that and with true blood star ryan kwanten as gus a breakout performance from the very lovely sarah snook stevie and very smart script from michael lucas ­ there s little doubt this will hit a wider mark aussies don t do rom-coms well but this one which deals with some pretty icky issues without being crude manages to be laconic sexy and infectiously funny while delivering that most desirable of outcomes for all date movies ­ the happy ending the gritty locations and the bohemian share house scene both now under threat from gentrification have probably already vanished lucas and templeman were working from their own experiences in the ultra-cool bohemian world of newtown but that was the 90s gus s massive and noisy house parties would now be shut down by 8.30pm sshhh you ll wake the kids ma15 at dendy newtown and palace norton st from july 12 n thanks to icon films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below the original three stooges moe curly and larry had a modest success in the 30s and then enjoyed a long revival in the 60s on afternoon tv today their antique slapstick seems infantile and unreal how can we now ­ so media savvy and aware laugh at people who are so obviously mentally handicapped the beauty of the farrelly brothers post-modern but and respectful reinvention of their classic comedy is that we do quite a lot those sly farrellys brings the three idiot brothers face to face with the dregs of our own idiot world the cast of jersey shore their joke is of course on us pg on now are you sure this will cure my headache doc hysteria k nuck k nuck k nuck not so long ago medical science believed that women could be cured of all sorts of mental and physical ailments by intimate manual relief only women why not men a fair question and another immediately comes to mind if science really is just a system of beliefs that support the patriarchal in this case status quo why then should we believe what it tells us today on climate change just asking but tanya wexler s overly polite comedy which stars maggie gyllenhaal as the feminist who challenges the orthodoxy of her times hugh dancy as a foppish doctor and rupert everett as the inventor of a mechanical vibrating device which he wants to call the squealer deals with none of that nor anything much ­ we re just supposed to feel gratified that we know so much more than these hopelessly antiquated people strangely given its tittering subject matter the whole film feels as flaccid as a male member would be after one of the good doctor s treatments m15 at palace norton st from july 12 n reviews ­ re kill city creeps n claire albrecht the spanish film festival the very best comedies dramas animations and thrillers from spain and spanish-speaking latin america are once again showing on norton street madrid 1987 the tough economic times in spain caused more than a few headaches for the organisers of this year s spanish film festival with corporate funding in spain drying up as local companies tightened their belts at one point festival director natlaia ortzia was quoted as saying we thought we might have to cancel it fortunately palace cinemas no doubt mindful of how much inner westies love their foreign film festivals came up with a rescue package and the 15th festival now promises to be one of the best ever there s a broad range of films from all genres too many to recommend but having been fortunate enough to preview some we will anyway look out for these personal faves ­ sleep tight a creepy thriller about a stalker from the terrifying maker of [rec chinese takeaway winner of the goya award spain s oscars for best latin-american picture and starring ricardo darin the secret in their eyes and madrid 1987 a torrid talkathon between an embittered writer and a young girl which sizzles with sexual tension n the spanish film festival runs from july 4th to july 15th at palace norton st and chauvel details and bookings ways of coping with their family history and watch as their unconscious plays tricks upon mary and deborah causing them to confront their repressed past don t miss out on the show 8pm nightly tickets are $38 or $33 for concession available at www n where 644 king street newtown wednesday 18th july saturday 21st july spanish film festival win tix ciao s facebook friends and online readers will already know we have double in-season passes to give away we ve kept some for print readers but be quick the festival ends sunday july 15th see below for how to enter an orchestra in balmain the metropolitan orchestra is coming to balmain town hall at 8pm on july 21st with their feature work and crowd-pulling favourite ralph vaughan williams fantasia chocoholics at st peters library tues 17th to sat 21st july aussie premiere `new morning by declan hughes will be premiering at king street theatre on july 17th and everyone is invited to come and enjoy the suspenseful story that examines the relationship between sisters mary and deborah the audience will be led through the sister s different outlooks on life and ita buttrose at shearers shearer s bookshop will host one of australia s most admired women ita buttrose from 7.30pm on july 18th as she discusses her book a passionate life ita is launching her updated autobiography which explores the fascinating life of this founding editor of cleo magazine at the bookshop presenting locals with the opportunity to meet an aussie icon entry costs just $10 and includes refreshments call shearer s on 9572 7766 to reserve your spot n where 99 norton st leichhardt on a theme by thomas tallis this work requires a double orchestra and chiefconductor sarah-grace williams will place the second orchestra above audiences so the sound will soar from front and back don t miss out on what s bound to be a spectacular `surround sound arrangement ­ saint-saens tarantella and brahms serenade no 1 are also on the program tickets are $35 call 1300 150 465 to book n win double movie passes theatre tix to be in the running to win a double pass to not suitable for children just email with your name and postal address telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao to win a double pass for the spanish film festival you ll have tell us that too and as well tell us who your fave spanish actor/actress director is and in a few words why be quick for this one we ll be drawing it first thing monday as the festival ends sunday 15th community glamour at its best 7 violins in surround sound


p. 8

kitchen ingredients with melissa leong veal osso bucco ragu serves 2 hearty portions 2-3 decent medium sized pieces of veal osso bucco plain flour for dusting 1 tin of chopped tomatoes small bunch of oregano majoram and thyme tied into a little bundle with string 1 cup button mushrooms halved 1 large carrot peeled and coarsely chopped 1 large brown onion finely diced 3 cloves of garlic crushed 2 stalks of celery peeled and coarsely chopped 1 tblsp raw sugar sea salt and white pepper to season 1 tsp smoked paprika 1 cup white wine 1 small knob of butter wine with winsor everyday value campbells 2010 bobbie burns shiraz this premium everyday drinking red is a byword for quality and consistency there is plenty of richness and softness on the palate but there are also layers of texture added by the judicious use of older oak barrels this is a lovely drink on a cold night with its voluptuous flavours dark berries hints of spice and excellent balance the perfect partner for a rack of lamb $20-23 most impressive mike press wines 2012 sauv blanc it s hard to beat adelaide hills producer mike press when it comes to value you always get plenty of flavour and immediate drinkability as in this new wine from the recently completed vintage it s an awesomely fresh and lively wine but the exuberant fruit has a real feelgood factor it s a crisp dry young wine with green citrus gooseberry and guava flavours making it a perfect quaffer with its lively acid it would be superb with pan-fried flathead $12-13 a slow cooked deliciously tender winter feed crack out the slow cooker it s chilly out there what s not to love about a slow cooker a little prep a little season pop the lid on and voilà slow-cooked magic in a pot any time-poor food loving person should invest in one turn it on before you leave for work and by the time you get home it s gravy at the markets n fruit blood oranges and blood limes have just arrived joining good quality bananas qld strawberries and usa cherries beurre bosc pears pink lady jazz and granny smith apples are also in season watch out for high prices on blueberries raspberries rock melon and honeydew melon n vegetables baby fennel iceberg lettuce chinese vegies including chinese cabbage and baby bok choy and carrots are currently in season high prices on fresh sugar snaps and snow peas and also corn scarce also broadbean flowers and tips have just hit shelves method 1 lightly coat the osso bucco with a little flour season with salt and pepper 2 in a hot frying pan with a little olive oil seal the meat for a minute on each side so that the outside is a tiny bit golden but otherwise uncooked 3 remove the meat from pan and place in the slow cooker 4 using the same frying pan sweat the onions garlic carrot celery in butter until the vegies are translucent but not browned 5 pop these into the slow cooker on top of the meat 6 pour the chopped tomatoes wine sugar paprika mushrooms and herb bundle into the slow cooker give it a little stir and turn it on 5-6 hours should do it 7 let the mixture do its thing stirring to combine occasionally in the last hour season to taste 8 when the meat is done remove it and set aside covered 9 discard the herb bundle and pour the tomatoey mixture into a saucepan 10 using a hand blender pulse the sauce into a smooth-ish mix and thicken by boiling it down to reduce by about half this will give you a super rich sauce n elegant drop taltarni 2009 pyrenees cab sauv cool-climate shirazes and cabernets from west victoria are all the rage right now this single-vineyard wine offers a bet each way ­ drinking beautifully on its release but its pedigree suggests it will also cellar well rich brambly notes on the nose lead to a palate with varietal blackcurrant/dark chocolate undergrowth flavours in harmony with some classy french oak this has excellent structure but probably needs to be paired with food to be seen at its best $38 n lemon sourcream cake i love a simple cake and my lemon sourcream cake is what i enjoy with a cup of tea 285g butter 440g sugar zest of 2 lemons and juice 4 eggs 270g sour cream 425g self-raising flour jared gets meaty slow roasted pork heaven here s the thing about this recipe it takes a long slow cook so use this to your advantage by that i mean if you re cooking this for a sunday dinner at say 7pm pop it in the oven while you re preparing lunch then take the rest of the day off or if you have a really full day and can t get out of that dinner you promised put this in the oven and get on with your chores the first time you do this pick a day that you ll be home during the whole cooking process as it s in the oven for such a long time and temperatures differ from oven to oven so you ll want to keep a close eye on it when you cook it again you ll have a better understanding of how this recipe works and have the confidence to walk away from it you will need 2.7­3.25 kg whole pork shoulder preferably one that has been allowed to hang for a day or so to allow the skin to dry out vegetable oil salt 2 tablespoons of fennel seeds 1 teaspoon of chilli flakes 6 cloves of garlic peeled the juice of 2 lemons 200 ml extra virgin olive oil method preheat your oven to 200°c to prepare the meat pat it dry then score the skin with a sharp knife taking care not to cut into the flesh brush the pork with vegetable oil and rub a good amount of salt into the skin put the pork on a wire rack in a roasting tin that will be able to catch any juices cook in the oven until nicely coloured and the skin becomes crispy this can take up to 1 hour while that is happening make your paste lightly toast the fennel seeds then scoop them into a mortar and use the pestle to grind them with the chilli add the garlic and a little salt and keep grinding until it forms a paste slowly add your lemon juice and olive oil mixing well carefully remove the pork from the oven and reduce the temperature to 110°c brush the paste over the pork pour a little water into the roasting tin to prevent the pan from burning and return to the oven check your pork from time to time adding a little more water to the tin if needed you can tell your pork is cooked when the meat starts to give from the bone when you push it with your finger this will take between 5 and 6 hours once it s done i like to serve with pickled coleslaw and boiled potatoes enjoy n jared ingersoll method 1 mix the cream butter and sugar together add the zest and eggs one at a time then add lemon juice to the sourcream and mix well 2 finally mix in the self-raising flour 3 grease and line a 10 pan if you only have a 9 pan reduce the recipe by a quarter 4 bake for 1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean 5 ice the cake with a mixture of icing sugar and lemon juice is that pie i spy with my little eye at home with birgitta koomen birgitta koomen of birgitta s bites has been selling her delicious culinary creations at marrickville markets for just over a year now and has quickly gained a cult following she hand makes everything at her stall which includes cakes quiches and pies plus a range of mini bread loaves gingerbread and an endless variety of brownies depending on the season here she reveals to ciao the secret to making the perfect cake where did you learn how to cook i did a culinary degree in america but never worked in the industry i taught myself to bake through a lot of trial and error what is the secret to making the perfect cake ingredients should be at room temperature and you should follow the recipe unless 8 you understand the science of how ingredients work with each other cook with love ­ it shows in the product where are your favourite local inner west spots to buy ingredients for kitchen equipment i like cook and the chef in camperdown and the essential ingredient in rozelle for veggies milk products bread and all the rest of it i go to the markets of course which kitchen utensils can t you live without why my favourite kitchen utensils are my kitchenaid mixer and my microplane zester because of all the zest i need if you could invite anyone over for dinner whom would you invite it would have to be maggie beer who epitomizes everything i love about cooking ­ passion real food without the fuss and a great love of what she does that also goes for belinda jeffery my token male would have to be gary mehigan for his love of cooking and sense of humour and of course my partner who is a wine aficionado how long have you been selling your culinary creations at marrickville markets are you there every weekend i have been at the kings cross market on saturdays for 5 years and at marrickville market for just over a year i am at both every weekend n interview nancy merlo.


p. 9

gourmet heaven you are likely to eat and drink well just about anywhere in france but lyon offers something special winsor dobbin writes the city of lyon known as the culinary capital of france has long been a magnet for food and wine lovers with almost 2 million people in the city and surrounds lyon forms the largest urban area in france outside paris and is encircled by vineyards with beaujolais to the north and the côtes du rhône to the south settled by the romans in 43 bc lyon is bisected by the rhône and saône rivers which converge to the south of the historic city centre forming a peninsula known as the presqu île the original medieval city was built on the west bank of the saône at the foot of the fourvière hill today this region is recognised as a unesco world heritage site in the old town you ll still find some silk workshops an industry for which the city was once renowned but for many visitors culture comes second behind gastronomy as a reason for visiting the legendary chef paul bocuse who has several restaurants in town and was named chef of the 20th century is just one of the many famous lyonnais pan handlers but it is not all haute cuisine lyon is dotted with small friendly restaurants serving traditional local dishes and wines which are known as bouchons the food in these lively establishments is usually red-meat dominated think charcuterie dishes like rosette lyonnais and saucisson de lyon or hearty fare like andouilletes tripe sausages often smothered in mustard the traditional chicken casserole known as coq au vin tripe cooked with onions or the small pike mousses known as quenelles on my most recent visit to one of my favourite french cities we dined at cafe des federations a lively jovial little spot where you drink local wine from small carafe bottles known as pots and a massive platter of charcuterie is slapped down in front of you on arrival this is the real deal checked tablecloths closely-packed tables and sausages hanging from the ceiling you eat what you are told here although you do get a choice of hearty mains dishes like black pudding with apple calf head with ravigote sauce cake of chicken livers and delicious it was too and stew of pork cheeks the owner here is a friend of sydney chef guillaume brahimi so it might pay to name drop a little set menus start from just 19 euros other similarly-styled bouchons include la meunière daniel et denise chez hugon and le poêlon d or as well as the character-filled restaurant le musèe more sophisticated and expensive dining choices include the venerable le mère brazier where bocuse did his apprenticeship auberge de i lle la rotonde leon de lyon and le maison clovis in all the lyon region has 14 michelin-starred establishments the auberge du pont de collonges super chef bocuse s main restaurant is out of town on the banks of the saône the only time i have eaten here i was disappointed ­ but i was dining as part of a large group far more affordable and enjoyable are his small brasseries dotted around town le sud bistro de l est le nord and l ouest among the must see lyon sights the roman ruins on the hillside near the fourviere basilica st john cathedral with elements from the 13th 14th and 15th centuries old lyon the medieval and renaissance quarter with its quant cobbled streets shops and dining and the majestic place bellecour ­ one of the largest town squares in europe and a great spot for people watching travel honeymoon in the tropics we are officially half way through the year and no doubt looking forward to some warmer weather with spring and summer come weddings and honeymoons ­ or romantic getaways for the rest of us if you are getting married the number one honeymoon destination most often dreamt of is tahiti simply enough it naturally exudes romance ­ crystal blue water soft sandy beaches surrounded by a lush green landscape cute bikes cute girls and fabulous chocolate facts and figures l getting there etihad airways flies 24 times weekly from australia to abu dhabi with seamless connections to paris and other european capitals l getting around france has 31,000km of railroad tracks that cover virtually the entire country choices include the ultra-fast tvg trains as well as scenic and regional services regular france rail passes start at $263 for a three-day pass and $340 for a five-day pass ­ and premium passes are also available l rail europe can organise train passes and tickets in france italy the uk switzerland spain and across the continent visit l where to stay hotel le royal lyon 20 place bellecour 69002 lyon has just 74 rooms is luxurious and superbly situated on the city s major square just a short walk from both the saône and the rhone other good options include the mid-price globe cecil hotel and hotel des artistes the 19th-centruy basilica of notre dame de fourvière and the neighbouring metallic tower a mini eiffel tower overlook the city from the hillside while the fine arts museum is one of the largest in france also don t miss the former roman amphitheatre at the foot of the croix-rousse hill in the old quarter take a stroll through the many traboules passageways that traverse the old silk workers quarter for those who love shopping major stores including printemps and fnac can be found in the bellecour district with the `carre d or home to no fewer than 70 luxury brands the 19th century passage de l`argue is a step back in time with old-fashioned millinery stores and cutlers lyon is a terrific walking city but the integrated public transport system comprising metro tramways and buses is extremely easy to navigate you ll need to catch a tram or bus to visit the halles de lyon paul bocuse the city s best covered market this is paradise for anyone who loves gourmet goodies among the stalls not to miss are mère richard a decadent cheese shop sibilia a stunning charcuterie and the chocolates and sweets at sève if you are into food it is a delight to spend a few hours here tasting the many local specialities from the 56 merchants many of whom also have small restaurants or cafés attached to their stalls an alternative is the saint-antoine market a food market along the banks of the river saône from tuesday to sunday there is also another smaller market in the croix-rousse quarter also from tuesday to sunday if you want to get out of town the kanpai group offers a range of half and full-day wine tours to beaujolais and northern rhone see and if you don t have time to do some tasting you can pick up some well-chosen bottles at the cave valmy probably the best wine store in town then throw in the overwater bungalow black pearls and an opportunity for helicopter rides or snorkelling amongst coral gardens tropical fish and stingrays if you haven t booked your honeymoon yet ­ don t fret there are some amazing specials like this one l ex sydney from $3710 per person twin share your package includes · return international airfares with air tahiti nui and taxes · 2 nights accommodation at sofitel tahiti maeva beach resort in lagoon view room with breakfast 1 night each side ·5 nights accommodation at sofitel bora bora marara beach private island in an overwater bungalow with breakfast and 1 poolside dinner ·half-day pure snorkelling tour in bora bora · all transfers between airport and accommodations conditions apply ­ above price is based on travel in low season 1nov-20dec12 20jan-31mar13 seasonal surcharges apply bookings subject to availability and block-out dates apply prices current at time of publication however they are subject to currency fluctuations and should be used as a guide only please contact us for an exact quote for the dates you wish to travel payment by credit card is subject to a surcharge offer may be withdrawn at any time by supplier without notice please contact us for full details you can also read about our honeymoon registry at n global village travel 1/13 beattie street balmain free parking next door tel 9555 8355 the trains are sleek in europe meet your local adventure travel experts kyle s pick everest island peak 21 days ex kathmandu departs 10 november 2012 from sa ve 29 8 call 1300 308 904 email visit 181 king street newtown $2,682 kyle assistant team leader newtown when i travel i love to choose somewhere that will confront me culturally and physically and this trip ticks all those boxes this trip offers a fantastic opportunity for those new to trekking and a great challenge for those who might have done shorter treks in nepal or other parts of the world itinerary kathmandu everest base camp island peak trek lukla kathmandu highlights explore colourful kathmandu temples experience the exhilaration of reaching everest base camp discover remote monasteries admire spectacular himalayan vistas stay in mountain teahouses learn about sherpa culture and take a flight over mountain peaks includes 3 breakfasts 4 lunches 4 dinners 14 nights teahouse 2 nights guesthouse accommodation 4 nights camping local tour leader porters training for your ascent to island peak transport by local plane and bus conditions travel restrictions apply international airfare and visas not included price subject to availability at time of booking limited availability call for details nsw lic 3238685 community glamour at its best 9


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promotion christmas offers throughout the month of july our village on darling street will look the part with christmas cheer carols lights stars beanies and a festive atmosphere keep an eye out for updates on special events and offers throughout july tali gallery is showing an alice springs museum beanies exhibition and locals are invited to enter their own decorated beanie in the theme of yarns stories why have one christmas when you can have two and at the same time support a great local charity and all your favourite rozelle local businesses rozelle is celebrating christmas in july with the first ever rozelle fest events are happening from sunday 1st to sunday 29th july in rozelle village on darling street with mulled wine santa face painting puppet shows and more a record number of businesses have also shown their support for the community by putting on some great offers to help raise money for the rozelle neighbourhood centre and inject some christmas warmth into this cold sydney winter some highlights of the festival include rozelle fest signature grill is serving up succulent roast pork with crispy crackling as a christmas treat over the weekends in july they also have a winter warmer dinner menu 18.90 including lamb shanks or beef stroganoff with a complimentary bowl of soup and bread add $5 for a glass of wine as a chrissy special cartridge works is gifting schmacko s treats to customer s dogs tom is also offering a recycling service for any used cartridges just drop them into the shop rosebud is offering delicious turkey pancetta with potato and porcini gratin on brioche for $12 with $1 donated to rozelle public they ll be serving mulled wine thursdays to sundays in july too l bella emporio a gorgeous boutique fashion shop opposite the school bella emporio stocks hard to find treasures and beautiful seasonal fashion including vigorella bodywear stella minx italian knits mor body products and amazing jewellery and accessories receive a winter hat or beret from belinda at bella emporio with any purchase over $20 on the weekends of july n 636 darling st rozelle tel 9810 2044 come and celebrate at our beanie st party community together including `oh rats a magical school holiday event from the sydney puppet theatre on thursday 12th july as well as the beanbag community movie screening of christmas home alone on sunday 15th july with gold coin entry and popcorn and hot chocolate on sale for $2 a serve bookings essential email community or call 95558988 ext 7 also on sunday 29th july at 11am see the magic genie and the serpent of the sea a colourful puppet show with some indian dancing at the rnc $15 entry bookings essential ­ email n 665a darling st rozelle tel 9555 8988 queen bee will have christmas carols playing in store throughout july and plenty of seasonal decorations l darling st meats guessing competition good at playing piggy in the middle love hamming it up or just can t stop telling porkies put all your knowledge about pigs to good use and guess the weight of the big pig at darling st meats proceeds will be donated to the rozelle neighbourhood centre and the winner claims a leg of ham darling st meats are also stocking a great range of christmas ham duck and turkey as well as their usual quality meats get crackling n darling st meats 621 darling st rozelle tel 9818 5959 children of the revolution are running a buy two pairs of shoes receive 30 off the second pair reward this july plus lots of other specials zuls fort will celebrate sundays in july share champagne with bubbly terri at zut alors in the midst of marvellous memorabilia 624 darling street full activity guide can be found at l rozelle neighbourhood centre rnc provides a range of services and hosts many community activities this festival goes some way towards recognising their efforts and assisting them to continue their work through fundraising rnc are hosting some fun events to bring the cnr spot pide pizza kebab kebabs pide pizza veggie chips salads open 7 days ph 9810 6411 570 darling st balmain 11am until 9pm fried seafood platter for 2 2 fried fish fillet 2 sea scallops 8 calamari rings 2 natural oysters 4 cooked cold prawns chips and tartar sauce complimentary glass of wine each $29.50 gozleme tastings sunday july 15th from 1pm chris cial july p tmas in ro ham t duce ur k ducks eys and specia l cuts spe all you need to know about balmain and leichhardt first stop directory for local information proud supporter of rozelle s christmas in july ig the we ris is ch the pig to win g n carryi f a leg of ursel yo s guesht of ham like us on facebook 10 darling st meats


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christmas in july l darling sea breeze the best fish and chips in the inner west have to be sea breeze good old-fashioned service a clean crisp setting and tasty food ­ you could easily be sitting on a beach up the coast this july enjoy complimentary wine offers with seafood platters for two 29.50 or four 49.50 the platters have been especially put together for a winter christmas celebration but feature the very best of a summer seafood platter n 665 darling st rozelle tel 9555 8075 darling stre et chill out there s lots more frosty fun at these neighbourhood businesses n optometrix is giving customers a free cleaning cloth for their glasses during july n jetset travel is offering half-priced travel insurance on international travel during july n r&w balmain is hosting a sausage sizzle on saturday 7th july outside bendigo bank with proceeds going to the rnc corner spot darling st meats zut alores the bean zebra clothing rozelle markets tali gallery seabreeze g lin st re et bella emporio vi ct or ia r da ro ad gozleme tastings at corner spot anyone for a sausage sizzle bella emporio with any purchase over $20 on the weekends of july n 636 darling st rozelle tel 9810 2044 l corner spot this authentic eatery is no secret to locals with sylvia s traditional gozleme pides kebabs and burgers feeding rozelle families for years near the roundabout this is a great place to grab a quick bite before exploring the rest of rozelle.on sunday 15th july at 1pm try sylvia s gozleme at special tastings of traditional vegetarian and meat selections n 570 darling st rozelle tel 9810 6411 n ray white is bringing santa to town on sunday 15th july he will parade down darling st from the rozelle roundabout and arrive at the rnc to meet children during two-hour sessions at 11am and 12.30pm gold coin donations welcome l zebra clothing this unique fashion boutique stocks quality australian and european garments latest season brands include sandwich who have mastered the casual chic look team fabulous winter dresses with your favourite australian designed accessories be styled by attentive staff sylvia tracey or katrina and walk out looking your best zebra is celebrating christmas in july with champagne on saturdays and free 5ml bvlgari perfume samples with every purchase join in for bubbles and fun n 616 darling st rozelle tel 9090 2744 n infancy is giving a 15 discount on purchases when you mention `christmas in july n about life is offering healthy delish plum pudding and baileys custard for $4 on weekends after 3pm all proceeds will be donated to rnc l bella emporio a gorgeous boutique fashion shop opposite the school bella emporio stocks hard to find treasures and beautiful seasonal fashion including vigorella bodywear stella minx italian knits mor body products and amazing jewellery and accessories receive a winter hat or beret from belinda at n the bean is celebrating their new liquor licence and christmas in july by offering a free glass of wine with meals selected from the specials board on weekends in july tom s old dog harvie will be keeping an eye on all the excitement at cartridge works for more special july offers visit ladies boutique fashion accessories for each purchase of more than during the weekends in july belinda from bella emporio will or give you either a $20 pair of gloves warm winter hat 636 darling street rozelle ph 9810 2044 © ciao magazine 2012 zut alors specialises in unique and interesting vintage items for sale or for rent we have one-off and unusual items of furniture lighting clothing and art works as well as glassware kitchenalia plus art nouveau and deco vases © ciao magazine 2012 community glamour at its best 11


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n your say n sustainability get wasted ryan kwanten and ryan corr on set in newtown if you were making a movie in the inner west where would it be set n callan park it has a past present and future so many tales can be told mark leichhardt n nonna s kitchen all our lives revolve around that room and the dinner table phillip five dock n the olympia milk bar i can envision a rather freaky horror movie taking place there felecia haberfield n algie park i would make a very low budget remake of the lord of the rings trilogy nick ashfield n i d do something at the old steel factory in rozelle or ballast point park in birchgrove there s also this park behind a corner shop in chiswick that s quite creepy because it s surrounded by apartment blocks which would be good for a horror dana balmain n i d make a scary teen flick in the abandoned bus depot buildings victoria leichhardt n i ve already started filming a reality series in my own house sara marrickville n down near the bike track behind hawthorne parade park ­ it would be a movie about a drug deal and murder juliana haberfield most preferable a local look at national news are you a half flusher or a full flusher sorry to ask such a personal question but the answer says a lot about your attitude towards the environment when given a choice that is not tied to a pecuniary interest do you pass the test as we all become somewhat `energy poor with the short-term rise of energy prices these small decisions will eventually affect our bottom line ­ either saving us or costing us and it s not just about saving money it s also about saving resources i used to be embarrassed when my mum made me keep the glad wrap from my school lunches to re-use the next day at the time her motivations were financial but now that same action can be seen as both saving money and saving the environment i also had a friend whose mum kept butter wrapping paper to re-use as greaseproof paper that used to be so embarrassing nowadays takeaway containers are often re-used as lunch boxes plastic shopping bags are re-used as garbage bags and water bottles are repeatedly refilled good conservationists know that it is actually better to re-use where possible rather than recycle which is of lower value on the recycling pyramid however thinking of ways to re-use things can sometimes be difficult and hoarding piles of unused magazines shoes cutlery and other junk for years only dispose of it all later down the track is completely pointless so what is the best way to tackle the problem the recycling pyramid suggests trying to avoid the use of unnecessary products altogether to curb waste but please don t avoid flushing completely though if you must use a certain product then try to reduce the amount you use re-use or recycle it and only dispose as a last resort first we take manhattan avoid reduce reuse recycle dispose least preferable the waste pyramid my wasted items and failed attempts at recycling this week include l 1 copy of madison june 2012 ­ i tried to give it away but no one wanted it 2 takeaway containers from thai garn summer hill ­ i couldn t be bothered washing them out also includes plastic knives and forks 1 soymilk carton ­ the milk went off and the carton was still full it went straight into the bin for landfill piles of junk mail ­ went straight to recycling simply because i can t think of a way to re-use junk mail broken iron chair ­ it got picked up by marrickville council for landfill boy do i feel guilty n cindy mullen it s a sign of my dedication to you loyal fans of ciao that this column is getting written at all i m currently ensconced in a fivestar resort in mauritius with the siren song of a pool the size of an oval a beach that looks like it s made of icing sugar and an all-you-can eat buffet calling out to me it s taking every last ounce of my not particularly ample stock of self-discipline to keep tapping away at the laptop rather than running whooping towards the crushed diamond waters of the indian ocean which are lapping away seductively a mere 20 metres from my sun lounger makeshift office readers can send expressions of gratitude for my heroic self-sacrifice via the ciao website i mention this not simply to rub your nose in my good fortune but because just like thelma and louise at the end of that movie i m wondering if having had a taste of the good life i can now face going back to reality not i hasten to add that i m considering driving my hire car into one of this island s dormant volcanoes i m simply pondering the strange fact that i can live like a king at a sofitel hotel for no more than it takes for the average inner westie to service his mortgage sydney is now the 11th most expensive city in the world to live in and the inner west would have to be after the eastern suburbs the second most costly area of it to reside in in a much discussed article for the smh ex-sydneysider brigid delaney recently wrote of a wave of `creative class aussies who like her had relocated to a place where rent transport and food costs are a fraction of what they are in sydney or melbourne the world s 15th most expensive city that place manhattan new york sure the inner west is a fantastic area in which to live but what inner westie worth their maldon sea salt doesn t fantasise about residing in new york paris london or prague given the skyrocketing cost of living and the fact many of us have jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world with decent wi-fi perhaps it s time we all considered immigrating to the newtown equivalents that exist in many of the world s most storied metropolises and perhaps just perhaps that brain drain might reduce competition for property in the inner west making rent and mortgage payments fractionally less soul-crushingly expensive for those who choose to remain here n words nigel bowen we know the inner west has some amazing talent advertising salesperson required for ciao part-time/full-time an interest in media inner west culture local business food fashion coffee and people will be highly regarded must have excellent communication skills be hardworking and enthusiastic please send your resume and the winner is photo shot by ben cregan dress by glam girl greenway art prize winners rita orsini david watson and marnie vellios with ashfield mayor lyall kennedy leichhardt mayor rochelle porteous and art est director jennifer mcnamara the artworks were presented and the judges made their call now the winner has been chosen for the greenway arts prize 2012 over 60 local artists presented their green-themed art works during the greenway arts exhibition which celebrates the inner west s urban green corridor running from cooks river to iron cove held at art est art school and gallery in june the exhibition featured works across various medium including painting drawing printmaking and photography but it was rozelle resident david watson s piece `floor waste that took out the overall prize for 2012 a beautifully crafted photographic work the image has been described as one of the most striking of the exhibition and soon david will be presenting a solo exhibition at the gallery as part of his prize runner-up sandra winkworth s collection of smaller 12 works themed around nature and the greenway titled `the greenway ­ a basic requirement was also a fantastic homage to the urban walkway of vegetation bike paths cultural and historical sites and the soon to be built light rail extension while this year s youth prize awarded to entrants aged under 18-years-old went to marnie vellios for her work `bush colours n for more information contact art est studio 4 67­69 lords rd leichhardt tel 9564 1519 status update our pick of the best it s my last night in wales and to celebrate we re eating nicole kidman s baby girl oh my bad we re having sunday roast katie bell sunday near buckley wales.


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snap happy email your snaps to thanks to frasers property for pics of the fraserstudios their joint arts initiative with sekisui house celebration in chippendale pizza chef extraordinaires get a little floury pretty in pink the owner of one honey boutique celebrates the store s 1st birthday artist aaron anderson explains his work at the frasers property vip night a mini-masterchef in the making gabriele and riccardo moretti making pizza with the kids from ronald mcdonald house frasers property group marketing manager lisa mccutchion and sekisui house marketing manager development communities moonmoon sahu girls at the ronald mcdonald house with their the boys from amoretti s restaurant chiswick brought a woodfire woodfire pizza creation yum pizza oven to the kids at ronald mcdonald house for pizza night #af.july12 #19:layout 1 6/7/12 1:23 pm page 1 you are invited some fashionistas at one honey s 1st birthday for an evening of shopping socialising bubbles and canapes of art clothes jewels underwear spices and more all at wholesale prices where antique floors showroom 73 beattie street balmain when friday july 20th 6pm 9pm rsvp mahmood assad and hajrah assad breana maron ejoy a drink at fraserstudios jewels shãshen jewels spices candy swedish delicatessans deputy mayor michele mckenzie tim de hann and mayor rochelle porteous at the wall2wall art prize diana price with alexander and luke flanagan high up where author with elena at earthkid two swedes cooking lingerie swimwear clothes shoes handbags and hats cina arnott eva ardström underwear of sweden embellish atelier kids clothes ladies clogs and raincoats tiny trolls paintings artist s cards and candles berit zetterman unique handcrafted jewels discover yourself every day mayor angelo tsirekas louise halloran and samantha bones at the launch of sustainable business program `resourcewise narelle and maria have already signed up to be resourcewise cina arnott scarves eva ardström handcrafted knitwear community glamour at its best 13


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astrogirlzarro your stars for the week from our real astrogirl aries mercury goes retrograde in your house of fun you reminisce about childhood activities like the time you created homemade explosives using mum s nail polish remover the panel says taurus this fortnight warrior mars torments you into blitzing `n bleaching the apocalyptic bombsite you call home she looks like the cute blonde vampire in twilight there aren t many people who can pull off a sequin top but she s certainly one of them adam gemini review the ways in which you express yourself while mercury is retrograde ditch the crotch-grabbing moves and find authentic forms of self-expression cancer the new moon in your sign on july 19th occurs while mars opposes uranus reject the status quo they re a dinosaur band whose members still wear flares leo jupiter activates uranus in your travel sector expand your need for freedom by running from the responsibilities that cramp your style virgo mars enters your money house despite dickensian industrial relations practises you now have the courage to stand up for your financial rights and win phil wow she does so much and she is very pretty too good to see people out there doing everything they can libra jupiter aligns with uranus in your love zone romantic relationships can teach you that there are many ways to love and be loved despite conventionality scorpio mars joins saturn in your spirituality sector arousing passion for the esoteric this is an ideal time to retreat deep into the woods in a creepy alice cooper way and recharge your batteries sagittarius mercury retrogrades in your travel sector from july 14th your flight will be delayed until august so pack your toothbrush and plenty of clean underwear because you ll be living at the airport capricorn create lasting change in your professional life with the help of venus mercury and uranus you no longer need to walk over people in your spiked manolo blahniks to get to the top hot or not this multi-talented girl has the boys ready to walk down the aisle she is beautiful it s a story like hers that inspires me and proves no matter the circumstance you define the outcome alex aquarius saturn venus and mars keep you on track with long term travel plans destination another galaxy pisces mercury retrogrades in your domestic sector this fortnight nagging your housemates into doing their share of the housework goes unnoticed again n http who loves to try her hand at all kinds of performing arts and occasionally dabbles in acting dancing and modelling she s a super ambitious lady who even when faced with epilepsy and ehlers-danlos syndrome has not given up on her dream career and is working towards recording an album while still finding time to work with charities that s what we call inspiring claudia zappia 27 years old is a talented singer songwriter and all round entertainer i m going to have to rethink my philosophy on marriage i love her hot a performer and best of all a giver reno aperitivo izza ired p woodf urant esta r ar wine b ing ate din ailable priv om av tion ro xt event func r ne for you 163 norton st leichhardt 2040 02 9564 0003 tue wed thur fri sat 5pm-12am sun 5pm-10pm 14


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lifestyle ask sal more winter trends last issue we looked at some of my favourite winter bathroom renovation trends and now that the cold snap has well and truly hit us since then i d like to share three more of my favourite winter trends with you with the winter months seeing the biggest increase in your quarterly bills it s wise to invest in products that have lower consumption rates to save a little bit of cash replacing your old showerhead and toilet with a new model is one of the best ways to go green invest in a good hot water heater do your research and work out how much each contending heater will cost you to run each year spending a little bit more money on a good heater initially can save you a lot of money in the long term running with ryhan warming up before a workout these cold days leave our bodies feeling tense and stiff so it s vital to warm up before working out most people think stretching before a workout is a great way to loosen up but they would be wrong any kind of static or ballistic stretching before exercise is not only counter-productive but can be potentially harmful the traditional stretches prior to exercising will often cause muscles to tighten up rather than relax which is the opposite of what is needed for any type of physical activity it s like freezing a rubber band then pulling it to its limit it s more likely to snap or tear rather the best time to stretch is during a workout or after so there is no risk of muscle damage warm up with a light jog instead this type of light exercise will increase your heart rate and help blood flow to the muscles it will also warm up your body temperature which allows you to reach a full range of motion in a controlled manner for sport specific exercises use a gradual increase in intensity to increase blood flow to the muscles for example runners starting with a walk use a light exercise that will allow the body to evolve into a mental and physical state to perform its intended routine during a warm up the hormones responsible for regulating your body s energy production will increase making more carbohydrates and fatty acids available for energy prepare mentally by clearing your mind focusing and reviewing your skills or strategy the perfect warm up is an individual process that comes with practice experience and experimentation try different warm up routines until you find what works best for you n for more information on health and fitness email or facebook ryhan vengetas property of the week green products freestanding bath a freestanding bath is one of the best ways to add some style and class to your bathroom not to mention coming home to a long hot bath during the winter months can make for a relaxing and enjoyable evening you can choose from a wide range of baths the most popular these days being made from stone as they are second to none in quality and can add immense value to your home if you really can t stand the chill this winter a heated towel rail is a wise investment simply pre-heat your towel rail before your shower and by the time you are finished you will be wrapped up in a warm fluffy towel most towel rails are wall mounted and can be plugged in or hard-wired and there are even some floor standing heated towel rails on the market so do your research invest wisely and stay warm this winter n for more info call salvi messina owner of renovation boys tel 9519 5511 the ultimate lifestyle apartment 527/1 missenden rd camperdown this two-bedroom 85m2 approx warehouse style apartment is located in the sought after rhodes house resort-inspired complex with vast rooftop facilities including a tennis court pool bbq areas and so much more against a panoramic cbd backdrop its prime fifth floor position provides a hushed home existence with every convenience at your doorstep walk metres to parramatta road buses pubs cafés and restaurants and reach eclectic newtown and norton street in minutes a vibrant open plan layout with soaring ceilings and timber parquetry floors defines the stylishly appointed apartment interior the property includes a balcony with district views oversized renovated bathroom with laundry facilities and built-ins in both bedrooms for sale offers from $570,000 contact ray haines 0411 702 794 callagher estate agents tel 9569 4888 n heated towel rails local business handcrafted style founded by john fredriksson in 1996 every floor tells a story at antique floors the tradition of fine woodwork has been in john s family for generations and he began learning his craft from an early age today he shares his passion and knowledge of quality handcrafted timber flooring with inner westies at his balmain showroom and here he chats to ciao about why vintage style home decorating is making a comeback can you tell us a bit about the history of antique floors we opened up the doors to our antique floors showroom and red door gallery in july 2009 we specialize in wide board floors and parquetry and working with new and recycled timber using european oak and australian hardwoods like blackbutt and tallowwood what is a typical day like at the antique floors balmain showroom the showroom is open 6 days a week and customers come in to have a look at the 240m2 of different floors and styles in a homely environment and to browse the current art exhibition there are also custom made tables libraries wine cellars and french provincial walls i also offer free quotes at customer s homes or from plans what is the most popular type of floor among your inner west customers the most popular floors in the area at the moment would be the engineered wide floorboards engineered for stability and with an oak or blackbutt wear layer some of them have been distressed and wire brushed to make them look old and worn with the parquetry the marie antoinette pattern is the most popular and can be seen on our website what sets your floors apart from others what s special about them the parquetry floors are bespoke made from reclaimed australian hardwoods and imported european oak they are cut to size sanded by hand and restored with natural oils to create traditional patterns new parquetry patterns are with wood and stone and wood and steel why do you think there has been a return to antiquestyle and `shabby chic interior decorating using recycled materials people in australia today want to feel that they have some heritage within their own homes many houses get renovated to keep the old style and that s where they look for the parquetry floors there are many europeans in australia that like to keep the traditions from past generations also n antique floors 73 beattie st balmain tel 9810 8838 community glamour at its best 15



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