Montessori 3–6 Homeschool Practical Life Table of Contents/Sample Activity


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NAMC's 3–6 Montessori Homeschool Program. Table of Contents and sample activity for the Practical Life curriculum.

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montessori 3­6 homeschool practical life


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table of contents introduction to practical life 1 areas of practical life activities .2 aims of practical life activities .2 the prepared environment .4 preliminary activities .8 how to carry unroll and roll a work mat .9 how to move a chair .12 how to pour grain .13 how to pour water .15 how to pour water into a narrow necked bottle .18 care of self activities .20 how to wash hands .21 how to brush teeth .23 how to clean fingernails .25 how to pack an overnight bag .27 how to polish shoes .29 care of environment activities .31 how to use a dustpan and brush .33 how to wipe up a spill .35 how to clean a mirror .37 how to plant a seed .39 how to clean a houseplant .41 3-6 homeschool ­ practical life © namc north american montessori center


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how to water a plant .43 how to clip clothespins .45 how to weave a ribbon .47 how to fold towels .49 how to butter a piece of bread .51 how to set a table .53 how to peel a carrot .55 how to mix colored water .58 how to sew a button onto cloth .61 how to wrap a present .63 grace and courtesy activities .65 how to greet and say goodbye to someone .67 how to draw a person s attention .69 how to say please thank you and you re welcome .71 how to blow your nose .73 how to answer the telephone .75 3-6 homeschool ­ practical life © namc north american montessori center


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how to pour water purpose to teach a child how to carefully pour a liquid e.g water age 2 1/2­3 years old prerequisite how to pour grain you will need · · · · plastic mat a tray with the following items three transparent cups glass pitcher drying cloth 3-6 homeschool ­ practical life 15 © namc north american montessori center


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preparation on the three transparent cups draw a line at three-quarter height with a permanent marker on the glass pitcher draw a line that is slightly higher than the height corresponding to the combined volume of the three cups presentation · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · invite your child to accompany you to the shelf where you will introduce the activity ask him to place the plastic mat on the table carry the tray holding the materials to the table take the materials off of the tray and arrange them on the plastic mat so that you can pour easily explain to your child that the cloth is for wiping the cups and pitcher and any spills point out the lines on the cups show your child how to carry the pitcher to the sink and fill it with water ask him to tell you when the water reaches the indication mark on the pitcher at the table slowly pour the water from the pitcher into the first cup stopping at the three-quarter line after filling all three cups to the three-quarter line carefully pour the water from each of the cups back into the pitcher encourage your child to repeat the activity when he is finished empty the pitcher of water into the sink using the drying cloth wipe off the cups and pitcher before placing them back on the tray if any water has spilled wipe it up with the drying cloth show your child how to hang the wet cloth on the clothes drying rack ask your child to get a dry cloth and replace all the items onto the tray when he is done remind him to return the tray to the shelf 3-6 homeschool ­ practical life 16 © namc north american montessori center


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tip colored water may be used for interest and variety when using colored water the drying cloth should be put into the laundry basket after each use 3-6 homeschool ­ practical life 17 © namc north american montessori center



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