Adjetivos para describir a una persona


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tecnología para la enseñanza aprendizaje le adjetivos para describir a una persona


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adjectives to describe a person active always doing something aggressive being angry or threatening ambitious wanting to succeed argumentative always arguing with people arrogant thinking you are better than anyone else assertive being confident so people can t force you to do things you don t want to do bad-tempered in a bad mood bossy telling people what to do all the time careless not taking care caring wanting to help people catty saying nasty or spiteful things about other people cautious being careful so that you avoid mistakes charming pleasant and likeable what a charming man cheeky being rude or disrespectful clever intelligent conceited thinking you re very clever or better than others conscientious doing something carefully because you want to do it well considerate thinking and caring about others coy pretending to be shy so that you don t have to give information.


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creative someone who can make or design things or can think of solutions to a problem curious wanting to know things fill in the blanks with the correct adjective 1 he s and wants to lead the company 2 i know you don t like her but calling her names is a bit 3 my neighbor brought me flowers when i was in hospital ­ she s very 4 i m to find out what you think of the situation 5 it s important to be at work 6 he s an person and never wants to stay in 7 it was a bit of him to ask for more money 8 she won t accept what you say she s and loves to disagree 9 he s a driver i m sure he ll have an accident 10 he s a student and picks things up quickly 11 he s a student and always does her homework 12 he s and starts arguments 13 what s got into her lately she s so 14 my boss is and often asks me how things are going 15 he s about investing money in the stock market n para saber más acerca de como describir a una persona checa el video video 8 describing a person cursos online de ingles


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key 1 ambitious 2 catty 3 considerate 4 curious 5 assertive 6 active 7 cheeky 8 argumentative 9 careless 10 clever 11 conscientious 12 aggressive 13 bad-tempered 14 caring 15 cautious



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