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Reflections is the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School's award-winning high school literary magazine, featuring poetry, short stories and visual artwork by our high school students.

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equil ibrium 2012 reflections


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e ditor s note a balance between structure and and creative imagination is essential to human life the structure of our lives provides a consistency that keeps us in line morally and socially however the world has become a place where self-expression is looked down upon and seen as an inferior way of living our imagination is able to transport us to utopian worlds and to alternate realities without structure we are lost without imagination we are stuck the 2012 edition of reflections explores this lost combination of structure and imagination and it is with this in mind that we chose the theme of equilibrium an equilibrium is a moment when all forces that act upon an object are balanced when rightward forces are balanced by leftward forces and upward forces are balanced by downward forces many of the literary pieces featured within this year s magazine adhere to this same balance a sonnet by ofer kimchi is a poem full of imagery yet it is constrained by the rigid rules of the sonnet form furthermore the wild creativity of the piece is confined within the architectural lines and boxes of the layout the poem itself achieves an equilibrium with the design reinforcing it oh dental floss by tamar gasko is a whimsical poem that reflects the imaginative force that often drives our minds structural elements like spacing and vertical text allow the content and the form to interact as in this poem our magazine seeks to fuse structure to imagination this balance between structure and imagination was our goal on every single spread of this year s issue of reflections each page is evenly balanced with a piece of artwork and text creating a state of equilibrium we wanted to bring a beautiful simplicity to the magazine in which every pairing of art and text is perfectly balanced no subject more prominent than any other while highlighting the individual beauty of each we are excited to take you through the the ups and downs of our equilibrium along the lines and angles that balance the imaginative freedom of our expression we encourage you to dive into the alternate universe of reflections as the confined lines guide you on your journey hannah becker and sarah freedman editors-in-chief


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r eflections the kuttner-levenson endowment for upper school cultural arts and student publications charles e smith jewish day school annette m and theodore n lerner upper school campus 11710 hunters lane rockville maryland 20852 www.cesjds.org telephone 301-881-1400 fax 301-230-1986 2012 issue xxxvi reflections is published through the generosity of the following funds the helen and louis fanaroff cultural arts and literary endowmant the jay m and dorothy s rosenthal cultural arts endowment


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poetry the note summer people returning a broken umbrella to a place where a man can think the title game the kraken ordinary days the orchid naked boy wonder going to the ballet 381 days lady sonnet titanic anthrology compose jamal after dayton perennial entering the orange sky oh dental floss a sonnet you i hate war pervasions a jewel waiting prose the suits 7 tamar gasko traffic 9 hannah becker this place 19 samuel yerulshami are you my father 25 jordan brandt pay the piper 41 eden katz cracked 51 julianna isaac one sunday afternoon 53 brendan pell contact 55 samuel yerulshami a nocturne 57 ofer kimchi im conversation between pandapony23 and ashesg00ber 03/06/11 4:38:29pm 69 brendan pell the abyss 73 brendan pell if i controlled 77 jacob dorn the classroom of contents 1 ofer kimchi 3 tamar gasko 5 gavriel kleinwaks 11 noah zweben 13 tamar gasko 15 hannah becker 17 tamar gasko 21 sarah freedman 23 tamar gasko 29 brendan pell 31 jonathan zuckerman 33 ranana dine 35 arielle masica 37 ofer kimchi 39 shaina wasser 43 samuel yerulshami 45 brendan pell 47 gavriel kleinwaks 49 leah schwartz 61 63 65 67 71 75 79 81 shaina wasser tamar gasko ofer kimchi arielle masica alexander tritell ranana dine gabi amige sarah freedman t able


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art umbrella chairs moma stairwell windmills sunset in bloom skyscraper sun rays upper west side santa barbara solitude back lady colored window pink abstract carousels escalator dr martens boy at the lake canyon spider web in between smiling frog vintage street 1 7 9 11 13 15 19 23 25 27 33 35 37 39 41 45 49 55 61 57 63 65 67 79 81 hannah becker hannah becker hannah becker miriam israel sam hofman miriam israel hannah becker hannah becker hannah becker hannah becker shai meskia hannah becker samantha berman ranana dine hannah becker hannah becker hannah becker hannah becker miriam israel emily shoyer hannah becker ranana dine hannah becker miriam israel ranana dine digital photography prayer book blue eyes colors colors and textures africana man in red coat 3 5 43 51 53 69 annie schtevie gabriella mendick sam knapp sam knapp elana oser gabriella mendick film photography metallics mirror coils chessboard alligator timeless dancers toys mushrooms girl at the lake 17 21 29 31 47 71 73 75 77 max greenberg hannah becker adir hakakian lila bilsky arielle fonteim eli shurburg hannah becker micah cowan gabrielle cohen


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as i played the piano so soft and flowing always i know it is the knowing that screwed up my tempo the note ofer kimchii and kept me from going more than the bellow of the know i was knowing i d hit that note so sour and harsh so terribly groaning but always i was honing on that note there s naught i could do it always kept happening so terribly vile it screwed up my tempo and kept me from going and yet it kept groaning sounding so often it felt like a droning came it most always piece when was flowing


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2 umbrella hannah becker digital photography


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prayerbook annie schtevie collage summer people tamar gasko closed for the season the sign says do you think you are in the company of cheerful ladies consider the evidence you are a girl in translation loved only by the kitchen and three cups of tea are we alone edna ferber so big asks don t be an arrogant beggar i say we are the unloved.has the you re black like me those across the river strut with that hideous strength we ll never be summer people.


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r eturning hello my greatest only love hello my greatest only love lie you here under the willows gavriel kleinwaks i have long been waiting for you and can you see me even now why did you ever have to go i had to fight for my people i will wait for you forever i am so sorry to have left my tears fell ceaselessly for you i thought all day and night of you i longed only for your return and finally it was over gone were the tears and blood you d shed i came home thinking to find joy but you came home to find me dead


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blue eyes gabi mendick watercolor


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the suits dominic weinman never had a role model he didn t have an aspiration or a goal or a quest if you passed domi in the street you would say oh he wasn t ugly he wasn t stupid he just was when he floated down the street you might feel the draft created by his mustard tweed suit but even if you did notice him all you d do is turn around and look at his receding backside his unshapely sagging backside and mutter what a poor poor bastard and if you were approaching him from the front he d start out as a brown smudge but then he d get closer and you d realize that it was a man coming toward you and your subconscious would be surprised for a moment but then would think oh a man okay i get it if you just saw him out of the corner of your eye he was no big deal just a blip on the radar screen but if you really looked at him you d notice something you d notice how dominic weinman didn t walk like a normal person he glided his feet were small and quick and he moved like you would on one of those exercise machines swooshing forward and forward and forward and forward as if there was an inch of air under his feet buoying him up his head strained forward away from his shoulders pulling him where he wanted to go in the mornings all the men and women and children would rush out of their houses running to wherever they had to be at whatever time and for an hour or so all the town would be buzzing the air was filled with sounds of rumbling cars honking bikes tooting cabs and yelling business men sounds of designer shoes slapping the pavement heels clicking briefcases zipping there was a smothering gray fog as everyone rushed about yelling i m late and outta my way move move move and into the melee dominic would glide his neck swinging as if magnetically attracted to the hubbub there was no parting of the sea he was ignored like always he was pushed and shoved by those who grew impatient with his idleness don t you know you re a bum don t you know you re in my way don t you know i have better things to do than to move for you he would be bounced from one to another never arguing never resisting but simply being borne through the sea of people 7 digital photography chairs hannah becker


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tamar gasko and at the end of it after he had been sloppily deposited on the ground once more after everyone had transferred their frustration into his body he would sit he d sit on the curb watching the skyscrapers rise in the distance and think about the people he had brushed against the fragments of their lives they d unknowingly given him left him feeling empty inside the syrup stain on a portly man s tie from his pancake breakfast the unruly hair of a young woman that betrayed a late night affair even a grandmother s musty perfume left dominic with the sad image of a pair of worn pink slippers sprawled on a green linoleum floor these were the silk and cotton and wool and corduroy beings who at this very moment were sitting in those buildings maybe they would look up from their so-very-important work long enough to remember that odd man they bumped into this morningĀ­that square peg among a bunch of round holesĀ­and wonder who was he maybe they d look out the window and see him sitting on the curb a mile and a half away and think oh there he is then they d look back at their so-veryimportant work and domi would be expelled from their consciousness and almost as if he could sense they had forgotten him already as if he could tell from a mile and a half away that they had already been sucked back into their inescapable skyscrapers domi would rise he d blink a few times then start bobbing back towards the towering grey a mile and a half away he d enter the glass doors with an air conditioned whoosh he d sidle to the elevator and be pushed into the corner the music would descend into the ears of his companions as insignificant as his squashed body the doors would open the suits dispersing to their cubicles domi would bob through the corridors willing someone to look at him just one pair of eyes but alas their eyes would be staring out the windows seven minutes later they might look out their windows and notice a rather large leaf plummeting to the sidewalk among the gray stacks but it would just be a leaf nothing to lose time over right just a mustard-colored leaf 8


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traffic hannah becker the yellow rays leaked through the windows in a consistent beat as the sunset weaved in and out of the trees right off the interstate highway the vibrating purr of the engine subtly jolted my head as i rested it against the passenger window i listened to the muffled sounds of voices shoving back and forth at each other against the melodramatic words of taylor swift playing through my ear buds bing a notice popped up on my ipod that i had 10 battery power left oh crap how could i survive the rest of the ride without listening to taylor swift s squeaky voice complaining about another bad break up or if i got lucky a boy she regretted letting go i smiled those were the least of my problems sam take those damn headphones out of your ears mom screeched i heard her but i wouldn t sacrifice the wrath to come if i took out the only barrier saving me from reality sam sam i didn t answer i knew she would give up dammit sam mom said with a touch of defeat we all do in some way give up i mean i gave up on putting in my two cents because there was no point it wouldn t change anything i gave up on weighing both sides because either way i was wrong we were all wrong me mom and michael there was always something we didn t know an ignorance we couldn t escape mom and michael s muffled voices were still speaking but it created too much of a headache as i tried to listen over taylor i pretended they were talking about something else improvising the muffled noises shoving back and forth a little game i created where make believe seemed almost believable it was easier that way hey after this let s go get some ice-cream whatta you say kids asked mom oh boy ice cream yelped michael what do you think about that sam would you rather have frozen yogurt or ice cream i m sure we can find a rest stop within the next few miles mom said i really did hear my name come up in their conversation but my best guess was that didn t have to do with my ice cream preference there was a long pause before mom spoke again sam will eat anything she has a sweet tooth just like her father did please don t bring up dad said michael i knew i was supposed to pretend they were talking about sugar coated rainbows and sunshine but i couldn t help it i couldn t not think about him after all he was the reason we were all here mom michael and i what flavor do you want you know what you can even get two mom said i glanced out the window the yellow became


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moma stairwell hannah becker digital photography a soft orange then a vibrant pink and soon after a soft violet the trees were no longer silhouettes against the warm sky now conjoined with twilight i glanced down at my ipod to check the time but it was already dead i hadn t realized the car ride was longer than i remembered when we went to visit grandma i took out my ear buds because the ice-cream thing was getting old and i couldn t think of new material these things don t happen at night do they you know i ve practiced a little michael looked down at the crumpled page thank you all for coming today we all know my dad was i put my ear buds back in i want strawberry and chocolate michael took a short pause to think or maybe vanilla that sounds wonderful honey maybe i ll get that too you always know what to order mom said the ice-cream thing was getting old i couldn t believe it anymore i stopped myself from pretending i pulled the barrier out one last time the car slowed as the streetlights framed the engraved stones and wilting flowers through a dull tinted white there was no one there mom hit the stirring wheel a few times dammit dammit i can t believe we missed it we only left five minuets late dammit it must have been all that traffic i brushed the creases out of my solid black skirt and pushed off my patent leather shoes there was no traffic subway hannah becker digital photography 10



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