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free there s life in the inner west 190 22nd june 2012 every fortnight win is taking over the inner west distributed in leichhardt annandale petersham stanmore newtown rozelle balmain drummoyne haberfield five dock concord summer hill movie tix a royal affair polisse xmasbeanie and chug down some comes early slap on a mulled wine for rozelle s big party the inner west s newest festival marrickville opens its doors oliver and toby lamberton photo ben cregan promotion finishes 3 rd july hurry winter time blues see us at cincotta leichhardt free 2 hour parking at the italian forum with any purchase limit codral day night pe tab 48 1399 cc17988_ciao of 3 per customer applies leichhardt store only promotion starts 21st june 1 auburn 9649 7900 belrose 9986 3331 blacktown 9622 1937 burwood 9745 6375 campsie 9789 9000 carlingford 9871 4522 caringbah 9525 0309 engadine 9520 8838 five dock 9713 4729 glebe 9660 6919 marrickville 9560 2488 merryland 9897 1011 neutral bay 9953 0609 revesby 9773 8510 riverwood 9153 7347 toukley 4396 4137 your local store 6-8 norton street leichhardt open mon-fri 8am-8pm sat-sun 9am-6pm ph 9560 7008


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inner west whispers local gossip rumour hearsay and unsubstantiated fact latte leftie we are c!ao satire for the soul the people of rozelle have mobilised against the hated property developers but one local leftist is letting the side down with ludicrous accusations of nimbyism dear ll ­ i m an annandale-based architect who spends a lot of the time writing letters to the sydney morning herald decrying suburban sprawl and calling on the government to burn enviroraping mcmansions to the ground no-one s more in favour of medium density living than my good self but i thought everyone understood that 32-storey towers should be plonked in bland liberal-voting areas such as lane cove you know places where there s no artistic community to be unsettled by over the top development of their bucolic village located a good 3km away from the hustle and bustle of an international city and won t someone please think of the inner west children i don t like exploiting my kid s psychological condition for base political purposes but i feel duty bound to point out my five-year-old is extremely shy how is she going to feel if one of these `lower income tower residents tries to speak to her in that that boisterous overly familiar fashion working class types are notorious for antony annandale ll replies you make such a logically watertight case that it s difficult to imagine that anyone could argue with it antony distressingly leichhardt s own celebrity faceless man paul howes has done exactly that in the daily terror betraying his outer-west provenance the ex-communist rudd-assassinating andrew bolt-befriending union tyro has launched a mini class war labelling boat people-loving equality-championing inner westies hypocritical just because they go mental at the prospect of any sort of development that that might allow immigrants or others on sub-100k incomes barring struggling actors or writers to live near them i urge all local voters to remember this perfidiousness when howes seeks to knock off albo or plibersek down the track n email with your dilemma leane senzamici newtown sex shop scaled down big tower attacked by residents howes own goal l opposition to rozelle s godzilla aka rozelle village s proposed twin tower development has united opposing groups ­ the chamber of commerce council and resident action groups not always on the same page see the cruise terminal they ve put aside their differences to mobilise against the towers now that submissions are closed bof is said to be meeting with a select few one jamie parker representatives of the chamber and rrag rozelle resident action group not the rodenticide resistance action group it s time for the politics to play out and for the rats to run for cover sadly there has been agenda setting and political wrangling here s some dirty laundry l rrag s facebook site says they have neither asked for nor received any funds from council to support their position however most people at the public meeting to `save rozelle distinctly heard rrag thank council for their financial support l paul howes labor s high-profile faceless man and pro-development advocate has politically ruined the chances of the development getting up his diatribe in his sunday terror column not only alienates fellow labor men darcy byrne and albo but also makes it easier for the libs to oppose it not that this is a political decision l the greens will also have to decide who will gain credit or blame after the decision is posted will it be rochelle porteous who has thrown her weight behind the campaign or bof s new bestie jamie parker l stiletto have been knocked back again the super brothel wanted to welcome a maximum of 160 patrons at any one time but have had to settle for a limit of 60 patrons that s only one and a half clients per sex worker rather than the projected three better start lining up food melissa leong photography nudzejma avdic resident chef jared ingersoll c!ao history draper albert brackpool opened his prominent mercery and drapery store at 236 liverpool road ashfield around 1916 and quickly became known for his quality products his sons albert jnr and harold joined the business but it wasn t long before both boys then in their early twenties answered the call to enlist in the australian forces during wwi this photograph of the shop was taken when peace was declared like many other lucky parents albert had much to celebrate when his sons returned photo a.j brackpool s mercery and drapery shop 1918 courtesy of ashfield district historical society inc jo grace design russell edwards art direction editorial nancy merlo publishing sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards ben cregan nigel bowen jared ingersoll rachel hayter and shanel salih bar sport join us for our may-july program $55.00 per class or $45.00 per class for 4 or more classes per individual child conditions apply things we love our art director claims to have zero interest in sport yet he was snapped here centre rapt in a soccer match at norton street s famous bar sport it s simple he explained when confronted with the facebook photo evidence bar sport is the real thing ­ the inner west as it used to be if it ever changes starts serving glutten-free bran muffins and soy hot milk made by a tattoed barista i m leaving leichhardt forever ciao book now for the july school holidays contact rebecca on 0417 208 772 or dani on 0423 027 955 c!ao s voice · watching the euro cup live at bar sport 4.45am games · the guy who juggles at the bus stop on norton st · the improved italian forum cultural centre · volunteering for ozharvest · perms surely this 80s trend is due for a comeback soon we ve had every other one · finally knowing that a dingo did take the baby well probably ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia what s in out out in · youtube ads ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville · being stuck on the wrong side of king st when you need a park before 10am · losing a windscreen wiper on a rainy day subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered to your doorstep email with your address cover oliver and toby gear up for the christmas in july beanie street party in rozelle with beanies courtesy of tali gallery made by aboriginal women in remote central australian communities photo by ben cregan · `finding a bug in your salmon from bar rashai · `bogus fortune tellers · `the rise in out of control teenagers at shopping centres during school holidays c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west 2


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it s highly unlikely that ancient mayan annals contain apocalyptic predictions these prophecies are modern fabrications usually generated by the media to create fear and hysteria the 2012 phenomenon draws more from the new age movement and a fascination with esoteric teachings than it does from ancient mayan culture and the idea that the mayan long count `ends on 21st december 2012 with disastrous consequences for the world misrepresents mayan civilisation 2012 it s the end of the one of the earliest records concerning the calendar s connection to cataclysmic events involves christopher columbus s voyage to the americas in 1502 endof-the-world predictions were widespread amongst europeans during the early years of the spanish conquest of the incan empire and columbus believed that his discovery of `most distant lands was prophesised and would bring about the apocalypse by contrast the people of ancient maya were concerned with developing a sophisticated civilisation in yucatan and guatemala not predicting events for a future world they would not live to see the mayans reached their highest state of development during the classic period c 250 to 900 ad where they established a method of timekeeping called the long count a system more complex than our western calendar system the mayan calendar describes the number of cycles through which humanity must pass in order to reach certain stages of evolutionary consciousness the beginning date of the long count falls on a day the sun was on the zenith point which corresponds to 11th august 3114 bc in the gregorian calendar archaeologists believe that the final date ­ 21st december 2012 ­ is based on this solar zenith day the end of the mayan long count appears to be astrologically significant because it falls on a solstice however its astrological value actually lies in its connection to the uranus-pluto transit of march 2011 an event which triggered a series of global disruptions such as the uprisings across north africa and the middle east occupy wall street protest movements in the west the recent collapse of the eurozone and panic over ecological issues such as scarcity of food water and oil here we have erratic individualism uranus in aries clashing with the status quo pluto in capricorn our individual rights and freedoms as well as the wellbeing of the planet are at odds with retaining and protecting capitalist power this turbulent period in the world s history will end in 2015 but not before our personal and collective ethics are put through the wringer expect to see the institutions of mass capitalism weaken as people power gains momentum over the next three years this ties in beautifully with the end of the mayan long count where the current cycle finishes with the destruction of outmoded ways of living and a new cycle begins called the fifth world we can mark the date 21st december 2012 as the beginning of spiritual maturation the result of a disconnected and dissatisfied society that struggles to find meaningful answers to life s big questions who am i what is my purpose what is the meaning of life so how does the 2012 phenomenon affect the inner west what happens to them this year totally depends on what inner westies decide to make of it it can be a blessing or a curse depending on your perspective and the actions you take you can stand still shrug your shoulders sigh and say that s the way it is or feel empowered and supported by the universal forces at play i see movements such as reclaim the lanes and reclaim the streets revitalised and gaining power through repossession of poorly utilised urban spaces in the name of community spirit creativity and fun support for small businesses and legendary landmarks such as the annandale hotel will increase as locals grasp the importance of preserving these unique gems there will be a swing away from 4 the 2012 phenomenon according to writers and directors melancholia that planet is awfully close world affluent sectors of the community waging and winning campaigns against desperately needed affordable housing public transport and other services the tables will turn on those lobbying against the creative class the poor and disabled multiculturalism and egalitarianism ensuring that diversity will always have a home in the inner west all inner westies will benefit from mayan wisdom by integrating their modern lifestyle with a rich spiritual life and a genuine sense of community after the 21st december older residents in particular will yearn for the community values of former working class suburbs like balmain rozelle and marrickville balmain natives are frustrated by the popular view that the coolest activity their historic neighbourhood has to offer is standing in the queue outside zumbo s cake shop melancholia lars von trier s film melancholia 2011 features a plot in which the planet melancholia is on a collision course with earth confirming that the end of the world is imminent this sacred earth the 2012 phenomenon this 2009 documentary uses the 2012 prophecy as a way to save humankind and the planet the film asks wisdom keepers around the world what actions we can take to ensure that the fifth world of peace and spirituality becomes a reality as we know it and i feel fine the lost symbol a 2009 book by dan `the da vinci code brown with references to 2012 the end of the mayan long count also known as the 2012 phenomenon is synonymous with imminent doom destined to occur on the 21st december this year but before you disappear into your apocalypseproof bunker with your stash of non-perishables i am here to tell you that it isn t the end of the world not yet anyway rem song released 1987 above the mayans knew in 2012 people will have multiple piercings and many tattoos photo from apocalypto © icon international entertainment the joshua files the joshua files 2008 by mg harris is a series of thrillers for young adults which feature the adventures of teenager josh garcia in relation to his connection to the mayan prophecies 2012 the war for souls whitley strieber s 2007 novel is about three parallel earths and the occurrences leading up to december 21st 2012 locals will feel homesick for a time when pubs acted as major social centres that glued the community together and not the over-priced wine bars and bistros they are now it will become clear that middle class values perpetuated by the upwardly mobile fail in a working class community enriched by people who choose not to succumb to the live-to-work ethic that prevails in sydney far from being an overblown catastrophe over nothing the 2012 phenomenon can be a time of positive transformation for the inner west the various grassroots movements that are emerging globally to fight corporate and government control are sprouting on a micro level in our backyard in a quest to reclaim the community that so many of us love the gods of change are on our side 2012 we were warned 2012 apocalypic american science-fiction film starring john cusack about a family s attempt to escape global natural disasters brought about by the 2012 prophecies n words astrogirlzarro ciao s regular horoscope contributor


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july september 2012 treading lightly eco-living in the inner west thursday 16 august 6.30pm footprints film festival rsvp leichhardt council 9367 9220 wor k ev shops ents free july saturday 21 july 10am 1pm and 2 5pm bicycle skills training rsvp leichhardt council 9367 9220 september saturday 8 september 9.30 11.30am green cleaning rsvp burwood council 9911 9911 saturday 21 july 9.30am 12.30pm herb spiral design rsvp leichhardt council 9367 9220 saturday 18 august 9.30am 12.30pm edible weeds seed propogation rsvp city of canada bay council 9911 6411 saturday 15 september 8.30am 1.30pm back on your bike cycling skills for adults rsvp ashfield council 9716 1991 saturday 28 july 9.30 11.30am efficiency in the home rsvp city of canada bay council 9911 6411 saturday 18 august 10am 1pm and 2 5pm bicycle skills training rsvp leichhardt council 9367 9220 saturday 22 september 9.30am 12.30pm composting and wormfarming rsvp ashfield council 9716 1991 saturday 28 july 10am 12.30pm greenway eco history walk rsvp ashfield council 9716 1991 thursday 23 august 6.30 8.30pm how to reduce your power bills rsvp ashfield council 9716 1991 sunday 23 september 11am 3pm big bike day rsvp leichhardt council 9367 9220 august saturday 25 august 9.30 11.30am growing herbs at home rsvp burwood council 9911 9911 saturday 4 august 1.30pm 4.30pm growing food in small spaces rsvp ashfield council 9716 1991 saturday 29 september 9am 12pm learn to cycle for kids rsvp ashfield council 9716 1991 sunday 26 august 11am 3pm footprints eco festival enquiries leichhardt council 9367 9220 venue details provided at time of booking limited capacity bookings essential for all events sunday 12 august 10am 3pm ferragosto italian festival eco hub rsvp city of canada bay council 9911 6411 saturday 29 september 10am 12pm make do mend rsvp city of canada bay council 9911 6411 visit partner councils websites for further information.


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community life the best thing since sliced bread a staple food for millions across the world bread comes in endless shapes and sizes and every corner of the world has their own unique style fortunately many of these styles come together here in the inner west and are too good to resist so leave your atkins diet behind and prepare for a carb overdose r oad te st rant is it time to lay off our elected leaders the australian public suffers from chronic tall poppy syndrome at best the condition manifests itself as one disdainful remark or another at worst outright contempt ­ and it s our nation s leaders who bear the brunt of this resentment am i the only who thinks harboring scorn for our elected representatives is infantile disrespectful and ultimately selfdestructive given australia is a country built by convicted criminals and has a long history of anti-authoritarianism it is natural that we would hold a distrust of those in power even so our egalitarianism and sense of a fair go should not be so misdirected as to cut down any person who distinguishes themselves from the masses ­ especially not a person whose role is to serve us but it seems that the taller the poppy the more bitter the attitude our tallest poppy prime minister gillard cops the nastiest flak of all john howard was mercilessly teased for his cartoonishbushy eyebrows and kevin rudd was regularly ridiculed for being a nerd instead of being held in high regard kevin s intelligence isolated him from his constituents and his canterbury road baalbek bakery next door also does brilliant fresh lebanese bread italian bread for crusty bread you can t go past italian ciabatta from cassaniti bakery haberfield it has a crispy crust that crunches with every bite but soft aerated dough on the inside you ll love dipping it in soup or making bruschetta with it for a denser white bread with crust grab a filoncino italian breadstick while you re there too this bakery offers the best value for money ­ you can get one of each for just $3.20 irish soda bread bowan island bakery has been making traditional irish soda bread for 20 years using organic wholemeal unbleached flours whole milk honey soda and a pinch of sea salt it s a hefty strong-smelling loaf with the most unusual taste and a little fizzle to it that reminds me of the foam on a beer they do walnut and fruit versions to keep things interesting try them toasted and buttered price $7 for a decent size loaf english raisin bread ironically this english fruit bread comes from german bakery neu s which can be found at newtown orange grove lilyfield and frenchs forest markets marrickville on weekends it s sweet tasting and smelling packed with the flavour of raisins and hazelnuts and sprinkled with a little rosemary the dark brown crust gives way to spongy dough that you could eat by the bucket load a loaf is $7 and worth every penny levain breadstick levain is the most popular choice at french bakery victoire rozelle the white sourdough comes in three sizes and its snowy white dough has that quintessential tangy taste that you expect from sourdoughs without being too overwhelming it s the kind of taste that will convert non-sourdough eaters as long as you re willing to pay $4.20 for a short breadstick pierre labancz and his baguettes eaten fresh says pierre in france it s baked three times a day for this reason a long baguette will set you back $3.50 ­ good price for great bread za atar bread although this requires travelling slightly out of the inner west i have to include this tasty arabic breakfast bread za atar refers to the seed mix oregano thyme and savory dried with salt sesames and sumac that tops this pita-like bread called manakish you must try it ­ $1.50 at charlie s pizzeria and bakery 99-105 munich malt neu s also does a dense german sourdough that s 70 rye baked with sesames pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds and linseeds not as tasty as some of the others it s certainly the healthiest but then i ve never been the health conscious type so i couldn t help but grab a thick salty pretzel too just for good measure ­ $2.50 each fantastisch nm our prime minister s voice is public enemy number one blinky bill s miss magpie never sounded so good apparent chumminess with journalists led to `media slut taunts he found his redemption though after falling victim to julia gillard and the faceless men australians hate a tall poppy but we love an underdog speaking of julia gillard her critics and political cartoonists love to focus on her appearance her hair her suits and her earlobes are all fair game ­ but our prime minister s voice is public enemy number one blinky bill s miss magpie never sounded so good anyhow this is not an argument against healthy scepticism or playful mockery after all i am a card-carrying member of the facebook group `kevin rudd looks like an ice-cream and find australians unwillingness to suck up to people of apparent importance to be one of our healthiest attributes the problem however lays in irrational hatred for our politicians based on nothing more than their perceived ambition or influence call me naïve but i truly believe that most politicians enter the world of public service with altruistic intentions if it were money or power they were seeking the business world would be the much safer and easier bet our politicians are our voice and they pledge to serve our best interests it seems bizarre that we tear shreds off them and therefore undermine our democracy notorious for their political apathy it seems ridiculous that australians are so willing to put the boot into those few individuals who are willing to volunteer for the hard grind of public life rachel hayter opening saturday 23rd june from 4pm to 6pm at breathing colours gallery balmain the exhibit explores a series of dramatic environmental events including the heavy floods that have recently affected different parts of australia on paper wood and canvas in vivid and stunning colour michele s work draws on the immediate sensations of being in a place and her interpretive approach is key to her artistic vision donations will be made the crohns and colitis association from any sales of her artwork during the exhibition where 446 darling street balmain from tues 3rd to fri 13th july french baguette pierre labancz is a newcomer to rozelle that s quickly become known for his pastries and traditional french baguettes which are delicious well salted and always fresh bread must be embracing marrickville marrickville has its arms wide open for the first open marrickville festival showcasing the creativity of local communities and celebrating the varied cultures of the inner west the open marrickville festival will be held from saturday 23rd june to sunday 1st july and encompasses cross-arts cultural events including music dance art theatre storytelling and great food as unique members of the community come together to celebrate the diverse program opens at alex trevallion plaza from 11am to 2pm and closes with a magic winter festival at the addison road commnuity centre on june 30th from 12pm to 8pm with music food face-painting and dancing in the streets in between you can enjoy a rainbow connections theatre show at the sidetrack theatre from june 28th to july 1st naidoc week celebrations with camdenville public school on june 29th plus exhibitions at chrissie cotter and at the vanishing point and a short film-festival on june 27th and 28th as well as much more for more information visit the events page on council s website what s on compiled by nancy merlo email sat 23rd sun 24th june marrickville music info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are mon 25th to fri 28th june leichhardt espresso chorus in memory of a lost loved one a group of friends commissioned famous composer and pianist sally whitwell to create a piece of music called `the breath of kindness sally delivered the piece to the leichhardt espresso chorus who have drawn on the talents of inner west composer david basden to create `eternity and grace ­ one divine hour of soulful music the concert will be performed 7pm saturday and 3pm sunday by string quintet the leichhardt espresso chorus piano soloists and celestial percussion tickets $25 which includes preconcert talk and after-show refreshments 6 the chapel perilous after three decades dorothy hewett s epic play telling the story of a woman s quest for self-realisation has grown into a classic of australian theatre full of lyricism music satire and vaudeville the play traces the life of sally banner from school days to old age through her lovers disappointment marriage and politics both funny and deeply moving the chapel perilous will be one of the largest productions to be staged at newtown high school of the performing arts georges hall king street newtown tickets are $30 for more info and tix go to http the leichhardt espresso chorus available at or at the door where the forum norton street leichhardt `rhythm and flow detail by michele morcos at breathing colours until saturday 7th july breathing colours trip the light fantastic is the new exhibition by talented sydney artist michele morcos school holidays at marketplace the smurf-tacular adventure show is coming to marketplace these school holidays on tuesday 3rd july with shows at 11am and 1pm plus a meet and greet at 12pm where children can get up close and personal with their favourite characters.


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local gigs friday 29th june local movies the audreys ok sure some of the more popular audreys songs are truly annoying but others are in fact very listenable and for a sitdown dinner show at the vanguard this could be just the ticket you ve been waiting for the vanguard newtown $28 68 eats +bf free c d u le tiwinkoebts movies passes the audreys saturday 30th june gripping tale of romance and tragedy jordie lane the falls what is quite exciting about this show is that there is pizza involved also jordie lane who plays some significantly lovely folk tunes and who you may remember from such television shows as spicks and specks he s that dude with the beard you know camelot marrickville $17 22 all ages sunday 1st july a royal affair overwrought but utterly compelling cop drama polisse there are at least three drop-dead sequences in actor and director maïwenn s third hugely successful feature and i mean literally my heart nearly stopped at the end of the preview the media contingent a hardcore lot who d seen it all before sat in stunned silence while the credits rolled normally the jumpy journos leap on their iphones and rush out the door layers of character detail and fragments of plot lines swamp us confusingly at first as pierre aïm s jerky hand-held camera follows a bunch of parisian cops doing what must be the worst job in the world dealing with child abuse and pedophilia cases confronting the perps and then dealing with the tragic results this isn t a verité doco ­ like its close cousin the wire it s tightly scripted to the nth degree but it feels real and we slowly realise this is no ordinary police procedural in fact the genre is being deliberately subverted as we are lead deep into the personal lives and motivations of the cops themselves they seem so brittle and embittered ­ and yet so fragile it s raw powerful stuff don t miss it ma15 at dendy newtown and palace verona from june 28 thanks to curious films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below at the multiplex snow white and the huntsman it s been a great week for monarchists no less than three new releases featuring spunky royals what a pity our next monarch is a grumpy old man with eccentric views if only we could appoint kristen stewart fabulous as the warrior princess here and her hunky consort our very own chris hemsworth arise queen bella m15 on now rice is nice party ­ the laurels straight arrows spod donny benét richard in your mind shady lane seekae djs this is certainly the gig of the fortnight if not the month with the laurels keeping the shoe-gazing hippies happy the seekae djs bringing the party and a number of other great bands like spod and richard in your mind this is something you should be planning ahead for and it s only $10 3pm annandale hotel $10 presale 13 door claire albrecht brave if pixar s stunning output hasn t yet got you into a multiplex nothing will everyone will have huge fun with this which ends with a dedication to pixar s founder steve jobs weird that the fiery scottish princess looks so much like rebecca brooks off to the dungeon wee lassie pg did our own mary know the fate of one of her predecessors the english-raised caroline mathilde when she agreed to marry the prince of denmark few of us will for denmark s history is mostly a mystery swedish actress alicia vikander is just lovely as the naive teen sent off to marry her cousin king christain vii mikkel boe følsgaard sadly he s not quite the full quid a promiscuous twit more interested in his dog than his pretty bride a court official probably accurately says his problem is caused by excessive masturbation so it s inevitable caroline s eyes start to stray the king s roguish doctor mads mikkelsen who by reason of aristocratic intrigue has been installed in the palace soon adds royal rumpy pumpy to his obvious political ambitions director nikolaj arcel presents the material straight ­ it s a sumptious period drama just gorgoeous to look at and the historical background which includes intrigue treachery revolution and several beheadings is a revelation the lesson beware of men with ponytails m15 at palace norton st from june 21 thanks to madman films we have 5 double in season passes to give away details below reviews ­ re ciao s pick at norton st the sloane ranger from the outrageous english playwright joe orton comes the hilarious and very naughty entertaining mr sloane at new theatre from tuesday 19th june set in the dreary suburbs of london in the swinging `60s entertaining mr sloane follows the story of a lonely and desperate woman named kath and her bachelor brother ed as they vie for the affection of a charming young stranger known as mr sloane after meeting the beautiful man at the local library kath invites mr sloane to take up residence in her spare room soon kath and her brother become infatuated with the man even as he manipulates them to his own advantage don t miss out on the show playing wednesday to saturday at 8pm and sundays at 5pm until saturday 14th july tickets are $30 or $25 for concessions for more information visit and for tickets call 1300 13 11 88 new theatre 542 king st newtown to win a double pass to the show on wednesday 27th june simply email and tell us where you get your ciao until tuesday 24th july salma hayek spanish film festival the spanish film festival kicks off on a topical note on july 4th at palace norton st salma hayek stars in as luck would have it a blackly comic satire about the moral confusions of a marketing/media-driven world she s well cast with a bunch of deliciously weaselly advertising types including an oily media mogul juanjo puigcorbe over here we can still laugh at the dangers and absurdities of out-of-control capitalism but in spain itself suffering from massive unemployment and reeling from ongoing fiscal crisis is that `joke wearing a bit thin sibling rivalry with a sexual twist boys will particularly enjoy the spiderman versus green goblin live face-off show from wednesday 4th to friday 6th of july daily shows are at 11am 12pm and 1pm there will also be mosaic foam craft workshops daily from wednesday 11th to friday 13th july at 11am to 2pm in the centre court outside target marketplace cnr marion and flood st leichhardt tues 3rd to sat 7th july win tix keating the musical it s the show we had to have ­ keating the musical will be playing at the sidetrack theatre for a limited time only in july first bursting onto the stage at the melbourne international comedy festival to great success the show will be re-imagined by amateur theatre company kore productions with a fresh young cast an on-stage chorus more drama and more dance for a whole new audience telling the story of australia s poster image from the orginal company b production of keating greatest prime minister this entertaining show is one not to miss tickets $25 20 available at http or by calling 9550 3666 where 142 addison rd marrickville be the new marrickville kid the search has begun for the new marrickville kid to become the face of marrickville festival on sunday 21st october ­ appearing on all festival promotional material ­ and win a mini photo shoot and photo entries are now open for local children under 15 to enter with their parent s permission kids must submit a portrait photo and 25 words or less on why they should be the marrickville kid by midnight tuesday 24th july entries must include name age and suburb as well as guardian s contact details email to au with subject line `marrickville kid competition entry sunday 5th august year and registrations are now open to join in the day s events includes the men and women s 7km run or walk as well as the fastest dog in the inner west competition and the 2km primary school challenge the run will be held around sydney s iron cove and attracts almost 3000 runners and walkers each year proceeds from the event go to young people affected by cancer as well dobroyd point public school for facilities for the students to register go to au/register-now win double movie passes theatre tix to be in the running to win a double pass to polisse a royal affair and/or entertaining mr sloane just email your name and postal address to only at the movies june 28 telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao if you give us an order of preference too we ll do our best community glamour at its best 7 register for the bay run the inner west s favourite fun run the bay run is celebrating its 10th anniversary this


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kitchen with melissa leong constant rain and downright chilly temperatures call for a comfy couch a bonafide nanna-made crocheted blanket and hot chocolate but not just any hot chocolate ­ go for the good stuff it might take a tiny bit more effort than mixing cocoa sugar and hot milk but with jammies donned and book in hand this thick italian-style hot chocolate will separate the men from the boys wine with winsor something sweet elderton 2011 botrytis semillon this was the standout for me in a line-up of 16 top dessert wines from around australia it triumphed in some pretty outstanding company and then proved an excellent accompaniment to a slice of dundee cake the nose tells the story rich honey and candied notes leading on to a seriously decadent palate in which luscious orange marmalade apricot and toffee flavours are aided and abetted by some deliciously crisp acidity on the finish yum $18-20 for 375mls italian-style hot chocolate ingredients 1½ cup of full cream milk 2 tsp arrowroot powder 1 tbs castor sugar 100g good quality chocolate chopped into small pieces 70 cocoa is good ½ tsp ground cinnamon ½ tsp vanilla extract a ribbon of orange rind a pinch of salt a winter warmer method 1 in a bowl whisk the arrowroot powder and about ¼ cup of milk until combined into a smooth consistency 2 in a saucepan heat the rest of the milk on a low heat until it starts to simmer 3 once the milk starts to simmer gently whisk in the milkarrowroot mixture until the entire mixture starts to thicken pop in the orange rind 4 remove from heat and whisk in the chopped chocolate cinnamon sugar salt and vanilla until smooth 5 remove the orange rind and drink immediately enjoy western winner flametree 2011 shiraz flametree is a name to look out for a margaret river winery that is kicking quality goals on a consistent basis this shiraz is a newcomer to their range but offers quality and structure without a scary price tag to match this is a bright young thing with plenty of plush plum and dark fruit characters hints of pepper and liquorice and a very soft appealing palate it would be all too easy to drink far too much of this smooth number $25 at the markets vegetables silverbeet spinach high in iron $1.50 2/bunch celery great in winter soups $2 3/bunch eggplant $2 4/kg chinese vegies $1 2 bunch fruit best buys this month are usa cherries from $10 16/kg they have an unbelievable taste and are great value the last of the queensland imperial mandarins are now available they will finish soon to make way for south australian mandarins $2 5/kg nz and aussie kiwi fruits $2 4/kg vic pears $1.50 3/kg smooth skinned avocados $1 1.50/kg hass avocados $2 3 each and pink lady apples $1.50 6/kg tony trimboli trim s fresh shop 21 marketplace leichhardt 9572 6886 everyday value xanadu 2010 next of kin chardonnay next of kin is the second label for another wa label that is in fine form xanadu there s nothing second rate about this very crisp and appealing chardonnay however it s made in a thoroughly modern style with crisp citrus and stone-fruit characters the stars of the show oak is almost an afterthought with lively acid on the finish and a persistent line and length making this a good quaffing option or an ideal companion for spicy poultry dishes $20 jessica s nougat 250g castor sugar 125g honey 100mls liquid glucose 125mls water 75g egg whites ½ tsp vanilla extract 400g raw pistachio nuts 250g white chocolate pinch of sea salt rice paper as needed extra virgin olive oil as needed optional variations add dried fruits spices nuts or chocolate to taste jared takes on microsoft granola ever heard of the stuff once upon a time i used to sell `granola but had to stop because it turned out to be a registered trademark of the sanitarium company when i received the letter from sanitarium s lawyers i had two choices either change the name of my product or face legal action from a multinational company seeing as though i really did not have a legal team or a lazy million bucks lying about to fight a corporate bully i opted to change the name not a big problem really in fact after changing the name and talking about the issue with media and customers i doubled my `cereal sales however i was always kind of pissed off that a company which some say stole the recipe in the first place used their position and might to bully small operators who have no way to fight back through twitter and the press i learned that a number of businesses were receiving the same treatment as myself and no one was able to do much about it that was until irrewarra sourdough bakery was sued by sanitarium for selling a product called all natural handmade granola irrewarra bakery which is owned by a couple of ex-lawyers could have easily bowed under the pressure but instead did something quite brave they saw the way that sanitarium was using its position and the way they were treating small business and decided to make a stand and won it took a few years and cost them shed loads 300k i m told i take my hat off to them and wish them every success in the future they deserve it big round of applause for the little guy will i now change the name of my cereal back to granola to be honest i don t know firstly i can t be bothered hiring a lawyer to research the finding to see if i actually can and secondly i really don t want to have anything to do with sanitarium even accidentally i sure as hell won t be buying any of their products for now i m trying to figure out what name to change our braised goat dish to so far i ve narrowed the choice down to `facebook or `microsoft jared ingersoll jessica has made chocolate an art form 1 line a mould with rice paper 2 dissolve water liquid glucose castor sugar and honey over medium heat in heavy base pot with sugar thermometer until 140°c 3 beat egg whites with salt till they form stiff peaks gradually add 140°c liquid in a steady stream down the side of the bowl stir in vanilla nuts and then chocolate 4 spoon mixture into mould smooth cover with more rice paper pressing down carefully allow to cool 5 using a sharp serrated knife cut as desired wrap in grease proof or dip in more chocolate note using oil stops the mixture sticking to you or surfaces so keep some extra virgin olive oil nearby you can use any oil you like but some taste can be noticed the honey you use will also be noticeable so consider this when choosing a flavour at home with jessica pedemont dulwich hill-based jessica pedemont is the chocolate artisan splitting her time between teaching and creating amazing sweets for clients all over the world as well as balmain s famous planet cake jessica will be divulging some secrets of the chocolate trade at the essential ingredient in rozelle on july 21st how did chocolate artisan start out demand and supply for almost five years now i ve been doing my best working with all these amazing opportunities while continuing to broaden my skill base and sharing this with my clients i realised i needed to create a platform in which i could weave all this deliciousness together hence the birth of jessica pedemont chocolate artisan where do you source your ingredients my ingredients are sourced worldwide but locally if possible i m a familiar face in the inner west area where there is a lot of top produce and i like to buy the best i can given i work globally my suppliers are often changing due to where i am and what i need who would you like over for dinner anthony bourdain i d invite over 8 heaps of hardcore foodie friends that like to have fun and have one big party of course only if everyone gets to have the day after off do you have a favourite dessert to indulge in no favourites too many yummy things to like i go through phases usually some delicious treat i am working on or course i am creating content for will be getting demolished tell us a bit about your upcoming chocolate-themed class at essential ingredient it s called all things chocolate ­ a full-day handson affair using one of the world s most prestigious chocolate brands from switzerland which i am honoured to be the australian ambassador for called felchlin i will demonstrate everything throughout the day while making time for everyone to have my undivided attention to help bring to life all of their own delicacies to take home ever wanted to temper chocolate or know what that is allow me to demystify some of the jargon that has confused many recipes include rocky road coconut rough roche sussie honeycomb bark ganache tarts and more interview nancy merlo.


p. 9

your say sustainability something s fishy the movie 2012 we were warned will the world really end in december 2012 or is all this talk of impending doom just another hollywood-induced farce some would argue that it already has red pill or blue michael stanmore i reckon there s going to be a lot of babies born in september 2013 if it doesn t gabriele chiswick changes will happen but no apocalypse if people understood the mayan calendar better they d realise there is no need for panic marie annandale i don t think it will end we will continue the way we always have ­ slowly destroying the world i think we ll all be long gone before the world really does end dan annandale don t end i ve got a holiday planned for after that ged camperdown everyone s always saying the world will end and it never does although we should make the most of things just in case korina five dock a local look at national news while bob carr has recently been distracted by human rights lawyers held hostage in libya and assange s move to ecuador and neglected his true passion for saving the world s oceans it doesn t mean he s stopped caring we all have to reprioritise every now and then senator carr identified overfishing as one of the factors turning the oceans into dead areas overfishing depletes stock levels erodes ocean ecosystems and reduces sustainability eighty per cent of the world s fish stocks are now overexploited or fished right up to their limit and the australian marine conservation foundation is pushing for consumers to learn more about where their fish really comes from with greenpeace they have created a few lists that should help point us in the right direction trouble is when you look through the list almost everything that tastes good is on it tasmanian salmon illegally sold as salmon this billion dollar industry is growing at a rapid rate and farmed salmon are known as the battery hens of the sea ­ they are shoved in ponds treated with antibiotics and force fed four kilograms of wild fish is required to produce 1kg of salmon critics also say the waters of the salmon farm could be filled with chemicals and waste swordfish swordfish stocks have declined dramatically they are targeted by longline fishing vessels but are also being caught as bycatch in tuna longline fisheries swordfish are an apex predator and have an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems prawns prawn fishing uses bottom trawling which is responsible for massive bycatch for every tonne of prawns caught up to 10 tonnes of dead or dying marine life are thrown back and farmed prawns imported from overseas also often cause mangrove destruction tuna global tuna stocks are under threat the southern bluefin is critically endangered and bigeye and yellowfin journocide in the inner west back in happier times when the sydney morning herald could afford to occupy the upper storeys of an impressive tower in darling harbour visitors would be guided to the office window and encouraged to marvel at the vista then the much-uttered joke would be delivered the view is so good you can even see where the daily telegraph readers live these days the paper is located in far more modest premises containing far fewer staff and it s doubtful any of those remaining in fairfax s rapidly thinning ranks feel cocky enough to be making jokes about the competition not that those employed by the embattled murdoch empire are in any position to revel in schadenfreude at the time of writing kim williams who s already well into a bloody purge of news ltd staff is preparing to announce if the rumours are true the axing in one fell swoop of another 600-1000 employees newspapers are throwing people off their sinking ships with manic enthusiasm tuna stocks are both overfished choose skipjack tuna from australia and nz or from pole and line fisheries it is almost impossible to avoid these fish if you are a pescatarian and believe that fish are an essential part of a healthy diet especially good for omega 3 and reducing heart disease but perhaps you don t have to stop eating fish altogether ­ just eat fish that is caught properly greenpeace have taken things into their own hands and evaluated tuna brands based on their sustainability practices here are the results a disproportionate number of sydney s media types live locally though only those in upper management can usually afford to buy here given the misalignment between journo salaries and inner west property prices they say you go broke slowly at first and then very quickly at the end newspapers are now in the `very quickly stage of the process and throwing people off their sinking ships with manic enthusiasm it s a tragedy for the people involved and once they re forced to sell up or break their rental lease yet another step towards the inner west becoming a bland gentrified shadow of its former self granted some ex-journos will find they can maintain a foothold here selling their services as content providers to pr agencies and the like but they ll no longer be journalists they may well be happier and might even find themselves in the kind of income bracket where they can imagine buying rather than renting but the colourful days of chasing yarns and hanging out with prostitutes policeman and premiers will be behind them and let s face it for other residents running into a guy who churns out press releases in a balmain pub is unlikely to compare to finding yourself shoulder to shoulder at the front bar with the likes of say the late paddy mcguinness nigel bowen very good fish 4 ever ­ skipjack tuna in brine 100 per cent sustainably caught safcol pole and line caught john west coles and portview must improve woolworths select greenseas coles smart buy ocean rice black and gold and sirena worst homebrand and sole mare so next time you reach for the sirena s 2 for $5 special ask yourself if there is something fishy going on cindy mullen be successful at being sustainable do you have all the tools you need to be a successful sustainable business if not help is at hand ­ just check out marrickville council s target sustainability marrickville voluntary environmental program there are many inner westies leading the way when it comes to sustainable business practices like sarah mandelson of serendipity ice cream based in marrickville serendipity is one of 117 businesses participating in the target program which asks businesses to set a target to reduce their carbon footprint water use or waste contributing to community and social sustainability while most people are well educated on the subject of environmental sustainability these days it never hurts to have more information at hand says mandelson a target officer suggested we talk to our recyclers about what else could be reused and the result was that we increased our recycling we simply didn t know some of our waste was recyclable she said so although the ice cream company grew 25 per cent over the last year they still managed to achieve an 8 per cent reduction in waste to landfill by increasing recycling since the program began it s reported that almost toddler time get ready it s when green-thinking sarah from serendipity 15,000kl of water has been saved and over 1,400 tonnes of waste stopped from becoming landfill with these numbers translating into dollars for business owners it s time to ask yourself whether you re doing all you can for the environment ­ and your bottom line for more information visit http www tuesday 3 july 2012 centre court outside target 11.00am 1.00pm live show times meet `n greet roaming through centre time 12.00pm ­ 12.30pm visit for more details status update our pick of the best so who would have thought sitting in traffic on darling st balmain could provide so much car flirting ashlea kate thurs june 14 at 3.57pm near drummoyne community glamour at its best 9


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>open marrickville events are sprouting up all the inner west as part of the inaugural open marrickville festival with everything from theatre events to art exhibitions and free community activities on offer in celebration of cultural diversity an official welcome the opening event of the festival will see locals welcomed with traditional practices from all over the world symbolizing our diverse community kicking off at 11am at alex trevallion plaza with a welcome by an aboriginal elder the day is all about sharing tradition through dance food and creative expression this will then be followed by a showcase of welcoming ceremonies from various cultural groups that now call marrickville home ­ the perfect start to prepare locals for 10 days of multicultural celebration women no matter who we are or where we re from the more we discover what we have in common the more connections we can make come and share in this multicultural evening where everyone is welcome to sing act dance juggle and celebrate together tickets $20 or $15 for concessions call 9550 3666 or book online at sidetrack theatre 142 addison rd marrickville middle of the last century through layered collages of typography and iconography expressing mixed cultural identity this is a free event and everyone is welcome to attend atvp 565 king st newtown tel 9519 2340 domenica italiana open marrickville s chinese cultural festival is at alex trevallion plaza on saturday 30th june the ladies bathroom exposed `what are they doing in there is a question asked by many men waiting outside the women s bathrooms as their date disappears inside and they are left pondering the mysteries of women it is also the title of a delightful women s cabaret by uma kali shakti showing at the sidetrack theatre 7:30pm thursday to saturday 28th 29th and 30th june plus 2pm saturday and 2pm and 6pm sunday 1st july what does a bathroom break really mean to this cultural event is set to celebrate all the best things italians have to offer come along and enjoy everything from cooking demonstrations to venetian mask making soccer clinics and italian card games at this special event from 10am to 2pm on sunday 24th june at st brigid s there will be entertainment in italian and english plus crafty activities to keep the kids busy they might even want to get their hands dirty making traditional italian biscuits and pasta with a few native italians food drinks and of course gelato will be available on the day st brigids church grounds and shrublands hall marrickville rd marrickville finishing with a bang the finale event for the open marrickville festival is set to be a big one with cross-arts cultural performances and activities for the whole family to enjoy from 12pm to 7pm on saturday 30th june the addison road centre will host sydney s inner west magic winter festival also marking the winter solstice this cultural event will include live music multicultural food and bric-abrac stalls arc artist exhibitions and open studios ­ where you will be able to view work on display and in progress in local galleries ­ plus children s workshops fire-twirlers the taronga zoo mobile face painting a jumping castle puppets and plenty more the event is free and open to people of all ages for more information visit www if you want to get started a little earlier in the day pass by the 2012 chinese cultural festival first which is running from 11am to 2pm at alex trevallion plaza marrickville the chinese festival will feature authentic chinese art and dance performances designed to help a western audience better understand modern china and is also open to people of all ages nationalities and walks of life addison road centre 142 addison rd marrickville home sweet home the work of a husband and wife team `i was not born here but she was is an exhibition about belonging created from the artists own experiences and expressed through mixed media paintings sculpture and video installation ahmed khalidi and rua hashlamoun s exhibition is showing in at the vanishing point gallery from thursday 28th june to sunday 22nd july as part of the festival celebrating creativity in local communities the concept of the exhibition stems from the couple s move from jordan to australia and the subsequent need to not only deal with homesickness but re-identify the whole concept of identity and belonging and figure out where to call home it also investigates the past struggles their parents experienced on their own journeys during the for more info visit addison road centre for arts culture community environment org 142 addison road marrickville ph 9569 7633 10


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>rozelle fest in celebration of the friendly village of rozelle and christmas in july local businesses are getting together to organise fun and games for the whole community all while raising money for the rozelle neighbourhood centre the rozelle fest is a community initiative that pays homage to all the suburb of rozelle has to offer and everyone is invited to participate in the month s free events competitions and activities to find out more about what s on offer this month like `rozelle fest on facebook or visit fun while celebrating rozelle s heritage there is also an emphasis on acknowledging the work of the rozelle neighbourhood centre the local rnc provides a range of services and hosts many activities for the community and this festival will go some way towards recognising their efforts and assisting them to continue their work through fundraising the generous darling st meats is running a special neighbourhood fundraising competition to guess the weight of one of their big pigs pop into the butcher to place your guess between sunday 1st and tuesday 31st july and you just might win a leg of ham darling st meats 621 darling st rozelle tel 9818 5959 beanie fest the first event of the rozelle christmas in july festival is the beanie festival for a second year running tali gallery will hold the beanie festival exhibition in conjunction with the alice springs beanie festival ­ a 15 year-old community event that represents aboriginal women from remote central australian communities guessing game fundraiser while the rozelle fest was established for the community to join together share stories and have find the rosella and win rozelle was named after rozelle bay which had been originally named after the beautiful native rosella bird join with friends and family and get into the competitive spirit by finding the hidden rosellas located at secret spots along darling street to win a fantastic prize pack courtesy of all the wonderful local retailers in rozelle there will be ten rosellas hidden along the street and all you need to do to enter the competition is fill in an entry form available wherever you can see a beanie street party poster displayed along darling street which then needs to be placed in the draw barrel at tali gallery by 5pm saturday 28th july the winner will be announced at a community event on the 29th july at the rozelle neighbourhood centre in the meantime if you want a sneak peek of the prize check out the reward displayed in the aman s persian carpet emporium window on the corner of darling street and victoria road good luck bria puts on her biggest and best beanie the exhibition opens june 22nd and will run throughout july beanies from previous years festivals will be on display but tali gallery are also calling for entries from the public of knitted felted crocheted or decorated beanies the theme of the 2012 festival is old stories new yarns and there are 13 categories to choose from entries to the gallery s beanie festival are open to anyone who would like to knit or decorate a beanie in the spirit of stories and yarns the beanies will be judged in the end of july so pick a category and enter the proceeds from the sale of your beanie can be donated to the indigenous literacy foundation or kept by you there are also kids age 7-12 workshops thurs 5 fri 6 sat 7th july tali gallery 667 darling st rozelle open 11am6pm daily for more information call 9555 6555 or email puppet show hosted by the rozelle neighbourhood centre `oh rats is a hilarious puppet show by the sydney puppet theatre that s set to be a magical school holiday event and fun for all ages telling the story of magica who is sent to train a new magicians assistant and enters a crazy world besieged by rats sausages and a duck experiencing a personality crisis don t miss the show starting at 11am on thursday 12th july entry is only $5 per child bookings are essential email for more information or to book chris from darling meats holds a very big pig rozelle neighbourhood centre 665a darling st rozelle tel 9555 8988 ext 7 welcome to rozelle markets our community christmas in july will be a very special time celebrating our wonderful and unique character street parties decorations progressive dinners christmas carols hot chocolate beanies mulled wine egg nog turkey and cranberry the whole kit and caboodle meet audrey and joe from maroubra course and also interesting objects she their friends told them about rozelle has collected during the course audrey markets and they have been coming back is also selling some things she has ever since this is the third time they collected from indonesia there have been selling here audrey are really beautiful hand made is a graduate of graphic timber items dishes and design and has been homewares her friend selling a lot of her joe has been helping second hand design her out for the day ­ prints artworks and they have really jewellery sculptures enjoyed talking to their and more these customers and having are things she has a laugh made herself in her sydney s favourite second hand market every saturday and sunday 9am ­ 4pm darling st near victoria rd community glamour at its best 11


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snap happy email your snaps to thanks to franco baldi for italian cultural centre snaps and danielle stirgess memorable moments photography for rozelle rally pics wet weather didn t dampen spirits on team up to clean up day in canada bay the crowd was out in force to celebrate the new italian forum cultural centre albo mans the mike mayor angelo tsirekas left enjoys a day at the beach in canada bay the italian forum cultural centre opening young talent time at the italian forum cultural centre in canada bay they came to clean up in rozelle they came to protest a development spider-man and green goblin faceoff watch spider-man and the green goblin faceoff in an exciting adventure live on stage will spider-man conquer evil this time tm © 2012 marvel subs the young mozarts of fort st entertained the festival crowd free shows in centre court outside target wednesday 4 july 11.00am 12.00pm 1.00pm thursday 5 july 11.00am 12.00pm 1.00pm friday 6 july 11.00am 12.00pm 1.00pm visit for more details all this festival madness makes people hungry kids performing at fort st festival altogether now nothing like a bit of sax to jazz things up 12


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promotion photography nudzejma avdic stylist shanel salih model chloe wunsch from bliss models hair and makeup david cranson from ubeauty location the exchange hotel balmain fashion 1 2 1 dress with lace detail in night colour $299.95 from noni b escapade `cameo heels in silver satin $139.95 from ungars shoes sterling silver earrings $100 bracelet $350 and ring $150 from ender kekilli jewellers 3 2 liz jordan rome jacket with lapel detail in ivory $169.95 with liz jordan los angeles mesh print top in charcoal ivory $69.95 and liz jordan flat front pant in silver $79.95 all from noni b sterling silver earrings $125 from ender kekilli jewellers gucci gg3503/s sunglasses $530 from filocamo optometrists 5 6 3 silver sequin top $89.95 with black slim fit pants $79.95 and dark vista blazer $129.95 all from sussan naturalizer `smile black suede heels $139.95 from ungars shoes sterling silver earrings $125 and ring $150 from ender kekilli jewellers 7 8 ungars shoes 5 django and juliette `millie light 6 valeria grossi `morris black heels 7 supersoft diana ferrari warm 8 naturalizer `collina maroon heels taupe lizard flats $139.95 $129.95 $169.95 tan boots $149.95 4 mela purdie emeril print martini jacket $365 with mela purdie long black singlet $149 and mela purdie slim leg pant $219 all from bacio collection ender kekilli jewellers sterling silver necklace $180 with earrings $125 and ring $150 9 9 diana ferrari `willis warm taupe boots $229.95 from ungars shoes marketplace sources ungars shoes shop 71 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9550 0842 noni b shop 75 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9550 9648 bacio collection shop 62 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9560 5795 filocamo optometrists shop 28 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9560 4707 sussan ender kekilli jewellers shop 32 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9560 2300 community glamour at its best 13 4 shop 41 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9568 5626


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astrogirlzarro your stars for the week from our real astrogirl aries mercury helps you discuss awkward issues with la familia it s like the sopranos without the blood splats the panel says taurus jupiter will move strongly into your second house of finance and remain there until 26th june 2013 generating wealth clive palmer-style jenny molto bello gemini expect new patterns in love to emerge in the last week of june the universe is telling you that in order to attract the hot peeps you will need to shower and brush your teeth damn cancer your caring nature and calming words will soothe a friend in crisis when mercury nests in your sign leo the planets arouse your yearning to explore the mysteries of life by burrowing through the works of some of the world s greatest philosophers virgo your public life will take precedence over the next 12 months as you morph into the inner west s answer to jennifer aniston shiny hair `n all he has a nice symmetrical face ­ i like that in a man and the ear piercing gets points louise libra mercury enters your friendship sector in the last week of june expressing your half-cooked ideas to your friends without them laughing in your face is possible now scorpio the sun and mercury merge in your travel sector in true scorpio form you expose yourself from behind a grubby waterrepellent rain coat to a variety of new and exotic experiences sagittarius between june 26th and 29th jupiter and neptune flood your dreams with images of the ideal relationship wake up my horsey friend nothing that technicolor exists in this lifetime capricorn mercury energises your love sector this fortnight you post gross accounts of your physical lovemaking on facebook aquarius reform your twisted thinking and appreciate that humans are from earth and that you re from somewhere else in the solar system pisces plans of relocating to a new home/suburb/state/country have chances of manifesting over the next twelve months under jupiter s influence the neighbours are elated that you re leaving the neighbourhood http hot or not find out whether she likes it sweet or spicy advises paolo amanda as a sicilian girl i must rate this man five outta five paolo gatto 33 is the owner and chef of gatto matto trattoria ­ the newest addition to five dock s fabulous food scene born in southern italy paolo has lived in australia with his wife and children for four years his advice to single men who really want to impress a special lady is to do some investigation find out what she likes whether she s a chocolate lover or a spice lover and surprise her with a nice dinner ah if only all men could cook as well as paolo if he were in my kitchen i d be coming home early every night paolo you can make me dinner anytime ms red rozelle neighbourhood centre 665a darling st rozelle 11am thursday 12th july entry only $5 per child 14 bookings essential rsvp 9555 8988


p. 15

lifestyle ask sal winter trends an upgraded bathroom can help sell a home or make a good investment for your rental property while following a trend can have stylish results it s important to consider how it will look in years to come try to stick with trends that don t go out of date so quickly saying that here are the first three of my favourite 2012 winter renovation trends large open showers the bigger the better many homeowners are ripping out the tub to make room for a large airy shower if you have the space utilise it consider making your entire tiled bathroom a shower or even put in a double shower for twice the fun if you don t have the room to do this single panel shower screens are more popular than ever for creating the ideal walk-in shower you will require adequate drainage for these shower options though natural light as we increasingly spend hours doing overtime in the office each week creating a bright sun-filled bathroom is more important than ever coming home to a nice unwinding soak in your tub is even better when you are getting a healthy dose of sunlight or sitting back in the tub watching the storm roll in adding windows or skylights will not only help improve your mood but also add to the value of your house heated floor tiles while more common in european countries due to the harsh winters it is not so uncommon to see australian homeowners putting heated floor tiling in their bathroom for a little extra comfort to heat the floor tiles a mesh is usually placed under the tiles when they re set and then is connected to a thermostat on the wall they are not as expensive as you think and will keep your feet happy during the winter months more of my favourite winter trends next issue for more info call salvi messina owner of renovation boys tel 9519 5511 running with ryhan soup of the day cold days are making warm hearty meals more and more appealing but how can we indulge in comforting foods to warm us without piling on the weight the first issue to address is portion control eating nutritious foods doesn t mean we can over indulge try this after you dish out your meal cut it in half have half now and the rest three hours later doing this consistently helps speed up your resting metabolism whilst enjoying the same dishes and now here are some foods to incorporate into your winter diet for a healthy smile on your dial squash is high in fibre potassium and vitamin a all help reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases broccoli is high in calcium iron magnesium vitamin a b6 and c a single cup of raw broccoli florets gives you 130 per cent of your daily vitamin c requirement it s a great way to boost the immune system property of the week live in an iconic sydney building apt e1012 ­ one central park east apartment e1012 within the one central park east tower is for sale offering one lucky buyer a 118 square metre two-bedroom apartment located in the southwest corner with views towards chippendale green plus a car space interiors have been intelligently designed by kiochi takada architects creating a relaxed natural ambience and will be immaculately fitted-out with smeg appliances one central park s eastern residential tower will match the height of the uts tower rising above a retail and recreation podium world-renowned architect jean nouvel collaborated with french artist/botanist patrick blanc to incorporate over a dozen vertical gardens across the tower s façade garden boxes and vertical wires are worked into every loggia wrapping the tower in plant life and extending the central parkland at the heart of the new precinct into this very green building the central park display pavilion is now open daily from 10am to 6pm at 80 broadway chippendale certain to become an original and iconic sydney building astute property buyers won t want to miss the opportunity to put in a bid on this property early price $1,015,000 contact 1300 857 057 beans are high in fibre and iron warm bean soup will have your body feeling great and packed full of power add a slice of toasted organic rye bread and multiply your level of fibre ­ fantastic for your digestive system pumpkin is loaded with vitamin a magnesium potassium iron antioxidants vitamins c k e and lots of minerals who doesn t like a pumpkin soup dish topped with a dollop of sour cream yum cabbage not only is it an excellent source of vitamin b c calcium magnesium phosphorous protein and zinc but it has anti-inflammatory properties it s also a great remedy for headaches and ulcers brussels sprouts are high in vitamin c and k they also have folate vitamin a b6 b1 and b2 manganese fibre potassium omega-3 fatty acids iron phosphorous protein magnesium vitamin e copper and calcium forget jean-claude van damme these are the real reason behind the saying muscles from brussels for info email amore spicy inner west ciao asks and inner westies answer is pornography degrading or empowering to women and are more women watching these days five it was as if being in the same room as the hedgehog brought the possibilities of his pornographic world a little closer to me for many he remains a grand example for punching above your weight and maximising your potential for many others he is a cautionary tale either way i had the chance to meet a man who according to the guinness book of records has appeared in more adult films than anyone else and who the industry bible adult video news has ranked as the number one porn star of all time what s more here was a chance to meet a man who is well-hung enough to perform auto-fellatio yes i do think more women are watching porn it s more accepted by today s standards adam 22 leichhardt more women probably are watching and most likely with their partners it s empowering in that they can watch it if they want to do and it s not taboo or considered unnatural anymore tori 22 leichhardt i think more women are watching and are more willing to admit they re into it i think the type of porn depends on whether or not it empowers women for example a dominatrix in some hot leather shows the female as strong melissa 31 glebe not meeting ron jeremy what could be more exciting for ciao s adult writer to meet the man who s had sex with more porno actresses than anyone else well one or two things apparently to say ron jeremy aka `the hedgehog is an icon of the porn industry is like saying jimi hendrix could play guitar a little bit some would say that he is the industry ­ or at least embodies its questionable essence but times they are a changing that a short hirsute rotund everyman from new york with a moustache as sleazy as the industry he encapsulates could become pornography s poster boy says something about the underlying disconnect between its marketing claims and the reality women are supposed to be the fastest growing demographic of porn purchasers but it is probably safe to assume that the smut that they are viewing does not revolve around ageing grotesques like jeremy having their way with vixens a third of his age that an ugly man can thrive in an environment where nothing but the hottest young women are accepted as the norm says a lot about how male-dominated the orn industry is despite its constant attempts to present itself as female-friendly ron was recently in sydney promoting his line of `adult rum is there a child-friendly version appropriately named ron de jeremy rum perhaps he had recognised the need to diversify given the internet has slashed pay for porn stars as savagely as it has for others in the entertainment business sex dat ingand re l at io ns h ip s degrading i think women watch it because their boyfriends are watching and wanting their girlfriend to enjoy it with them it s not empowering for women though because it gives an unrealistic expectation of what real women look like andy 35 annandale i don t find it degrading because it s just another form of entertainment for men and women i d watch it for my boyfriend and out of interest to compare other women s bodies to my own lauren 24 five dock i don t find porn degrading and though i don t want to watch it myself i wouldn t be upset if i caught my boyfriend watching it helen 25 abbotsford cove community glamour at its best 15 the hedgehog has spiked plenty of young ladies after all why would you pay pros when you can see the hot couple next door doing it for free on a bunch of putatively `amateur websites upon scoring a free pass to the launch of the new rum at kit and kaboodle in kings cross via my network of covert connections a night of lurid adventures and skankily clad lovelies beckoned this adult writer casually mentioning the prized invitation to male friends i was met with wonder and a need to high but the night of the event brought heavy rain and besides there were pleasures of the flesh waiting for me at home along with food and beer after a minute of agonising i decided to head home maybe ten years ago when stars such as ron and jenna jameson had more cachet it would have been worth the effort but the internet long ago killed the porno star jason dunne is an inner west columnist and author of everyone is henry miller.



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