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to accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream not only plan but also believe i.e.p tool kit a non-profit organization founded in 1983 matrix serves families of children with disabilities in the north bay and is one of over 100 parent training and information centers pti nationwide authorized through the u.s dept of education s idea law matrix parent network resource center helpline 800.578.2592 offices located at 94 galli drive suite c novato ca 94949 and 1615 w texas street suite 4 fairfield ca 94533


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i.e.p tool kit overview what can help you be an effective advocate for your child at an i.e.p meeting · · · having information and data being organized in your thoughts and with your documents communicating in a manner that helps you get the information you need and to have others listen this i.e.p tool kit provides you with some basic tools to help you better advocate for your child one page explains possible steps to take as you plan for an i.e.p meeting another page provides tips on organizing your child s school related papers two forms are provided one to organize data about your child s needs and strengths so you can sort what might be needed in the i.e.p document and the other to take to the i.e.p meeting to keep track of the needs and questions you want to discuss at the meeting also included are resources that can provide more information on · · · special education i.e.p plans effective communication your child s special needs as you prepare keep in mind the quote from maya angelou i did then what i knew how to do now that i know better i do better there is so much information available it can seem overwhelming be gentle with yourself as you learn overtime you will feel more confident and knowledgeable.


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i.e.p planning steps building an iep starts with understanding a child s needs it starts with a good assessment step 1 information ­ what information do i have gather all information that shows your child s needs such as assessment reports work samples teacher comments report cards observations and attendance and discipline records to prepare for the discussion of assessments you have not yet approved some parents highlight different sections yellow need more clarification to understand orange inaccurate information green agreed need step 2 ­ needs ­ what do i know from this information make a list of your child s needs from the above information note next to each need how you know this ­ what piece of information supports this need use our iep planning worksheet form step 3 ­ prioritize ­ what is most important prioritize the needs ­ high medium low step 4 ­ interventions ­ what might help my child think about what may be needed at school special instruction may be needed to teach skills other areas may need an accommodation which may be a change in the environment equipment or expectations the professional s job is to provide the interventions parents should ask about possible ideas since parent signature is needed to approve of the plan step 5 ­ questions ­ what do i still need write down questions to ask the iep team these might include questions to · clarify any information you have · get more information and data · better understand the connection between the information you have and the needs you see · learn about interventions pros and cons of various approaches which ones were not considered and why which ones are evidenced based step 6 ­ preparation ­ what will i take to the iep meeting · · · use our iep meeting tracker form to transfer key information you want to present at the meeting update your child s iep binder for easy access to your record any resources articles pages from books that support a request important an individual education plan is a plan to addresses your child s needs so that he or she can access the curriculum at school a child s needs might include academic cognitive physical emotional social functional life skills your child may have other needs that are not the responsibility of the educational system tips for the iep meeting can be found in our help sheet iep meetings 3/1210


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organizing school related papers getting organized will help you support your child and the school in meeting your child s unique needs a binder containing your child s important papers will help you see trends and patterns and can improve your communication with the school creating a one page summary of your child s strengths interests and needs to give teachers at the beginning of the year has proved helpful to many parents create a one page profile keep the profile to one page to make it easier for busy teachers to get the highlights of your child s iep as well as some more personal attributes categories might include basic information age siblings pets interests summer activities medical medication and any impact at school i.e not hungry at lunch often thirsty lethargy and/or any physical limitations i.e seizure resulted in left side weak education tutoring remediation school changes iep date classroom accommodations strengths and challenges obtain and organize records check to see if you have the last 2 or 3 years of your child s records if not make a written request for your child s records both the cumulative and special education files once you have all the necessary papers related to the iep you are ready to sort and organize use a large 3-ring binder make sure you have a paper hole-punch too file chronologically with the most recent on the top put something that reminds you of your child on the front cover such as a picture put a school calendar and your special education rights in the pockets use tabs to divide your papers into categories that best suit your needs suggestions o contact information for teachers therapists administrators etc o iep documents meeting notice eligibility determination goals and objectives services placement behavior plans comments etc keep all related iep documents and notes o assessments school and independent and any other reports on your child o child s work report cards progress reports test results and work samples o copies/logs of all communication letters notes emails and phone calls to and from the school and others serving your child o state or standardized test results star sat capa etc o medical summary a list of medications and dosages your child takes at home or at school note any changes in the behavior reaction and dosage and appointments o your observations include notes or observations of your child pertinent to school matrix parent network and resource center serving marin napa solano and sonoma counties empowering families of children with special needs to understand and access the systems that serve them 94 galli drive suite c novato ca 94949 1615 west texas street suite 4 fairfield ca 94533 1 800 578-2592 rev.10.08


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i.e.p planning worksheet priority meeting date what are my child s needs challenges and strengths how do i know this what data do i have what are some possible ideas for the iep goals accommodations modifications services examples can t taking clear notes during lectures spinning in circles at recess work samples test scores instruction in key concept note taking peer note taker provide teacher lecture outline ot suggests sensory activity with peer buddy report by playground aide and other children audiotape of reading at home test score of reading fluency ­ see rsp evaluation page 4 reads slowly with mistakes more time in resource different reading program that is evidenced based flunks chapter tests online grading report and tests teacher notes home feb 6 22 march 5 behavior warning from principal march 7 11 teach how to memorize provide study sheets doesn t follow teacher directions no ideas strength works well with peers teacher report use of peer study groups and tutors data might include work samples test scores report cards discipline and attendance records observation logs 9.3.2010


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i.e.p planning worksheet priority meeting date what are my child s needs challenges and strengths how do i know this what data do i have what are some possible ideas for the iep goals accommodations modifications services data might include work samples test scores report cards discipline and attendance records observation logs 9.3.2010


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i.e.p meeting tracking of issues take this sheet to the iep meeting with you priority meeting date result/decision follow-up need or strength based on data in possible idea for iep covered in meeting nov 3 2010


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i.e.p meeting tracking of issues take this sheet to the iep meeting with you questions to ask to better understand my child s needs program meeting date answers follow up based on information in i need to know this covered in meeting because nov 3 2010


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iep resources selected materials · · · · · all about ieps answers to frequently asked questions about ieps 2010 ­ peter wright esq pamela wright from emotions to advocacy the special education survival guide 2005 ­ peter wright esq pamela wright negotiating the special education maze a guide for parents teachers 2008 ­ winifred anderson stephen chitwood deidre hayden cherie takemoto special needs advocacy resource book 2008 ­ rich weinfeld michelle davis working together a parent s guide to parent and professional partnership and communication within special education 2006 ­ technical assistance alliance for parent centers transition to adult living an information and resource guide 2007 calstat special education rights and responsibilities 2005 ­ case and disability rights california a parent s guide to special education insider advice on how to navigate the system and help your child succeed 2005 ­ linda wilmshurst ph.d alan brue ph.d nolo s iep guide learning disabilities 2005 ­ lawrence siegel jd why johnny doesn t behave twenty tips measurable bips 2003 ­ barbara bateman annemieke golly straight talk about psychological testing for kids 2003 ­ ellen braaten and gretchen felopulos · · · · · · selected websites also see above · · · · 11/2010


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other related matrix resources ­ online at interactive i.e.p training information packets see also other publications from other agencies · · · · · advocacy communication getting organized i.e.p.s behavior resolving disagreements information packets on special needs see also our resource section links linking you to disability specific agencies · adhd · autism spectrum disorders · asperger s syndrome · emotional difficulties · learning disabilities · speech and language challenges help sheets 1 i don t think my child s iep is working well what do i do 2 my child s behavior is getting in the way of learning 3 how do i evaluate treatments and interventions 8 my teen who receives special education is turning 18 what should i know or do 9 my child s special education testing is hard to understand 12 how can i communicate better with my child s iep team 13 my child is struggling with reading what do i do 14 does my child need a one-to-one aide 16 how do i know if my child is making progress on their iep 17 how do i know what questions to ask our offices in novato and fairfield both have libraries that specialize in materials related to special needs and our helpline staff is available to answer your questions.


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online training at matrix now offers free online training these courses are designed to help you develop valuable skills that will allow you to be the strongest advocate on behalf of your child directed toward parents of children with special needs topics included in the training are · the principles of special education idea · parent rights · key features of the iep · least restrictive environment · effective advocacy directed toward parents of children with developmental disabilities topics included in the training are · the laws that direct regional center services · direct links to many legal citations and helpful resources · description of the requirements for the individual program plan · how to prepare for an ipp meeting · what to do if you disagree · advocacy resources visit our website for more information and resources including · community resource guides · information packets and other publications · calendar of local events · links to other online resources · current news and updates on special needs · birth to three early developmental services matrix parent network resource center serves families of children with special needs in the north bay and is one of 100 parent training and information centers pti nationwide authorized through the u.s dept of education s idea law offices in novato 94 galli drive suite c novato ca 94949 fairfield 1615 w texas street fairfield ca 94533 helpline 1.800.578.2592



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