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stegosaurus has lots of plates its back legs are bigger then the front legs stegosaurus eats plants and leaves it is 26 to 30 feet it lived in the jurassic period stegosaurus means covered lizard by zack


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they are small and fast eoraptors are fast they are a meat eater and they are skillful they are 3 feet tall and like to run they have a long tail and like to keep fit and they have very sharp teeth by kaelen.


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i like albertosaurus because it s a carnivore its period is cretaceous its meaning is a lizard from alberta my dinosaur is big it has 4 legs but it only walks on two back legs it has a long tail my dinosaur is big it has 35 sharp teeth its food is any other dinosaur its length is 9 metres or 30 feet it has small arms by mason


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the name means heavy lizard barosaurus is 88 feet long it only eats plants barosaurus had pretty flat teeth it lived in the jurassic period barosaurus walked on four legs an interesting fact about barosaurus was it was a very slow mover by josh


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my dinosaur is big it has three fingers it can run on two legs my one is fat and it can stand on two legs it eats seeds and trees my dinosaur lives in groups they are tall lots of dinosaur eat it it would be ten times bigger than me my one is 13 metres long my dinosaur has up to 60 teeth in its mouth my dinosaur has a big beek my dinosaur is half the size of a t-rex they have found lots of bones all over the world by kurt


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iguanodons name iguana tooth it is 9 meters it is a herbivore it has no teeth it lived in cretaceous period it walked on 2 feet it had a bony spike for a thumb by thomas



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