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master.indd 1 5/29/2012 2:31:23 pm


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welcome to collage 2012 our middle school literary magazine you may notice the picture of a camera on the front cover of the magazine the camera is a representation of all the unique artwork made by our middle school students during this school year it also ties in with the theme of this year s magazine looking through the lens ­ the perspective ­ of a middle school student art and literature are very important to many of our middle schoolers students put in an incredible amount of care and passion with each piece of artwork that they create they understand the importance of expressing themselves through their artwork and literature which enables them to connect with their classmates through their art the themes of art and personal expression appear in many of the poetry and prose pieces included in this year s issue of collage all of the writing pieces in the magazine are incredibly thoughtful and distinct in their own individual ways for example in poetry many of the students focused on expressing their emotions and feelings on daily life situations in their work many of the prose pieces also related to the feelings and perspectives of students in middle school there are also many pieces of visual artwork that relate with these themes as well students created their own representations of the shema which is a very personal prayer for many of the students the masks and the ceramic works are also representative of different aspects of the students world although each work of art and literature inside the magazine is truly exceptional in its own right the true beauty of each piece comes out even further when combined with the other pieces the pieces together form a true collective representation ­ a collage ­ of the lives of all us middle school students arianna adirim-lanza editor in chief master.indd 2 5/29/2012 2:31:25 pm


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collage 2012 charles e smith jewish day school middle school 11710 hunters lane rockville maryland 20852 www cesjds.org 301-881-1400 t 301-230-2196 f collage 2012 is published through the generosity of helyn and louis fanaroff cultural arts endowment jay m and dorothy s rosenthal cultural arts endowment kuttner-levenson endowment for upper school cultural arts and student publications volume 14 master.indd 3 5/29/2012 2:31:25 pm


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cover art photography rachel papirmeister photography aviv elazar mittlemena photography alex lafountain ceramics josh paretzky ceramics arielle weinstein art maayan rose ceramics annie rodney ceramics eli davis art gariella glueck art claire brodsky ceramics ian subin columbia scholastic press association gold crown 2011 awards national scholastic press association first place with one mark of distinction 2007 first place with three marks of distinction 2011 gold medalist 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 silver medalist 2001 2002 2003 maryland dc national press association american scholastic press association first place with special merit 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 first place award 2005 gold medal 2007 2008 2009 2010 silver medal 2011 ncte rated excellent 2009 2011 master.indd 4 5/29/2012 2:31:37 pm


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table of contents poetry and prose a blank piece of paper by ethan josovich it doesn t make sense by isaac eichenbaum when the music plays by sophia goodman craziness all around by michael weinberger open up by maxie wiener the agony of a teenager by annie grimley round up the slaves by elana kravitz happiness by natalie morgan emotion poem by bianca benaim quarantine by arianna adirim-lanza perfect me by mory gould passion for the game by samantha subin the battle by sivan tretiak the potato farmer by aviva kurlantzick braces by claire brodsky artist of artists by sam strickberger 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 art ceramics and photography guitar by talya kravitz sea animal by eliana katz dog by sam cribbs face by hope phillips circles by hadas elazar-mittelman cat by annie grimley monster by mollie griminger the face by yuval davidovits birdbath by alex lafountain mask by julie brandsdorfer elie by shira panitch face by shoham lewin mask by abril schujman doll by rachel lisker wires by adam kline face by sam strickberger boy jumping by aviv elazar-mittelman dragon by talya kravitz spider by yoni subin popcorn by noa gal shma by ariella kulp master.indd 5 5/29/2012 2:31:37 pm


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object pastel drawing arianna adimim-lanza 4 master.indd 6 5/29/2012 2:31:40 pm


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the blank piece of paper my marker hovers over the blank piece of paper the teacher is hovering over my back everything i draw he always says it s good no matter what he says i know i will always be bad at drawing i know what i want to draw on the white piece of paper i want to draw it every art class i want to draw a white man eating a white sandwich in a white world before i could get started the teacher took my white piece of paper and gave me a green piece instead ethan josovitz 5 master.indd 7 5/29/2012 2:31:40 pm


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it doesn t make sense guitarphotography talya kravitz my ears twitch as the notes flow from thin air the quiet slow rhythm turns fast from nowhere it starts to get louder and at the end of the crescendo it goes back to what it was all soft and mellow there are so many feelings and rhythms and notes the jazzy music is sneaky and impressive at once it s so overwhelming the sudden change in my head if the world was like that we would surely be dead it tricks you by starting and stopping each line it doesn t make sense all this rhythm and rhyme i ll never look at music the same way again my ears are so tired my mind is a blur all this noise would sound so good if it wasn t so confusing then it definitely would 6 isaac eichenbaum master.indd 8 5/29/2012 2:31:41 pm


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when the music plays the music starts to play i feel like i m in a movie with every move i make every mood i feel the music changes with it i imagine that first i am a superhero coming to save the day flying as fast as i can i am the one in trouble trapped by ropes and tied to a train track while i hear the train coming someone pulls me over i am a princess dancing at a ball with prince charming finally i return to reality with a deep breath i walk through the new halls new school everyone staring at me the music plays again only this time i feel so sure of myself i just imagine that i am back in the dream the superhero the one that everyone wants to be like sophia godin 7 master.indd 9 5/29/2012 2:31:41 pm


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craziness all around craziness all around lines through squares checkerboards and crowns curves and triangles what i think are peanuts and strings that need to be untangled clocks with no tics or tocs upside downs ms keys with no locks just like getting locked in a dark room being confused you think that you are coming to your doom endless pits the craziness never stops and you re scared a bit screaming help no one hears you about to cry someone opens the door you are fine you feel reborn just like this picture everything on the ground mixed together craziness all around michael weinberger sea animal clay and glaza eliana katz 8 dogclay and glaze sam cribbs master.indd 10 5/29/2012 2:31:44 pm


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open up open my i in i story my the open mind am my am book mom book open drifts alone world the but calls closes maxie wiener the agony of a teenager oh you have no idea how much this is annoying me walking through the halls listening to the passing period bell this is torture can t you see i walk through the school towards the gym for p.e why do i have to oh i know they mean well but wow you have no idea how much this is annoying me everyone here is so crazy whether they re trying to bug me i can t tell but still this is torture can t you see now i must go with my mom to get groceries she is buying everything they can sell and you have no idea how much this is annoying me my friends are obsessive as they can be with anime drawings and reading mysteries as well oh can t you see this is torturing me my mom tells me stop you re always irritated honey then my dad says be quiet why do you always have to yell but oh you have no idea how much they annoy me ugh this is pure torture can t you see annie grimley face clay and glaze hope phillips 9 master.indd 11 5/29/2012 2:31:46 pm


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round up the slaves by elana kravitz round up the slaves a gruff voice her but the two brothers have never had the bellowed best relationship and i had a feeling she would i started out of my sleep and managed spend eternity wandering the far shores of the to crack open my eyes which were caked in a styx a few days after that my sister was sold thick layer of salt spray my stomach ached at one of our stops in town to a man charmed from continual emptiness and my whole body by her sparkling hazel eyes bronze curls and groaned as i straightened from another long greek complexion cold night sleeping on the hard wooden floor of i myself might have been bought also the ship i allowed myself but i fought other slaves often to be pushed into the line in order to get more food for my of slaves shuffling to the sick mother because of these middle of the deck for frequent skirmishes which i the daily meal a puny often lost when i was displayed stale piece of bread and in town to be sold the customers a spoonful of something did not see a fair-skinned girl that resembled soup with gray-green eyes and flowing were thrown hastily into red tresses they saw a somber a weathered wooden girl with a bloody lip a black eye bowl and shoved at me i and a shaved head that marked hesitated for a moment her as a trouble maker knowing i would probably my months as a slave lose most of it later over had toughened me up a lot but the edge of the ship i i refused to become a complete ate anyway but slowly savage i would not dive for the savoring the thick slime scraps sailors dropped on that was my sustenance the floor i would not give them the life of a slave is kisses in exchange for mercy or circlesclay and glaze hadas elazar-mittelman not really a life my mother larger rations i may have fought had passed away long ago and her body had others occasionally for their food but i did not been tossed over the edge of the ship without steal or let others die undeserving deaths this a proper burial my sister and i had prayed was my biggest weakness it is hard enough to to poseidon and hades for a fair afterlife for keep yourself alive on a pirate ship let alone 10 master.indd 12 5/29/2012 2:31:48 pm


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keep others alive who you ve grown fond of dwindling supply and bandaged him up with so when i saw poor little adrastos a another rag young boy with only fifteen years to his name i had just finished setting his nose and left with only a scrap of bread and a bloody tying the rag-bandage around his head when i nose i had to help adrastos was a small was shoved over by tereus scrawny boy who seemed to get weaker with your hair looks lovely today lady every passing week he sat by himself looking theadora he teased tereus was the slaver defeated and pathetic i remember when i had who treated adrastos the worst and who was first arrived on the ship haughty and selfconstantly teasing or trying to bribe me pitying adrastos had been i put my hand to so kind and thoughtful my head in slight dismay helping me out and letting feeling the short stubs that me use his blanket on cold used to be bouncing curls nights now i am tough leave her alone and numb but adrastos adrastos yelled in a has not weathered these ridiculous nasal voice harsh months so well and tereus sneered i have often found myself look who s got helping him and making himself a girlfriend he sure he wasn t beaten to exclaimed to his crew death i remember the members the little prince time when he would bite of crete over here has a customer that tried to finally wooed over lady feel his arms for muscles thea now he only looks at them many of the slavers sadly as they feel his body laughed as tereus grabbed only to find skin and bone adrastos arm and twisted my heart goes out to the it cruelly behind his back poor little boy who like i tried to stifle my rage me came from a rich but it got the better of me family of nobles he was i ran up to tereus and the only heir to his father elbowed him hard on a cat pencil on paper annie grimley a noble of crete and he and pressure point in his back his mother were captured on a i knew of from observing trip to athens slavers fight each other i could not help myself i crouched down tereus gasped in pain and quickly forgot next to him and put my hand on his bony adrastos and reached for me tightening his shoulder arm around my neck and the world began to adrastos i said gently but firmly look blur at me i wouldn t be so bold lady tereus he turned towards me he looked even hissed in my ear as i choked and scrabbled at worse up close his nose was broken and he his iron grip if no one buys you at the next had the beginnings of a black eye i sighed as stop you ll either be killed or claimed as a prize my stomach rumbled its disagreement furiously and i haven t gotten my pay yet this year and i ordered him to eat the rest of my soup my reeling mind worked well enough for before he could protest i was as bony as he me to contemplate throwing myself off the boat was i cleaned him off with a clean rag from my at the first chance i got when the captain 11 master.indd 13 5/29/2012 2:31:49 pm


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hollered for all the slaves to be chained up we were nearing the next stop tereus let me fall to the floor gasping for breath he fastened my ankle and wrist manacles to their chain and winked playfully before sauntering off my head was spinning i couldn t believe this was happening i prayed to every god i could think of i even prayed to eris the goddess of discord and strife to create a distraction while each slave s ankle manacles were taken off and we filed off the boat so i could try to escape to no avail then when we were walking towards the city i saw my chance the guard assigned to me and a few other slaves began to bicker with another slaver and he accidentally dropped my chain as we left the port i sprinted as fast as i could with my wrists manacled together and a heavy manacle on my ankle but someone caught up with me and pounced on me winding me and badly bruising me all over you re not going anywhere snarled tereus from on top of me he stood up and yanked me up by my manacled wrists i ll take care of this one he told my guard smugly he pulled me towards himself in such a way that his arm was over my shoulder and i was walking right next to him i caught adrastos eye in the procession of slaves but he didn t look sad scared or defeated anymore he just looked angry i didn t have time to wonder about this sudden change in his outlook because we soon arrived at the marketplace the agora was bustling with people like the seas swarm with fish customers of varying shape size color and status streamed steadily this might be my last chance for freedom i smiled at him shyly as he ran his fingers through what was left of my hair and inspected my arms which were tanned and bony by our stand every once in a while someone would come over to our booth to poke and prod one of us and ask our price but there weren t many interested buyers tereus arm was no longer around my shoulder but he was sitting close enough to me that i could feel his breath on my shoulder that was enough to make me smile at passersby instead of my usual scowl then one tall handsome man stopped by the booth my heart began to beat faster this might be my last chance for freedom i smiled at him shyly as he ran his fingers through what was left of my hair and inspected my arms which were tanned and bony i silently begged him to buy me and as he started to inspect my legs he crouched down he mumbled you shall become a procne if you find the wings to fly in the sea i frowned at him worriedly as if he were crazy i wanted to ask him what he meant but he hurried away into the bustling crowd what kind of customer goes up to a slave in order to tell her a jumbled riddle i had a feeling that this riddle if solved could free me or maybe i was just despairing and i needed something to cling onto i had no idea i began to rack my brain well procne was a woman married to tereus i blurted aloud tereus started and looked at me puzzled thea he asked eyebrow raised and a smirk on his arrogant face did you want to say something to me my mind was racing procne was married to tereus who kidnapped her sister and cut out her tongue procne fed tereus their son and then the gods turned her and her sister into birds in order to save them 12 master.indd 14 5/29/2012 2:31:49 pm


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from tereus wrath two thoughts entered my mind simultaneously first who in the entire civilized world would name their son tereus second could this be my chance to escape i quickly discarded the first thought uhh nothing nothing i replied hastily if being a procne meant that i would be freed then how was i supposed to find a way to fly in the sea or i thought despairingly get into the sea i puzzled over this for a few hours as hundreds of people passed by our booth without even a glance in our direction that was when i remembered once asking my cousin how it felt to swim i had always wanted to learn but was too scared of drowning she had just grinned distantly and replied it s like flying underwater i had to jump overboard and swim but how i was no swimmer and i would be fastened securely in manacles besides this riddle-telling customer was a bit questionable when it came to his sanity i had no idea what to do we were already being manacled and put into lines again and tereus was grinning like he d just won a great prize i decided to ignore him you shall be a procne if you find the wings to fly in the sea i repeated over and over in my mind freedom tears ran down my cheeks this was it i would either be miraculously saved drowned or imprisoned by tereus everything around me seemed to be moving in slow motion i then realized that adrastos was walking right next to me do you trust me thea he asked in a small powerful voice as he looked into my eyes with his deep brown ones did you found your wings before i could think he was finally going crazy i remembered my mother had once told me that life was simply a series of tests i finally understood what she meant yes i whispered to the little boy let s go my manacles loosened suddenly and monster cermaics by mollie griminger clanged to the ground and adrastos grabbed my hand as we leaped off the side of the ship i could hear cries of surprise and on of outrage from above my stomach dropped as i spread out my arms like wings and closed my eyes my heart beating espite my frightening and uncertain situation i let myself relax and watch the sub-marine landscape fly by i couldn t help but notice the wonderful sensation of flowing locks trailing behind my head as we flew through the water and i smiled genuinely for the first time in almost a year i m free 13 master.indd 15 5/29/2012 2:31:51 pm



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