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RMT Fantasies of the Mind is a literary magazine created by the students of Richard M. Teitelman of works produced throughout the school year.

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richard m teitelman school lower cape may regional school district 687 route 9 cape may nj 08204 spring 2012


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welcome to the 2012 edition of richard m teitelman s fantasies of the mind once again we have solicited original student writings to entertain you and once again students have responded to the call on the following pages you will find poetry inspired by science locations and celebrations of a season students tackled the task of writing short stories based both in reality and fantasy the prose offering this year has risen from our need for reflection on the world around us and the changes we would like to see good writing both entertains and provokes thought we hope that you will read each of the entries in this literary magazine enjoy them take your time and think about each of the writings and you may find more than what is written on the printed page no one ever said that writing is an easy thing to do to share personal writing with others is always somewhat dangerous one becomes vulnerable we want to thank those students who took the time to write and had the courage to share their personal thoughts you see the writings were not originally for publication but only fantasies of the mind d dolinsky i would also like to give a special thanks to ms girone and ms scales for all of their help with the magazine this year we could not have showcased the work of so many talented students without them fantasies of the mind is a showcase for the original writings of the richard m teitelman students the works may not reflect the views of the school district published by ms girone


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students were challenged earlier this school year to share through writing or art what the word respect meant to them thank you to all of you who participated the following are some of the writings that were submitted we were impressed that one word could have so many different meanings and be shown in so many different ways congratulations again to brittany o connor for writing the winning poem no matter how tall or how small no matter how small or how large no matter how smart or how dumb no matter how normal or different treat everyone the same respect every person for who they are find the beauty in everyone by caroline roth life without respect cold dark and a never ending pit of gloom without this key element there is no point of life every child will be crying every living thing will be dying disasters will become the norm when there is life without respect elders will not be treated as they deserve life will become filled with people who have hatred toward one another waking up every morning will turn into a nightmare for most your alarm clock will soon become the cries of others everyone wonders the same thing when will this end life without respect teachers will become exhausted from this not coming their way they will become so overwhelmed f s will be found on every single paper from day to day children in school will be forced to give up everyone shudders at the thought of life without respect not caring about respect will get you in trouble always remember we are lucky that we have respect for each other since we all live in a bubble respect is essential for our existence a world that is cold dark and a never ending pit of gloom is life without respect by brittany o connor remember that no matter who you encounter in life you must respect them everybody you meet will respect you if you have integrity and are honest some people will have to often be reminded to be respectful but to me it s like a second nature please thank you and excuse me are all words showing respect expect no respect if you don t respect yourself consider all aspects before thinking about disrespecting anyone to respect someone it s not enough just to say kind things but to actually mean what you are saying by julianne weber reasonable equality sportsmanship polite everybody caring trust marquise coleman 4 5


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respect is a lesson everyone should learn respect must be given before an expected return respect is something that s given not sold respect builds character and keeps us grounded respect give it get it sarah portewig respect is like a shooting star it can come at anytime and can leave in one second by priscilla blackburn return a helping hand embrace the ones you care for stand tall and strong pray to the ones above encourage the frail calm the lost the weak and be truthful when you speak ashley hunt had no idea what it meant i treated elders wrongly not knowing i did any harm not knowing feelings were hurt i wanted to know but my mind still so feeble could not understand as i grew i had a general idea of what it meant but i still wasn t truly sure how to show respect i thought it meant to just be nice to people so i changed still trying to show respect trying my hardest still trying to learn thinking respect is no big deal as i grew some more i realized respect was everything the more respect the better i figured out that the world revolved around respect i also figured out that respect wasn t just being kind it meant or means to look up to someone you adore or would like to be like now my life has turned around yes i am kind to everyone and still show respect to older people and of course my parents to this day i use it and so should you casey mc donald respect is important everyone needs a little self respect step inside someone else s shoes peek inside yourself expect respect from others when you have respect for them can you see through them teach them some respect allison sekela reach out to people help them when not asked for help earn respect by showing kindness some people will respect you first unless they realize you are not worthy of their respect people don t appreciate an attitude easy way to give respect smile you are trusted more with a smile on your face consider your respect gone if you ignore them give them attitude and don t do anything they ask treat them the way you want to be treated laura baldwin when i was young maybe 4 or 5 i had no clue what respect was i 6 7


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remember other people s feelings enjoy having fun but include others who look like they re not having as much fun stand up for yourself play with your little brother or sister even though they can be annoying eat things you don t like because you want to respect your parents come to all family activities with your family these are all things someone i respect would do krista beck respect walking to your school you find unpopular kids so you stop to talk respect you play some baseball it was a horrible game so you humbly shake hands respect going down the hall kids are rushing to the door so you stop and wait respect riding down the street will sees a stranger in need he stops to help him respect mike gets a bad grade he thinks he doesn t deserve he trusts his teacher by josh meyer 8 respect everyone can show it but does everyone in school the kids making sly remarks who make you laugh when they disrupt the class but will they in 15 years the kid in the back of the room is trying to copy notes trying to block out the comments and pass the class he may be the one in 15 years who is your boss where does this start respect the student in the back trying to learn respects the teacher and his peers unlike the kid lacking respect for his peers and more importantly the teacher respect is to look up to someone show honor do you show your teachers you respect them what about your parents mouthing off and causing disruption shows no honor or that you look up to them next time your mom asks you to clean your room show respect by doing what she says and relieve some of her stress next time you re in class and that kid is disrupting the class tell him to shhh and show your teacher you respect her and her class when you show people that you respect them they return it rather than being disruptive be the boss in the situation and do what you re supposed to do -hana feulner 9


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to be locked up in a cage is what it was like to be forced to work till death to watch your friends and family be killed before your eyes to cry until you had no tears left to cry to starve so much and so long you couldn t sleep you believed that you might not wake up the next day you had your faith to believe in but that was all you had you might have been the only one who could push through the pain you made yourself believe that it will never end you thought of how terrible this is i think of how someone could be so heartless and cruel i think of how people survived when fed once a week i think of how any race can be impure i think of the remembrance of the jews and their struggle just to live i think of all the tears hatred and death i know that it came to an end and that many were freed i know that their pain and suffering was over i know now that they could cry over more than death i know that the jews were grateful to their saviors i know that under any circumstances at all that nothing like this pain sadness and segregation should ever happen again by casey mcdonald why such hate in the world discriminating against and killing people who are different it baffles me how we can have so much hate and resentment jews and many others being put to rest judging a book by its cover isn t best why such hate in the world don t let others put thoughts into your head make your own opinion and the villains can t get ahead religion the color of your skin beliefs money ,shouldn t set us apart we are all the same this should be taken to heart why such hate in the world by destiny west the hateful nazis went in on a cold night the jews would scream cry and fight in the little kid s eyes are sights of fright it makes the angry fire in me ignite when i saw a nazi it made me sick they are blood sucking creatures a human tick his followers always say hitler was really wise but i want to be the person to spray gas in his eyes still to this day i don t know what s wrong with these guys the jews didn t have a reason to be despised that s why the thought of the holocaust makes me mad they had no defense which is very sad if the jews had an army maybe the nazi s would be dead this is a heartfelt poem written by fred by fred eichenhofer 10 11


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hey you yeah you i m sorry i kinda messed up a little okay maybe a lot i should have done it differently or maybe not at all i don t know okay i m sorry by lindsey purvis beach the sand tickles your feet and toes while kids run around playing with their toys as the tide begins to come in and go out the seagull dive to catch your food life guards blow their whistles at the people on the rocks tourists pack up to go home but the locals are staying for the sunset the sun goes down now it is time to leave i can t wait to come back tomorrow by alison sekela in my mind footsteps trace my mind voices ring soft yet clear whispers truths lies thoughts haunt my mind eyes fill with tears that don t belong crazy outcast lost memories replay the dark truth dreams show the hearts context pretty deadly alone slowly i fall into a sleep in a dream i ll never awaken from beautiful haunted gone so this is it my last stand love fear silence goodbye by lindsey purvis 12 13


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a trio of poems about emotions written by natalie sporl unknown and alone i sit in my lair no one realizing i m here but why would they notice falling crystals tears round wet trickling dropping falling sad alone depressed angry waterworks their last walk we walk five feet apart alone no one has talked not a glance was risked former best friends think of each other badly one spreads drama to ruin their life the other just thinks would she care if i died would she even stop and cry i see that what was once there is now gone but i can t get myself to say so long as the former friends take different paths no one dares to take a glance back as they disappear into the distance best friend oh best friend where did you go you slipped away with winter snow i have a secret it s a good one please stay i m nearly done it s a secret about the world so twisted and curled oh best friend you must swear not to tell don t remember do not dwell on past secrets told and watch all lies unfold promise me not to trust what s found in dark light the light and spark the spark silly friend worry not for i know the truth war and death no point but to take thy youth fights and controversy doubts of the world these are their secrets now friend don t you see the lies of today and everything to be lindsey purvis 14 15


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the critique oh no she put it on the board the first sentence of my essay my hook here it comes where will they start they change and erase my teeth clench as they pull it apart do i dare look up maybe i should just hide so i bravely raise my head i glance over their suggestions and to my surprise they aren t that bad but quite helpful instead now that i have an open mind i can pick and chose my essay will be better i will find i am still in control of it but their ideas may add charm and wit so now i have collected their thoughts and sharpened my hook and now the start of my essay is crisp and clear i see that the dreaded critique was quite helpful and not to sever ms mary scales monster under the bed lindsey purvis listen my children and take heed a story i tell of broken dreams at night you lie awake in bed for dreams only cause you greater dread remember child to turn off the lights when only demons haunt the nights the fearful cry you jolt awake the soft bear s cry the swish of snakes when the only thought in your head is i hope i do not wake up dead hush my child hush for you must hide from the monster under the bed listen carefully children of the night stay with me i do not bite these claws right here wouldn t hurt a thing though i know these teeth are frightening but when you lie awake my dear i m terribly sorry for the fear you run through the dark to mommy s room still my child awaits your doom for the next night mommy may not be so kind in your bed you i ll soon find a child scared and small and weak you are all my tummy seeks run my child run for i am the monster under the bed and i am coming 16 17


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a trio of poems about music written by caroline roth haiku sing a song to me if you do i will smile music is my world acrostic my escape to instant happiness usually makes me smile songs of every kind instantly breaks the silence crowds of people sing and dance couplets i always have a song in my heart a good tune makes my day start music makes me smile it makes me stop and think for a while at night when i get ready for bed i sleep well with a song in my head if i m lucky i sing in my dreams that makes my night better than it seems one day i hope to be a star if i keep practicing i will go far the sun and moon as i lay on my back and look at the sky i see the sun and moon they kiss goodbye the stars come out to dance and play for all the day they ve been locked away the sun takes with it all white clouds because if they stayed it gets quite loud you see the clouds and the stars like to fight from the light of day to the dark of night hours pass and night rides on until the stars are all but gone and the sun creeps behind the moon for it promised it would see her soon daylight breaks the quiet peace the world lets all their sounds release animals come and greet hello i feel the grass so warm below i lie on my back and look at the sky and again the sun and the moon kiss goodbye the clouds come out to wiz and whirl and slowly my lips begin to curl a smile is plastered on my face as the birdies start their frantic chase the sun is warm and big and bright but for some reason i just can t wait for night by lindsey purvis 18 19


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at peace you were very sick but you took the time to encourage and praise me no matter how things got you found a way to smile i never knew how unselfish another person could be you could have given up crawled into a shell and felt sorry for yourself but instead you kept going stood up and stayed strong now you are gone and we have to go on we know you are at peace where you belong at peace away from the pain carefree and no more worry you went to be with the lord for all your kindness and service to everyone else this was your reward even though we will miss you we take your encouragement and to the point advice with us we can learn to keep giving and fighting tribulations this is what we must do but we are reassured that you are at peace we will hold your memories near for you made a difference and touched us all in loving memory of gene sole we became stronger and more self secured by ms mary scales soon we ll arrive at our destination stopping abruptly for a quick second then moving fast to give our fate a chance to appear move fast and don t dwell on the little things in the present the time will come when things in life get more confusing more technical and more logical `tick tock tick tock the time will pass and things will go on so you mustn t stop just keep on going and don t let the world pass on by get a grip and snatch at the simple opportunities for they may build up into something more important in your future make the right choices and you ll be on the right path don t stop to kick the stones keep moving forward this is your portal to get to the future and may also lead you out so just keep your head up high and you ll figure it all out rachel pickert 20 21


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lead a metal rifle is my home coins and appliances i roam in batteries you find my bullets are mined my color is a bluish tone created by desean brown astatine astatine is found in earth s crust this element is a big must it is the answer to cure the cancer you know astatine doesn t rust created by allison sekela arsenic atomic number thirty three the metalloid arsenic you ll see it is grey and yellow it will make you bellow its location is in chile created by brian o donnell cerium atomic number 58 it is found in the solid state cerium is my name and i m not ashamed one forty my atomic weight created by ashley hunt bismuth atomic number eighty three i was first found in germany my name is bismuth protons 83 proof now you can all learn about me created by nathen mitchell cadmium small amounts will damage your heart will turn it into abstract art with greenish blue colors it will upset mothers allows batteries to restart made by gunnar murray 22 23


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carbon if we breathe carbon out our nose its crystal structure really glows atomic number six it s found in oil slicks when found in the water it flows created by casey mcdonald hafnium hafnium was found in sweden not in the garden of eden a type of metal found with copper kettle you might find it when you re weedon by:dawson dowe cobalt my color can be bluish gray when people use me i obey milling bits and wire i will never tire i m considered a gamma ray created by brittany o connor chromium an element alloyed with steel comes in many colors not teal its origin is greek now don t call me a geek it can plate your automobile by gracie payne hydrogen yes hydrogen would be my name being lightest is my game i fly around the sun atomic number one without me earth is not the same -created by caroline roth argon the atomic number is eighteen fixes eyes with its laser beams the phase must be gas discovered in the past it is transparent though it seems by laura baldwin 24 25


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lithium lithium s symbol is li its group is metal alkali it controls your mood li is not food batteries are easy to buy created by quinn bithell polonium extremely radioactive non-metals think it s attractive protons are eighty-four found in a small ore polonium is reactive created by natalie sporl tanntalum tanntalum s color is gray atomic symbol is ta discovered in sweden used every now and then tanntalum will not decay created by maddy maguire potassium it helps our crops grow properly discovered by sir humphry davy its name potassium from latin kalium with water reacts violently created by tom beeby mercury mercury is silvery-white the color can be very bright discovered by no one found little in the sun its atomic mass is not light by zachary kelly praseodymium silver white protons 59 found in china where it s mined a solid yellow rare little fellow used in planes frontier airlines created by hana feulner 26 27


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radon i relax deep down in soil swimming in hot springs i boil you might think that i m rare but i m everywhere don t worry i never spoil created by shannon hassay tin let s go take a test drive atomic number fifty five can be found in earth s crust corrosion will not bust tin will make your teeth survive created by kaitlin poling samarium samarium was his full name it has a silvery white brain randomly ignite it is very bright that s how samarium became created by jacob harkin titanium william gregor caught first sight its color is silvery white this is found in earth s crust also in sand not dust it helps airplanes go into flight created by kayla fritz sodium used to extract titanium my latin name is natrium i light up your street i don t taste too sweet surprise my name is sodium created by alex fazio 28 29



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