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saint rose was born in lima peru and she was a very beautiful young lady she became a saint because she helped by growing flowers and food for the poor people saint rose is the patron saint of florists i chose this saint because rose is my middle name interesting facts about my saint her parents were very poor and they needed money rose sold her needlework and flowers to help them my saint s feast day is august 30.


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lifeline 1225-1270 she was from france she was very kind to the sick and poor i chose st isabel because i like the name isabel isabel is a saint because she helped the sick and poor she started a monastery she always put the sick and poor before herself her feast day is february 26


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he honoured jesus jacob was the son of isaac and the grandson of abraham he was renamed israel by god his feast day is december 20 his name means `holding by the heel


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st anthony lived from1195-1231 he became a saint because he always attended mass st anthony is from padua i chose st anthony because he was a preacher the interesting facts about st anthony are he was a patron st for finding lost articles st anthony s feast day is june 13.


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saint cecilia lived in the 2 century ad she came from rome nd cecilia became a saint because she lived her life to do music cecilia wanted to give her live to christians she came from rome she is the patron saint of music i chose cecilia because cecilia does music and i do cecilia s feast day is on november 22.


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st john baptised jesus john s feast day is th on the 24 of june i chose saint john because my grandad s name is john.


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saint thomas followed jesus he was one of jesus 12 apostles he lived in galilee his feast day is july 3 he died in 53.


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i chose this saint because st angela s birthday is on the same day as my mum s birthday st angela s feast day is on the 27th of january st angela is from and born in italy when angela was 22 years old she started a church they taught religion to poor children she is the patron saint of teachers for young children she lived in 1470


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my saint lived in the 1850s my saint became a saint because he had a dream that god wanted him to take care of boys who were in trouble my saint is from italy i chose this saint because i like the name john john grew up in a very poor neighborhood he walked 4 miles to get to school john s feast day is january 31.


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she was born in august 28 1774 she loved god and always tried to look after the poor and the sick in 1808 she took a job in baltimore to open a catholic school for girls a year later she became a nun and started the order called the sisters of charity who looked after the poor.


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he was taken by pirates when he was 16 st patrick s day is on march the 17th and that is when everyone wears green he lived in great britain and when he escaped from the pirates he went to ireland the three leafed clover is a symbol of him i chose st patrick because he is an interesting person.


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interesting facts about my saint st lucy · at a very early age lucy offered herself to god · i chose this saint because she said nothing could make her commit sin · she was unable to give up her faith · a young man accused her of being a christian · st lucy s feast day is december 13 · st lucy is from sicily by lilly


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st barbara was brought up a pagan she was forced to marry a prince but refused to she didn t want to be brought up the same way as her father so she was locked up in a tower for the rest of her life as a punishment st barbara was secretly baptised without her father or anyone knowing but her father found out and immediately dragged her up to the top of a hill and chopped her head off i chose this saint because my grandmas name is barbara and the church that my parents got married in had a crystallite window of her.


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as a young man he lived on locusts and wild honey in the desert his feast day is the 24th of june he baptised jesus he is the son of zachary and his purpose in life was to prepare jesus for preaching by matthew hall


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his feast day is september 29th he is patron of policemen he is described as the heavenly prince who stands guard over gods people his name means who is like god i chose the name because mitchell is a form of michael by mitchell



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