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free there s life in the inner west 189 8th june 2012 every fortnight dating your best friend s sibling is it ever a good idea is taking over the inner west distributed in leichhardt annandale petersham stanmore newtown rozelle balmain drummoyne haberfield five dock concord summer hill win sydney film festival tix plus taks this waltz swerve le chef elena matzo soup recipe the best playgrounds in the inner west the photographer chronicling parramatta road lyndal irons on location photo ben cregan road mapping for all your baby needs cincotta leichhardt free 2 hour parking at the italian forum with any purchase huggies jumbo nappies limit the many faces of haberfield promotion finishes 18 th june hurry 2999 cc17966_ciao hot price of 3 per customer applies leichhardt store only auburn 9649 7900 belrose 9986 3331 blacktown 9622 1937 burwood 9745 6375 campsie 9789 9000 carlingford 9871 4522 caringbah 9525 0309 engadine 9520 8838 five dock 9713 4729 glebe 9660 6919 marrickville 9560 2488 merryland 9897 1011 neutral bay 9953 0609 revesby 9773 8510 riverwood 9153 7347 toukley 4396 4137 your local store 6-8 norton street leichhardt open mon-fri 8am-8pm sat-sun 9am-6pm ph 9560 7008


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inner west whispers local gossip rumour hearsay and unsubstantiated fact latte leftie we are c!ao satire for the soul latte leftie might have a weakness for italian suits and french poststructuralist theory but just like that scotsman doug cameron he draws the line at guest workers being allowed into australia dear ll ­ where should i stand on the vexed issue of foreign labour on the one hand i like to see myself as a tolerant and cosmopolitan citizen of the world on the other i m beginning to get a little concerned about the impact hordes of johnny foreigners are having on the working conditions of decent australians and needless to say by decent australians i m not referring to blue-collar ones ­ i think we all can agree that it s high time that liberal-voting bogans pulling in $250k for unclogging s-bends or piloting a dump truck around some godforsaken strip mine got a dose of hr nicholls society-style labour market reform but i have several highly educated friends who ve suffered the indignity of having their white-collar work `off-shored as if they were brain-dead manufacturing wage slaves i m happy to pay $13 for a cup of fair trade coffee to ensure some kenyan grower can afford to slaughter a goat for his 11-year-old daughter s wedding but i just don t know if an alp government should be opening the gate to coolie labour jiang petersham ll replies yes it s quite the dilemma isn t it take too hard a line and suddenly it s a nightmare trying to find a middle-aged vietnamese couple willing to clean your house for $40 open the door too wide and you find yourself competing against some interloper with three phds from the university of delhi willing to work 18 hours a day at your next job interview the only logical solution is a radical rethink of the nation s woefully thought out skilled migration program involving an immediate ban on anyone with a tertiary education and/or english language skills being allowed to migrate to this country n email with your dilemma leane senzamici newtown renovations bikie-style haberfield s many faces barry s bonanza l the bikies might have skipped the inner west but they ve left behind a few thousand dollars and a few stashes of erm other things old bikie premises on parramatta rd and crystal st were vacated over a year ago and landlords are still trying to restore the premises thirteen-person spa baths bags of money stashed in rooftops six-inch security doors and extraordinary cctv cameras in extraordinary spots have had mixed responses from prospective new tenants l haberfield might appear to be the saintliest suburb in the inner west but when the people get upset they get really hostile the latest dose of hostility has been dished out to the new priest at st joan of arc the local italians find his rigid approach to sermon times unacceptable particularly his taking away of the 10am italian mass many may soon be in the process of making formal complaints l for those that don t know haberfield also harbours a high proportion of swingers well a few couples anyway a powerful druglord whose name we can t mention but everyone knows who he is and a gambling den that looks like a chess club it also has seven churches and soon a mcdonalds and a new bottle shop the hidden layers of haberfield s village life are a mix of underbelly and the vatican just how it should be l hurray for barry s bonanza the state government is about to reveal a $30 million cash injection for inner west council s infrastructure projects like backlogged road repairs and schools having a couple of ex-mayor s part of barry s posse sidoti and parker must have helped this clever kind of funding appeases councils and makes complaining about the greenway project seem ungrateful who said barry didn t know what he was doing food melissa leong photography nudzejma avdic resident chef jared ingersoll c!ao history the stylish summer hill post office was opened on 15 november 1900 and served the local community for the next 96 years signed plans suggest that the chief draftsman of the nsw government architect s office george j oakeshott probably designed it the post office and four-bedroom residence was built in the federation free style and has two near symmetrical facades one facing smith st and the other moonbie st the building is intact and now in private ownership photo courtesy of ashfield district historical society inc jo grace design russell edwards art direction editorial nancy merlo publishing sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards ben cregan nigel bowen jared ingersoll rachel hayter join us for our may-july program $55.00 per class or $45.00 per class for 4 or more classes per individual child conditions apply ciao things we love one of the stops on maeve o meara s famous food safari tours frank s fruit market has been operating on ramsay st haberfield since 1976 still owned by frank and mary rose bonfante they are known for their good old-fashioned décor and great range of tomatoes they just don t make `em like this anymore book now for the july school holidays contact rebecca on 0417 208 772 or dani on 0423 027 955 c!ao s voice · jigsaw puzzles ­ the perfect winter activity · the prawn avocado and asparagus rigatoni at la rustica haberfield · croissants from labancz patisserie boulangerie rozelle · marrickville markets even when it s raining · fashionable and coldceasing scarves in any colour shape or size ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia what s in out out in ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville · `zombie attacks in miami is the inner west next subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered to your doorstep email with your address cover petersham photographer lyndal irons on her favourite road in the world parramatta road while most people hate it lyndal has discovered a hidden side to the notorious traffic artery photo by ben cregan · being fooled by the sun on a freezing day · going through a box of tissues a day · the amount of rubbish inside camperdown oval s playground · the new median strip on salisbury rd further restricting access to newtown streets c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west 2


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champs-Élysées the inner west s more often described as the varicose vein of sydney than as a boulevarde worthy of admiration and exploration parramatta road is mostly ignored or abhorred by inner west commuters stuck in its traffic and squabbled over by councils and city planners who cannot agree on what to do with it however photographer lyndal irons saw a different side of parramatta road and set to work revealing the unexpected beauty of the notorious strip through her photo series parramatta road lyndal started the project in late 2009 much to the surprise of those who hate the road and associate it with nothing more than empty shopfronts once a bustling corridor of businesses the vacancy rate on parramatta road seems to be steadily increasing and gridlock sometimes people ask `parramatta road ­ where s the art but i m a documentary and street photographer lyndal explains so it s not necessarily about artistic merit it s more about documenting a place time and people that are going to disappear in this sense parramatta road is perfect because it s so historic it was australia s first inter-settlement road and because no one has really been able to decide how to develop it many of its historic pockets have remained ­ for now at least olympia milk bar in stanmore which hasn t changed much since the 50s and which is becoming part of inner west mythology is a spot that lyndal counts as her favourite i spend a lot of time drinking coffee at olympia the coffee comes in a teapot and i like that about it she says ironically it s a parramatta rd sacred site she has not been granted permission to photograph by the very private owner i would love to take his picture but not everyone is into the idea of being my subject and i respect that further down the road there are also numerous car yards that have been around since the `70s although if the closure of the rick damelian group formerly one of the most recognised car dealerships on parramatta road taught us anything it s that it is uncertain how long some of these people and businesses will be around for it s these places that lyndal makes her priority to capture before they change or vanish ­ as happened to lyndal s first photo subject dog groomers inner west dog groomers inner west was one of the first places i photographed it was one of those places i wouldn t have thought had anything worth photographing inside but that photo now is one of my favourites and it ended up being one of the photos in the sydney life competition in hyde park last year lyndal recalls the day after the sydney life competition launch lyndal was catching a bus along parramatta road and realised the dog groomers were gone and their premises was for lease the business exists now only in the photographic time capsule lyndal is constructing for future generations being one of few people who love the road exactly as 4 strathfield council has pushed for lots more residential development local councils are very slowly implementing new infrastructure to help improve the road plans are already underway in leichhardt with $200,000 allocated for new curbs and footpath upgrades between norton street and balmain road in order to make the street more attractive and pedestrian friendly according to leichhardt mayor rochelle porteous work is also being done to activate the untapped laneways off and directly behind parramatta road which will improve accessibility to shopfronts located on the strip through rear-lane entries recently voted sydney s worst road by nsw drivers parramatta road is a traffic nightmare for commuters but petersham photographer lyndal irons wouldn t change a thing it is lyndal aims to help those who don t appreciate it discover something they didn t expect to find and maybe even rethink their opinion a lot of people are always trying to change parramatta road or think about what it needs i m not asking anything of it i m simply trying to spend time out there and i think it s perfect the way it is she says one of the features of the road that most delights lyndal are the bizarre specialty businesses that simply wouldn t fit in with a westfield-style shopping mall places like the shop that only sells silk flowers and the cash register repair supply co established in 1949 you ve got really specific stuff that you just don t find anywhere else it s a really unique underrated place that people should spend more time on says lyndal not that she s oblivious of the reality that parramatta road can be a very difficult place to spend time on as she points out there isn t one bus that travels the whole way down it and it s not particularly pedestrian friendly without an overarching plan for the road however these issues are left with individual local councils to resolve or not as the case may be in the past year ashfield council has argued for an `employment hub to be created on parramatta road with more retail and professional services burwood council seeks to revitalise the retail sector while so with endless updates planned for parramatta road lyndal s project appears to be a never-ending task and the question arises how long will she continue the photo series this is the first series i ever started and it will probably be the last one i ll finish she says the plan is to document it through my lifetime a very ambitious project considering the road covers over twenty suburbs and is constantly changing but lyndal remains motivated and hopes to see her work archived in a book or museum one day the state library has some amazing pictures of parramatta road s past ­ it was a totally different world i hope to be able to contribute to that documentation so people of the future can look back and say `wow parramatta road was different then or `wow it s still exactly the same because no one could decide on what to do with it she laughs no one knows for sure what the future holds for parramatta road but change is inevitable whether it becomes a revitalised commercial and retail strip a residential hot spot or a transport corridor we can be glad that someone is taking the time to capture all the road has to offer as it stands today n nm parramatta road favourites ashfield park a breath of fresh air on an otherwise smoggy stretch of car yards this park is one of a few green patches on the road along with concord oval which really comes alive during a grand final corner of orpington st and parramatta rd stiletto of the many adult service businesses on parramatta road this one is probably the most well-known although its plans to become australia s biggest brothel were rejected by council last year 82 parramatta rd camperdown maurice ­ the inner west s very own window washer is a much loved identity who can usually be found wearing one crazy hat or another at various parramatta road intersections around annandale the piano group this piano shop is known for the piano-playing doll that has made her home on the shop s awning she s on lyndal s hit list to photograph 56 parramatta road croydon fiona the mannequin a famous tourist attraction fiona has been standing outside ra motors waving to the traffic since 1983 over the years she s been run over by a datsun kidnapped by `men against sexist pigs ambushed by a drunk who thought she was his wife and even put herself on ebay to raise money for the less fortunate 241 parramatta rd granville friday afternoon at dog groomers inner west the first successful shot of lyndal s series and finalist in the 2011 sydney life competition n suggest people or places you think lyndal should photograph on parramatta road and see more of her work at top photo ben cregan


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community life one for the kids it s all about slides swings and seesaws this week as we reveal our favourite inner west playgrounds the kids will love them and mum and dad just might enjoy them too r oad test rant panic on the 510 picture this a bus full of people is making its way between the city and drummoyne when an elderly woman gets on there are no seats available ­ and no one offers their seat ­ so she s forced to stand and struggles to hold on with both hands and her handbag hanging over one arm the bus comes to an abrupt stop and the elderly woman stumbles backwards and falls over everyone rushes to help her up only to return to their seats once the bus takes off again the woman is again forced to stand it sounds unbelievable doesn t it and i m sure some of you reading are thinking this could not have really happened but it did happen and it makes me wonder where good old-fashioned manners and respect for your elders has gone it s not asking too much to give up your seat for the elderly is it while you re at it pregnant women might also appreciate a seat i always thought that was the way things should happen however i brought up the issue with a friend recently and she pointed out something i had not considered most of the time she tries to be polite ­ give up her seat or help an overwhelmed stranger carry their bags ­ she s angrily rejected after some thought i realised there have been countless incidents when i have also offered someone a hand with their bags only to be met with nothing but a steely glare one particular woman i tried to assist in a five dock medical centre grabbed a meltdown on the bus hold of her bag as if i was a thief about to rip it from her shoulder and make a run for it she looked utterly befuddled ­ as if i were from another planet utopia perhaps is this really what the world has come to good deeds are so few and far between that when someone does do something nice we fear a dark ulterior motive not only is cynicism an epidemic it seems we ve also become quite insecure about ageing and having a younger person offer their seat to an older person on the bus is more likely to induce an internal panic and oh-my-god-i-must-be-getting-old reaction than a thanks unfortunately what is meant as an act of respect is often taken the wrong way and just makes a greying bus traveller feel old there s no denying that the rules have changed over the past few decades and it s hard to know whether you might offend someone by offering them your seat but that doesn t mean you shouldn t ask and on the other hand if someone does offer you help ­ show some appreciation sure you re entitled to politely decline but say thank you nonetheless treat someone as you would like to be treated it s the golden rule if you hope that someone would offer you a seat should you ever become unable to stand safely on a bus then show that same thoughtfulness next time you re between stops n nm with plenty of seating under big shady trees 7/10 camperdown memorial rest park newtown younger children may struggle with this park s terrain but older kids will love navigating the hilly pathway over the wooden bridge to the spiral slide swings and climbing web the playground seems an odd sight amongst all of newtown s graffiti and you do get the occasional drunk loitering around but the park remains a popular childfriendly urban oasis the playground is gated and there are no rest rooms nearby note this park is located on the newtown side of australia street if you head towards camperdown you ll end up at a rather drab looking rubbish tip trying to pass itself off as a playground behind camperdown oval and be sorely disappointed 8/10 livvi s place five dock this is the kind of playground kids dream of where they could easily spend hours enjoying the sandpit swings slides and climbing towers winner of the world leisure international innovation prize 2011 livvi s is australia s first all-abilities playground one of its coolest features is the carousel fitted with chairs and wheelchair clips which is level with the ground to allow easy accessibility to all the whole playground is fenced for child safety and parental peace of mind and facilities are well maintained including the five tables two barbecues and toilet block ­ just a few metres outside the gate parking is plentiful 10/10 pioneer park leichhardt a small playground with your standard seesaw sandpit and swing that fits an adult backside in case mum wants a turn surrounded by plenty of green one point of difference is the seats fitted with mini excavators over the sandpit which offer bob the builder fans the chance to go digging toilet facilities are a bit of a walk away but clean but beware the park has been known to turn into a teen hangout by night and evidence of a little underage beer swigging and debauchery can sometimes be left behind 6/10 karen audrey elliot enjoy a picnic at livvi s place carrington st park summer hill this park was bustling when i visited even though it s rather tiny and nestled amongst houses on a quiet street kids aged 3 to 11 years old were enjoying the train-themed equipment and swings ­ some baby sized others bigger ­ as well as the spinning-top ride which reminded me of a giant dreidel yes i m woman enough to admit i had a go actually the kids had to tear me away while there are no shadecloths toilet or barbecue facilities this is a good spot for a quick run around king george park rozelle despite being subject to noise complaints from stuffy residents this is a super-dooper park for kids of all ages it s modern and well maintained with great facilities think barbecues toilets seating bubbler parking and shade and a water view to boot one of the most exciting parts of it for kids is the 20m flying fox but there s also a 5m climbing tower spinning disc and some very speedy slides 9/10 n nm win sydney film festival tix there s something very special about seeing movies in a buzzy environment like a festival some sydney people take their annual holidays to coincide with the sydney film festival it s not hard to see why as the sff is not just a chance to see world-class films as they are meant to seen but a social affair as well the festival experience is not like regular cinema if you go alone you probably won t be for long many people do use it to catch up with old friends but even the queues of black-clad hipsters of all ages are talkative friendly affairs then there s the discussion and q&a sessions and festival organisers have arranged lots of discounts and special offers at nearby bars and restaurants for post-film chat two lucky ciao readers have the chance of winning a double pass to one of two screenings next week we ve selected two outstanding films ­ the searing and confronting police procedural drama polisse by french star turned writer director maiween and ann hui s powerfully moving story of a hong kong man s long affair with his devoted servant a simple life n polisse ­ weds 13th june 6.15pm a simple life ­ sat 16th june 1.35pm how to enter ­ see details below far right for festival details and bookings visit or call 1300 733 733 win tix what s on compiled by nancy merlo email until 10th june tuesday 12th june polisse info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are or www n flinders street gallery 61 flinders st surry hills saturday 16th june until sat 16th june tiny stadiums 2012 live art will take over the streets of erskineville for ten days this june this year the new team produced by pact will present a mix of visual arts performances and sound art the free festival shifts between fact and fiction incorporating local businesses and loads of public areas tiny stadiums 2012 seeks to connect the community and art while shedding personal perspectives on the subjects of `centre and `margins the urban festival provides an entertaining maze don t miss experiencing the exciting live art along erskineville road n for more info visit 6 laura tingle at shearers bookshop laura tingle the australian financial review s political editor and winner of two walkely awards has written the lead article in the quarterly essay 46 great expectations government entitlement and an angry nation laura is coming to shearers bookshop alongside geraldine doogue for what promises to be an intelligent and fascinating look into this current political climate author talk starts at 7.30pm refreshments are included and bookings are essential n call shearers norton st leichhardt on 9572 7766 for more info or to book art exhibition the flinders street gallery is proud to host the first solo presentation of rozelle s peter nelson s project extensions of a no-place ­ featuring an imaginary world he conjures through works on paper sculptures film and prose fiction the exhibition consists of 36 connected paper works creating a disjointed map of this imaginary realm as well as plexiglas sculptures that represent potential buildings from this world and house the wandering mini protagonists of it gallery hours are wednesday to saturday 11am to 6pm and monday and tuesday by appointment for more info visit barefoot karaoke it s barefoot karaoke time at the bowlo people so warm up those vocal cords because there are two premium tickets to the 2012 born this way ball lady gaga world tour as well as heaps of other fabulous prizes to be won all judges are impartial no dickos or deltas here and all funds raised from the event will go towards building repairs for this much loved local venue the fun starts at 7pm the bistro will be open and raffle tickets for another two premium lady gaga tickets and other prizes are available at the bar 10 each or 3 for $20 n petersham bowling club 77 brighton st petersham not your average cabaret thursday 21st june not quite cabaret not quite cabaret is pub entertainment with a twist offering locals a unique and fun night out with friends enjoying dinner and a theatre show right in the heart of balmain in conjunction with the balmain exchange hotel not quite cabaret presents a series of short funny plays on thursdays throughout june and july tickets are $34 or $28 for


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n local gigs 8th 9th 10th june n local movies ska weekender ­ chris duke the royals dan potthast area 7 the bennies god god dammit dammit phat meegz roofdog son of dad give or take the operators admiral ackbar s dishonourable discharge backy skank kujo kings sublime with billy the my tys steel city allstars jobstopper handball deathmatch this takes me back to the old days ­ skipping school and listening to ska if it doesn t give you a bit of energy to get through the winter nothing will and the show is ridiculously cheap annandale hotel $23 +bf friday 15th june free c d u le tiwinkoebts movies passes hot and lusty road trip swerve we ve all dreamt of finding a suitcase full of money on a lonely back road we wouldn t make the mistake of handing it in though would we and then stick around with suspicious small town locals and a tough cynical cop jason clarke for a drinking session or end up later that night at a poolside with the copper s beautiful wife emma booth slipping off her bikini bottom and saying you know how to whistle or words to that effect don t you and yes we do know the answer just blow which of course is what our hero david lyons should have done with the drug courier s money instead writer/director craig lahiff lands the well-intentioned drifter smack dead into the sort of nightmare scenario hard-boiled crime writers like jim thompson and james m cain serve up aussies are getting good at this the square wish you were here though swerve which is set in the blazing heat in big sky country near broken hill is almost in a genre of its own outback noir and it s a pretty damn good ­ with a deliciously dark final twist m15 at hoyts paris from june 7 n thanks to jump st films we have 10 double in season passes to give away details below important things left unsaid charge group joe mckee a show at the red rattler is always worth a look-in and this is take this waltz can michelle williams blue valentine please stop playing unhappy wives at least before she s cast in who s afraid of virginia woolf ii though in this canadian charmer from indie-fave sarah polley she s not so much miserable as just sort of uncertain she s margot a bright-eyed and playful freelance writer who never seems to write that falls for her neighbour luke kirby ­ an artist who has never exhibited and is of all things a tourist rickshaw driver we re in deep inner city hipsterville here and margot s husband seth rogen who clearly dotes on her writes chicken cookbooks none of these newtown-style bohos would be earning enough to pay tax yet here they are owning gorgeously chic toronto terraces or fabulously decked-out warehouses no matter set in summer and filmed in constant bright low sunshine this is a side of canada we don t often see it s a fantastically endearing version of reality though there s nothing unreal about the slow tragic unravelling of a long-standing relationship beautiful painful intense all of that and unmissable ma15 at palace norton st from june 14 n thanks to hopscotch films we have 10 double inseason passes to give away details below at the multiplex friends with kids this is for those who want to see if jon hamm can be someone other than don draper or those who want to see just how weird and crude american rom-coms have become the last line spoiler alert in jennifer westfeldt s consistently offensive offering is f the shit out of me remember this is romance more mirth comes from the kids of the title portrayed as nuisances sex-inhibitors or crap machines hilarious but what exactly is it with americans and shit jokes has something gone terribly wrong in that country ma15 on now the charge group no exception charge group are an interesting sydney band featuring strings and some attractive young gentlemen they re a bit fond of themselves judging from the amount of merchandise they ve produced so we ll see whether or not they live up to their own hype the red rattler theatre marrickville $14.30 +bf n claire albrecht prometheus 3d though americans can do something very well ­ invent scary and bad-tempered life-forms from other planets ridley scott alien returns to the genre he virtually created and almost without qualification this is another triumph almost the mystical mumbo-jumbo is unnecessary and the script is soso but omg those thrills dragon tattoo s noomi rapace is the new ripley ­ the space adventurer who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant after the of c-section of your worst nigtmares she decides errr not to keep the baby ma15 on now n reviews ­ re win tix to le chef tasty comedy the russians are coming arthouse and discerning moviegoers are fuelling a massive expansion in the number of big-screen venues that means more high-quality european movies in local cinemas newtown s dendy has just added six new screens while the palace chain will soon be doubling the capacity of its leichhardt complex as well as opening large new centres at double bay and world square with demand for quality fuelling this growth distributors and exhibitors are being far more adventurous prestigious but obscure foreign films like the russian gems silent souls and soon elena are now able to be seen outside the usual film festivals the winner of the un certain regard special jury prize at cannes 2011 elena is the third film from the still young maestro andrey zvyagintsev the return it s a a taut and engrossing moral tale of loyalties familial ties and a coveted inheritance ­ an uncompromising vision of russia in moral disarray the cinematography is just stunning as is the spare soundtrack from minimalist composer phillip glass ­ both underscoring a pervading sense of dread alienation and suspense ciao has been fortunate enough to see it and can attest this is a beauty and thanks to palace films 10 lucky readers will be able to catch a sneak peak n to win a double pass to the the advance preview screenings of elena on fri sat and sun june 15 16 and 17 just email see details below le chef pretentious know-it-all foodie jacky s michael youn haute-cuisine ambitions are unsatisfied in the menial cooking jobs he has as luck would have it though he gets to team up with celebrated tv chef alexandre lagarde jean reno whose three-star career is on the skids as a result of some corporate skullduggery by his restaurant boss daniel cohen s very smart french comedy aims for broad appeal and the current trend for fashionable molecular gastronomy provides some of the films best laughs admittedly the satire is pretty mild and some of the subplots appear a bit undercooked though on the whole the jokes are deliciously tasty ­ just loved the restaurant that gives patrons its menu on an ipad m15 at palace norton st and dendy newtown from june 14 n thanks to icon films we have 10 double in season passes to give away details below win tix elena groups of 4 or more for more information and tickets visit or call 9940 3649 n exchange hotel 94 beattie street balmain wednesday 20th june to elena wednesday 20th june annual film night fundraiser alfalfa house is a not for profit community food co-op in enmore they hold one major fundraiser a year to try and help cover costs and to help keep the shop in good condition this year they ll be screening urban roots a film about revitalising cities in a sustainable way meals and snacks are provided with a $10 donation and entry fee is a suggested $10 donation also an organic meal and a movie for $20 a bargain for a night out and helping a good cause event starts at 7pm email for more information n red rattler 6 faversham st marrickville drug action talk the drug action week is a government initiative inspiring people to take action against the abuse of drugs in their area but do we really know what to do about a friend or family member struggling with an addiction ­ be it alcohol street drugs or prescription medicine should we call a help line or is there something more immediate we can do drug abuse can be handled with the knowledge contained in the truth about drugs materials and taking immediate steps to help an addict without substituting another chemical is possible with the famous first step program come along to a free talk by drug educator neil lemon at the leichhardt library from 4pm to 5.15pm drugs kill dreams and can tear families apart real practical understanding is the solvent find out how n info ­ leichhardt library 9367 9266 a two-week exhibition at art est valued at $1000 submitted works must fall under the categories of painting drawing printmaking and photography n art est gallery studio 4 67-69 lords rd leichhardt saturday 23rd june greenway art prize winner 2011 thurs 21st to tues 26th june greenway art show and prize the third annual greenway arts exhibition and prize in celebration of the cooks river to iron cove greenway will be running at art est gallery from the 21st to 26th june with the official opening on thursday 21st from 6pm to 8pm registrations are now open for local artists to contribute artwork on the themes of urban sustainability the natural environment and active transport with entries closing friday 15th june first prize is an $800 greenway cash prize plus greenway hub day in celebration of the much-loved greenway hub day will be held at canal road leichhardt from 10am to 1pm with plenty of fun free activities to enjoy including bike skills training and bling your bike decoration workshops for kids there will also be walking tours to the greenway arts exhibition plus a free sustainable art workshop and a greenway food arts bike tour everyone is welcome to attend don t forget to register for workshops and tours by visiting the greenway website beforehand n visit for more information win movie passes to be in the running to win sydney film festival passes double in-season passes to swerve take this waltz le chef and/or passes for the preview weekend of elena email your name and postal address to telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao give us an order of preference we ll do our best community glamour at its best 7


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kitchen while the roots of this recipe are undeniably jewish there s something universal about chicken soup and this is a recipe perfect for any home cook s repertoire during winter matzo meal can be hard to find in the inner west so head to cyril s in haymarket to stock up this recipe was shared with me through a couple of incredible jewish cooks with lots of respect for tradition with melissa leong enough with the chicken two-minute nooodles already matzo dumpling soup ingredients 2 parsnips quartered these are for flavour not for serving 3 medium sized carrots 1 medium sized brown onion 3 celery stalks 1 medium sized organic chicken a few extra chicken wings or drumsticks to add flavour to the stock a tiny dash of ground cinnamon matzo balls 1 cup of coarse matzo meal ¼ cup water 1 large egg 1 large tablespoon of chicken or duck fat ½ brown onion a small amount of flat leaf parsley salt and pepper to taste method 1 peel and chop the carrots into rounds around 1/2cm thick 2 finely dice the celery and onion 3 in a large pot melt a tablespoon of chicken or duck fat on low heat and fry off the vegetables until the onions have become translucent but do not let them brown 4 place the washed chicken on top of the vegetables and top with room temperature water to cover the chicken season generously with salt and pepper around 2tbs salt and ½ tsp white pepper should do it also add the cinnamon 5 bring the pot to the boil continually skimming off any scum that rises to the top 6 allow the pot to lightly boil for an hour until the meat starts to fall off the bones 7 remove the carcass from the soup and allow to cool 8 once the chicken has slightly cooled remove the skin and bones and extra fat shred the chicken meat and return it to the pot with the vegetables at this point i like to roast the skin until it s crisp and eat it as a chef s treat as well as roast the bones to make stock 9 bring the soup back to the boil and continue skimming it ­ a successful broth will be really clear 10 to make the matzoh balls finely dice the onion and fry them in the chicken fat until the onions turn translucent 11 once cool transfer the fat and onions to a bowl add matzo meal egg finely chopped parsley water and a good pinch of salt and pepper combine 12 roll into golf-sized balls and allow to sit for 10 minutes these will swell when cooking 13 boil a saucepan of water once the water has reached a rolling boil gently lower the balls in and boil for about 15 minutes if the water is not hot enough they will not hold together 14 once the balls are cooked remove from the water and set aside to serve the traditional way ladle only the clear chicken soup and perhaps a piece of carrot into a bowl serve with 1-2 matzo balls many people appreciate what a waste the chicken meat and vegies are and prefer to include these in the serving ­ it s more substantial and nourishing n wine with winsor super chardy hoddles creek 2011 chardonnay it is hard to think of any other winery in the country producing better cool-climate chardonnays at this price hoddles creek produces an outstanding yarra valley range for under $20 and this wine while young is the product of an outstanding vintage ­ a wine that is downright delicious tightly focused low in alcohol at 12.9 and beautifully balanced in the modern citrusy minerally style hoddles creek is a name worth watching out for $19 spanish accent elefante 2010 tierra de castilla tempranillo shiraz the economic reality is that many other countries can produce good wines more cheaply than we can in australia this is a case in point a terrific savoury quaffing spanish red blend that won t break the bank bright and lively but also well put together this is a soft ripe wine with plenty of flavour and excellent balance it s a midweek drink best enjoyed with family and friends or maybe pasta and pizza $13 stylish newcomer chalmers 2011 heathcote vermentino vermentino has been anointed as the next big thing when it comes to white wines in australia this aromatic white variety originally comes from the italian region of liguria and the mediterranean islands of sardinia and corsica and wines like this show why it has such a bright future it is crisp fresh and minerally zingy zesty ­ and extremely food friendly pair it with grilled sardines or some deep-fried whitebait $25 n craig s lamb recipe rub a butterfly leg of lamb lightly with extra virgin olive oil sprinkle with henry langdon sea salt and pepper mix then lightly dust with mixed herbs and oregano once cooked halfway through finish with a sprinkle of whole cumin seed and a splash of semillon blanc serve with fresh green vegetables and a squeeze of fresh lemon how long have you been in the meat industry i have been in the industry for 40 years what is the secret to running a successful butcher premium quality and service what sets craig cook s prime quality meat apart from other butchers we grow our own beef and lamb under our brand tova platinum and select only the best for our customers which guarantees a quality product every time after being in the industry so long can you tell us how things have changed for you over the years the industry has taken me from being just a butcher to a purveyor of a wide range of gourmet foods and an innovative creator of new meat cuts and new meat recipes it has also taken me from the butcher shop to the farm where i have learnt so much about growing and procuring the best breed and quality of cattle and lamb available in the country and working with nature and all its natural ingredients cook dishes up the meat what s your favourite kind and cut of meat to enjoy at a sunday barbecue you can t beat a butterfly leg of lamb marinated in your favourite herbs and spices what kitchen utensil can t you live without a sharp knife a sharp knife helps you to carve meat well so it looks good on your table for your guests what ingredients do you always have on hand in your kitchen i always have extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and henry langdon sea salt and pepper mix if you could invite anyone over for a barbecue whom would you invite and why len evans english-born wine writer because he started to change the way people enjoyed their meat with the way he addressed correct wines to go with correct cuts of meat n interview nancy merlo for more information visit ever eaten a yoghurt hog putting waste to work in paris creek south australia a bloke named bruce who was for all intents and purposes a hobby farmer started breeding berkshire pigs at nearby b.d farms they produce amazing biodynamic yoghurt which is sold to the local market now you may be thinking `what does this have to do with anything but bear with me when supermarkets cannot sell their yoghurt and it passes the used by date it is returned to the factory which leads to a discussion about how supermarkets don t pay for what they order and how expiry dates can waste perfectly good food but we ll leave that for another time so what s brilliant about the paris creek situation is that one person saw waste as an opportunity pigs need food here s some perfectly good biodynamic yoghurt problem solved these free-range pigs are able to do normal piggy things like root about forage and even escape which can hold up supply from time to time and meanwhile feeding them `commercial food waste highlights what we can do with leftover food in australia we waste about a quarter of the food produced but globally it s thought to be as much as a third that s simply too much these yoghurt pigs are a fantastic example of how waste can actually help a product become highly prized and valuable on a commercial level and how waste can be assessed in a different way at home have another look at what you re about to throw away i was lucky to be brought up by a mum who out of necessity wasted nothing she taught me to freeze things turn them into soup stew or stock and only then consider the dog or the compost bin so when you look at your leftovers ask yourself what can i do with these for starters · mould on your cheese cut it off · burnt toast scrape it off or use it for breadcrumbs · milk about to expire freeze it · prawn heads a delicious bisque · stale bread bread and butter pudding with ideas like these you and your family will definitely continue to eat well without breaking the bank n jared ingersoll at home with craig cook like all aussies craig cook ­ the man behind craig cook s prime quality meats ­ loves his lamb here he shares one of his favourite recipes for a butterfly leg of lamb and tells us why a sharp knife is the most important utensil in your kitchen 8


p. 9

local business local business lorna jane best fashion retailer 2012 lorna jane leichhardt took out the inner west local business award for best fashion retailer 2012 and store manager geri damaschino is already gearing up for next year s awards how does it feel to be a local business awards winner the team here at lorna jane leichhardt are immensely grateful for having the opportunity to take part in the inner west local business awards for 2012 we are all so thrilled to have taken home the title for the most outstanding fashion shop in our community and we would like to thank each and every one of our amazing customers who voted i d also like to thank my amazing team members for holding the store together and all our supporters what makes your shop such a success the relationships built with every customer that walks into lorna jane we do not only sell amazing products but we also offer an experience that comes with this amazing product that will remain with the customer even after they leave the shop we ve only been open for a short period of time but we are continually focusing on keeping the store successful and furthering our community based involvement what is it that lorna jane offers women that other brands do not we offer them a sense of motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to continue to move nourish and believe in themselves in order to reach their goals what s your best-selling item our flashdance pants ­ across the nation we sell a pair every 60 seconds they are great for everything walking drummoyne rewards its best in show it s time for drummoyne shopping village to make itself over and start turning heads again with the launch of drummoyne pride the drummoyne business chamber and city of canada bay have joined forces to launch the new drummoyne pride initiative this june which will focus on reinvigorating drummoyne s shopping district in order to improve the look and feel of the area for local shoppers the program will celebrate business owners that take pride in the appearance of their store therefore encouraging commuters to take a second look at the area with fresh eyes businesses that make the effort to maintain their shop fronts to the highest standards through window cleanliness and merchandising will be judged by a secret panel and awarded a pride trophy the program is proudly supported by ciao magazine yes that s us as part of the program council s street cleaning services will also be closely monitored along with other aesthetic issues if you don t know where to begin when it comes to cleaning up your act then consider these sustainable cheap and safe cleaning tips and prepare a `green cleaning kit to get you started baking soda cleans deodorises softens water and is a good scouring powder lemon juice is a mild bleach and as such a great deodorant and cleaning agent borax is a naturally occurring mineral salt which cleans deodorises bleaches and disinfects it s also helpful to control pests including ants and cockroaches vinegar if you add half a cup of vinegar to a litre of warm water it can be a rather effective window drummoyne pride awards will be announced monthly with the first announcement to be made at the drummoyne business chamber meeting wednesday 4th july 6pm at pj gallaghers drummoyne the meeting is open to all locals n for more information visit www.drummoyne geri damaschino around the house casual wear and work they also come in many versatile colours do you think you ll be able to keep up the momentum and take home another award next year yes we have every intention of keeping lorna jane leichhardt on its toes and we are looking forward maintaining a successful business and will take the award home for 2013 n 55 norton street norton plaza leichardt 9518 3899 drummoyne chamber of commerce president norelle seymour receives an award from the nsw business chamber community glamour at its best 9


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english rose the english city of norwich offers a delightful and accessible getaway from the frenetic pace of london winsor dobbin reports london is the hippest travel destination of 2012 not only is queen elizabeth ii celebrating her diamond jubilee but in a just a few weeks the venerable english capital will host the games of the xxx olympiad many sydneysiders will be heading to the old dart for the olympic festival but be warned london will be full to the brim and its cash registers will be turbo-charged for the duration for those who want a quintessentially english experience and an altogether slower pace the city of norwich ­ a two-hour train ride from london and just 85 minutes from the olympic complex at stratford ­ looms as a possible base for those planning to attend only a handful of games events or as an enticing pre or post-olympic vacation destination while probably best known to australians for its english premier league football team norwich city norwich is the most complete medieval city in britain with fascinating museums two cathedrals one with the second-tallest spire in the country and a norman castle that dates back to the 12th century the narrow winding streets of the old city house ancient pubs cobbled streets and half-timbered houses and a jumble of ancient lanes housing boutiques and trendy eateries the river wensum splits the city and the railway station and visitors can take a boat trip from the station to the foot of elm hill a delightful laneway dotted with galleries there are several kilometres of riverside walks in contrast to the city s ancient buildings there are also striking contemporary structures including the ultra-modern the forum where the library will allow visitors free internet access and the sainsbury centre for the visual arts norwich could once boast a pub for every day of the year and a church for every week there are still over 30 medieval churches within the old city walls ­ and certainly no shortage of pubs norwich cathedral is almost 1000 years old and is surrounded by a 20-hectare `cathedral quarter the largest in england while the castle now houses an art gallery and museum of history that focuses on local icon queen boadicea who led a rebellion against the romans for those with a yen for shopping norwich market first established by the normans between 1071 and 1074 has over 200 stalls and is the largest daily open-air market in the country it has been on the same site for over 900 years while jarrold is a traditional department store and the royal arcade noteworthy for its art nouveau design norwich has been named as one of the country s top 10 shopping destinations and will be buzzing when the olympic torch relay hits town on july 4th the city is at its liveliest during the annual beer festival each october one of an array of festivals held in the city throughout the year the royal norfolk show held each june is the largest two-day agricultural event in the country and norwich also has an environmental bent in 2006 the city was voted the greenest in the united kingdom the city is also the gateway to the norfolk broads over 200 kilometres of navigable waterways that are hugely popular as a weekend and holiday destination this national park area is home to several stilloperational windmills there are plenty of country-house style hotels in and around the city including st giles house stower grange and sprowston manor as well as a wide range of guest houses like number 15 and 38 st giles as well as many bed and breakfasts and a collection of holiday inns the many pubs include the white lion which features eight rotating real ales on tap and local meads the mad moose arms the 17th century red lion the historic adam and eve and the rib of beef top restaurants include roger hickman s the library chez dennis the assembly house st benedicts brummells and yellow s an american-style bar and grill operated by celebrity chef delia smith at the norwich city ground meanwhile wine lovers should head for the last wine bar or the maid s head hotel which offers 40 different wines by the glass and is reputed to be the oldest hotel in the entire uk whether you choose a slick michelin-starred restaurant or a pub meal in front of a cozy wood fire norwich offers a fascinating mix of the historic and the sophisticated travel the family break taking the family away on a holiday can be daunting trying to find a balance of culture and new experiences with time for fun and relaxation while ensuring the fun can be had without worrying about the budget being blown out can be difficult club med have resorts all over the world and operate on an all-inclusive basis that s your accommodation three meals a day including an al a carte restaurant at some resorts open bar and snacking unlimited beer wine and soft drink with lunch and dinner kids club from 4-17yrs plus a huge range of facilities daily activities and nightly entertainment pre-paid have really little ones some resorts have specific facilities for babies from four-monthsold providing cots changing mats and baby baths in your room the restaurant provides special meals high chairs or booster seats and strollers are available too while children under four stay for free at some resorts there is even the option to join them to the kids clubs ­ baby club med or petit club med at an extra cost with everyone taken care of enjoy a fitness class sailing lesson have a round of golf enjoy the spa or read that book by the pool or hang out together ­ explore this new location with a day excursion watch your kids at circus school or have a game of tennis together check our website for great club med specials from 25 per cent off and contact us if you need more information or wish to book your club med holiday n global village travel 1/13 beattie street balmain free parking next door tel 9555 8355 step back in time in norwich facts and figures l qantas operates direct daily services from sydney to london to book visit or call 13 13 13 fares vary seasonally trains from london s liverpool street station and stratford leave every 30 minutes and take just under two hours or 85 minutes to stratford if you book in advance fares start from £16 return a car is recommended for exploring the surrounding countryside but norwich is easily traversed on foot l the holiday inn norwich city is heaven for sports fans and is just a short walk from the city centre several of the rooms directly overlook the football pitch the pitch view rooms not only offer views of the premier league action they also come with high-speed internet access and flat-screen tvs there is a good on-site restaurant and bar the breakfasts are excellent l norwich tourist information centre at the forum is the official ticket office and starting point for guided walking tours of norwich tours cost £4 for adults and £1.50 for children alternatively take the sightseeing norwich bus ­ a hop-on hop-off service that features nine of the city s major attractions ciao reader offer book any club med family holiday departing in 2012 to receive $100 off per family this offer is valid for new bookings made deposited by 5th july 2012 with global village travel limit of 1 voucher per family per booking family considered minimum 2 adults and 1 child conditions apply linea john pty ltd trading as global village travel licence number 2ta003595 scenes for the new blockbuster film jack the giant killer starring ewan mcgregor and bill nighy to be released later this year were filmed in norwich the city s relative proximity to london has made it a home away from home for several stars including hollywood actor johnny depp and his wife vanessa paradis and writer and comedian stephen fry who grew up in nearby cromer wikileaks founder julian assange has also been living in a country manor on the city fringes while fighting extradition to sweden norwich the capital of east anglia and county town of norfolk may be a relaxed city of around 200,000 people today but during the 11th century it was the largest city in england after london and one of the most important places in the kingdom the industrial revolution saw norwich s influence decline but it was in the city that made many thousands of kilometres of metal netting that was supplied to australia for rabbit fencing living streets a forum on sustainable neighbourhoods leichhardt council is excited to launch a new program which will set your neighbourhood on a sustainable path for the future come along to hear what s happening elsewhere in the world and to share your ideas about making your neighbourhood a safe sustainable and connected place to live and play when tuesday 12 june 6.30pm where the forum theatre the italian forum norton street leichhardt rsvp 02 9367 9220 interested in winning prizes for making a lm about sustainability check out 10


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n your say n sustainability full of hot air perfect the way it is parramatta road love it or hate it what can be done to improve it n the m4 east would help i d like to see ideas for a transport corridor with light rail and cycle lanes implemented too jason 25 five dock n i hate it my advice would be to use the city west link where possible instead cori 24 five dock n it needs to be resurfaced and widened badly it s possibly one of the worst roads in sydney and often unavoidable i would never dare take my motorbike on there asking for trouble paul 29 wollongong n slum all brothels and tacky wedding dress places and lumpenprole food james 38 inner west n it s a major road but it seems to be shouldering issues that are part of a wider problem with sydney s infrastructure ­ we lack a master transport plan these problems can t be fixed overnight but in the meantime parramatta road shouldn t be ignored ­ it s a treasured part of australia sonia 39 stanmore there are two sides to every story marrickville council has chosen which side of the story it believes when it comes to coal seam gas csg mining particularly in the residential suburb of st peters residents are afraid of the consequences of fracking hydraulic fracturing which depending on what you believe contaminates soil and water creates noise pollution increases seismic activity and leads to minor earthquakes although dial-a-dump whose slogan is the sky s the limit have vehemently denied having talks with license holder dart energy about fracking at holland street the council inserted a clause banning mining into a da lodged by dial-a-dump in theory local government has no authority to legislate against a state government-issued exploratory license if they did many regional councils would have already done so greens councillor mr phillips said the legality of the ruling may now be tested in the nsw land and environment court so why did they do it perhaps because a dart energy spokesman confirmed that in fact they have had talks with dial-a-dump but say they are using the site for testing only dart energy have seven exploratory licenses issued by the nsw government and are a s&p/asx 200 listed company focused on the development of coal-bed methane in australia asia uk and europe basically they re in it for the money but how much money is there the we want csg alliance argues that csg creates jobs investment wealth and infrastructure with rick wilkinson of the australian petroleum production exploration association saying already queensland s csg industry has created more than 12,000 jobs supplies a third of eastern australia s natural gas and is set to contribute almost a $1 billion a year in state government taxes this may be true but the industry is also creating a a local look at national news bring back the banter inner west residents will be relieved to learn that their federal member tanya plibersek has banned satire in her office for those unfamiliar with the back story the woman the hate media refers to as the `princess of political correctness recently went on the 7.30 report to proclaim the tone of our public debate is nasty i think some of it is deeply profoundly sexist who would go into parliament as a young woman today inevitably the conservateriat soon rustled up some evidence that plibersek was herself party to some regrettable beastliness a 2gb talkback blowhard secured images of two posters of tony abbott in the workspace of a plibersek staffer reading `i m threatened by boats and gays gays on boats are my worst nightmare and `note to ladies make me a sandwich abbott no doubt devastated by the thought that an alp staffer might think him a tad socially conservative put on a brave face publicly leaving it to julie bishop to wail about plibersek s hypocrisy in pouting about prejudice while using her taxpayer-funded office to display political posters including sexist and homophobic attacks on the leader of the opposition plibersek then ordered the posters be consigned to the ash heap and issued the aforementioned fatwa on lampoonery powered by natural gas not in st peters product that is losing value in a more environmentally aware society president of the anti-csg group lock the gate alliance mr hutton says the market for gas would never support the amount of exploration under way couple this with a worldwide oversupply of natural gas and the prospect of making any money off csg becomes risky although he says that doesn t mean that every little two-bit exploration company isn t going hell for leather trying to prove a resource so they can be bought out by a larger competitor enter the carbon tax this will indirectly support the csg industry because csg is natural gas from coal it is the purest form of natural gas and using it to generate electricity instead of coal can reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 70 per cent so we might find the industry most threatened by the csg industry is actually the coal industry watch closely as the coal industry realises it might be losing its market share and let s see how the state government lets off its steam gas prices for a 3-4 person house over 12 months · origin energy $987 · agl $969 n cindy mullen plibersek then ordered the posters be consigned to the ash heap it s oft lamented that our politicians carry on like children but the truth is far worse they carry on like first year arts students constantly looking for any excuse to label their rivals sexist homophobic or racist which might just be tolerable if they did it with any wit or élan but even that is beyond them really who cares if those with strongly held opposing political views tear strips off each other who cares if they outright despise each other but is it too much to ask that they wield a stiletto rather than slugging endlessly away with a cricket bat when seeking to demolish their opponents can anyone imagine paul keating or peter costello descending to this level of footstomping about how mean their critics are in the many nadirs achieved by the 43rd parliament of australia perhaps none has been so tragic as the death of quality parliamentary badinage n nigel bowen bringing inner west streets to life smooth ride share a smooth ride on a buggie between 11.00am and 3.00pm daily to go into the draw to win a family bike set valued win a parrammatta rd leichhardt in the 60s it was once a lively shopping strip at $1,500 from cycleworld burwood want to find out what a sustainable neighbourhood looks like and how to be part of one then this is the forum for you `living streets a forum on sustainable neighbourhoods is an open opportunity for environmentally concerned members of the local community to come along and learn about green movements and initiatives happening all around the world to improve neighbourhood sustainability featuring institute for sustainable futures director stuart white from the university of technology and showcasing a number of short films examining all these exciting international initiatives the forum will also provide a platform for you to have your say the forum also marks the launch of the new sustainable neighbourhoods program living streets which offers residents a chance to get involved in establishing sustainability networks in their own neighbourhoods this event will be held from 6.30pm to 8.30pm tuesday 12th june at the italian forum on norton street leichhardt entry is free but bookings are required so rsvp by calling 9367 9220 or emailing n tpl authorising permit nsw ltpm/10/00919 participants may be asked market research questions to receive a competition entry form competition on now until 20 june 2012 winner drawn at random on 21 june 2012 excludes 11 june 2012 as marketplace leichhardt is closed visit for full terms and conditions status update our pick of the best just got a call from a telemarketing company conducting a `very important survey on people s perceptions of telemarketing companies and strategies the jokes write themselves really jarrad bizzaca may 24 at 3:54pm community glamour at its best 11


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snap happy email your snaps to kate and taevale from devine real estate best inner west florist lucy with her son jon ian kiernan and canada bay s mayor angelo tsirekas promote team up to clean up day at henley marine drive five dock harry and christina for lamia deli with mayor rochelle porteous at the inner west local business awards naomi with her tiny bundle of joy and the r3 education tutors geri damaschino collects the award for lorna jane norton plaza leichhardt mr and mrs giezekamp with daughter anika caroline and the team from blooms balmain the lovely lads who collected the best butcher award on behalf of craig cook need a lift then visit balmain markets for something special to make this winter that bit easier draft stoppers and door stops in lovely designer fabrics are just the things to keep the winter chill out and lower heating costs nothing beats a hearty stew on a crisp winter night ­ all your vegetables are available freshly picked from the johnstone farms stall and for when you have to step out in style ­ lovely designer knitwear pashminas scarves and knitted headwear make balmain markets the top place to visit why not make some time to browse the 1853 national trust listed church and then enjoy lunch in the sun from the international food hall matthew and jodi arthur from my guitar school five dock joanne and the girls from paris pearl hair and beauty lounge fed and bed volunteers from ozharvest open every saturday from 8.30 4.00pm balmain markets ­ st andrews congregational church cnr of darling st curtis rd balmain not rozelle just look for the flags for all market enquiries ring kevin mcdonald on 0418 765 736 balmain declares war on towers 12


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astrogirlzarro your stars for the week from our real astrogirl aries mercury nests in the sign of cancer this fortnight making communication with your family the number one priority learn to smile and grit your teeth at nagging in-laws the panel says justin taurus jupiter moves into your money zone on june 11th bringing financial success through gambling and illegal activities she says she likes a funny man but why are there so many single comedians nevertheless sign me up for her gym strangely the worn nail polish shows she isn t high maintenance gemini the best gift you will receive is from the universe venus meeting with the sun triggers a new chapter in your romantic life cancer the sun moves through your spirituality sector learn to unwind and switch off from the outside world this is an ideal time for cancerians to retreat into their shells leo uranus trines your sun this week giving you energy to be enterprising and take risks jupiter brings your work to public attention where it is well received you know you deserve it virgo you may feel that the universe is ganging up on you with the sun jupiter and retrograde venus squaring your sun sometimes it s best to stand still and do nothing this is one of those times from patterson rizzo pretty ambitious and down to earth what a catch daniel libra saturn continues the slow burn in your sign this fortnight life may seem tough but the tests the universe is throwing at you are character building scorpio venus continues her retrograde motion through your house of other people s money handouts are on hold until the end of the month sagittarius you will be enjoying a wonderfully romantic transit while the sun venus and jupiter occupy your house of relationships capricorn saturn is stalling your plans for getting ahead professionally take this time to review what you want from a career before climbing that mountain aquarius uranus moves through your third house of communication mind your language around the easily offended as you will be prone to swearing more than usual under this transit hot or not women like this give hope to ugly but funny guys throughout the land from ray white looks like a girl with a good personality who likes to keep fit the perfect girl next door dean pisces you will be bold and throw lively dinner parties in your private sphere of home when the sun and jupiter join in your domestic sector n http milena 22 is a self-employed personal trainer whose goal in life is to make the most out of every moment and see and do everything while she has the chance so what does a lady as lovely as milena look for in a man you ask looks aren t important to me my ideal man has to be funny and have a good heart personality is what keeps the spark going she says well she certainly melted a few of our panellist s hearts she looks down to earth with a great unique look rating 10 out of 5 steve x2 have you lived it could explain a lot about this life one night seminar on this fascinating topic renowned speaker henry blumenthal b.a l.l.b 7.15 9.15pm 79 renwick st leichhardt hubbard dianetics foundation $15.00 includes refreshments dianetics it is a discovery of dianetics that all of your painful experiences from the past are stored in a previously unknown part of your mind the reactive mind it is the single source of your stresses self-doubt unreasonable fears and insecurities you can get rid of it this seminar is the place to start hubbard dianetics seminar 23rd and 24th of june 79 renwick st leichhardt hubbard dianetics foundation $135.00 includes lunch and refreshments thursday 21st june call 9518 3442 to book your seat community glamour at its best 13


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lifestyle ask sal choosing the right vanity if you have quite a small bathroom a nice way to maximise floor space is to wall mount a ceramic basin as the name implies these types of basins are hung directly on the wall with no supporting base beneath them the installation may not seem visually appealing as it leaves the p-trap a section of pipe between the sink and the wall exposed but these days p-traps come in different finishes such as polished brass or chrome and enhance the appearance of exposed plumbing floor-standing vanities are common in bathrooms with multiple users as the vanity extends closer to the floor usually standing on legs or a kickboard you end up with maximum storage space floor standing vanities are excellent for those who have an s-trap pipe that runs down from the basin to the floor as you will not see any of the piping exposed wall-mounted vanities are great for adding some style to your bathroom due to having a shorter length than floor-standing vanities you will have slightly less space for storage but this can be great for those who have only one or two people using the bathroom the space between the bottom of the vanity and the floor creates the illusion of extra space wall-mounted vanities require proper installation and reinforced walls but once properly mounted will add extra class to your bathroom popular choices for vanity tops are ceramic as it is easy to clean and cost effective however vanity tops can also be made from other materials such as acrylic or polymarble stone is a popular material for vanity tops stone can give your bathroom a special touch of style but is not the best option for those on a tight budget n for more info call salvi messina owner of renovation boys tel 9519 5511 running with ryhan winter workouts it s that time of year again when we all feel like cuddling up sipping on hot chocolate and never going outside because it s just too cold well don t there are ways we can keep our bodies trim throughout this cold season without going outdoors 1 try not to sit down too long increase your walking around the house by doing some dusting this will raise body temperature and burn calories 2 take up an indoor sport there s indoor soccer indoor rock climbing tonnes of fun or indoor netball ­ the list goes on committing to a team sport means you commit not just to your team comrades but keeping trim till summer 3 opt for homemade hot soups that have a healthy balance of all macronutrients this will keep you feeling warm while putting a smile on the waistline 4 find a personal trainer that does in-home training there are trainers that cater for people without leaving their homes this is a sure way to stay firm and strong without the need for a gym google your local area for personal trainers that come to you 5 nintendo wii fitness get your body rocking and pumping while enjoying a fun filled interactive game 6 keep a sharp eye on your diet think before you put those processed comfort foods in your mouth that will pile on the kilos only to make you depressed when the sunshine comes out to play pack your meals for the next day into separate containers so you won t stray off proper nutritional foods remember the more you put in the harder it is to take off just because it s cold doesn t mean we need to give up on our fitness and health these guidelines will help maintain a well-balanced body through winter stay strong be strong and live strong n for info on training nutrition fitness email ryhan vengetas at property of the week luxury apartment with city vews 8/90-94 parramatta road stanmore with house-like proportions and as large as a three-bedroom property this large over 160m2 apartment offers a welcoming surprise the property is just 10 metres from the annandale stanmore border and located on the third floor of the contemporary tribeca apartment complex with expansive indoor/outdoor living elegant parquetry interior and two sweeping open-air terraces a completely private apartment existence places you on top of the world with stunning district views to the city and an unrivalled location right in the heart of stanmore just metres to cbd transport and walking distance to a choice of dining hotspots village shops and nearby norton street delights accommodation includes 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and 1 car space auction saturday 16th june at 12:30pm view saturdays wednesdays 12pm to 12:30pm contact francesca de martin 0419 262 126 n callagher estate agents 9569 4888 amore spicy inner west ciao asks and inner westies answer dating your friend s sibling ­ is it a good idea or a fast track to awkwardness if you are trying for a serious relationship then you ll get over the awkward phase quickly and probably end up closer to both the sibling and your friend now being a bigger part of both their lives if it s for short term awkward arrives faster than the speed of light peter 23 broadway dumb don t do it think of how awkward your friend would feel and the horrible visuals they d get emma 24 glebe if it s real it will survive anything if it ain t it won t sebastian 29 petersham bad idea my brother dated my sister s friend it was okay for a while but put it this way ­ they re no longer friends when my sister got into fights with my brother his girlfriend would be on his side and that would cause more problems complete chaos danny 22 five dock unless you plan to marry him/her then stay away from it when you break up two relationships will be gone nicholas 30 ashfield dating your friend s sister isn t cool alex 20 five dock no risk no reward the reward of a happy relationship might be worth the risk john 26 ashfield fast track to awkwardness don t go there fiorella 21 edgecliff awkwardness most likely not going to work out joshua 21 arncliffe if a friend of mine really liked my brother or sister i wouldn t want to stand in the way of their happiness if everyone is mature about things then i say go for it davina 34 haberfield retail love lost the online revolution is changing the face of retail shopping and in particular our high streets leaving jason dunne to wonder what it all means for the business of relationships hardly a day goes by without the media announcing the downfall of the retail sector in this era of the strong aussie dollar and online shopping from gerry harvey to solomon lew the captains of retail plead as one for something to be done to aid this ailing sector retailers in the inner west face the added burden of sky-high rents and there are many empty shop fronts then there are the wages taxes transport and utility costs that need to be passed on similarly video rental outlets are becoming an anachronism as self-serve dvd dispensers are popping up everywhere one even sits on layton street in camperdown in front of the store it has replaced like some sort of triumphal monument this economic situation has its winners and its losers and current figures from the reserve bank show its retail s turn to struggle as consumers opt for online shopping complete with home delivery and indulging in `experiences such as eating out at nice restaurants and going on holidays rather than seeing a large cut of their precious income go to buying products with a huge profit margin slapped on them but is this a reflection of a broader trend in mores and what are the implications for the infrastructure of love 14 sex dat ingand re l at io ns h ip s inconvenience is that also how we now feel about marriage and monogamous relationships in the age of permissiveness pop culture bordering on soft porn open relationships social networking and an almost anything goes edict it seems we do not really need to make much effort to get what we want and satisfy our sexual desires cynics would say kicking it old school involves a lot of expense and hassle when carnal goodies can now be had without the burden of such institutions as marriage or a traditional family unit just like you no longer have to go to a shopping centre to go shopping anymore nor must you enter a longterm monogamous relationship to enjoy the carnal benefits of relationships either all you have to do is create a red hot pie profile and you ll find many people ready to enjoy all sorts of experiences with no strings attached and if it is experiences that we now crave more than a depreciating asset that has barely outlived its warranty then experiences seem possible around every corner for those eager enough to pursue them the problem with this kind of consumerism of course is that the more we have the more we want and there soon becomes no such thing as too much choice n jason dunne late capitalism has its attractions in generations gone by goods and services were paid for directly with other goods and services painstakingly created with the purchaser s own hands then in the age of mass production we came to associate an ever-increasing access to these goods and services with a mere trip to the store now even this even seems an unnecessary and expensive


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think global live sydney the future has a new face the $2 billion urban village central park sydney australia meet the mark a soaring glass tower with a high tech soul an integral part of the overall plan green 5 green star rating water recycling plant and green power global two international developers one global design team personal an unprecedented choice of 24 colour schemes one precinct high-end shopping and commercial precinct and parkland social rooftop leisure deck wireless lounge and 24/7 concierge it s the future of sydney now selling pay no stamp duty on properties under $600,000 before 30 june 1 bed suite from $480,000 2 bed apartment from $795,000 dual key apartment from $995,000 3 bed apartment from $1,175,000 visit our display pavilion this weekend open 10am to 6pm 80 broadway chippendale 1300 857 057



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