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Sample Lesson - Color Tablets Box I

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color tablets box 1 purpose to develop a child s visual discrimination of primary colors age 3 years old background information the color tablets were developed by maria montessori to help children develop their sense of color discrimination children also learn the names of the colors using the color tablets and gain an understanding of primary and secondary colors the color tablets are divided into three boxes and each one requires a greater degree of visual discrimination box 1 presented in this activity contains three pairs of color tablets two red two blue and two yellow and focuses on the primary colors primary colors are colors that cannot be created from mixtures of other colors in fact most other colors can be created by mixing primary colors in various ratios you will need · color tablets box 1 3-6 homeschool ­ sensorial 19 © namc north american montessori center


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to create your own color tablets box 1 please use the following instructions you will need · · · · · three pairs of paint sample color strips from a paint shop in red yellow and blue six flat cardboard or plastic bobbins used for embroidery floss available at most craft stores scissors glue small box preparation cut the color strips to make two red two yellow and two blue squares mount one colored square onto each bobbin and place them in a box presentation · · · · · · · · · · invite your child to accompany you to the shelf where you will introduce the activity carry the box of color tablets with two hands from the shelf to a table show your child how to remove the color tablets one at a time holding them by the edges place all the tablets at random along the top edge of the table place the empty box on the top left-hand corner of the table pick up one red tablet and place it in the middle of the table find the matching red tablet and place it beside the first pick up a yellow tablet and place it underneath the first red tablet ask your child to find the matching yellow tablet proceed in the same way with the blue tablets invite your child to repeat the activity 20 © namc north american montessori center 3-6 homeschool ­ sensorial


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· remind your child to replace the material in the box and return it to its place on the shelf when finished note there are two memory exercises that play an important part in the variations of sensorial activities the first memory exercise requires that the child retrieve an object from a group of objects placed together at a distance the second memory exercise requires that the child remember where the objects from a group of objects have been scattered throughout the environment and then retrieve one or several of the objects in addition to training the memory these exercises like all montessori 3-6 activities involve movement because dr montessori believed there is a strong connection between movement and cognition variations · · use the three-period lesson to present the colors red yellow and blue and explain to your child that together you will place one set of color tablets on a tray across the room return to the table and ask your child to retrieve the blue color tablet for example repeat with the remaining tablets until all three sets have been paired if your child makes an error request that he return the tablet to the tray and select another one and · explain to your child that together you will scatter one set of color tablets in the environment return to the table and follow the same procedure as the previous variation vocabulary red yellow blue 3-6 homeschool ­ sensorial 21 © namc north american montessori center



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