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lifeled led powered tm breathing life 03:00 04:00 05:00 06:00 07:00 08:00 09:00 10:00 09:00 residential development 11:00 12:00 13:00 lumec is a philips group brand


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lifeled table of contents a new world revealed by tm after thousands of hours of research and development lumec is proud to present an outdoor led lighting system that provides the two fundamental criteria for lighting performance intensity and uniformity while some have suggested waiting for the next generation of led s lumec proudly demonstrates that the future is now lumec s led technology lifeledtm solves the two main industry problems regarding led performance uniformity and intensity while at the same time delivering energy savings of up to 50 p3 what is lifeled tm p5 luminaire available with lifeled tm p15 p2 2 lifeled tm multi-product technology p 19 lifeled tm retrofit kit typical roadway calculation


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lifeled lifeledtm optimal thermal efficiency what is tm in two words the future available on 7 luminaires series functional even in extreme environments of 122°f 50°c lifeledtm is a led light engine developed by lumec its integrated components provide an efficient platform from which to produce light for outdoor roadway applications the state-of-the-art elements of lifeledtm work together to create a highly efficient light source lifeledtm a multi-product technology offering you more than a million different designs 70 000 hours of operational lifespan lifeledtm a longer life 2 times greater pole spacing and 2 times more lumens in the target lighting zone lifeledtm an unparallel photometric efficiency compared to other led optics up to 50 energy savings lifeledtm a sustainable design p2 lifeled tm p3 lifeled tm


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luminaires available with lifeledtm s56 s56c1-fn10 s55 s55c2-fn10 serenade dsx series s55/s56 lifeled tm dms60-sha dms50-sg-lm dms50-sha-nm dms50-sg-mm domus series dms50/dms60 multi-product technology contrary to all the other outdoor led products available on the market lifeledtm is a multiproduct device in other words lumec does not offer only one style of led luminaires but a whole variety of luminaires into which lifeledtm can be inserted lumec is the only company that gives you the opportunity to choose from a multitude of colors poles and designs that will fit in with any project allowing you to take full advantage of all the benefits that outdoor led lighting brings to the table without sacrificing the intended aesthetics of your project at10-sha-ph-cpt at20-sha-cpt at30-sha-cpt at40-sha-cpt at50-sha-grd-nm ancestra series at10/at20/at30/at40/at50 ot10-dc ot10-df10-dc ot20-dc xl10 optima series ot10/ot20/xl10 tr10-sha tr20-scb-sn tr20-scb-grd-tn transit series tr10/tr20 br20 rn30-de1-sma-mr rn30-sma-grd-mr rn20-dc1-sma-crm6 len4/len5/len6 renaissance series rn20/rn30/br20 leonis series len4/len5/len6 p4 lifeled tm p5 lifeled tm


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lifeled for some regions restrictions may apply please contact lumec tm thermal efficiency as with all led products heat is a major issue when it comes to performance the stateof­the-art leds of lifeledtm are mounted on a specialized aluminum circuit board and bonded to an advanced aluminum heat sink to keep the thermal junction of each led as cool as possible this allows the lifeledtm engine to function at peak performance levels in extreme environments with temperatures that range from -40°c 40°f to +50°c/122°f p6 lifeled tm p7 lifeled tm


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lifeled longevity calculated with an ambient temperature of 25°c 77°f light source lifespan tm with approximately 70,000 hours of operational lifespan 16 years at 12 hours per night lifeledtm far surpasses hps typical 24,000 hour lifespan and mh s 10,000-16,000 hour lifespan since they lasts anywhere between 3 and 7 times longer luminaires powered by the lifeledtm need to be replaced less often than hid luminaires contributing to significantly reduced maintenance costs 6 000 hours 12 000 hours 18 000 hours 15 000 hours 20 000 hours 2.7 years 3.4 years incandescent metal halide 1.5 years pulse start metal halide low pressure sodium 4 years fluorescent 4.5 years 24 000 hours high pressure sodium 5.5 years lifeled 70 000 hours 16 years tm p8 lifeled tm p9 lifeled tm


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lifeled tm photometric efficiency the purpose of the lifeled stm optical system is to create a desired photometric distribution the tiny luminous center of a led and the fact that each led can be controlled individually gives us greater pole spacing and superior light quality on the ground compared to other led luminaires on the market lifeledtm produces photometric performance that rivals even the most advanced hid products better photometric performance and pole spacing contributes to considerable financial savings in order to achieve the same results competitors using inferior led light engines must use more luminaires spaced closer together to achieve comparable lighting levels and uniformity ratios lifeledtm has superior photometric performance allowing the use of fewer poles compared to other led systems on the market spacing up to 8 times mounting height p10 lifeled tm p11 lifeled tm


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lifeled tm sustainable design using led outdoor lighting for projects requiring even 175 watts mh or 150 watts hps is a highly visible way to spend ecologically minded public money it is a direct way for citizens to see a city s efforts to reduce energy consumption and improve global environmental conditions as well as for designers and project owners to show their commitment to this greater good reduced maintenance costs and a longer life add value to any lifeledtm powered luminaire by alleviating the load on the public works department a city not only saves money on luminaire repairs parts replacement and general maintenance but also on the fuel consumption of the maintenance fleet leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions and a reduced carbon footprint also lifeledtm meets the rohs directive which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment please contact lumec for more details reduced maintenance costs reduced fleet travel costs reduced man power hours p12 lifeled tm p13 lifeled tm


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lifeledtm technical information was designed to be as versatile as possible and to give those that already have lumec products options never before seen in the industry lifeledtm can be retrofitted into many existing luminaire designs in other words if you have compatible lumec luminaires you can take advantage of lifeledtm without the need to purchase new fixtures for those that do not already have lumec luminaires but are interested in the benefits of led technology lumec offers a broad variety of ecologically responsible luminaires the lifeledtm ancestra optima transit domus renaissance ancestra optima transit domus renaissance ancestra optima transit domus drop lens prismatic globe luminaire efficacy rating l.e.r wattage lamp 40 w 60 w 82 w system 45 w 66 w 95 w 56 54 47 le3f optics 63 61 53 le3s 63 61 53 le3d 64 62 54 le3a 68 65 57 le3r 59 57 49 leonis le3 n/a n/a n/a serenade dsx system wattage includes the lamp and the led driver luminaire efficacy lumens per watt is a specific measure of the net useful light output from the luminaire for a given power input light output of luminaire is the total lumens output by a luminaire as a whole measured power is the total power consumed by a luminaire measured in watts p14 lifeled tm prismatic globe fsdar flat lens sag lens renaissance domus


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lifeled led powered tm multi-product technology technical and ordering information of new luminaires p17 lifeled tm


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lifeled led luminaires available ancestra series at10/at20/at30/at40/at50 tm multi-product technology optics f s a optima series ot10/ot20/xl10 optics f s a transit series tr10/tr20 optics f s a domus series dms50/dms60 optics f s d a renaissance series rn20/rn30 optics f s r serenade dsx series s55/s56 leonis series len4/len5/len6 p15 lifeled tm


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ordering example to order a new luminaire with lifeledtm take note of the appropriate lamp globe lens finish and optical system needed and then consult the existing brochure of the luminaire to have access to the options available at10 luminaire 82led63l6k lamp globe/lens finish le2f optical system cptc options cra-1a mounting and configuration r80a-12 pole gn6tx finish led lamp details for the latest updates on led lamp details see our web site www.lumec.com 82 led 63l 6k color temperature initial approximate lumens light-emitting diode lamp wattage 1 2 3 40led35l6k 60led50l6k 82led63l6k lamp 70000 70000 70000 rated avg life hrs.1 3500 5000 6300 initial 2975 4250 5355 mean 2 72 72 72 cri 6000k 6000k 6000k color temperature 3 40 60 82 lamp 45 66 95 system wattage approximate lumens rated average life represents the time it takes for the led system to reach 70 of initial lumen output the measured luminous output of a new light source versus the output at 50 of lamp life on average optical system distribution type available per optic distribution ii iii iv v le2f le3f le4f le5f f optics le2s le3s le4s le5s s le2d le3d le4d le5d d le2a le3a le4a n/a a le2r le3r le4r n/a r available with the following globes finishes acdr acrylic gl borosilicate voltages auto-adjusting 120 208 240 347 comes with a step-down transformer p16 lifeled tm


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p18 lifeled tm


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lifeled led tm retrofit kit technical and ordering information of retrofitting existing luminaires hid p21 lifeled tm


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lifeled lumec luminaires lifeledtm retrofit tm retrofit kit it is also possible to retrofit current lumec luminaires keep the current infrastructure and simply replace the light source by the lifeledtm with other leds it is impossible to keep an existing infrastructure because their light does not stretch as far as the existing hid lighting already in place lifeledtm is the only light engine that uses leds lowering energy consumption up to 50 and permits to keep existing infrastructure because it spreads out the light twice as far while delivering equal if not better photometric performance the race towards the first truly green city is on lumec can help any city achieve that goal to find a way to retrofit other luminaires please contact lumec ancestra series at10/at20/at30/at40/at50 optics f s a optima series ot10/ot20/xl10 optics f s a transit series tr10/tr20 optics f s a domus series dms50/dms60 optics f s d a renaissance series rn20/rn30 optics f s r p19 lifeled tm



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