Reading Comprehension 4


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Exercises to practice reading comprhension

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reading comprehension 4 caribbean holidays


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inclusive caribbean holidays caribbean holidays offer sun sand and sea with picture book scenery relax to the reggae and samba beats with a caribbean cocktail to cool you down caribbean holidays rich and diverse facts about the caribbean total islands 25 main islands climate tropical caribbean origin of gulf stream caribbean 2 of caribbean populated hurricane season officially june to november the word `caribbean conjures up images of palm-lined white sandy beaches lapped by crystal clear turquoise waters relaxed slow-paced island life and the sound of kettle drums the wonderful thing is these images are not the work of storytellers and imaginations ­ the caribbean is actually like that cheap caribbean holidays in 2012 can give you the holiday of a lifetime but that is not to say all caribbean islands are the same the dominican republic seems to have built its way of life around entertainment with every convenience at your fingertips complimenting its vibrant nightlife but for a more authentic west indies experience you might consider nevis or parts of the grenadines st bart s is an island simply oozing style and sophistication from each of its impressive french colonial villas and classy hotels whatever your desires a caribbean holiday has sun sea sand dancing and a secluded spot just waiting for you to find it such variety means that you cannot fail to find all inclusive holidays in the caribbean that are just right for you be that the beauty of aruba the bahamas or barbados the vibrancy of jamaica or the unspoilt charm of cuba with its fantastic colonial architecture and classic american cars.browse through the destinations and resorts that appeal to you and book package holidays to the caribbean with holiday hypermarket.


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choose the correct answers of the text above 1 which beats are usually listened to in the caribbean a reggeaton and salsa b reggae and samba ccumbia and mambo 2 when is officially the hurricane season a from march to may b from september to december c from june to november 3 what does the text say about st barts a it has an amazing nightlife bit has a french style and classy hotels cit is simple but charming 4 what is the main idea of the last paragraph a no matter what you looking for in the caribbean you can find a place that appeals to you b you need to be rich to afford holidays in the caribbean c it s difficult to go there look the word highlighted in the text with the definitions below the end of your finger that is furthest away from your hand unpretentious bring to mind flow cover container


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key exercise 1 1 b 2 c 3 b 4 a exercise 2 bring to mind conjures up cover lapped containerkettle the end of your finger that is furthest away fingertips from your hand unpretentious unspoilt flow oozing reading taken from http reading comprehension 3 by andrea mtz t is licensed under a creative commons reconocimiento-nocomercial-sinobraderivada 3.0 unported license .



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