Каталог май 2012 Королевского монетного двора Великобритании


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Посвящённый 25-летию монеты "Британия", 123-й выпуск каталога Королевского монетного двора вышел в мае 2012 года и состоит из разделов: - 25-летие "Британии" - Бриллиантовый юбилей Королевы - серия золотых монет к ХХХ Олимпиаде в Лондоне - 100-летие

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7 a 1 a i,i lu 1 e 1t i v7 rarr ^m hffi 25 anniversary /987 20/2 r 1 1 i 1 .a .i 1 ii 1:j l z a t -a j ia i i f .t i a fhe zorz uk britannia half-ounce silver proof nine coin z5th anniversary collection brz5an f5oo.oo e 2,71 t l.987 the then chancellor of the exchequer nigel lawson made the significant announcement that international gold buyers could now own a new british gold coin bearing the tlmeless image of britannia in the 25yeaff that have passed since that historic day no less than nine beautiful evocations of this famous figure have graced britannia coins and we are delighted to have struck all nine designs as half-ounce coins for zol zin this unique collection minted to the highest proof standard in .958 britannia silver this in landmark collection also includes a special z5th anniversary booklet and integral certificate ofauthenticity available fiom june zorz .9,8 brilannia.iher 27 l6.zzg the 1987 uk britannia gold proof four-coin set ai wr i oor y l i f3,3oo.oo i i.i t:e br25his 6 ffi over the last z5 years collectors with a passion for quality have taken britain s most symbolic coin to their hearts making it a very desirable coin indeed the royal mint has secured just 4o specimen examples of the 1987 four-coin gold britannia sets enabling collectors who missed out the first time to acquire the original britannia coins in this stunning presentation authenticlty the gold britannias were originally struck in the conventional zz carat red gold al1oy since r99o however the small addition of silver has given the coins a more yellow colour similar to that of gold coins of the sevlntlsnlh and elshteenlh .l ll1i:r i o.ooo case complete with numbered certificate of 1 t-l


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the zorz uk britannia silver proof one ounce coin l,iiii:i j9z.5o l i}i:i brtzso 4 13;i featuring philip nathan s image ofbritannia this very limited iaitio one ounce coin is struck in the traditional.958 britannia silver to proofquality each coin comes in an attractive case with a certificate of l th ii ilv l.l i .958 britarnia silver i i r 11 1 1 1i 4o.oomm i i1 ir 32.459 ,i rt i 1 1.rt r !i 1l xiif iili 5,550 i i i i i l li i ili i i i.l1 t lll i:ri 1 i 1t:lt z,d o the zor.z uk britannia silver proof four-coin set brtzss it tl lti f195.oo r1 this beautiful set brings together the four britannia silver proof coins the fz fr sop and zop making a complete collection for the z5th anniversary i11 i 1 i :1r i iii r !i i t l ir z,6oa the zorz uk britannia silver brilliant uncirculated one ounce coin il1-ilil 1.57.50 t ii br zagn philip nathan s stunning is pr&ented here on the jz 1987 depiction of,britannia brilliant uncir,culated coin hi.h rlto features the crenellated edge that is unique to britannia coins the proud figure is a suitably powerful image with which to grace this timeless iollectable and most affordable ofthe britannia coins ilrl li i i l li 4o.oomm i i 11 .958 britanni.a silver r l.i ir i 32.459 :1 lliq n u c r r qr 1 iri lli i l 1r i 1rl:i l i i ll sr 3 i


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ur7 uj j n7zat l liit srrt.oo r i}a brtzgt reprising philip nathan s powerful depiction of britannia this desirable and collectable fro coin represents a superb opportunity to ce11b11]1 th,i1 imr31tant.a t:tilry l1lli:q :lvj the zorz uk britannia gold proof tenth-ounce coin the zorz uk britannia gold proof quarter-ounce coin ji.lt-i i f5oo.oo ir}i}e strucl contaj.ns a quarter-ounce offine gold and comes in ahigh quality presentation case together with a numbered certificate of authenticity zz carat brtzgq to proof standard this imposing /25 coin gold it 22.oomm 8.5.9 ?rar i l i i ili ri 22 lii !i caratgold r6.5omm 3.419 1t:1 :i ti :t r i i il i :l r i 2,25a l r i!1 r i rli li i di i 1,750 iiliirllj;jliijiji i ll r i,i r l r i j:j 620 1.j i.1 1 r t tt the zorz uk britannia gold proof three-coin set the zorz uk britannia gold proof four-coin set l i i i l f3,6oo.oo i i l il brtzgset 74 1 a l p5 minted to proof quality this stunning collection features the f5o and jro britannia coins containing a half-ounce quarter ouncl.a1d tenth;o1n1e re1p li.r 1l f fi g?1d this very special collection features philip nathan s gracious britannia on the reverse of the fi.oo f5o p5 and /ro gold proof coins making this the ultimate britannia collection in its z5t h year i i:ii r,irii ii :r.1 i :ii i i i i 100 r11 i 1 ri i ii1 1:1ir


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ree royal l i tf niamonu r


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royalty the queen s diamond jubilee brilliant uncirculated celebration sovereign fitl e f45o.oo {i i ukd}sovr love1y gold coin new representing a superb opportunity to own a piece of history this will be struck to brilliant uncirculated standard on z june zorz the date of the celebrations of her majesty s historic diamond lubilee it will be delivered in a handsome presentation box complete striking o zjttne zolz with numbered certificate of authenticity which will also be hand signed by gavin elliot head of production of commemorative coins to confirm the date of i jxs;31v 1 s trtking on ly ailable j tti.l i 22 carat gold la14 r!ill 22.o5mm fliil b i 7.989 lii{l f i ti if}i r1t i ff.f :ii:l laf 1 rd 2,o12 fi ltitif 1 ,89hft t the queen s diamond jubilee brilliant uncirculated sovereign celebration set 3liaicfi jr,55o.oo et}5 ukdisov3 new strucl on z jwe zorz lo mark the first day of the queen s diamond lubilee weekend celebrations these desirable coins will come with a certificate ofauthenticity individually hand signed by gavin elliot head of production of commemorative coins to confirm their auspicious date of striking the doublesovereign sovereign and halisovereign have all been struck to brilliant uncirculated standard in zz carat gold and are housed in an attractive wood-veneer presentation case ir t .t oo c:il ic:r}ii i!ir 11 iilli!1 i!i i .i!iri l ki lijr i t i the zorz golil proof quarter-sovereign o rirrrri r a rrrotarrri i .q i r irr q rrt s ig has been struck in the year of the queen s diamond jubilee and appropriately features a new rendition of st george and the dragon exclusively for this year each coin comes complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity and its own walnut-veneer presentation case 1-1i,rt.r j ii ii il ll i ij i !tr-11-f t r.99g 1.1 y 22 carat gold j]lri!1et fi 1j.5omm ilitils lt i l t n 6,500 }da.x1i f 1l ll a ii ni 1n t4 i ro,744 on /ld ily ua al .aiilai ab {tl he ,ro ie l ieirgn ;n of ]f ctiioi on the zorz gold proof sovereign five-coin collection #rl{e f4,ooo.oo o&e sv5rz the most rare and collectable of all our sovereign collections comes to you in a walnut-veneer case with a numbered certificate of authenticity and comprises the quarter-sovereign halfsovereign sovereign and double-sovereign together with the f5 ll y_hl i 1l i 1 lj ii tl l ll.ri1:t1:i lh:t l :11 :lll:5l 1 f :l1llild il ilit 1,j1a {i lr nii il li i 1 l {it 9 99 ri i i i rrl rj1 ai iti r i u li tjl}l,l i:i i ir ldi i il :xrvw r a itticit.cxrli l.ttilr lt r;r-ll s45 ii 8s :l


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roya lt y the queen s diamond lubilee uk gold-plated silver proof coin i lii t l ii f99.5o ii uktzdipl struck to proof standard in sterling silver this coin is beautifully plated in fine go1d creating an affordable way to own a rare collector s item with just rz,5oo pieces available each stunning coin comes in a superb presentation case with a certificate of authenticity .1 i t .gz5 sterling silver plated with fine gold :il.1iii i:l 38.6rmm the queen s diamond lubilee uk gold proof coin this special coin struck to proof standard has been approved by both the palace and the treasury it recalls the commemorative medal for queen victoria s diamond jubilee and also unites two :llp:rbporlraill,bv-ia-1ran1 p 3tl vfrbs t i:tr 22 caratgold l lll:i j8.61mm l:i 39.949 r i ,1 lt li!i-a i 1i:li l avowmadegood nl i rr 3,850 thrcrcnf c plattnu c dourr foin the queen s diamond ]ubilee uk platinum pietlfort coin r l the queen s diamond lubilee platinum piedfort f5 coin is struck to proof standard on double-thickness j l 1 platinum blanks and bears both contemporary and hi.storic portraits of ihe queen this special coin is limited to just z5o pieces making it a very collectable ii fr-1 tli hi pl l:rl g15asion r jr 1 i 3,254 a vow made good


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royalty r the queen s diamontl |ubilee uk commemorative coin diamond jubilee f5 coin is set within a high quality slipcase bearing the royal mint emblem for the queen s diamond jubilee details of the diamond lubilee celebrations and the queen s reign are also included a must-have gift to mark this momentous occasion cupro-nickej 38.6rmm z8.z8g ft2.gg l r l l;r trrrbu minted to brilliant uncirculated standard the t 1 queen s the queen s diamond jubilee uk silver proof coin with contrasting portraits and a latin phrase taken from the una and the lion f5 coin of 1839 which translates as may god guide my steps this is a tribute to the queen s 6o-year reign ai i .9/5.lerling si j8.61mm z8 z8g ver fitting a ttaaa ou maditg d -j buy now almosi sold out the queen s diamond jubilee uk silver piedfort coin struck to proof quality on double-thickness sterling silver blanks the queen s diamond jubilee piedfort coin is the perfect way to mark this once-in-a-lifetime occaslon .9/5 slerlrng


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royalty the queen s diamond jubilee zorz royal silver set her majesty the queen has an abiding love of the commonwealth so it is fitting that this royal set comprises not just the uk f5 coin struck at the royal mint but also the commemorative $zo and dodecagonal 5oc from the royal canadian mint and the royal australian mint respectively a11 three coins are struck to proof quality ]ust r,5oo sets will be made available for collectors in the uk u i i id s t ru t }la !a e i ra r t n 5 a 4 r {j fi elqil }ix f the queen s diamond jubilee royal duties collection f 1c8 f485.oo c lle diset6 new her majesty the queen undertakes a wide variety of royal duties throughout the uk and commonwealth for which the royal mint has selected six diamond jubilee coins commemorating the armed forces royal ascot investitures the opening of parliament royal visits and trooping the colour each coin has been struck to proof standard in silver and combined into this beautiful limited edition collection colli l ll llagi 4o,ooo of each coin t ai i f eslle iati ol,i z,ooo i:i i i 5 p i ir i a jl i tn /i ia i 1 a e i r il eeqi t e 5 t m.se al.lui x ll miyrc c ievarla-qlr 20 apttr 2012 i new r fet{f j8z.5o c i}h dispaf ihil iri tii proof coin issued under the authority of the channel island of alderney bears the tri-service badge making it important to all ofthe services it also bears a message of gratitude to all our armed forces taken from her majesty s the queen s diamond |ubilee head of armed forces silver proof coin the queen s diamond jubilee royal ascot silver proof coin fi t{l e f8z.5o i r djspra new queen s statement of zo b il r tir riv i.rr.a ,r rr r ascot gold cup and words taken from the p f r rtation of the ]une zoo6 this silver proof coin is issued under the authority of the cook islands it makes a fine tribute to both her majesty and :q l:l:71i3 ai i y .925 3?e l1{f f sterling sl1ver i 1 rit 1lr 38.6rmm 1t/ii i 1i 28.289 :l ijli i$x l ilirj:a i 4o,ooo i t.l.i i .999 fine tl t it-q ltuisilver 1]1.4 htli 11ft 4o.6omm ivei ll i 31.1359 1.ta.ili ij h13 i{t;i }l 15 4o,ooo r xr r dtr visi1 wrrw.l ylrxira1 r:albtletin +r ral1 45 r ss ae;


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roya lty the queen s diamond jubilee collection lil l 1st coin f1g.5o remaining coins f79.oo each the most significant collection for a generation this stunning set comprises z4 silver proof coins telling the story of the queen s reign through the events and institutions that are so important to her one coin will be sent to you every month as your collection builds the queen herself will receive collection number l :r i.rilajiai:ii l i1 i i r t ll.iri:t ilil 15,ooo t i:li ti.iri i s i j fi.i{li f4go.oo i r tr1 fr d12sp struck to proof standard in sterling situe ttris ,rp.rb .oin t features for the very first tlme selective gold plating on the definitive coins bearing matt dent s designs io highlight their place in the royal shield the jr coin has also been gold plated to highlight the shield on its reverse while both fz coins have gold-plated rims complete with the queen s diamond lubilee 1i sil c:1 r l-o iti 31 lhi i if i l ti t 1 the queen s diamond fubilee zorz silver proof set ia=r .925 sterling silver il l.t i 1 i ,i il i r.i i i tl i l a,irrii t i :r r li r i t l i-11 2,o12 /i litiiti :r il1tll l aii ii:t ir:r l with selective gold plating also available products not illustrated code ukphilsp price f8z.5o the zorr prince philip silver proofj5 coin the zorr prince philip gold proofj5 coin ukphilgp fz,4oo.oo ll i.r 11 il_i!cti i t,ti.t t i-r


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x a v i i r vrl the gold series stronger one ounce gold coin mars lleiili fz,3,oo.oo i i lukgsoms new mars god of war watches over two olympic boxers c i j in john bergdahl s powerful design which has been struck to proof standard on a coin containing one guncl r,1 i 1 3-f fine sold .i r t i.1i irt l l l a ii l 1 22 carat gold i i l 3z.69mm r t i ii i 34.059 i l ili r 7,5oo the golil series stronger quarter-ounce gold coin vulcan i:e,tt e the gold series stronger quarter-ounce gold coin minerva new!r i iti 1 i {6oo.oo llar lukgsqmn new e {6oo.oo ll lukgsqvl in this superb a.pl.tlo the god of fire lools or -ortrl trt minerva goddess of war looks on as an athlete it rorrc the javelin part in the olympic sport of hammer throwing struck to proof on this impressive gold coin which has been strucl to the very highest proof standard standard in zz carat go1d i i.i1 22 carat gold lii isi l ilt 22.oomm v il it tl i 8.519 ,1-i 11:1 i li i.i ru i.l li a i i ,1t 1 22 carat gold lll 1 i i.rri.l 20,ooo ii j l ?11;i.l r li zz.oomm i 8.519 also available products not illustrated code price the golil series stronger three-coin completer set the golil series higher three-coin set the gold series faster three-coin set the golil series faster two-coin set the gold series faster quarter-ounce gold coin diana lukgscc lukghs lukgf3 lukgfqz fl,5oo.oo /3,5oo.oo j3,5oo.oo at rr n,2oo.oo j6oo.oo lukgfqdi i li,1 i i r li


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sport the gold series stronger three-coin set fq,lc f3,5oo.oo e oe lukgs3 new the third and final set of three gold coins in our gold series is fortius representing the aspiration of olympic athletes to be stronger featuring mars god of war vulcan god of fire and minerva goddess of war these outstanding proof coins are part of the only collection from the royal mint to incorporate the iconic olympic rings t imlc :i la irt a li r u rfj ol ltii 1 rlt l li i pn f 5el.l ia rloli s .arva 4,ooo r ji it e le t t il s f ffi the gold series complete nine-coin collection pri fro,5oo.oo c l}e lukgfhs9 new in the prestigious gold series struck to proofstandard designedby sculptorjohn bergdahl theywere inspired this exquisite collection contains all nine gold coins by the idea of the gods gazing down at the olympic t it il1 1i 3 l m i t li ht s t!fl ir i i?i1 11 f ri $li;rr ti i i ti r,ooo t i t 1 i i {i t i tv 1 itabi ft n tt ee ai ti 1 the gold series stronger tso-coin set alli.rcr fr,zoo.oo ilo h lukgsez new struck with a quarter-ounce of fine gold apiece our two-coin proof set features vulcan god of fire and minerva goddess of v/ar by ]ohn bergdahl with the obverse design of her majesty the queen created by ii:l=l i 11:l ires i fi g il ilat lqltd t r i r urdr,rl r.isil tvra,w ryalmint.cornf bulletin r c i1 cs45 6 b zz


p. 14

sport countdown to london zorz games time gold proof coin f:ig l fz,88o.oo i 1 lukc4gp new evoking both games time and the joy of victory this stunning gold coin struck to proof standard will make a beautiful and important addition to any collection ii 38.6rmm 39.949 zz carat gold r a countdown to london zotz games time silver proof coin ile itli f99.5o r:rii lukc4sp new featuring claire aldridge s uplifting image of athletes on a podium with arms aloft this proof coin includes an attractive and pii1 i di:flil :i r i,a li i tr ni ii i :r ii 38.6rmm i .g25sterlingsilver z8.z8g :i.ir !j iii i r i i iit i.li 3o,ooo r.j_t.i,i,l.t l countdown to london zorz complete golil set fai,i 1 fu,5oo.oo i:ll!ti lukc4g4s new these exquisite coins feature all four of engraver claire aldridge s evocative countdown designs minted to gold proof standard and set in a prestigious presentation case worldwide demand is sure to be high particularly as all silver and piedfort four-coin sets have l ill ld yl t:i:rili-j:r;i l ii.i1 i:lirl 1}r.r t ll 2zcaratgold ,it rii i:ii,11{ti|ti-4 ii.il.r t 38.61mm ii!i.i lf i 1:it 39.948 countdown to london zorz games time silver piedfort coin 1:i1 claire aldridge s triumphant design enjoys ll i i iil :y 1 i-i i even more gravitas when struck on this coin of double thickness sterling silver i j i.r 1.1 {l .925 sterling silver tl ll l i i 38.6rmm ti i i.l i 1i i 4,ooo also available products not illustrated code price countdown to london zorz games time gold completer coin countdown to lonilon zorz games time silver completer coin countdown to lotrdon zorz games time silver piedfort completer coin lukc4gcc lukc4scc lukc4pcc p,88o.oo fqg.so ft75.oo the zorz countdown to london zorz f5 brilliant uncirculated pack the zorr countdown to london zor2 j5 brilliant uncirculated ?ack the zoro countdown to london zorz j5 brilliant uncirculateil pack the zoog countilown to london 2orz j5 brilliant uncirculateil pack the zoro countdown to london zorz j5 gold proof the zoro countdown to london 2orz j5 silver proof the zorr countdown to london zorz j5 gold proof the zorr countdown to london zorz f5 silver pieilfort the zorr countdown to london zorz j5 silver proof the defi nitive countdown collection lukc4bu lukcibu lukc2bu lukclbu lukc2gp lukc2sp lukc3gp lukc3pf lukc3sp ftz.99 frz.gg countdown to london zorz four-coin ftz.q9 frz.gg jz,88o.oo fqg.so brilliant uncirculated set a f it i]i j45.oo rir,ri]ir lukc4bs this superb set of four coins by claire aldridge enables you to own the complete countdown to london jz,88o.oo ft75.oo fgq.so zorz set in its own collection box ii.i i cupro-nickel z8.z8g j i 1 l l i1l lii i i 14 llit 1 i i!i]1ii 1 it 38.6rmm 2oo9 ludef6 s.ts 11 rrl l ira:ilil:11 i r l i.l.j 11 ;lt 11 i ;ii j 5oo,ooo rst coin f49.75 remaining coins f99.5o each 201o-2012 25o,ooo j i l r l s gg 7,r 5131:1 i i:t t t ti i:r l-r f-i i i rl i rl i r 54 fi s9 r


p. 15

sport rtvf-oun ts coins rn fine coio anp silver o,oy futq ir[i i frr,5oo.oo irii r luksozg new the attribuie of in otyrrrpic motto faster frigt.r itrorrj are beautifully brought together in one image on the uk s first ever five-ounce gold coin designed by the president of the royal academy christopher le brun the coin features the mighty flying the official london zorz five-ounce gold coin p:9.1 :l 1 r i .rrrtrr.roru trt t ri 1.i il.l i i t56.295g tl eod:r i.r r rr ;l jttt l il 5oo the oflicial london zorz five-ounce silver coin plt li t it.li f5z5.oo l:1 luksozs new ian rh there can surely be no finer embodiment of the olympic motto faster higher stronger than pegasus the flying steed who carriedjupiter s thunder and lightning bolts before being rewarded with a place amidst the stars for eternity christopher le brun s superb depiction of the winged horse is also the perfect counterpoinf to rank-broadley s elegant effigy of .9991lnesilver l]l.rrltl il:a 65.oomm ii i.l ifl i 156.2959 1.1 ia -ay 1 :p t ti 1rrr ii ll.t.i.a 7,5oo the official olympic gold kilo coin the official olympic silver kilo coin i il.if.r {roo,ooo,oo i:i r;r lukgk the ui s first ever gold kilo c;1 is ,uitrt t in a limited edition ofjust 6o pieces created by sir anthony caro its design represents individual endeavour at the games through a more deeply sculpted ilii i /3,ooo.oo til:rl luksk i:11:llh lh l :r 1:1,h.1uk il i:l l i .999finegold 1]i 1r i loo.oomm ii i ir t 1oo5,oog ill _it i a:iltrti ill:l l i i 60 the uk s first ever silver kilo coin design.j frf f.fi oi tfr royal academy tom phillips celebrates team endeivour by setting powerful typography amidst a furling pennants motle fnii :tli1:i g il 1,i kilo of nne silver il.ir 1 .999finesilver,r r r ui,rr r r ii i 1oo5.oog 11 iri i;a 2,012 i .i 14 i {ir iiii 3 r



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