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by guimel cisneros mrs jones class caesar s reign theme come experience the excitement thrill and betrayal of julius caesar s final days at caesar s reign theme park on ted oca 46 l y1 hw check out rides and other amenitie inside!


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the conspiracy feel like the conspirators with all the loops and twists of having to plot caesar s death.


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saw you anything more wonderful see if you can spot some strange occurrences from the top of our observation tower you probably wont see anything as wacky as that thundering night in shakespeare s julius caesar though!


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brutus bakery why not treat yourself to some sweet buns after a day of excitement brutus bakery sells goods approved by the national agency of food.


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the brute-trayal get that gut-wrenching feeling julius felt after being betrayed by brutus when you ride this jolting coater.


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friends romans countrymen this ride starts out slow and soft but later switches to exhilarating this is probably how the people felt after antony s speech.


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portia s mind portia had to have had some serious mental problems let s see what they were like


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calpurnia s clothing try out elizabethan fashion maybe it ll look good!


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open january through july admission adults12-59 10 children11 down 8 seniors60 up 5$



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