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free there s life in the inner west 187 11th may 2012 every fortnight win a lament for the old balmain is taking over the inner west distributed in leichhardt annandale petersham stanmore newtown rozelle balmain drummoyne haberfield five dock concord summer hill safe silent souls declaration of war movie tix theatre tix crushed deeming the best of the best business awards finalists take a bow steve loe amy borg and stephanie potter prep for the inner west business awards photo by ben cregan the top early morning cafes breakfast like a king sydney writer s festival inner west authors shine carmen s on the park tigers five dock the perfect place for cocktail parties dinner parties weddings great food great service in a relaxed comfortable setting contact carmen direct on 8789 6333 tigers five dock 20b barnstaple road five dock nsw 2046 p 02 8789 6300 f 02 8789 3614 e


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inner west whispers pssst pass on a whisper you ve heard to i m right you re wrong is it conceivable that someone who endlessly spruiks family values might not live up to their own rhetoric never says righteous rightie dear rr ­ though i will undoubtedly be accused of selfinterest for my troubles i feel obliged to raise the matter of your inappropriate relationship with fabio ciao s well-muscled young intern fabio has come to me in tears over your demands he leave the door open while getting changed into his lycra cycling outfit i put it to you that a line has now been crossed and you must do the honourable thing and resign your position as ciao s political columnist immediately latte leftie leichhardt rr replies ah yes with the red tide of socialism now swamping europe i suppose it was only a matter of time before you d be laying claim to the most important bit of real estate in this esteemed journal of record this is all a terrible misunderstanding just like the time myself and a young male friend went out at 1am to look for a wallet i had misplaced in the public toilet of a lilyfield park and were surprised by the police just as i d taken my pants off to ensure they didn t get stained as i was bending over to scan the floor one would assume that obsessively detailing homosexual acts with the intention of alerting the world to the horrors of the sodomite lifestyle would be evidence enough of one s robust heterosexuality but no degenerate progressives such as yourself are constantly casting innocent man-to-man exchanges in the most prurient light possible as it happens i suggested fabio keep the door open so i could continue lecturing him on the virtues of pre-vatican ii catholicism hayekian economic theory and the novels of ayn rand any allegation i derived any carnal delight from the sight of his sculpted torso sweaty olive skin sensuous lips gimlet eyes or taut buttocks is absolutely absurd n email with your dilemma we are c!ao leane senzamici newtown porteous vs rozelle village harris farm comes to town medich sells up l those cheeky developers rozelle village who in case you haven t heard are proposing a 32-storey tower or two on the old tigers site will soon see how tough the local community is with a battle being championed by our lovely mayor rochelle porteous she has donned her boxing gloves and rallied the support of surrounding residents and businesses uniting a fierce mob of activists to fight a common cause when fighting big business the state government and other powerful entities power and money often drown out our quaint lobby groups barangaroo iron cove bridge duplication white bay cruise terminal and marrickville metro expansion are all good examples of community groups being sidelined in favour of the big guns the planning authority will of course make an objective decision and for once the community isn t facing an overwhelming foe the developers are not in the league of lend lease or amp capital they are relatively small players their pull goes as far as a few sports fans and their political influence at a broader state and national level is insignificant l harris farm is viewed as a reputable company with strong ethical values rumours are flying around that the company has its eye on the old impala kitchens site on victoria road drummoyne local chambers and canada bay council are open to generating more strategically suitable commerce in the area so harris farm is welcomed this rumour is unconfirmed l leichhardt s ron medich has listed his $40 million point piper mansion it is reported that this is $15 million less than when it was quietly listed in february the mansion has been described as an architectural triumph of unrivalled quality having viewed it from a party next door i can tell you that s a bargain price start saving food melissa leong photography nudzejma avdic columnist jared ingersoll c!ao history the abbotsford boatshed does it ring a bell no that s okay it is unknown to many besides the locals abbotsford boatshed offers them access to the gorgeous sydney harbour through its undeserved anonymity this humble boatshed has been in operation since alfred charles bailey built it in 1884 and is one of the oldest boatsheds on sydney harbour these days it s walls are filled with memorabilia and nautical artefacts a collection over 100 years in the making although it has improved over the years to suit the modern world it still retains its old world charm n nathan josevski jo grace design russell edwards art director editor welcome to rozelle markets nancy merlo publishing sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards ben cregan nigel bowen jared ingersoll rachel hayter nicola bauman and nathan josevski ciao things we love a smooth run through newtown you don t often get to see king street this quiet the stunning photo was taken at 7am on easter sunday when the rest of the suburb was obviously still struggling to get out of bed check out newtown pix on facebook for other quirky pics of the inner west s playground c!ao s voice sam with friend ajay ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia as there are pieces here that can t be everyone knows sam he is here all found anywhere else sam creates the time every week and is almost some of the designs himself a regular fixture sam sells precious stones can also be jewellery and beads and bought here to create your all types of coloured own unique jewellery rocks and jewels the coloured array originally from the of jewels and stones western suburbs sam are beautiful the comes all the way magnetic quality of to rozelle because the stall brings people its such a fabulous from all over sydney sydney s favourite second hand market market every saturday and sunday 9am ­ 4pm darling st near victoria rd · talking about and praying for sydney s second airport · the return of offspring on channel ten · big breakfasts · the lunch time specials at higashi norton street · rekordelig apple blackcurrant cider · the pizza at la disfida what s in out out in · analog televisions · cold pizza · woolworths flooding shelves with their own products · fanny durack closing for winter we miss our morning swims · restaurants insisting that they are fully booked when you can see empty tables · people bringing food into the cinema ­ the smell drives everyone else insane ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered to your doorstep email with your address cover amy borg from precedent productions comes together with stephanie potter from glitterbox hair salon to get steve loe ready for the inner west local business awards photo by ben cregan · the orange macaroons from rino saffioti haberfield c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west 2


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do you remember the most embarrassing thing that s ever happened to you perhaps you ve fallen down the stairs after one too many drinks and landed with your dress over your head and a shoe missing or maybe you ve been caught in a compromising position by a stranger a friend or worse your parents now imagine that a million other people looked on as that embarrassing moment was happening this is the terrifying reality for many of today s politicians and celebrities in a world where it s likely that your most embarrassing private moments may be caught on camera and uploaded for thousands to see and share with tools like camera phones sitting in people s back pockets these days everyone is a citizen journalist and gossip comes with photo evidence that you simply cannot escape you can be snapped anytime anywhere and if you re famous this means soon everyone will be talking about what you ate for breakfast who you re dating and the fact that you went `commando at that gay bar last night it makes you wonder why people sign up for careers in the public eye at all although i hear it usually has something to do with power or money this year the sydney writer s festival featuring many talented inner west writers and thinkers focuses on the line between private and public ­ raising a myriad of questions about the importance of an individual s privacy and how much the personal lives of our `public figures should be exposed in media for all to read about inner west writers reveal their innermost secrets exposed is also shared by meredith burgmann a city of sydney councillor herself and the aunt of former balmain mp verity firth ­ who endured a very public embarrassment when her husband was caught in possession of ecstasy last year nowhere to hide i believe that the personal life of a public figure is fair game for the media if dishonesty or misuse of public funds is involved their private life is also fair game if hypocrisy is involved for instance photographing a minister leaving a gay club is not acceptable unless he has made anti-gay statements i think the rise of social media has intensified the issue but not changed the basic principles says meredith i would be inclined to agree that in this paranoid terrorism-affected age ­ where privacy is becoming overrated and outdated and we increasingly welcome the invasion of cameras in our lives because of our fears for our security and voyeuristic tendencies ­ we should try to maintain some respect for personal boundaries before nothing is sacred but i know that this is probably just wishful thinking and after living in the `village community of haberfield my whole life i m not certain anyone ever really had a private life anyway well not completely real estate brochures constantly bang on about the inner west s `villages such as haberfield in my experience of tiny villages everyone already knows everything about everyone or at least it certainly seems that way on my street the difference these days is that we ve discovered what it s like for our personal information to spread not only through the village but also on a national and even international scale all you can do now is hope that the embarrassing moment you recalled when you first began reading this article,won t end up on the front page tomorrow n nancy merlo eddie sharp s teenage diary newtown writer and performer eddie sharp will soon know what it feels like to have his most personal thoughts made public when he reads excerpts from his teenage diary at the festival event teen diaries this may eddie argues that public figures knowingly sign on to a certain degree of prying into their personal life and is more worried about how constantly consumers are bombarded with the private lives of others it s so inane and distracting from actual issues he says facebook and twitter have made it so that our lives are constantly public i think it forces people to perform their lives more than they live them i don t think humanity has ever been more acutely self aware once again it s the inanity of it that upsets me more than the politics people of earth no one cares that you have just made your own jam or that your train ride is especially long keep schtum it s true that social media has changed the sort of information we feel the need to share causing the line between public and private to blur and diminishing the value of privacy more and more people are subscribing to the belief that if they are willing to put their personal profile and thoughts online they should be entitled to know everything about everyone else too to tweet or not to tweet l rozelle journalist claire scobie weighs in on the debate ­ should politicians private lives be accessible to the public the public versus private issue has been around for as long as the cult of the celebrity with regards to politicians i believe that the public only has the right to know about a person s private life if it affects their ability to govern and hold public office if it is simply gossip purported as news then it is not relevant l how has social media blurred the lines between private and public social media is revolutionising how we view our public and private lives and how others view us these days the line between them is whisper-thin because so much of what we do and say is now online a careless tweet can cost someone their job this is partly because we often blog/facebook/tweet on the run or at home ­ when the guard is down ­ rather than think carefully about what we are saying with blogging and how much to reveal it comes down to the individual some writers are happy to bare all and talk about their private lives within the public and virtual sphere i prefer to keep my blog focused on writing specifically travel writing i won t chat about what i had for breakfast but at the same time blogging is an expression of your own personality so you have to share enough of yourself to be authentic n mark dapin goes public for local author blogger and columnist mark dapin sharing parts of his personal life with the public isn t such a new thing he started writing about himself and his life a little over a decade ago before social media took over and everyone was plastering their holiday snaps in the public domain initially mark admits to creating a persona in his columns because he wasn t sure whether people would identify with him if he wrote exactly as he is however when he stopped doing this and began writing from a more personal place he became even more popular with readers as a journalist who asks very personal questions of others mark realised it was only fair that he be open himself after all it is a journalist s duty to be transparent in the facebook age we re all living our lives in public in a fashion previous generations would have found scandalous given how willing individuals are to parade themselves in front of the cyberworld is it still worth agonising over people having their private lives exposed by others this realisation that the public and private worlds had somewhat merged crystalised for mark during one particular interview when he found himself asking an interview subject whether she had sex after a date to which she responded would you answer that question many would feel uncomfortable answering such a query yet it seems questions like this one have become the norm and are often asked and answered publicly nevertheless mark s opinion regarding the public versus private lives of our politicians can be described as quite conventional their private life should be their own unless it s in direct opposition to their public life he says a view that 4


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make an appointment and bring in this ad you ll receive 20 off your next colour service monday thursday only


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community life the big breakfast challenge the mission was to test our most popular breakfast spots ­ a mission impossible considering how many great ones there are but here are a few suggested by our readers and rated by us based on food ambience service and value coffee was kept out of the equation because that s a whole other mission revolver annandale this destination café where you can enjoy brekky and some jazzy tunes is slightly off the beaten track but always buzzing starting with a fruity carnivale tea they have an impressive list of unusual leaf teas $4 which was set down with a sandglass timer so i knew when it was fully infused i waited for my bacon and egg roll 8 with rocket and awesome sauces yes the sauce was awesome and egg cooked perfectly the ricotta hotcakes are thick and fluffy too topped with plenty of rhubarb and strawberry compote and maple ricotta 14.50 i was seated immediately had my food within 10 minutes of ordering and while the staff aren t chatty they are attentive 7/10 r oad test rant is balmain now only famous for friands it seems these days that you cannot take a saturday morning stroll down darling street balmain without encountering a lengthy line of people outside zumbo s patisserie each time i see dozens of patrons lining up for what i assume is a very tasty $8 pastry i am reminded of how sydney s inner west has changed when i was a kid growing up in balmain in the `80s it was still a socially diverse place the pubs were not just full of lawyers and architects but also wharfies and labourers leichhardt was still a genuinely italian precinct and birchgrove while fashionable was not yet equivalent in wealth to vaucluse neville wran and wayne pearce were our proudest homegrown products it must be over a decade now since the cricketer s arms an old-fashioned bloodhouse became the monkey bar ­ a very pleasant upmarket wine bar and restaurant it was a very visible demonstration of the inexorable transformation of the old school watering holes with their loyal local punters into trendy venues focused on weekend trade a few years later came the `milk crate culture where beautiful people would drink their superb coffee not inside cafes but on milk crates dominating the footpath outside it was an ostentatious and bizarre turn for the worse but not a game changer 18 comes highly recommended with surprisingly good pear chutney definitely not a bad way to spend a sunday morning 8.5/10 kazbah balmain i felt a little odd dinning in this big restaurant alone it s so open airy and spacious that it s built for bigger groups they have a middle eastern-inspired menu and i d like to return with back-up to try a breakfast tagine which is a little too big for one this time i went for the omelette of the day with smoked salmon dill three chesses and onion marmalade 18 it arrived quickly with turkish bread and was also a generous size this menu was generally a little more expensive than the others but the wait staff were friendly and the egyptian hibiscus tea was delicious 6/10 that s what we call a big brekkie who stop to joke and chat even though they are run off their feet made it feel like there was no wait at all sitting in the relaxed outdoor area is like hanging out at a mate s place with kids free to play in the grass the food lives up to its name the generous servings keep you full till dinner and although we got one over-poached egg the tasty corn fritters made up for it the `big brekky big brekky petersham i was looking forward to judging this place for myself as i ve heard people both rave and complain about it after getting past the frantic front counter i found the experience was positive overall there was a 10-minute wait to be seated but the staff vargabar newtown this hip little breakfast spot a step away from the hustle and bustle of king street has great food presentation and is a cosy spot to read the paper which i was happy to see provided my organic free-range scrambled eggs on toast with tasty lean bacon 12.90 came topped with crispy shavings of pumpkin and garnished with greens and a little pesto which gave it something extra special it was all washed down nicely with a pot of organic revive 3.50 which is a bit like green tea with a hint of lemon add in the good pricing and quick service and you ll get no complaints from this diner 8/10 n nancy merlo tiger town is still a wonderful place filled with fantastic people but today the designer culture reigns supreme sometime in the recent past a cultural tipping point was reached and the traditional knockabout culture that had drawn so many people to the balmain community all but disappeared tiger town is still a wonderful place filled with fantastic people but today the designer culture reigns supreme for some reason the crowd outside zumbo s has taken on a powerful symbolic meaning for me and for other long-term locals i have spoken to some less generous than i have suggested that people stand 100-deep in the cake line because it is a great place to be seen i am not a huge fan of masterchef but i have watched enough to know that adriano has reached the dizzying heights of celebrity because he makes a bloody good dessert i was even inspired once to set aside an hour to join the queue and snag myself a delicious if somewhat pricey chocolate croissant there s nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life nonetheless i was taught to love balmain not for its beauty or its style but for the friendship and camaraderie to be found there can it be that balmain the suburb that hosts a world-record number of pubs and which was for a century the template for larrikin working class australian culture is now famous only for friands surely not come along for the premiere of the darkly humorous intriguing murder mystery crushed and watch as police uncover what really happened the night susie greene went missing it s the summer of 1988 and susie is celebrating her sweet sixteenth birthday as the gifts are handed out her boyfriend jason gives her a poison t-shirt and her best friend kelly gives her a name-necklace while dazza offers her a handful of pills susie disappeared that night and now 22 years later her blood splattered t-shirt is unearthed in the scrub and so jason kelly and dazza are brought back together for the bleakest of high school reunions as the police uncover new evidence susie s friends are forced to confront memories they d hoped to leave buried forever the show runs wednesday 16th may to saturday 9th june tickets are $30 and performances run 8pm tuesday to saturday and 5pm sundays n new theatre 542 king st newtown to win a double pass to see the show on sunday 19th may at 5pm email join the crushed win tix what s on compiled by nancy merlo email friday 16th may info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are n darcy byrne leichhardt councillor comedy this is a state versus state battle between nsw cranston cup winners the dysle-x-ia men and their interstate rivals this is surely going to be a battle of glory or death in the ultimate fighting comedy challenge hosted by rebecca de unamuno and an array of celebrity judges n wednesday 23rd may building bridges festival presented by the refugee action coalition the building bridges festival will be an evening of music to support refugee rights and end mandatory detention may 6th 2012 marked 20 years of mandatory detention in australia and this festival acknowledges the issues faced by asylum seekers over this time shows support to those in detention and sends a clear message that mandatory detention is unacceptable some of australia s top musical acts will perform including the herd watussi and rosie iranian poet mohsen soltani and his band ember will 6 also be featured the event starts at 6pm at the standard level 3 383 bourke st darlinghurst tickets $30 n info at au or weds 16th to sun 27th may manufacturing captures the surreal fading of the once vigorous inner city industrial scene while paola s translucent assemblages of glass fragments scavenged at low tide are arranged and juxtaposed with underwater scenes in her photographic series gyre n chrissie cotter gallery pidcock st camperdown saturday 19th may topography at chrissie cotter opening officially on friday 18th may from 6pm to 8pm topography is part of the head on photo festival exhibition featuring the work of artists johanna trainor and paola talbert the exhibition explores the natural and artificial features of the world in completely opposite ways johanna s photographic series australian theatresports as part of the sydney comedy festival the enmore theatre will be hosting an improv comedy show but not just any improv comedy show ­ the theatresports national championships ­ the biggest event in improv single launch vanessa raspa the zombie cats are bringing back the soulful days of aretha and frank to the vanguard this month sultry front woman vanessa raspa and her zombie cats combine the swish of classic `50s come-hither sounds with a contemporary twist effortlessly bringing together the sounds of blues rock n roll jazz and soul this show launches the group s new single tickets are $15.80 n for more info and tickets visit at big hair and big voices fri 25th may to sun 3rd june hairspray the worldwide phenomenon that is hairspray is coming to canterbury hurlstone park rsl hairspray is that rare treat a musical with


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n local gigs sunday 13th may n local movies mikelangelo the tin star yep this guy sure has a pretty sultry voice shows at the vanguard are always worth checking out and it s nice to see the men still representing the venue and not getting scared away by the daring divas often found performing there the vanguard newtown $23.80 $53.80 including eats +bf free tickoebts d u le win movies passes men behaving oddly silent souls sydney s film festival is just around the corner and lovers of hauntingly beautiful movies from places they ll never go to will be in heaven in the meantime here s one from last year set in grey and perpetually drizzling central russia it is the custom here apparently for brides on their wedding nights to attach pieces of coloured wool to their pubic hair a procedure shown in astonishing detail other scenes in aleksei fedorchenko s homage to old russia as bright shiny capitalism takes over which surely has malls with hair-removal salons seem odd and more than a little confronting like miron yuri tsurilo pouring vodka over his beloved wife tanya s naked body before well you know later in a laconic and meditative road trip miron and close friend aist one-time lover of his wife drive through the icy slush with the now deceased tanya on their way to a final burial ground by a lake what happened to her we don t know but neither men return this is a trip you won t forget in a hurry do go on it ctc from may 17 n thanks to icon films we have 10 double in season passes to give away details below n reviews ­ re mikelangelo the tin star sunday 20th may men behaving badly jill birt and alsy macdonald morning night big smoky if you don t recognise the names you may recognise the band they re most well known for playing with ­ the triffids alsy was the drummer jill was the keyboardist they fell in love i can t resist a good love story and i also can t resist seeing true australian rock legends live the vanguard newtown $28.80 $63.80 including eats +bf thursday 17th may safe remember jason statham from 1998 s lock stock two smoking barrels since then the perpetually grizzled bullet-headed actor has made a career transporter out of being as mad as a cut snake ­ readily opening the arteries of almost everyone he meets in boaz yakin s ludicrously enjoyable or is that enjoyably ludicrous fast-paced action thriller his wisecracking lead-pumping and skull-cracking abilities get a workout again he s luke disgraced super cop beaten down into the gutter by his crooked nypd cronies and russian mobsters he s about to top himself when he finds salvation in the form of mei catherine chan a 10-year-old chinese maths wiz with a valuable number code memorised she s on the run from the triad and everyone wants her enter luke who turns out to have a conscience of sorts and a heart but note this isn t mayor bloomberg s squeaky clean gentrified manhattan of today ­ here the gritty corrupt angry and adrenalin pumping new york of the `70s gets a triumphant encore not before time and safe is a beautifully realised very superior piece of pulp noir ma15 from on now n thanks to icon films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below the best of the rest trishna readers of the classic novel tess of the d urbervilles often complain that nothing happens for long chapters not a problem in michael winterbottom s hyperactive adaption set in contemporary india which has rear-entry sex spliffs lots more sex and bollywood dancers to spice up thomas hardy s dull book perhaps this version won t make the hsc but it s a damn good one all the same trishna freida pinto is the stunningly beautiful daughter of a poor rajasthan truck driver who falls for the wrong posh man riz ahmed it doesn t end well but you know that ma15 at palace norton st on now how to survive a bullfight jesus christ posse the braves the reflections this is one of those times when there simply aren t enough gigs on in the inner west i love the names of these bands so without knowing a thing about them and without caring to know i heartily recommend this event to you the valve tempe n claire albrecht win tix declaration of war gorgeously hip but scruffy parisian couple romeo jérémie elkaim and juliette valerie donzelli meet in a nightclub frolic rapturously in love for few scenes then pop ­ crying baby and well you know the rest actually you don t ­ for in writer/director donzelli s deliriously paced and genuinely moving story largely autobiographical the couple s much-loved 18-month-old son is found to have a brain tumour eschewing the usual clichés of such melodramas and often abandoning narrative altogether we follow the couple s panicked and frequently self-destructive attempts to deal with the why us as well as the baffling hospital system they love each other sure but the strains of what turns out to be a very long war take their inevitable toll an ode to the tenacity of filial love says time out new york exhilarating writes ny times yep it s a real beauty m15 at palace norton st rom may 31 n thanks to palace films we have 10 double passes to the preview weekend friday may 25 to sunday may 27 to giveaway details below win tix tragic love reality bites the world premiere of deeming kicks off at the newly refurbished king street theatre this month so get set for a fascinating black comedy that parallels our modern obsession with reality television set in colonial australia deeming follows the story of frederick bailey deeming ­ a thief swindler bigamist and ruthless mass murderer at large on our shores ­ and actor/manager alfred dampier who comes up with the brilliant idea of making `reality theatre out of deeming s unfolding story dampier s play changes as deeming s case progresses and new information is reported in the news his drama becomes a smash hit but as the season develops the lines between fact and gruesome fantasy are blurred and an awful possibility emerges ­ could there be a link between deeming and the characters acting out his life on the stage come along from may 22nd to june 3rd and find out tickets $30 show runs tuesday to saturday at 8pm sundays at 5pm n king street theatre cnr king bray streets newtown to win a double pass to the show email and tell us your favourite reality tv show from monday 28th may theatrics or terrifying reality a message that says something important ­ we are all different and we are all special ­ but says it with joy energy and humour rockdale musical society and canterbury theatre guild have joined forces and the two companies experienced teams will combine to have audiences wanting to tap their feet sing along dance in the aisles and stand cheering tickets $35 $30 concessions $25 children for bookings call 9559 0000 n until sunday 27th may head on as part of the head on photography festival tali gallery will be taking a surprising journey through six remote art communities with their exhibition work of art this intriguing exhibition reveals unusual glimpses of traditional life quirky aspects of art creation unique to these remote communities the unexpected integration of aspects of `western culture and evidence a work of art from tali gallery of the acclaim and interest in aboriginal art internationally pop in for daily guided tours of the exhibit which run at 11.30am and 3.30pm there will also be a screening of film my generation on thursday 24th may at 6.30pm at the gallery n tali gallery 667 darling street rozelle tel 9555 6555 www.taligallery drug action art week the drug action art week competition is about taking action through art anyone over 13-years-old can participate by sending in an original artwork focusing on the theme of `looking after your mind while any medium is accepted pieces can be no larger than an a3 page and will be on display from the 1st to the 28th of june the official launch of drug action week is on wednesday 20th june with free giveaways and a presentation for the winners of the art prize entry forms can be picked up from leichhardt library and must be submitted by the 28th may n for more info call leichhardt library on 9367 9266 sunday 27th may show will be conducted by sarah-grace williams with the accompaniment of a full huge orchestra also featuring solo violinist katherine lukey they will be performing three pieces sibelius s vale triste mendelssohn s violin concerto and beethoven s symphony no 6 `pastoral the show starts at 3pm so come along and indulge your senses n for more info visit www or book on 1300 150 465 win double movie passes theatre tix to be in the running to win a double pass to safe silent souls and/or declaration of war or any of the theatre tix above just email your name and postal address to telling us only at the movies may 10 where you picked up your copy of ciao if you give us an order of preference too we ll do our best community glamour at its best 7 orchestra the metropolitan orchestra is performing at the balmain town hall this month the


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rooms with a view a hotel in austria and one much closer to home offer very different winter experiences as winsor dobbin reports it s hard to suppress a look of astonishment as you enter the bio-hotel stanglwirt in the mountainous tyrol region of austria the staff are dressed as if they are ready to audition for a remake of the sound of music then there is the decor every ski chalet cliché is covered from the many wooden beams and piles of firewood to the roaring log fire ­ even in the height of summer and then there is the view from the lounge which directly overlooks a dressage ring where magnificent white lipizzaner horses are being put through their paces to a soundtrack of saccharine euro pop at night the house entertainer hansi is dressed in lederhosen and plays a traditional wooden zither there s also dj otto playing great dance music the hotel s website even goes so far as to say that staying here is just like being in a fairytale so far so hilarious throw in the `oasis of silence a mock cave with recliner chairs that has views of an aquarium containing not one but two black-tip reef sharks the nude spa and some leather-clad male staff and you might well think you were on the set of a porn movie not so in winter the bio-hotel stanglwirt is a giant ski resort in summer it is a health spa nestled in the middle of a beautiful natural wilderness region with dramatic views of the wilder kaiser mountain range that can cause you to lose your breath it s a hotel much favoured by austria s rich and famous the stanglwirt is a family-run business that first opened in 1609 and has not closed for a single day in the past 250 years it operates on organic principles peppers manor house is the perfect winter escape with rooms and suites created from natural materials including wood lots of wood while inspiring in both its size and scope carpets are made from pure wool and the towels and there are eight outdoor tennis courts and six indoors bed linen are 100 per cent cotton or linen a golf course and a fitness garden with high-tech gym the meats and cheeses served in the restaurants come from the on-site farm while the water used is from the property s own natural spring mountain bikes are available to rent and there is the opportunity to go nordic walking throughout the year equipment and in winter you can enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh-ride through the snow or a dip in one of the heated thermal pools golf tennis and riding lessons are all on offer those in need of some therapy can enjoy a manicure pedicure massage facial or ayurvedic treatment or sample one of the many thalasso therapy options including the rock sauna organic pine sauna salt water grotto natural stone sauna the wilder kaiser sauna the whirlpool area or the mountain crystal stream grotto there is also the option to ride one of the beautiful lipizzaners or take a hiking tour to the hotel s mountainside cheese hut kids are welcome although not in the nude spa and there is free internet access too staying at the stanglwirt is like taking a break in a parallel universe but i found it strangely easy to become comfortable with this particular brand of luxury kitsch the facts l bio-hotel stanglwirt kaiserweg 1 a-6353 going tirol austria www.stanglwirt com phone +43 5358 2000 rooms start from e135 per night travel getting out of town for a day ­ in honkers we all know hong kong is famous for its wonderful array of markets the nightly city light show and of course amazing shopping and dining experiences but there is more to discover than just kowloon and hong kong island ­ with a wonderful ferry network getting out to some of the surrounding islands is easy about a 30-minute ride will see you arrive at the small island of cheung chau most famous for its annual bun festival the port is dotted with local fishing boats and the waterfront strip is a combination of restaurants and market stalls after a bite check out the produce market stalls of fruit bread and fish visit the pak tai temple and then finish the day with a relaxing swim at the beach the other main island is lantau and in comparison is much bigger with lots more to choose from including disneyland a day in itself beaches and ngong ping village ngong ping village can be accessed by a cable car offering amazing views of the surrounding mountains the sea and the famous giant buddha once at the village you can visit the tea house po lin monastery and follow the wisdom path you can also visit tai o a small fishing village in lantau providing an insight into the local trade the people still live in stilt houses over the water and the markets are a sensory experience with salted fish on display june 23rd will see this small island celebrate the dragon boat water parade ­ the boats row through tai o waters to pacify the wandering water ghosts n global village travel 1/13 beattie street balmain free parking next door tel 9555 8355 peppers manor house home to katers restaurant is the ideal southern highlands bolthole for those who love country house-style hotels the homestead was built in 1926 and its charm has been retained and enhanced by tasteful decoration to create an indulgent escape that blends deluxe accommodation with gourmet food and wine the hills are alive with the sounds of horse hooves during winter there are open fires but in summer meals are served in a leafy courtyard and drinks by the pool facilities include a beauty salon swimming pool and tennis court and there are some lovely nooks and crannies on the ground floor that are perfect for relaxing with a good book or the sunday papers with a full refurbishment now complete rooms and corridors have been reborn with new colour schemes striking furnishings premium bathroom fittings flat screen tvs and deluxe carpets peppers manor house has just 41 rooms and suites with views of the beautiful english-style gardens and the mount broughton golf course the chic resort is a perfect winter getaway destination cosy up beside the fire with a good book and a glass of red and enjoy an indulgent dinner during the manor house s special christmas in july promotion priced from $339 per night sunday to thursday or from $369 per night on friday and saturday nights the christmas in july package includes overnight accommodation in a cottage room buffet breakfast for two and a four-course christmas in july dinner created by executive chef twan wyers the menu includes mulled wine on arrival deconstructed prawn cocktail roasted pumpkin soup with turkey dumpling and chestnut duo of lamb with roast vegetables and rosemary gratin and christmas pudding with cream cheese ice cream and poached fruit l call 02 4860 3111 or email manorhouse ciao reader offer book your city encounter to hong kong bangkok singapore or tokyo and receive the corresponding lonely planet encounter guide the hotel also hosts a twice-yearly folk music festival and is just a short drive from kufstein where visitors are welcome to visit the world-famous riedel wine glass factory where there are free tours that offer the chance to see exquisite crystal wine glasses and decanters being hand blown the bizarrely-dressed hotel staff prove to be both helpful and multilingual while the breakfast buffet is awe this offer is valid for bookings made and deposited before 8th june 2012 for travel in 2012 booking of flights and minimum 3 nights accommodation must be made through global village travel limit of 1 book per booking conditions apply linea john pty ltd trading as global village travel licence number 2ta003595 aperitivo izza ired p woodf urant ta res ar wine b dining ble rivate a p m avail ion roo t event funct nex or your f 163 norton st leichhardt 2040 02 9564 0003 tue wed thur fri sat 5pm-12am sun 5pm-10pm 8


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kitchen ingredients 300g pork mince with melissa leong curry puffs as with every recipe i write this is simple and seriously tasty make them tiny for cute little canapés or larger as lunchbox favourites 1 packet of short crust pastry 2 large potatoes diced 1 small sweet potato diced 1 carrot peeled and diced 1 brown onion diced ½ cup frozen peas 2 cloves of garlic crushed 1 tblsp curry powder mix ½ cup chicken stock 1tsp sugar salt to taste method 1 on medium heat fry onions garlic and mince 2 stir in the curry powder and continue to stir fry to cook the spices for a few minutes 3 add in the potatoes sweet potato and carrots and combine 4 add the stock and simmer the mixture until the vegetables are al dente and the liquid has evaporated 5 add in the seasonings to taste 6 add the peas remove the pan from the heat and allow the mixture to cool completely 7 to cook preheat the oven to 180 degrees 8 cut the pastry into squares large enough to fit your desired amount of filling in and once filled fold into triangles 9 use a fork to seal the edges and brush the pastry with egg before putting in the oven 10 bake until the pastry turns golden enjoy n type to enter text wine with winsor bright white singlefile 2011 porongurup riesling if you love your whites with plenty of zingy zesty acidity then this one will be right up your alley from the great southern region of western australia which is producing some stunning rieslings this is bone dry with some tight intense grapefruit and granny smith apple flavours on the palate there s some stoney minerality too impressive textural elements and plenty of length $25 classy blend zema estate 2008 the cluny cabernet merlot another classy coonawarra red from the ultra-reliable zema family enjoyable on release and very reasonably priced it is a classic bordeaux blend with cabernet sauvignon and merlot dominant but there is also a smidgen of malbec and cabernet franc a beautifully structured wine soft and appealing on the palate with bright berry fruits hints of spice and nicely integrated oak it has drinkability with a capital d $26 flaking out is fun pasties puffs pies anything that involves a savoury filling wrapped in flaky golden pastry creates a winning situation every time curry puffs are quintessential street food in places like south-east asia and growing up it was all about that pocket of goodness as a treat when out doing the groceries with the parents at the markets n trim s fresh shop 21 marketplace leichhardt 9572 6886 affordable chardy trentham estate 2011 chardonnay you don t have to pay a fortune to enjoy chardonnay that tastes like chardonnay this is a cracking little wine with pronounced tropical fruit flavours nutty nuances subdued oak and some nice crispness on the finish a very good result from a challenging vintage but you d expect nothing less from a winery that always delivers a very enjoyable drop with roast chicken $15 n n vegetables eggplants $3 4/kg celery $2 3/bunch chinese cabbage wombok ­ great in soups stir fries and salads fennel aniseed ­ cooked or raw $1.50 2 green capsicum $3 4 cauliflower $2.50 3 each chestnuts $4 10/kg hass avocado $1 3 each depending on size they re good to use in omelettes and salads fruit lemons $2 5/kg packham pears $1 4/kg sweet navel oranges $1.50 4/kg and apples granny smith red delicious and royal gala $2 6/kg thoughts from a seasoned hospo n jared ingersoll the article in this week s smh good living about the true cost of the `no-show booking got me thinking about the hospitality industry in the article erez from bistro bruno in balmain who is known for `naming and shaming no-shows through twitter in the face of huge backlash understandably says our business is publicly audited by amateurs day in day out so why should he not name and shame it seems only fair while i do think it s fair to be honest i don t know what the point would be there are always going to be noshows because we are dealing with humans there s always going to be the `got friends they want to impress so booked at three restaurants so they can choose on the night cancellation types but you are also going to have the `baby sitter just cancelled genuines ask any seasoned hospo worker and they will tell you that we see all types ­ polite people rude people the gastronome the connoisseur the artisan the pig-headed alpha male ­ the lot there are also people thankfully a minority who believe that the service industry is a god given right as opposed to a commercial service and feel that because they are being served they have carte blanche for rudeness but this rude minority really don t deserve the airtime they are getting sure it s an issue to be aware of but can we move on now please as i would really like to concentrate on you lot the nice ones that we like who keep coming back you are our favourites in fact if you come into danks street this week and tell the guys that you are one of jared s favourites i ll buy you a coffee soup 323 parramatta rd leichhardt hq this week thursday provencal chicken and vegetable soup with gremolata friday middle eastern inspired pumpkin coriander and lentil soup from 12 noon till 2pm explore develop explore develop lilyfield provides a friendly environment that has a warm relaxed and home-like atmosphere our centre is based on the core principles and beliefs that early childhood is a unique stage of life the way we introduce children to early learning is important as it is the foundation on which children will build the rest of their lives expore develop thanks its loyal customers for their votes and support the centre opens from 7.30am to 6pm monday to friday 51 weeks of the year $8.50 includes crusty bread explore develop ground floor 370 norton st lilyfield ph 9572 8442 community glamour at its best 9


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inner west local business awards 2012 congratulations finalists the votes are in they ve been counted the finalists have been announced and soon we ll find out who the winners are the competition is fierce categories we here at ciao are closely watching include hairdressers seafood outlets and specialised retail business so many brilliant finalists and so hard to choose finalists will be independently judged using a customerfocused criteria based on business fundamentals such as value for money attentiveness and knowledge of staff members merchandising and the overall appearance of the business the judges will be anonymous to ensure accurate judgment and the competition will be fierce the presentation on wednesday 16th may at burwood rsl club offers a fantastic opportunity for outstanding local businesses to be rewarded and also serves as a great networking opportunity for business owners good luck to all the finalists n info 8577 5060 or ethically sourced homewares and giftwares dez wong and steve loe and from precedent productions congratulate the finalists infancy infancy is a children s shopping must see with three stores located across sydney s inner west leah kress owner of infancy has carefully and thoughtfully searched for all the most beautiful innovative and inspiring products for babies children and parents from every corner of the world established back in 2003 infancy is a one-stop store providing everything for baby and child expect to find a well selected range of traditional toys hard to find gifts clothing and footwear its rare to find such a unique range of products in one space infancy 584 darling street rozelle ph 9555 5080 2-4 nelson street annandale just off parramatta road 9519 2398 inner west local business awards 2012 specialised retail business quality unique and inviting toys photography courtesy of hayden brotchie quality educational toys and games that foster imagination and creativity mention ciao in-store or online for a free gift with purchases over $30 valid until end of may 2012 the flying penguin team 9516 2842 shop 1 359 king street newtown after opening almost three years ago flying penguin are thrilled to be finalists in the inner west business awards and want to thank their customers for the support a family business flying penguin s owners and staff have really enjoyed getting to know the people who travel from all corners of the inner west to visit their store looking for an inspiring toy for a child every day customers walk into the shop and are amazed at how beautiful toys can be quality wooden and unique toys are not easy to find but flying penguin s buyers source toys from all around the world to find the cherished pieces that will last for generations like pull-along wooden alligators for toddlers tea sets made from recycled plastic milk bottles locally made rainbow blocks and challenging strategy board game alternatives to internet games with a careful eye on sustainability and ethical manufacturing the owners of flying penguin look for toys that change to suit the developmental age of the child for example a trike that converts to a two-wheel bike and multi-purpose blocks children learn through play and quality toys can really add fun to education flying penguin staff are trained to find exactly what you need ­ whether you are looking for a gift or a teaching resource ­ and they are happy to share this information with customers via email facebook and the website if you are looking for inspiration after hours also adding to the shop s great customer service is the fact that they can ship their products all over australia n shop 1 359 king street newtown ph 9516 2842 finalist in the 2012 small business awards 10 flying penguin thanks all our loyal customers for their continued support


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finalist sts ali fin ashfield m atulates its all congr 2011 inner west lists in the ulates its fina mall congrat ashfield ess awards local busin 2 inner west 201 moss clothing men s clothing moss clothing is known for its stylish clothing and extensive range of brands suited to young fashionable inner west guys they stock henleys elwood mossimo and popular melbourne label st goliath ­ just to name a few ­ and the friendly staff are always available to help shoppers find the right piece for them more recently the store has been growing their formal wear range and doing a lot more wedding parties they have special occasions covered with their range of shoreditch english brand specialising in more fitted suits and studio italia suits sid who works full time at the store and believes in looking after the customers who look after him has created a loyal following of customers over the years that continue to return for his fantastic service and stock sid says he s looking forward to the exposure the business awards offer and can t wait to welcome back his old customers as well as meet some new ones n moss clothing shop 43 ashfield mall ph 9799 2995 radiant jewellery jewellery store radiant jewellery inside ashfield mall has quickly gained a reputation for their friendly professional service and wonderfully unique pieces of gold and silver jewellery the very helpful sales people at the shop are always happy to cater to each customer s individual requests and requirements and are ready to help you find a piece that is right for you the shop showcases all popular brands including pandora and thomas sabo plus classic diamond gold and silver jewellery so customers never have any trouble finding exactly what they are looking for owners richard and jessica duong who are often behind the shop counter themselves want to say a big thank you to their loyal patrons for the support they have given over the last year it s the customers who really make the business work and the couple is grateful for all the support they receive as small business people n radiant jewellery shop 52 level 4 ashfield mall ph 9799 9001 prouds jewellery store prouds the jewellers is a well established and trusted jewellery brand in australia and has been for over 100 years when you walk into prouds ashfield mall you will not only receive the friendly customer service that the staff are renowned for you will also take comfort in the fact that you can choose from the largest selection of quality jewellery in australia prouds offers a complete range of gold and silver jewellery watches and giftware for any occasion we also feature a stunning collection of diamond and coloured stone jewellery our goals are to deliver quality value service and that our company standards will be higher than our competitors kent and his team are excited to be nominated and would like to thank their loyal customers for their support over the years when you shop at prouds the jewellers you shop with confidence n prouds shop 23 ashfield mall ph 9798 9646 oz hair hairdressing elio and vanessa nappa of oz hair have over twenty-seven years experience in the hair-care industry and have quickly become one of the most popular salons in ashfield catering to customers of all ages hair types and needs the family-run business is known for their friendly team whom are all trained in the latest styling techniques and constantly keeping up to date with newest trends elio says the success of the business comes down to the fact that they have the best team of hairdressers that welcome new and regular customers with open arms and always use quality products on their clients the couple are honoured to be finalists in the business awards and invite local residents to pop into the store to meet the team and experience fantastic service at an affordable price from colours to cuts perms and blow dries they ve got you covered at oz hair n oz hair shop 7b ashfield mall ph 9799 8130 also nominated are gloria jeans coffee/bakery priceline pharmacy allphones specialised retail 260a liverpool road ashfield nsw ph 02 9799 8488


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hairdresser inner west local business awards 2012 all about the hair the man himself renato mendoza owner of renato mendoza hair studio in annandale says he feels honoured to have been nominated once again for the inner west business awards unfazed by his competition renato ­ who has worked in renowned salons in brazil new york and milan ­ insists that the sun shines on everyone and that he is grateful to his loyal clients who have voted for the business in recognition of his hard work and outstanding service thankyou to all our delightful and special customers talking with renato one gets the feeling that he certainly doesn t leave much time for himself he puts in up to 10 hours of work a day both with clients as well as behind the scenes often not finishing until 7 or 8 o clock at night despite the long hours required in the running of a small business the passion for his work shines through as renato describes how these lengthy working days leave him feeling exhausted but exhilarated mendoza says that what he loves most about his work is watching clients leave his studio glowing and feeling like a million dollars his customers range in age from five to 100 and though mostly locals he has been known to attract clients from as far as the blue mountains mudgee orange and even canberra when women find what they want they are prepared to travel renato explains this hardworking and successful small business owner has a team of only eight staff and has no intention of expanding i like being unique and having control of the quality i do everything myself mendoza contends that he is happy to remain just as he is ­ especially since it seems to be working for him by the popularity of his studio it would appear that his clients agree 101a johnston st annandale sydney ph 9660 1373 n renato mendoza hair studio 101a johnston street annandale ph 9660 1373 renato hairdresser inner west local business awards 2012 glitterbox the glitterbox salon winners of the 2011 inner west business award for best hairdressing salon glitterbox is in the running yet again this year and would like to thank the growing clientele for all their continued support glitterbox has a great team of hairdressing professionals who love their work and love looking after their clients senior hair stylists sharon and tom have 30 years experience between them with tom also specialising in makeup ­ so if you have a special occasion and want to look fabulous at glitterbox they can give you a complete look stef is a full-time stylist who does amazing work as 12 does dale who works at the salon part-time while sarah-jay is a talented stylist who completed her apprenticeship at glitterbox and is renowned for doing great hair colours and now great hairstyles too glitterbox also recently welcomed tony as the new apprentice and together they all make a great team and enjoy every minute of their workday drop in to the salon or check out the hair menu on their website which includes cool styles and cuts colours treatments and eyebrow and eyelash tints glitterbox offer glitter hair flairs too which are guaranteed to add glam and glitter to your next haircut they are very soft and silky just like real hair and are made from 100 high-grade heat-resistant polyester fibre so they are not affected by shampoo blow-drying styling or flat irons hair flairs last for about two weeks after being tied into your hair and are a great way to add something special to your next new haircut n 469 king street newtown ph 9550 2700


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hairdresser inner west local business awards 2012 do or dye marylee gallo is the talented hair expert and owner of do or dye hair salon dulwich hill which she runs with her sister grace here she tells ciao what it feels like to be an inner west small business awards finalist we are delighted to be recognised for our work in the industry by our clients and the local community it gives us a great sense of achievement do you have a message for all the loyal customers that voted for you this is our fifth year in business since opening do or dye during this time our clients have become like a family to our salon we would like to thank them for their continued support as well as the support from local businesses and organisations who have all assisted with our growth what do you love most about your job what i love most about being a hairdresser is the challenge to match clients with the right style and to help them to create the look they wish to achieve it is a very satisfying feeling when our clients leave our salon feeling glamorous how long have you been in the hairdressing industry i have been in the industry for 15 years and have had the opportunity to work with a lot of talented and creative people who have been very inspirational what do you love about working in the inner west the inner west is home to some great businesses and has heaps of character i am constantly exploring new things and i feel proud to be a part of the area ­ it has been very rewarding n 401 new canterbury rd dulwich hill ph 9560 7770 marylee and grace gallo mother s day promo glow naturally sun kissed or bronzed goddess spray tan plus a free full sized product of your choice from the naked tan range $25 save $30 treat heat activated deep conditioning treatment haircut and beautiful blowdry $60 save $40 gift buy mum a gift certificate gorgeously presented in a gift box and we will include a do or dye hairbrush with the voucher do or dye hairdressing p 9560 7770 a 401 new canterbury rd dulwich hill w free gift available while stocks last offers valid until 31 may 2012 on presentation of this flyer community glamour at its best 13


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summer hill s finest inner west local business awards 2012 summer hill has been a standout suburb in this year s inner west local business awards with a number of the finalists to be found scattered throughout the streets of the area atic taxation atic pty ltd was created with the purpose of offering a professional and personal service of high quality to independent contractors and enterprises involved in small business as well as investors we have experience of over 25 years and are skilled in navigating tax laws and practices in order to maximise our clients entitlements our team speaks english and spanish and is able to communicate with clients from a wide variety of different cultural backgrounds our mission is to offer a specialised service of quality in the field of accounting office bookkeeping business practices and taxation our vision is to be recognised as an industry leader in auditing accounting and consultancy we offer book-keeping and general accounting services taxation services corporate secretarial services insurance consultancy property investment and home loan advice n 30 grosvenor crescent summer hill ph 9716 8255 or 9716 8749 the team from atic taxation r³ education centre the r³ education centre was launched in january 2011 and has since offered children an innovative reading writing and arithmetic r³ program to complement their time at school one year on owner naomi innes is thrilled to be nominated as a finalists for the inner west business awards here s what she had to say when she caught up with ciao recently it is great to have the recognition from our clients that we are doing a great job having great reliable staff that love working with children has also been a great help after recently giving birth to my third child i ve relied on them to be at the forefront of the business my parents were vietnamese immigrants and one of the things they instilled in me was the importance of education having escaped a war-torn country the only thing in their possession coming to australia was the clothes on their back and the knowledge that they needed to give their daughters a better chance at education in a country like australia after having my first son in 2005 i found myself wanting the same things for my son as my parents for me so i became part of a tutoring franchise but found it too restrictive in 2011 i set up my own tutoring business which brings me to today we re in the process of adding mandarin to our centre which currently offers maths and english to children from preschool through to high school it s such a privilege to be part of a child s learning ­ any type of learning is a threeway partnership between the parents student and tutor and i ve known some of the students at our centre for over six years it s amazing to see them grow more confident at school and flourish and seeing the centre grow and receive referrals from my existing families i know we must be doing the right thing n 131 smith st summer hill ph 0414 393 564 or 8097 7875 s naomi jim xan mohamad annabelle david from the r3 education centre mabel s beauty what local business owner mabel of mabel s beauty in summer hill loves most about her beauty salon is the relationships she has been able to form with her customers over the years it seems her loyal clients agree and love her right back with some of them having followed her for 38 years the business provides a variety of beauty treatments ranging from waxing services to skin treatments facials blemish removal and relaxation therapies mabel s beauty is also proud to offer treatments and facials for both men as well as women she and her excellent team aim to make customers feel comfortable at ease and in the company of friends a local resident herself and lover of the inner west it seems that mabel s popularity has quickly spread during its four years in business in summer hill mabel says she s very grateful for the customers who have voted for her for the inner west business awards this year and looks forward to continuing her friendship with them all n 2 sloane st summer hill ph 9799 9444 14 mabel


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community glamour at its best 15



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