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1 summer 2012 kelowna 2012 page 6 celi-y ak newsletter meet our new president page 7 celi-yak is published quarterly by the manitoba chapter canadian celiac association


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4 see map page 6


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5 celi-y ak newsletter disclaimer the contents of this publication are provided in good faith for information purposes only and using the most current information available subject to amendment should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a qualified health professional the professional advisory board of the canadian celiac association the cca has not reviewed this publication use of the information in this publication is at your own risk the cca does not endorse any product referenced in this publication to the fullest extent permitted by law the cca it s local chapters and all persons involved in compiling the publication disclaim any responsibility for and make no representations or warrantees regarding the information provided in this publication in no event will the cca its chapters or those persons involved in compiling this publication be held liable for any damages of any kind resulting from the use of the information in this publication celi-yak is published quarterly by the manitoba chapter canadian celiac association manitoba chapter 123 st anne s road winnipeg manitoba r2m 2z1 phone 204 772-6979 email office@celiac.mb.ca website www.manitobaceliac.com president s message kelowna 2012 news notes kid talk popcorn packed with antioxidents upcoming events food product info restaurant remarks outgoing president s message retirement spots skin disorders more nonfoods labeled gf unusual symptoms of celac disease friends of gardens event recipes contacts connections 7 8 9 10-11 13 15 16 17 18-19 19-20 21 21-22 22-23 23 24-25 26


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6 walk-a-thon site


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7 presidents message hello you were probably expecting a message from susan but as of the april 14 agm i am your new president for those of you who don t know me allow me to introduce myself my name is monique clement i was diagnosed with celiac disease 10 years ago and i immediately joined the association within monique clement the first year i started volunteering at first in the kitchen at meetings then organizing the walkathon secretary and vice-president two years ago i stepped down because of illness in the family and the amount of time and energy that needed to be devoted to that person in the past year i have been slowly getting back to volunteering besides the association i work full-time as a library technician in a french education library in my spare time i read sew cook and garden i would like to thank the other members of the executive for taking on the following roles past president susan finlay vice president ­ vacant secretary ­ dorothy macintyre treasurer ­ marcia tait event coordinator ­ kim summers and dave murray event hosts­ · june walkathon ­ dave murray · october ­ vacant · december potluck ­ lucie labossiere · february pancake breakfast ­ yvonne pregely ad hoc event coordinator ­ neil tarr children s program coordinator ­ sandra wolch media/publicity coordinator ­ vacant social media coordinators ­ tom wels and mark wolch membership coordinator ­ colleen watson members at large ­ grace patzer bruce mcbeth dorothy labay newsletter editors bonnie pirch and heather yeo will co-chair newsletter contributor ­ bonnie pirch dennis cook betsy hiebert newsletter distribution coordinators ­ dave murray and vacant newsletter advertising coordinator ­ pat dietrich newsletter publisher ­ ron webster regional liaison ­ heather yeo peer counseling coordinator ­ nancy moffat media and awareness in gimli area ­ dennis riehl i would like to thank susan for all of her years as president of the chapter during that time susan has been a great asset and her knowledge in the medical field will be greatly missed i would also like to thank her for organizing ahead of time all of the activities for may awareness month there will not be a meeting at the june 2 walk-a-thon at kildonan park you will be getting the information and volunteers needed if you are interested in any of the vacant positions give me a call at 204-237-4898 or email me at m.clement@mymts.net some positions such as event host are a very short commitment whereas other positions require a longer commitment.


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9 news notes manitoba chapter has a new president helped organize this event for us dorothy labay dennis cook jodi lee heather yeo susan finlay and bonnie pirch trade shows are a great way for us to spread awarecongratulations to monique clement manitoba chapness for celiac disease ter s new president on saturday april 14 at the annual general meeting out going president susan finlay passed the reins over to monique best wishes to monique in her new role congratulations to dorothy macintyre nominated as chapter delegate for the 2012 convention in kelowna b.c chapter delegate to attend kelowna convention friends of gardens new gf support group on may 10th the first official meeting of the newly formed gluten free support group will be held in dauphin manitoba heather yeo regional liaison for the manitoba chapter presented a celiac disease information session and facilitated the launch of the new support group in dauphin great job heather heather yeo dorothy macintyre dennis cook bonnie pirch seeking new venue the manitoba chapter is looking for a new home for general meetings the wish list includes space for 100 people with tables and chairs functional kitchen microphone/sound system parking lot and bus service separate room for newly diagnosed handicap access central location reasonable rent if you know of a venue meeting these requirements please call the office and leave a message at 204-772-6979 or email office@manitobaceliac.com our manitoba chapter was pleased to be able to take part in the friends of gardens gardening saturday this year on march 31st at the canadian mennonite university north campus it was a trade show plus there were workshops on gardening and a food market that also had gluten free food available the soup was delicious but sadly there was no gf bread there was a huge crowd and our booth for the celiac association was busy with many questions about celiac disease and the gf diet several of our members took turns at the booth thanks to our volunteers colleen watson who


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10 kid talk pretty pencil pinwheel by amanda formaro difficulty easy age 7 and up two of the sides cut through the pattern and the colored paper along the dotted lines but do not cut in to the center circle use a thumbtack or stick pin to poke out the holes in every other corner as indicated on the pattern set the pattern piece aside 1 take one corner one with a hole and fold it toward the center of the square fold the next corner that has a hole and fold it toward the center on top of the first holed corner repeat with the other two corners with holes until all four are folded into the center glue the folds to each other and to pinwheels are an age old craft that your grandma will rethe center hold together until dry member put together these pretty wind decorations and 2 push the thumbtack through the center of the pinwheel stick them in your garden and into the eraser of the pencil make sure the what you ll need pinwheel isn t touching colored card stock or the eraser or it won t construction paper spin pinwheel pattern thumbtack or stick glue some sequins to pin the flaps of the pinwheel pencil with new erasand let dry er white craft glue tips scissors you can use plain sequins white paper and have how to make it children color with crayprint the pattern onto plain ons or markers to decocopy or printer paper rate before cutting out cut the square patthe pinwheel pattern tern out cutting on the decorate with lightsolid lines weight items such as sequins and stickers or lay pattern on top of colglitter glue items like ored paper and trace the buttons and craft jewels square cut out the are too heavy square from the colored if the pinwheel isn t turnpaper ing properly try using a longer stick pin rather than a thumbkeep the pattern square on top of the colored square either tack to allow more room between the pinwheel and the erashold it in place with your fingers or tape it down lightly on er.


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11 set up a lemonade stand this is a great idea because of the lessons in entrepreneurship involved loan your kids $10 as seed money for supplies or better yet let them use their own money from savings this way they don t get used to the idea that borrowing leads to prosperity take the kids along to the grocery store one morning and let them pick up the lemons sugar cups and a couple bags of ice to keep in a cooler yes crystal light lemonade works too but is less authentic and more expensive this is a great way for neighborhood kids to work together as they can divide into teams to man the lemonade stand make the lemonade handle the money etc please remember that an adult needs to be with the kids at all times both inside and outside the house so have a neighbor help orange sherbet recipe this healthy version of orange sherbet from the skinny chef jennifer iserloh will remind you of the push-up pops you had as a kid that were filled with creamy sherbet it s refreshingly cool during the hot summer months serves 8 ingredients 1 1/2 tbsp grated orange zest 2/3 cup granulated sugar 1 cup frozen orange juice concentrate 2 cups nonfat skim milk spend a day volunteering your time 2 cups nonfat plain yogurt a good way to wrap up summertime fun is to allow your kids to blend all ingredients in a blender or food processor until donate their time to a worthy smooth pour into popsicle molds or freeze in an air-tight cause contact a few local char container 3 to 4 hours or until firm ities and find out which ones will allow kids to volunteer some time over the summer under your supervision my daughknock knock ter has worked with project linus in the past ­ an organizawho s there tion that makes blankets for children who ve suffered a traumatic experience jason frugal dad turnip turnip who turnip the heat it s cold in here!


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13 from webmd health news popcorn packed with antioxidants kathleen doheny march 25 2012 popcorn already known to be a good source of fiber has higher levels of healthy antioxidants than some fruits and vegetables according to new research based on fiber whole grains and antioxidant levels popcorn is the king of snack foods says joe vinson phd professor of chemistry at the university of scranton but he isn t suggesting that anyone scrap fruits and vegetables in favor of popcorn it s not yet clear how much of popcorn s healthy antioxidants get absorbed by the body antioxidants in popcorn study details vinson and michael coco jr a chemistry student at the university analyzed four commercial brands of popcorn including two airpopped and two microwave varieties they evaluated antioxidants known as polyphenols these compounds are found in a wide variety of plants antioxidants undo the damage that can be done by unstable molecules known as free radicals everyone knows plant foods have antioxidants vinson tells webmd but nobody has even looked at what is in popcorn with respect to these compounds vinson and coco ground up the hull and the fluffy stuff vinson says and checked the polyphenol levels most of the polyphenols about 90 were in the hull vinson says the four brands tested had slightly different serving sizes from a little under an ounce to a little over the antioxidants per serving ranged from about 242-363 milligrams mg in comparison they found that a serving of many fruits has about 160 mg of polyphenols popcorn s polyphenols are not as diluted with water as those are in fruit vinson says popcorn starts out about 15 water and ends up a couple percent he calls popcorn a wonderful high-fiber snack but like other experts he warns that adding too much butter and other oil can quickly ruin popcorn s healthy image he presented the study which was partially funded by weaver popcorn company today in san diego at the american chemical society s annual meeting the study is a good first step but it wasn t designed to measure health benefits says jeffrey b blumberg phd professor of nutrition at tufts university and senior scientist and director of tufts antioxidants research laboratory the next step is to figure out how much of popcorn s polyphenols get out of the hull and into your gut blumberg says vinson agrees blumberg is studying polyphenols and other substances in whole grains he is evaluating how much of the compounds and which ones get into the blood that study is supported by the u.s department of agriculture and cereal maker kellogg s we already know whole grains are good for you blumberg says what scientists now need to figure out he tells webmd are which components are really important in improving health the information could be useful for people who grow crops he says they could then grow the crops to produce whole grain with more of the compounds found to be healthiest the vinson study does suggest that popcorn is not bad as a snack says kantha shelke phd a chicago food chemist and spokeswoman for the institute of food technologists popcorn is a whole grain she says it s minimally processed but more information is needed she says on what amount of popcorn s antioxidants actually go to work in your body these findings were presented at a medical conference they should be considered preliminary as they have not yet undergone the peer review process in which outside experts scrutinize the data prior to publication in a medical journal sources joe vinson phd professor of chemistry university of scranton scranton pa kantha shelke phd spokeswoman for the institute of food technologists food chemist chicago jeffrey b blumberg phd professor of nutrition senior scientist and director of the antioxidants research laboratory tufts university boston american chemical society annual meeting march 25-29 2012 san diego calif.


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15 upcoming events may 1-31 celiac awareness celiac awareness month may 11 rn education day canad inn polo park may 14 victoria hospital lobby volunteers needed am pm may 16 grace hospital lobby volunteers needed am pm may 25 health sciences center volunteers needed am pm date pending st boniface hospital volunteers needed am pm date pending seven oaks hospital volunteers needed am pm may 31 interlake healthy living conference lakeview resort gimili june 2 saturday october 6 walk-a-thon saturday june 2 10 am kildonan park shelter 2a 2015 main street winnipeg mb 1 saturday december 1 gf lifestyle general meeting venue tba newly diagnosed 9:15 am general meeting 11am 1 saturday gf lifestyle general meeting venue tba newly diagnosed 9:15 am general meeting 11am



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