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trent valley woodturners woodword issue 69 winter edition 2011


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contents page no 3 3 3 4 4-5 6-7 8 8 8 8 9-10 10 10 10 12 12 dates for your diary 2012 saturday and thursday hands on meetings 2012 2012 membership subscriptions trent valley trading members forum september 2011 demonstration richard finley october 2011 demonstration john rosen november 2011 demonstration vic taft club website address items for sale 2011 monthly competitions toolshop trophy 2012 monthly competitions commercial advertising rates free videos editors comments advertisements page no 4 11 11 13 ashley iles in the studio jewellery shop john boddy fine woods and tool store ltd jaymak derby ltd the tool shop page 2


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dates for your diary 2012 january 11th march 14th may 9 th th th stan ethell agm members forum graham ball terry coombes terry smart last chance night february 8th april 11th june 13 th th th reg slack alan truman robin barlow david atkinson john johnson christmas social july 11 august 8 september 12 october 10 november 14th december 12th a day with tony wilson saturday 28th april 2012 saturday and thursday `hands on meetings 2012 saturday january 14th february 11th march 17th april 14th may 12th june 16th july 14th august 11th september 15th october 13th november 17th december 15th 2012 subscriptions a message from the treasurer after much discussion and deliberation the committee feel that it is necessary to increase the subscription fee for 2012 by £5 in line with the constitution we are proposing to debate the increase at the beginning of the january meeting at 6.45pm the demonstration to follow at approximately 7pm subscriptions will then be collected at the break and at the end of the demonstration if you are unable to attend the january meeting please contact either myself or any committee member after 11th of january to confirm fees for 2012 please note all fees are required by 31st january 2012 barbara rundle treasurer thursday january 26th february 23th march 29th april 26th may 31st june 28th july 26th august 30th september 27th october 25th november 29th tba page 3


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trent valley trading there is a large amount of woodturning accessories available to purchase at discounted prices from the shop the list and price of equipment is available on request typical accessories include clock inserts polishes superglue etc also available is a range of clothing with club logo in addition to the above there is a library of books and dvds which are available for hire at £1 per week see vic taft for details member s forum this section is for members who have something that they would like to share with other people in the club it could be details of new projects tips tools anything that other members may find interesting anyone interested in their article being published then send it to my email address information can be supplied in any format i.e sketches handwritten documents or in microsoft word page 4


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tide clocks by peter allen as many of the members will know i love the norfolk county and spend my holidays in and around holt and sheringham sheringham has a wide variety of shops and a favourite of mine is the r.n.l.i shop on the high street this always has some very reasonable items for sale that make little gifts and also can give you food for thought in making it into a turning project this was how i became interested in tide clocks spending some time in the shop where there was a tide clock on a plinth of slate looking material and an insert clock that we have in our own club shop for use to insert in a wooden mount i noticed that they both consisted of a quarts mounted clock movement however delving further into this i noticed that the tide clock had a hand on the hour part of the spindle and the face was divided into two halves twelve oclock was the high tide 6 oclock was the low tide marks with a six hour gap in between this isnt strictly true as the moon governs the tides and the lunar cycle is 24 hours and 50 minutes this means that the quarts clock movement must be special to cater for the hour hand moving in this way i.e the gearing on the hour spindle must have a different ratio of teeth to the normal clock movement the tides changes from high to low twice in 24hours 50 minutes or once in a 12hour 25-minute period these clocks are not as accurate as the computers of today they should only be taken as an indication of the tide in a particular port or resort wind direction and velocity lunar and solar activity high and low atmospheric pressures all affect daily tides tide clocks are widely available for sale on the internet a good site if anyone is interested is a photograph of a typical tide clock peter allen page 5


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september 2011 demonstration richard finley another consummate demonstration by richard before the break he showed us some of the techniques required to make an hand cut barley twist and after the break a baby s rattle barley twist material used was 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 12 long tulip wood mounting the wood between centres he rough turned the material with a gouge and finished with a skew chisel he showed us how to mark the work piece to make both a single and double helix twist the full method for this is described in detail in a reference book by stuart mortimer called barley twist some guidelines recommended by richard 1 twist 2xthickness always start and finish on the same line use coloured pens to mark each helix valley depth 1/4 thickness of wood saw to valley lines using a good quality saw and rough cut valley with a rasp or micro plane file rough cut the external radius on one side only with a japanese rasp page 6


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remove the work piece and remount the opposite way and rough cut the external profile spend a bit of time rasping the valleys and external radius until they are ready for sanding richard used a sanding stick with 180 grit velcro backed abrasive when final shape is achieved work through the grits finally cut the coves at both ends of the twist baby s rattle main body material used 2 x 2 x 3 long maple rough turn to a diameter using a gouge and mark a 3 lines 2 apart allowing for spigot and wastage at each end use templates in the shape of a ball 1/2 dia and 1/4 dia to aid when turning the ball rough ball shape to templates and turn spigot location reverse mount in chuck and drill hole in end using forstner bit using spindle gouge flute at 10 o clock hollow out the inside of rattle to required thickness at the end of hollowing out make sure the hole at the end is parallel as this is used for location with the handle part of work piece at an angle making sure sufficient material is available when finish turning of ball profile this final finish is done by mounting the work piece between fixed and revolving dollies as described in the autumn edition of wood word magazine sand through the grits to achieve the required finish baby s rattle handle material used 1 x 1 x 6 long mount between centres and turn the profile and location dia to fit the ball insert small beads peas etc into ball cavity and glue to handle it is recommended that glue is put in hole and not on the handle shake rattle several time during the drying process finally finish with hard wax oil page 7


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october 2011 demonstration tony wilson was scheduled to give the demonstration but had to cancel at short notice due to an accident in his workshop in tonys absence john rosen gave a brief demonstration on how to get a high gloss finish on a pen blank using superglue the procedure he recommended was as follows finish turn the pen blank and sand through the grits tear off 5 strips of soft tissue run lathe at approx 500 revs/min apply a few drops of superglue to a tissue strip apply to work piece neat wait till superglue is touch dry apply a few drops of superglue to another tissue strip and work piece apply in different directions 4 coats minimum to get a good finish the more coats applied the better the finish allow to harden overnight before handling november 2011 demonstration vic taft kindly gave us a few tips on how to make a platter which was to be the subject of the 2011 christmas competition piece he demonstrated 4 different holding techniques using abrasive paper in a jam chuck holding work piece with double sided tape using hot glue turning a chucking point an interesting topic discussed was using a material called corian as an insert in the bottom of a platter vic turned the outside diameter of a corian disc to show how easy it was to cut and polish platters used for different applications were shown to the audience uses varied from cheese boards to plant propagators many thanks vic for a professional and informative demonstration club website address the club website address is items for sale if you have any items to sell then send details to page 8


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monthly competitions winning entries of the august 2011 `a long neck vase competition 3rd john spray 1st jim hatfield 2nd frank wood october 2011 `gavel competition a photograph of the 5 competition entries is shown below page 9


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winning entries of the october 2011 `gavel competition 3rd ­ doug brewer 1st ­ john spray 2nd ­ jim hatfield toolshop trophy 2011 the competition for the christmas 2011 toolshop trophy is a cake or biscuit stand item is to be made exactly to a size 10 across x 8 high 2012 monthly competitions the competitions for 2012 are as follows february 8th april 11th june 13th august 8 th th babies rattle earring tree solitaire game kitchen scoop snowman money box october 10 commercial advertising rates all rates quoted are for commercial advertisements non commercial articles submitted by members free page size one eight page one quarter page one half page one full page cost per quarter £4.00 £7.50 £14.00 £28.00 cost per annum 4 editions £15.00 £28.00 £54.00 £100.00 page 10


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in the studio jewellery shop learn jewellery making techniques in classes ranging from the complete beginner to the advanced student through two three or five days as well as evening classes so what can we offer the wood turner hinge making riveting silver for boxes leaf stalks for fruit special rates for group booking of one day tel 01509569890 59 high street kegworth de74 2da page 11


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free videos this months selection of royalty free woodturning video clips all demonstrating various woodturning projects members who receive this magazine in electronic format can access these free woodturning videos by selecting the hyperlink file below and pressing left click on the mouse members who receive magazine in paper format will need to access a computer and type the links into their internet browser http small square edge plate http woodturning a bell http design variations http operation bear there is 14 separate videos showing how to make a bear if anyone would like to download these videos to their own personal computer or dvd drive then visit the following website and download the conversion software free of charge note this hyperlink only works for youtube videos http editor s comments the majority of members have requested and are currently receiving this magazine on their computer desktop in full colour there is a number of advantages i.e full colour unlike black and white paper version magazine always readily available on desktop no more losing magazine large print zoom facility available on screen econ friendly no paper or printing reduced costs to the club electronic format issued several weeks before paper version is available back issues of magazine are available if anyone else would prefer this medium then all they have to do is email me on and i will send the magazine in electronic format direct to their desktop /laptop computer page 12


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