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randy ware dscetc page 1


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activinspire quick guide main toolbars screenshot to the left is the toolbar for profile view at the board main menu page 2


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browser tools page 3


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activinspire quick tip rotate freely i learned a cool new trick with creating flipcharts the father of activsoftware nigel gave me some ideas right out of his head you can actually open up his head and pull out his thoughts see link below follow these steps to make your own object that can rotate freely 1 select an image 2 with the camera tool take a snapshot of the top part and the bottom part of your image now the image is sliced into two parts 3 make a small circle with the shapes tool in order to rotate around 4 place the top and bottom of your image at the base of your flipchart page this is necessary so you can have objects mysteriously be pulled from your image 5 select the top part of your picture and in the resource browser go to the rotate section by can rotate choose freely by rotate about choose other object and by rotate object click on the and find your small circle image 6 still in the resource browser scroll down to can move and choose no this will make sure that your top part of the image will rotate 360 degrees around the small circle and not move off url to flipchart http nigel_pearce flipchart page 4


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7 now just fill the image with objects layered behind your image 8 optional if you would like select all of the images into a long strip and group them with the marquee toolbar move them completely behind and off the page at the base of your flipchart set a restrictor vertically for this group of images in the resource browser just think about the possibilities i can just imagine how students would remember newton s laws better if it came out of his head or better yet take snapshots of your students and use their heads or have a picture of a mouth that you can open and close with the caption you took the words right out of my mouth i created a treasure chest so that vocabulary and spelling words could be pulled out and reviewed page 5


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promethean activinspire actions to make interactive graphs in activinspire you can create interactive bar graphs using the actions for example in the flipchart all about actions found on promethean planet the bars on the graph are set to increase and decrease by clicking on the up or down arrows the bar increases or decreases by 10 increments in relation to the y axis on the graph because of the action properties that were set http page 6


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magic erasers magic erasers are a great way to add hidden content to a flipchart that can be revealed later in a lesson there are pre-made magic eraser resources in the resource browser under shared collections lesson building tools magic erasers 1 place an object on the flipchart page to see through you have access to many shapes and images in the resource browser 2 type or add an object to be seen remember this is what will be hidden behind and will be revealed using the magic revealer if you do not see the text tool need to click on switch profile and go to authoring you may 3 the object to see through needs to be on the top layer you can do this one of two ways · right -click on the object with the select tool select reorder to top layer or · in the top-left corner click on view browsers click on the object browser select the object you want to move to the top layer and drag it to the desired position before after 4 get a revealer from the resource browser or create your own revealer · get a revealer from the resource browser · you have access to many magic revealers in the resource browser go to shared collections lesson building tools magic erasers magic erasers page 7


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· create your own revealer · select the desired shape of your revealer this can be any image or a filled shape from shape tool · right -click on the object with the select tool select reorder to top layer · erase the fill as close to the edge as possible using the magic ink tool if you do not see the magic eraser on your toolbar then go to tools and select magic eraser · group together by using the select tool and drag a box around both of the objects · click on the grouped icon to group the objects together · drag the magic eraser over the objects and you will be able to view the object/text underneath page 8


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camera tool the camera tool is used to capture an image of your desktop or flipchart you can take a photograph of the whole screen or you can choose a specific area on the screen to capture 1 click the camera tool button from the tools menu choose the type of picture you want from the menu area snapshot ­ a highlighted box is displayed click inside the box and drag to move it change the measurements with the handles for small changes use the position controls within the box point to point snapshot ­ click and drag drawing straight lines to enclose a highlighted outline area on the grayed-out screen the area cannot be moved or modified if you need to change it just close the camera snapshot box and try again freehand snapshot ­ click and drag drawing freehand to enclose a highlighted outline area on the greyed-out screen the area cannot be moved or modified if you need to change it just close the camera snapshot box and try again window snapshot ­ capture dialog boxes or the activinspire window fullscreen snapshot ­ capture the full screen 2 select where you want your picture to go current page ­ capture the image to the current flipchart page new page ­ capture the image to a new page at the end of the flipchart clipboard ­ capture the image to the clipboard my resources ­ capture the image to the my resources folder shared resources ­ capture the image to the shared resources folder the photograph is simply an image of the screen so any objects within your photograph cannot be edited you can resize or rotate the photograph like any other image object make sure that the screen is displaying the image you wish to capture before you click the camera tool page 9


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page 10


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promethean activinspire new features what s new · · · · · · · · · · the newest version of promethean software activinspire can be used only on an intel based mac such as a macbook it will not run on an ibook the flipchart is already set to best fit so that the page fits on the screen nicely profiles are preset to the task at hand authoring at the board languages math or media open flipcharts show as tabs across the top you can easily move between the flipcharts the browser window now includes resources library page browser objects notes properties and action browsers no more pop up boxes tools are added to your toolbox as you use them text boxes are more like regular word processing with the tools across the top of the page handwriting and shape recognition works when not attached to the board profiles select the profile for the task at hand when creating a flipchart use authoring but when using the board with students select at the board languages mathematics or media and the toolbox will change accordingly roll up toolbox toolbox toolbox options pin toolbox pin it in place main menu desktop annotate page turn start/stop vote user defined buttons settings switch profile desktop tools will hide the flipchart and show additional tools desktop tools · click on the desktop tools icon to hide activinspire and use the desktop or other applications the desktop tools icon will appear somewhere on the screen you can move it to the side out of the way click the middle of the icon then the promethean symbol to go back to the flipchart click on the icons around the circle to get more tools quickly click and drag from the center to move the desktop tools page 11 · · · · 1


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promethean activinspire toolbox new tools new features shapes tool this menu of shapes appears when the shapes tool is selected click on a color to change the color of the shape tool click to see a list of additional tools click on the to have no fill color shapes tool shapes are now available in the toolbox not the library click to see a list of available shapes media tool browse for media files such as movies sound or photos connector tool use to create a line to connect 2 or more objects shapes are objects on the middle layer toolbox the toolbox is set by the profile you are using to see more tools click on the tool icon and select a new tool as you use more tools they will be added to the right of your toolbar click on the little arrow at the bottom to see more shapes handwriting recognition · make sure ink is turned on in the system preferences · click on the handwriting tool and start writing in either print or cursive · the handwriting will be automatically turned into typed text and a pull down menu of the possible spellings will appear · you can drag the text to a new location and the pull down menu will disappear · to change the font size for handwriting recognition set the font size in a text box prior to using handwriting recognition 2 page 12


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promethean activinspire browsers pages resources objects notes properties actions voting new features browser window the browser is on the left of the screen but you can use the toolbox menu to move it click on the pin in the upper right corner to free the browser to hide when not in use move the mouse to the left of the screen and click then the browser will reappear change the icon size with the slider at the bottom of the browser window page browser · use the page browser to see all the pages in the flipchart · you can navigate to specific pages using this browser voting browser · activate voting · · · · · resource browser this browser was the library in the old version navigate to various folders to find resources there are many new actions and activities use my resources or shared resources is the browse my computer button object browser drag and drop the objects into different layers on the page · properties browser · use the properties for tasks like naming objects keywords rotating restrictors creating actions and containers · click on the for each topic to contract the folders you don t use actions browser · locate action objects and drag to page notes browser · type page notes here · you can also drag these notes to the page for directions page 13 3


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promethean activinspire text new features text box · click on the t tool in the toolbox to create a text box · all of the text tools will appear in a strip across the top of the screen and work like any other word processing program · the symbol gives you a variety of text symbols such as ¢ text tools · when you click on a text box with the pointer tool a menu of icons appear you can change the icons to include more or less icons depending upon what you like to use text color background color keyboard · · in the toolbar to add/delete text tools click on the edit user defined buttons icon click on commands and select edit tools from the left pull down menu select main toolbox in the right pull down menu this example is for the authoring profile you can elect to make other changes like this for other profiles too · click on the feature you want to add such as cut click on add button and it will move to the right window and appear in the text edit menu for the text box · to remove unwanted icons go to settings and click on the icon in the right window and then click remove page 14 4


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promethean activinspire settings new features change settings · you can change many settings to better reflect the way you use the software such as what tool is the default each time you open a page · · · in the toolbar click on the user defined button icon click on settings and explore the possibilities you can change settings in each kind of profile magic ink · · · · vs eraser tool the eraser tool now actually erases annotations such as writing or drawing with the pen it does not erase typed text the magic ink creates a drawing object over the annotation much like the old eraser tool used to work magic ink can be moved away from the annotation magic showing what was under the magic ink ink magic ink works on the top layer covering the layers of objects in the middle or bottom layer 5 page 15



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