Parent's Guide to Twitter


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parent s guide to twitter social media tools like twitter have made it easier for parents and teachers to collaborate and share resources to provide the best education possible for children of all ages join the conversation and over 460,000 people who join twitter each day this parent s guide to twitter is designed to get you up and tweeting in minutes @joe_mazza


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parent s guide to twitter what is twitter twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with the entire world through the exchange of quick frequent answers to one simple question what are you doing twitter is a free tool for reading and engaging in multiple conversations in realtime you can follow individuals news organizations businesses and more for valuable education and parenting resources and articles join the conversation by following edutopia at retweet when you re-post a tweet from another user because you want your followers to see it too for example rt @edutopia a parent s guide to 21st century learning #hashtag a topic with the symbol in front of it such as #ptchat or #parents hashtags make it easy to follow specific topics events or trends by clicking on a hashtag you see all the tweets public users are sharing about that specific topic there are many educational hashtag chats occurring each week on twitter parentteacher chat or #ptchat is a hashtag chat designed especially for parents and teachers around the world the goal of the weekly chat is encourage a transparent and collaborative dialogue between parents and teachers on a variety of topics join the #ptchat conversation on wednesday nights at 9pm es by typing ptchat into the twitter search bar web tools like teeetdeck tweetchat or twitterfall are also helpful for chats key terms tweet a 140 character statement this can include @mentions #hashtags rt retweets and links to websites @mention when you reply to someone else s tweet or mention another twitter user put the symbol in front of their username for example i m excited to conference with my child s teacher today using the @symbol is a way of linking to another twitter user followers the list of twitter users who follow your tweets busy on-the-go parents once your account is set up we recommend accessing twitter on your smartphone app hashtags for parents teachers #ptchat #edchat #cyberbullying #parents #teachers #gifted #elemchat #6thchat #kinderchat #parenting #preschool #autism #edtech #education #teaching #homeschool #toddlers #edchat copyright © 2012 joe mazza used with permission key terms



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