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free there s life in the inner west 185 13th april 2012 every fortnight inner west is taking over the hardt annandale distributed in leich newtown petersham stanmore ummoyne rozelle balmain dr e dock concord haberfield fiv summer hill win movie tix cafe de flore romantics anonymous audi festival of german films lighten up people is the inner west too sombre not so sloppy seconds where to pick up peachy pre-loved products fitness how to get motivated theatre tix lord of the flies classics at callan park bloggers in the hood the inner west s citizen journos inner west blogger james falk photo by ben cregan carmen s on the park tigers five dock the perfect place for cocktail parties dinner parties weddings great food great service in a relaxed comfortable setting contact carmen direct on 8789 6333 tigers five dock 20b barnstaple road five dock nsw 2046 p 02 8789 6300 f 02 8789 3614 e


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inner west whispers pssst pass on a whisper you ve heard to i m right you re wrong latte leftie is off taking a journalistic ethics course after making some unfortunate allegations so righteous rightie is making a triumphant return dear rr ­ i m a restaurateur obliged to pay my staff up to $15 an hour or at least i would be if i couldn t source backpackers happy to work on the black for a third of that amount i m curious as to why when the australian and even the afr ­ run by those fairfax communists ­ are obsessively drawing their readership s attention to how all the nation s problems ­ declining productivity a retail sector in crisis rising salinity ­ can be put down to the out-of-control greed of minimum-wage workers ciao fails to take a stand on the great economic issue of the day barry balmain rr replies hear hear barry if the recent health service union imbroglio proves anything it s that the clowns who empty bedpans and scrape vomit off bedsheets are egregiously overpaid how else would they have enough disposable income to pay the dues necessary to fund the $300,000 salaries and daily brothel visits of their union s leadership i ask you if only all the money currently being squandered on the wages of public service bludgers who make little contribution to society teachers nurses police officers firemen etc etc could be redistributed to say currency speculators bank ceos and conservative opinion columnists all the problems of this over-regulated nanny state nation would disappear in an instant despite the fact i ve often described them as bone-idle parasites who should be either shipped to labour camps or put to death it s the unemployed i weep for how many attractive young women are now languishing on the dole when in a better world they could be earning 50 cents an hour and gaining valuable life experience working as my compliant personal assistant thankfully it appears the lower orders have gotten over their workchoices phobia and will happily vote in some responsible economic managers to rectify this absurd situation in the near future n email with your dilemma we are c!ao leane senzamici newtown the bridal belt shrinks russell lea rises parramatta rd looks promising l parramatta road s recent taskforce gathering was well attended by businesses on both sides of the horror strip the uniting of resources within marrickville and leichhardt councils has and some might be surprised by this produced a whole greater than its parts the meeting was productive informative and whilst not pretending to be able solve the woes of parramatta rd there was at least some recognition of a problem l the bridal belt is soon to be losing a few more shops ­ novita is moving on something bleu and amen homme are also looking elsewhere lucky wedding must be very lucky indeed as although the shop is well stocked it doesn t appear to be open there are a few interesting theories floating around as to what this shop really is any guesses l you would be forgiven for never having been to russell lea but this cute little suburb between drummoyne and five dock could be the next food mecca restaurants kadmus blue martini via leoni and la casa have given the strip a foodie feel what is coming next l norton plaza has had a few recent changes some might have noticed go-lo being closed for business soon to be replaced by another value shop while upstairs there are rumours of an anytime fitness gym replacing leichhatiger perhaps robbie farrah needs to concentrate on his football rather than his social life l the new marrickville library site plans received an overwhelming response within the community and not all of it was positive the special rate variation of $1 extra per week received such opposition that a compromise motion was passed at tuesday night s marathon council meeting decided by mayor morris hanna s vote and the original grand plan was ditched food melissa leong photography nudzejma avdic winsor dobbin wine alice once chased a rabbit down a hole but in 1884 british steel manufacturer john lysaght began the business of chasing rabbits out of sydney s inner west lysaght established the sydney wiremill lysaght bros co on the parramatta river at chiswick to meet the huge demand of wire netting needed to help with the growing rabbit plague which had been a problem since rabbits were introduced in australia in 1859 until its closure in 1998 the company employed over 1000 people and from 1974 was a subsidiary of bhp ­ and john lysaght almost created a rabbit-free wonderland n nathan josevski c!ao history jo grace design russell edwards art director kids don t miss out on school holiday cooking fun editor nancy merlo publishing sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards ben cregan nigel bowen fred cruzo jared ingersoll nathan josevski 8-15 year olds note these are hands on classes but no knives will be used actual cooking will be done by supervising staff aprons provided ciao things we love balmain s waterfront looks fabulous on crisp autumn days and even better now that that big ugly shed on wharf 5 is gone well almost gone ­ only the steel frame very dramatically remains the views for residents will be much improved as the new cruise terminal will be a lot lower you d think they d all be happy about that but hey this is balmain c!ao s voice fu nd ra is er ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia school holiday co wh er e 323 parra matta road leichhardt free 2 ho ur parking at rear ti me morning se oking fun at fwdhq in leichh ardt ssions 11am-1pm m-5pm afternoon sessions 3p bookings essential 2 · the grilled salmon sushi at toku toku glebe · the redevelopment plans for lambert park · geometric aztec prints · spinach cheese pide from sahara burwood · mexican food ­ anyone else notice the epidemic of mexican restaurants opening lately · date nights · braith anasta what s in out out in ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville · getting a parking fine because your ticket ran out while you were waiting at leichhardt medical centre · the mr whippy van that drives by too fast leaving everyone ice-creamless · the lines outside cassaniti and pasticceria papa in haberfield on weekends · drivers that run red lights · daylight saving · the tigers losing streak subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered to your doorstep email with your address cover newtown-based business consultant and former liberal party candidate for balmain james falk has turned his hand to blogging as a way of hashing out his ideas photo by ben cregan c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west!


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#1 newtown s nosey parker after returning from her first trip to the hotbed of awesomeness that is new york newtownian tabitha carvan got to thinking that she too lived in a unique amazing place surrounded by inspiring and creative people the biggest thing brooklyn has on newtown is an extremely well-developed belief in its own greatness by starting i wanted to bring some of that self-belief to my hometown i wanted to be more actively appreciative of what was right under my nose to be more curious about my surroundings more engaged in the community i wanted to celebrate the little things it s a measure of nosey s success that despite the blog not having been updated in three years it still gets lots of traffic tabitha put nosey on hold when she moved to vietnam and started another blog the city that never sleeps in about her experiences in hanoi while nosey was active tabitha remained anonymous i liked the idea of being incognito it was thrilling when friends would send me links to nosey saying that i would like it the blog actually involved very little time and effort most of the things i wrote about or photographed were noticed as i went about my usual business whenever i ran out of material i d just pick the camera up and go for a walk if there s a secret to the ongoing interest in nin it seems to be that tabitha achieved her goal of celebrating the little ­ and sometimes big ­ things in terms of favourite posts i think often about the one that documents a series of paper `plaques that somebody stuck around town to commemorate their friend s birthday another post that is really special to me is one about the death of theo a local character known for his whistled bird songs many people commented reminiscing about theo and celebrating his life it was really lovely to read about how many days he d brightened more inner west some experts estimate there are now one billion blogs out there worldwide blogs worth checking out that means one in every six people are l we suspect he/she is not really the mayor but he sharing their thoughts about something she has taken up where nosey in newtown left off or another with the rest of humanity on a if it s happening on or near king street the mayor is all over it like cheap perfume regular basis no local figures are available l the last entry on this blog dated may 8 academic but anecdotal evidence suggests that plenty 2010 details utswith the alp.melissa jones jones disillusionment it appears ms has been too disheartened by subsequent political of digital savvy highly opinionated educated developments to put finger to keyboard since but there s still a treasure trove of marrickvilletastic info here for a lighter take on the suburb check and articulate inner westies have out or outofmville taken to indulging their inner writer online what s more there s a growing band of proud l http stanmoreandthecity locals blogging about life in the hood as despite the name there s no breathless accounts at of discussing blowjobs with gal pals over dinner emma s on liberty just a lot of typical inner west despair at the parlous state of progressive politics nigel bowen discovered l this began life as a uni assignment and has powered on to heights never originally imagined allowing its creator to live out her inner travel editor by detailing the delights of sydney s bohemian village #2 watchblogs watching the #3 lifestyle journalism nadine emans set up innerwestlifestyle so my sister and i could share the things we love about the inner west we both enjoy going to new restaurants and cafes keeping an eye on the real-estate market and my sister is a shopaholic who loves king street there is an abundance of talented artists great exhibition spaces and fabulous street art in our area there is so much happening in the inner west that it s impossible to blog about everything which is why i started the `i love the inner west facebook page as well since it started in june 2010 nadine s blog has gone from strength to strength for the moment it remains a hobby but nadine s open to the possibility of it becoming something more we want this blog to help local businesses promote themselves and we are going to be offering them a platform to do this people have said that they ll wait to hear my feedback before going to a new restaurant or café before going so it s really nice that they value my opinion getting political documenting what s going down in the hood is all very well but what self-respecting inner westie doesn t truly believe that the world would be set to rights if only their political viewpoint gained wide publicity and support james falk who came close to winning balmain for the liberals in last year s state election has just started his own blog ­ ­ but for the time being is resisting the temptation to use it for partisan point scoring well mostly i read a ridiculous range of websites and publications am a bit of an economics/history philosophy wonk and write about policy i found myself posting on facebook way too often rather than taking the time to write articles friends said they d found what i wrote interesting so a blog seemed the next logical step thankfully james resisted going doing the regurgitated press release route so common with other politicians politicians tweets and fb posts are horribly boring it isn t necessarily because they don t get it but more likely because the political risk is very high if you express a degree of wit or personality in print and on the fly despite the enthusiasm with which he s thrown himself into blogging james is aware of its limitations blogging is great for witty cheap shots for intellectual to-and-fro for bashing out long-term policy positions but can t shape broad political messaging come election time blogs tend to be limited to politicos engaging with politicos and frequently preach to the converted they will never dominate the political as opposed to the policy intellectual marketplace they just don t reach enough people who are disengaged from the debate so will james thinkpieces have any impact in turning balmain from green to blue few bloggers start out expecting to have much of an audience i just want to clarify and express my ideas and maybe add my style of critical thinking to a debate or two if anyone reads it and is entertained or informed that would be a bonus 4 blogs inner westies like l sure there s no shortage of people taking the piss out of overeducated self-important left-leaning inner-city types online see the comment thread of well just about any political blog but no-one does it with such affectionate cringe-inducing accuracy as christian lander who once told ciao selfdeprecating humour is one of the things white people like usually people who don t get the blog are the wrong kind of white people or what s the word idiots l lander s blog spawned a host of generally lame imitations but also inspired this hilarious work of comic pop sociology from six young melburnians they ve chosen to remain anonymous but almost certainly reside in victoria s version of the inner west if you ve ever despaired at the boganocracy that is contemporary australia and who amongst us hasn t you need to have this blog bookmarked is the whole world listening or just your mum?


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leichhardt bowling recreation club wednesday 25th april join us in raising a glass this anzac day lest we forget visit our website for more info opening hours greens 11am 7pm most days bar 11am 9pm mon 10am 9pm tue 11am 10pm wed 11am 11pm thu 11am 12 am fri 11am 10pm sat 10am 10pm sun restaurant wed sun 11.30am 3pm 5.30pm late closed mon tue ita l ia n seafoodres ta urant lascala lascala restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner 88-92 piper st leichhardt ph 9569 1936


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community life pre-loved products purveyors secondhand shops are so in vogue they re popping up all over the place and trying to fit a tour of them into one day requires olympic athlete-like stamina lucky for you i m an expert shopper and have done your bargain hunting for you addvintage a super cool place to find quality restored european vintage furniture mainly from denmark in fantastic condition it s so retro you ll feel like you ve just walked into a `70s dining room best buy it s all good plus prices are negotiable n 117 parramatta rd annandale r oad test rant this week s rant came addressed to latte leftie from a reader concerned about the inner west s seemingly chronic bad mood he makes a good point too is a little crazier and even brighter envision 54 is full of retro furniture and quirky ornaments snoopy moneybox anyone etelage sells cool vintage beads and vintage galmour alterations is a great place to get your secondhand one-off pieces fitted all on king st newtown lighten up inner westies it s a gorgeous easter saturday morning as i stroll around summer hill first up i see some local christians mostly dressed in black heading towards their denominationally appropriate churches they all look so sombre and a little unfriendly for a bunch of christians i m sorry to say as sombre as the fashion they are wearing equally sombre looking are a group of caffeine deprived locals some of whom are holding their pet dogs on a leash lining up at a cafe counter to place an order for their firstof-the-day latte cappuccino or whatever other exotic coffee takes their fancy i stop to pause and think to myself i don t understand any of this `coffee culture that s happening everywhere it seems nobody is happy brewing their own cuppa at home anymore especially on the weekend come saturday and sunday locals make a beeline towards their favourite cafes for a dose of their much-needed caffeine just like the christians who on the weekend head towards their church for a dose of christianity nobody is happy full stop it shows in their demeanour they all avoid eye contact preferring to look down at the ground than acknowledge their fellow locals with a nod or a smile mind you they probably think what s this person so cheery about petrol and grocery prices are soaring global warming is so frightening our job security is almost zero and where is that damn latte i ordered it takes too damn long to brew damn waiter rozelle markets the weekend markets are full of pre-loved gems they re one of the busiest in sydney and a good place to go to sell as well as shop best buy retro orange tea set $60 n 663 darling st rozelle the friendly team at vinnies leichhardt i spotted one cool kid browsing sheet music by the roller blades best buy `60s swivel chair with original fabric $350 n addresses at darling collectables owner erietta adds unique stock to her little store twice a week which includes everything from clothing to cutlery the shop s first birthday sale happening next month will be a great time to go treasure hunting in this trove best buy selection of 250 buttons $10 n 693 darling st rozelle rozellina vintage boutique this cute but tiny cottage is worth a visit simply for a look through the `80s wedding dresses in velvet and purple taffeta best buy green crushed velvet bridesmaid dress $60 n 721 darling st rozelle vinnies leichhardt newtown rozelle vinnies is the go-to option for the impecunious most vinnies items are in decent condition although you have to be willing to sift through a lot of stuff rozelle is huge spanning four rooms divided into books paintings and dvds plates/kitchenware clothes toys and furniture the new leichhardt store is smaller but neater and the staff are lovely best buy twilight $4 that s less than half price not that i d read anything about sparkly vampires n addresses at vintage club bursting with rare antiques and collectables such as old radios phones cameras fans crates of records and posters this shop isn t too big but i could spend hours in there owner david is a self-confessed hoarder who started with records and now has a personal collection that fills a whole shop a must-visit best buy vinyl records $5 n 121 parramatta rd annandale happy bargain hunting n nm salvos rozelle croydon a neatly kept selection of clothes jewellery furniture and glassware donations however rozelle also stocks cheap toiletries which makes you feel like you re at a discount chemist if you can handle the heat check out the second level which is like an attic filled with sports gear watch out for vintage-loving hipsters on your way up south newtown for second-hand shopping south newtown is a goldmine there are too many places to go through individually but here s a round up of some favourites frolic is great for bright patterned fashion as is suze the day while honey and tea i am cheery because i greet buddha and place a fresh flower in his cupped hands in my garden each morning and i brew my own daily herbal tea well my friend i am cheery because i greet buddha and place a fresh flower in his cupped hands in my garden each morning and i brew my own daily herbal tea of home-grown and freshly picked lemon grass mixed with palm sugar or freshly squeezed tahitian lime juice mixed with eucalyptus honey i m cheery because i notice the sunshine and the birds happily chirping away on tree branches and the butterflies flapping their colourful wings and the friendly suburban cats meowing for attention i appreciate all the simple and beautiful things in life rounding the last corner before my street an old chap passing from the other direction greets me with a simple good morning and a smile i couldn t help myself from replying it is a very good morning and happy easter to you to which he replied happy easter to you too how hard is it to be happy and friendly i bet you that chap brews his own herbal tea mixed with some australian honey god bless him we need more people like him in my sombre neighbourhood i hope you had a happy easter ciao reader and that your weekend mornings are not spent being sombre and unfriendly n ning van dam nb ning grew up in a multi-religious i.e catholic/buddhist household and holds no prejudice against any religion business make in the community the winners will be announced at a gala dinner held at the westin sydney on saturday 21st april some of the local finalists include callagher estate agents in annandale efendy restaurant in balmain renaissance boutique in concord butler carpet cleaning in drummoyne salon yazbek sydney in five dock and marie ramos photography in leichhardt n for more info visit www wed 18th to sunday 22nd april classics at callan park who doesn t love a romantic night in the park under the stars with a picnic rug and some classic tunes grab your picnic rug and fill up your basket and come along for an evening of classical music under the stars provided by the metropolitan chamber orchestra the night will kick off at 6.45pm on sunday 22nd april at callan park in rozelle amazing soloists including daniel belle tenor and former australian idol contestant svetlana yaroslavskay flute and andrew doyle basset horn will perform music by the some of the greatest composers of all time on a magical night not to be missed the program will include mozart s eine kleine nachtmusik grieg s holberg suite stamitz s basset horn concerto vivaldi s flute concerto and holst s st pauls suite classics at callan park is a free event and part of leichhardt council s new sunset series which will see our local parklands play host to a range of musical performances to suit all tastes n what s on compiled by nancy merlo email monday 16th april monday 16th to sunday 29th april musical grandeur info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are friday 13th to sunday 22nd april vietnamese cuisine self defence two worlds combine when the flavours of vietnam meet the fight of brazilian jujitsu come and enjoy the taste of saigon with spring rolls and vietnamese noodles at huong giang vietnamese restaurant marrickville to be followed by a beginner s course in self-defence with brazilian jujitsu at gracie oceania marrickville comfortable clothing is advised lunch and the class runs from 11am to 3pm and costs $20 for kids aged 12 to 18 years n council bus leaves from leichhardt town hall cnr marion norton st at 11am call 9367 9220 for bookings 6 national trust heritage festival this year s festival theme is `amazing stories innovation and invention and marrickville library are offering a range of free events to celebrate including a series of talks displays and workshops which look at marrickville s rich past as a manufacturing hub the `marrickville industry innovation display shows why marrickville became a manufacturing hub that included fowler s potteries sydney steel and general motors it runs monday 16th to sunday 29th april during library opening hours entry is free n marrickville library cnr marrickville and petersham rds 9335 2173 youth week youth week is the largest celebration of young people in australia and the theme this year is `imagine create inspire to kick off festivities the city of canada bay is hosting a free skate comp on saturday 14th april from 9.30am to 2pm at five dock skate park come along to win prizes listen to music and hang out with your friends other youth week activities include art fashion and film-making workshops and a one-day tilepainting workshop where you ll design and paint your own tiles to be displayed in the community garden n the inner west is full of champs saturday 21st april small business champions awards businesses in the local area have been announced as finalists in the 2012 champion awards in recognition of the effort small undertow artist bronwyn tuohy works with her fascination on the connection between consumption advertising and desire within the context of sydney s waterways undertow showcases her work which both parody and challenge our current cultural obsessions with packaging muddy dirty objects with a history collected


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n local gigs saturday 14th april n local movies tumbleweed cabins the treatment remember tumbleweed long-haired psychedelic `90s rockers out of wollongong who kicked off their career opening for nirvana in 1992 well they re back on the stage after reuniting for homebake a couple of years ago and what better venue for such a band than our very own rock heaven the annandale annandale hotel $20 +bf monday 16th april free tickoebts in d u le w movies passes boy meets girl girl faints boy jumps out the window monday 16th april lou barlow unity floors best known for her vocals in incredible electronic band lamb lou barlow is a stunning performer her solo work is beautiful and it s worth seeing her live just to see tracks like `gabriel played acoustically i expect to see a lot of people sitting on that sticky annandale floor watching in awe annandale hotel $36 +bf friday 20th april romantics anonymous an eternal love story intricately and confidently woven in another slightly batty but very sweet french romance and after amélie there have been quite a few angélique isabelle carré is a gifted chocolate-maker whose treats are legendary in the smart shops of paris she s also hopelessly shy and no one knows about her exceptional talents meanwhile struggling chocolatier jean-rené benoît poelvoorde who suffers from a case of pathological awkwardness so severe most of his employees think he s retarded hires angelique as a sales associate just as his business is going down the gurgler realising she s attracted to her boss angélique decides to anonymously develop a new line of chocolates to save the company with the future of the business hanging in the balance will angelique and jean-rene overcome their shyness tear all their clothes off and hop in the cot together since this is france you kind of know what to expect yes that rating is for a sex scene but jean pierre améris gives us plenty of surprises and lots of wry amusement on the way m15 at palace norton street from april 19 n thanks to madman entertianment we have five double in-season passes to give away details below café de flore starring beautiful ex-model vanessa paradis café de flore is a haunting love story about people separated by time and place you ll be confused for a while the two storylines seem weirdly out of whack but stick with it the pay off is stunning and just gorgeous atmospheric fantastical tragic and hopeful jean-marc vallée whose previous coming of age film crazy was a huge breakout success in his native quebec chronicles the lives of jacqueline a young mother with a disabled son in 1960s paris and antoine a recently-divorced successful dj in present day montreal as in crazy pink floyd fans will be well served and vallée s style is frenetic with constant musical montage interweaving footage and fragments of dialogue slowly the layers are unravelled but stick around for the credits for a final scene combining heartbreaking lines from just about all the cast especially the estranged couple kevin parent hélène florent and moments of great poetic grandeur this may be vallee s masterpiece don t miss it ma15 at dendy opera quays and palace verona from april 25 n thanks to icon films we have 10 in-season double passes to giveaway details below at the multiplex the lucky one in a rather more conventional romance logan zac efron returns from three bruising tours in iraq in that wasted way all hollywood marines do nowadays he doesn t have to do very much else here except look impossibly hunky but shifty in the company of the beautiful beth taylor schilling and maintain the correct amount of stubble the only surprise in scott hicks great bucket load of syrup comes when he takes off his shirt he has body hair now when did you last see that in a hollywood movie m15 from april 19 the beards the crooked fiddle band mojo juju i don t need to have listened to their music to know that i love the beards after hearing an interview with them on triple j in which they referred to beards twice in every sentence they spoke i was sure that they were a necessary part of my life plus the crooked fiddle band and mojo juju are two live acts you really shouldn t miss manning bar sydney university camperdown $15 +bf n claire albrecht n german film fest pick win tix never trust a man with a mysterious tattoo german film festival palace norton street will be closed for renovations soon but quality film lovers needn t despair it will reopen bigger and better and in the meantime there s a fabulous line-up of the best of german cinema this month the audi festival of german films is back with a bang in 2012 with more than thirty feature films and a premium crop of short films screening over two weeks this april relevant moving and inspiring the 11th edition of this highly anticipated festival will showcase the very best of contemporary german cinema festival highlights include three the highly anticipated new film from tom tykwer run lola run perfume stopped on track winner of the prestigious un certain regard award at the 2011 cannes film festival colour of the ocean a stirring drama that follows the plight of refugees if not us who the compelling political drama starring alexander fehling in a career-defining performance see review at right and sleeping sickness winner of the silver bear at the 2011 berlin film festival which has wowed audiences at esteemed festivals internationally if not us who lots of students in this country spent the `70s getting harmlessly stoned and dabbling ineffectually in leftist politics who me but in germany the decade unfolded rather differently as the stunning the baader meinhof complex showed the country was traumatized and shaken to its core by students turned terrorists andres veiel s take on that time makes a fascinating companion piece to the earlier film my favourite from 2009 s festival and focuses on the messy decade-long relationship between radical-left poster girl gudrun ensslin and writer bernward vesper he was the son of a nazi writer and himself like the country torn by guilt sure to get a wider release later but catch it now at palace norton st sat april 21 at 9.00pm n reviews re opening night s hit hotel lux from sydney s waterways are reframed in bronwyn s work each object conveying part of the story of a relationship gone sour between sydneysiders and their waterways the show opens at chrissie cotter gallery wednesday 18th from 6pm to 9pm n chrissie cotter gallery pidcock st camperdown saturday 28th april n palace norton street and chauvel cinema 18th april ­ 30th april 2012 we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below saturday 28th april win tix allegory about the loss of innocence this not-to-be-missed play runs until saturday 12th may at the new theatre 542 king street newtown sessions run wednesday to saturday at 8pm and sundays at 5pm tickets cost $30 or $25 for concession and are available at n to win a double pass to see the show on wednesday 25th april email and tell us where you find your ciao bush dance get ready for a bit of the bush to come to the city as communities for communities in partnership with the city of canada bay council hosts their first ever community bush dance at drummoyne civic centre on saturday 28th april from 7pm the night features the currawong bush band and everyone is invited tickets cost $25 per person or $60 per family 2 adults and 2 children under 17 years-old n for more info and tickets visit www sustainable food this free sustainable food tour will unveil some hidden gems as it visits multiple destinations in sydney s inner west to help you learn more about sustainable food in our local area the tour will include visits to community gardens and food cooperatives as well as organic markets and other sustainable food projects the tour runs from 8.30am to 2.30pm bookings are essential by emailing n for more info call 9367 9220 until saturday 12th may lord of the flies a play by william golding adapted by nigel william this classic story tells of a group of well-behaved schoolboys that quickly become a murderous tribe after their plane crashes on a deserted island leaving them lost in the wilderness with an underlying win double movie passes to be in the running to win a double pass to cafe de flore romantics anonymous and/or a family pass to audi festival of german films just email your name and postal address to info@ciaomagazine telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao give us an order of preference too and we ll do our best remember our competitions are all posted on our website community glamour at its best 7


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kitchen with melissa leong croque monsieur serves 4 ingredients 2 sheets of thinly sliced truffled salami 1 loaf of fresh brioche for the truffled béchamel 6 tablespoons of quality butter ½ cup of plain flour 4 cups of full cream milk sea salt for seasoning freshly ground black pepper for seasoning pinch freshly grated nutmeg a generous grating of black truffle if you can t get fresh truffles use a worthy truffle oil a generous hunk of buche d affinois a decadently creamy white mould french cheese you could use a double brie as a substitute for the béchamel 1 melt butter in a heavy-based saucepan 2 once the butter is completely melted carefully sift in the flour stirring with a wooden spoon 3 cook this mixture called a roux for 5 minutes over medium heat stirring constantly you want it to cook but not colour 4 in a separate pan heat the milk to near-boiling 5 pour the hot milk into the butter-flour mixture and whisk constantly to prevent lumps forming 6 once combined bring mixture to the boil whisking constantly 7 continue to whisk over heat for 10 minutes until you have a thick creamy consistency 8 season with salt pepper and nutmeg to taste and lastly add the grated truffles to assemble 1 slice the brioche and remove crusts to create neatly squaredoff slices for a more rustic approach just slice ze bread 2 spread an even generous layer of béchamel topped with a few slices of salami and the buche d affinois 3 top with the other piece of bread and lightly press together 4 in a fry pan with a little butter toast the sandwich on both sides until golden and the cheese has melted 5 remove from the pan and slice into finger-sandwiches to share or leave whole for a religious sunday breakfast experience n wine with winsor top buying oxford landing estates 2011 pinot grigio you can t go wrong with this fresh and aromatic white wine which offers value with a capital v ­ and is also vegan and vegetarian friendly it s a bright lively wine with simple apple pear and nectarine flavours crunchy crisp and unoak it is a wine for quaffing and enjoying and will show at its best after an hour or two in the fridge $10 tassie star sinapius 2010 pinot noir vaughn dell and linda morice are rising stars in tasmania making wines with real personality that reflect the terroir of their tiny pipers river vineyards this is certainly an outstanding pinot noir beautifully balanced with great fruit and some impressive savouriness it s a supple sinewy wine that oozes quality $42 if you have a heart attack after eating one at least you ll die happy a recipe for a sandwich you betcha this recipe is inspired by an amazing chef friend of mine and is an even more luxe take on the croque monsieur ­ that famously decadent french toasted sandwich this version calls for both truffled béchamel and truffled salami fixed between two slices of brioche it s not for the faint hearted but for those who know how to live give this one a try super chardy bloodwood 2010 chardonnay stephen and rhonda doyle were pioneers in the cool-climate orange wine region planting their first grapes almost three decades ago this is a simply stunning chardonnay ­ and outstanding value for money ­ seamless and elegant with delightfully racy fruit both tropical and grapefruit notes great minerality nutty nuances and crisp refreshing acidity an impressive package $27 n at the markets n just arrived quince and tasmanian frozen blackcurrants n in season yuzu white and red dragon fruit recent arrivals black berries local pomegranates plus a range of apples and pears n best quality baby bok choy radish bananas grapes raspberries and rock melons n high prices melons they re in low supply and cos lettuce although it s improving and showing better hearts also telegraph cucumbers cauliflower and celery n ending aussie mangoes blood oranges us and pistachios will be gone very soon leichhardt council presents at callan park sunset the series classics sunset at callan park the series the sunset series sunday 22 april 2012 · 5pm 8pm the sydney college of the arts callan park the 5:45pm ty brass 5pm celebri leichhardt the 6:30pm 5pm 8pm vivacité 6pm orchestra 6:4 series chamber metropolitan under the stars sunset series sunset series classics sunset w waste ise e ent s free event cooinda apartments moodie st cottage arcadia lodge at callan park community bus pickup point classics allambie lodge bring a waste free picnic for more information visit not all buildings are shown on this map this is a leichhardt council free event printed on 100 post-consumer recycled paper 8


p. 9

mamma s magic marble cake prep time 15 mins cooking time 1 hour 125g butter 1 tsp vanilla extract 275g caster sugar 3 eggs 80g plain flour 110g self-raising flour 125ml milk 40g sour cream 4 tblsp cocoa 1 preheat oven to 140°c fan-forced grease a deep 20cm round cake pan line the base with baking paper 2 combine all ingredients and beat on low speed with electric mixer until just combined increase speed to medium beat until mixture is smooth and becomes a pale colour 3 divide mixture in half add cocoa to one half and mix until it becomes dark brown then pour one mixture into the prepared pan followed by the other side by side in order to have the two colours sitting next to each other all the way around the bowl until the pan is filled tap pan gently on the bench to release air bubbles 4 bake in moderately slow oven for 1 hour or until cooked through allow cake to stand for 5 mins before turning onto a wire rack to cool top side up dust with icing sugar and enjoy cool cauliflower jared s spaghetti with cauliflower strasciata at first glance it looks like there is way too much chopping in this recipe and the fried cauliflower may seem strange to some people but as soon as you start cooking and all of the aromas come together you ll find it very difficult not to start eating it straight out of the pan the bits stuck to the bottom of the pan are best eaten in greedy solitude serves 4 400g spaghetti 100ml extra virgin olive oil ½ head of cauliflower chopped into thumb-sized pieces 3 cloves of garlic thinly sliced 3 anchovy fillets chopped 2 large red chillies chopped keep the seeds in if you like a little more heat 50g salted capers rinsed and chopped 100g pitted olives chopped 1 bunch of flat-leaf italian parsley chopped 60g toasted sourdough breadcrumbs 200g parmesan cheese 1 lemon cut into wedges holy cannoli at home with the puglisi brothers michael and daniel puglisi are the brothers behind homemade cannoli business the cannoli company the boys run an industrial kitchen out of their mums place and make every single cannolo by hand they also deliver all over sydney for special events and private functions here they tell ciao the secret to making the perfect cannolo what s your signature dish our special ricotta based cannoli are always a favourite at private functions and are our personal favourites what is the secret to making the best cannoli many others use substitute products or powders when making cannoli whereas all of our ingredients are fresh and the real deal this shows up in the appearance texture and most importantly the taste of our cannoli that s the serious answer but i also have to say that the biggest secret is that our cannoli are made with love a lot of care and patience goes into these delicacies rolling each and every one with our hands along with second-to-none service ­ we deliver just hours before consumption so 11154_footprintsciaomagad260x185.pdf 1 10/04/12 they don t sit in a fridge all day and go soft who taught you how to cook mamma mum is a fantastic cook of all types of food but has a particular love for making desserts cannoli is something that was taught to her with recipes that were passed on from italy over time the flavours have evolved with our own input to become what we believe are the best cannoli in sydney what ingredients do you always have in your kitchen for what we do super fine flour is a must oh yeah and ricotta you can eat that by the mouthful if you could invite anyone over for dinner who would you invite it would definitely have to be comedian joe avati who pokes fun at members of big italian families he would no doubt keep us entertained and i m sure he would definitely get some new material from certain members of our own family what kitchen utensil can t you live without mum s indestructible 1970 s mix master the thing has a never-say-die 11:56 am and is built tough like all things used to be back in the day attitude 1 cook the spaghetti in a large pot of boiling water until al dente drain then cool while cooking drizzle with a little olive oil and gently toss 2 in a large heavy-based frying pan heat the rest of the oil over a medium heat add the cauliflower and fry until they just start to change colour add the garlic mix well then the olives anchovies chilli and capers when the cauliflower starts to become tender and take on a rich golden colour add half the parsley and the cooked spaghetti when the pasta is hot add the breadcrumbs parmesan and remainder of the parsley 3 the parmesan will start to stick to the pan use a wooden spoon to scrape the bottom of the pan this is where the term `strasicata comes from meaning `to drag remove from the heat and serve immediately with a wedge of lemon n jared ingersoll community glamour at its best 9


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make an appointment and bring in this ad you ll receive 20 off your next colour service monday thursday only


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the wild wild west it may be hard to get to but strahan offers plenty of rewards for those who are willing to make the effort winsor dobbin reports for a tiny town in the wild west of tasmania strahan pulls in an awful lot of tourists with a population of just 700 this fishing village is nonetheless the base for several major attractions including cruises on the gordon river the picturesque west coast wilderness railway and bonnet island one of the best places in the world to get up close and personal with fairy penguins originally developed as a port of access for the many mining settlements in the area strahan has also played a key role in the timber industry today it is the gateway to tasmania s largely deserted south-west wilderness where many locals believe that tasmanian tigers still roam with boats planes and helicopters using the settlement as their base strahan is also the base for boat trips to sarah island the notorious penal settlement that earned a reputation as the harshest in the australian colonies and is home to the round earth theatre company which conducts island tours and created the ship that never was australia s longest-running theatre production while there are some independent bed and breakfasts and a handful of motels most of strahan is owned and run by pure tasmania which operates the up-market accommodation at strahan village overlooking the pretty hamlet and its crayfish fleet as well as a wide range of self-catering accommodation including some delightful cottages hamers hotel one of only two pubs in town is also owned by pure tasmania and is a popular gathering point for both locals and visitors the highlight of our trip was the west coast wilderness railway which usually travels the rugged and largely untamed country between strahan and the mining town of queenstown a restoration of the mount lyell mining line built in 1896 to export copper from queenstown it was a feat of remarkable engineering but was closed in 1969 reopened as tourist attraction in 2000 it features new carriages fitted out with tasmanian native timbers and modelled on the original carriages four team locomotives including abt 1 dating back to 1896 are used to pull the train which crossed the king river and several dramatic rainforest gorges using a rack-and-pinion system to conquer the steep gradients the journey has been described as one of the world s few remaining authentic railway experiences and passengers are able to disembark at old mining settlements and even pan for gold the premier carriage is the way to do the journey in style with a guide serving sparkling wines and pastries in the morning and a packed lunch cheese beer and wine in the afternoon i put on at least a kilo a cruise up the gordon river in world heritage territory is equally relaxing ­ but at least there is the chance to stretch your legs and gaze at the 200-year-old huon pines at heritage landing and on a guided tour of sarah island which has many fascinating tales to tell a buffet lunch is then served featuring tasmanian produce ­ perhaps even some atlantic salmon or ocean trout both of which are farmed in pens in macquarie harbour which is six times larger than sydney harbour the rainforest surrounding the gordon river has in most places remained undisturbed for thousands of years making the cruise an awe-inspiring experience it seems strange to think that three decades ago activists had to fight tooth and nail to prevent the gordon and franklin rivers being flooded to create a dam the bonnet island experience meanwhile is popular with animal lovers bonnet island a rocky outcrop just before hell s gate the entry to macquarie harbour looks unremarkable when we sail past it on board the fast runabout the sophia just before dusk a lone lighthouse built in 1892 but unmanned for years sits on the rocky outcrop looking back at strahan and in the other direction to the surly southern ocean next stop south america if you turn left instead you are en route for antarctica travel sizzling vietnam vietnam is a diverse country in terms of weather and food as you travel from north to south and in terms of the history due to the different influences of past rulers and neighbouring countries as such there is plenty on offer for all the family to be interested there is a mixture of transportation options from train journeys cyclo and boat rides to private transfers or tours between cities visit the mountain areas to see markets at real villages explore the rich history visiting ruins temples and pagoda s experience amazing fresh cuisine and relax along the way at gorgeous white sand beach towns highlights to consider include ­ hilltribe villages of sapa a water puppet show cooking class at red bridge explore the cu chi tunnels mekong homestay ,take a side trip to angkor wat or river cruise in laos n global village travel 13 beattie street balmain free car park next door tel 9555 8355 ciao reader offer $250 off per family book any peregrine adventures family tour in southeast asia departing in 2012 to receive $200 off per family this offer is valid for bookings made by 3rd may 2012 through global village travel limit of 1 voucher per family per tour family considered minimum 2 adults and 1 child conditions apply linea john pty ltd trading as global village travel licence number 2ta003595 we think he can as darkness descends however bonnet island comes alive with around 250 fairy penguins that go out looking for food during the day but return home at night sharing the island with short-tailed shearwaters the maximum of 10 guests taking the bonnet island experience which started three years ago get the chance to watch the cute critters ­ which are about the same size as a chicken bodysurfing ashore then tackling the steep sides of the island guests are given lanterns to help locate the shy birds before they scurry into their burrows while the waters of hell s gate are rough macquarie harbour is smooth making this an ideal excursion for younger family members although adults are well taken care of with tasmanian cheeses and dips and choice of local boag s beer or a range of wines from ninth island there is plenty of eating to be done here ­ but of the basic rather than gourmet persuasion view 42 overlooking the habour offers early evening tapas a buffet old-fashioned but strangely impressive and daily tasmanian wine and cheese matchings hamers features hearty if unsophisticated pub grub and the fish café on the wharf specialises in local seafood just out of town franklin manor once a revered establishment is now under new ownership but up for sale as for nightlife there is none strahan is not that sort of place but i suspect the sea air will ensure most visitors sleep well beat the autumn chill the facts l strahan is a four-hour drive from hobart which is linked to sydney by qantas virgin australia and jetstar l strahan village offers a range of styles of accommodation ranging from $165 to $330 per night see l the 2 ½-hour bonnet island experience runs nightly from strahan at dusk and costs $95 for adults and $40 for children including drinks and snacks l gordon river cruises sail daily with guided tours of sarah island included fares range from $95 to $210 l west coast wilderness railway journeys cost between $115 and $210 depending on the class of travel and are half-day experiences trains depart daily and twice daily in high season need a lift ­ then visit balmain markets for something special to make this autumn that bit easier draft stoppers and door stops in lovely designer fabrics are just the things to keep the autumn chill out and lower heating costs nothing beats a hearty stew on a crisp autumn night ­ all your vegetables are available freshly picked from the johnstone farms stall and for when you have to step out in style ­ lovely designer knitwear pashminas scarves and knitted headwear make balmain markets the top place to visit why not make some time to browse the 1853 national trust listed church and then enjoy lunch in the sun from the international food hall for all market enquiries ring kevin mcdonald on 0418 765 736 open every saturday from 8.30 4.00pm balmain markets ­ st andrews congregational church cnr of darling st curtis rd balmain not rozelle ­ just look for the flags community glamour at its best 11


p. 12

renaissance boutique is the proud winner of the inner west business awards fashion shop and finalist of the australian small business champion awards 2012 renaissance boutique s success comes from their outstanding customer service community support donates to over 20 charities and the wide variety of labels sourced from australia new zealand france canada and italy winter labels include david pond verge hot kathleen berney nueva fred sabatier gabriella frattini marailyn seyb calliope animale and optimum knitwear snap happy reclaim the lanes photos by dave urquhart email your snaps to australian small business thank you to all our loyal customers for your ongoing support renaissance boutique 56b mortlake st concord ph 02 9736 3533 champion awards 2012 finalist kate owen gallery manager letitia sutherland right with margaret lewis napangardi and her grandson liam everyone looked their best at this year s reclaim the lanes festival in newtown the inner west s creative community took to the streets in great style and spirit for 2012 s reclaim the lanes festival newtown s lanes came alive reclaiming lanes is hungry work meet interesting people while putting out the recycyling bin the people rule the streets kids got into the spirit too 12 reclaiming the hula hoop


p. 13

n ciao s mailbox n sustainability koori climatology aboriginal oral history records a variety of climate shifts taking place in australia perhaps it s time white australia studied it our regular letter-writer patrick is at it again this week he rips into poor old barry hello the article in this week s newspaper about texting while sexing was funny enough can t say i ve done that myself but of course texting is a great way to get yourself sexing but onto far more serious matters namely how big a f w barry o farrell is your guest columnist s piece about cyclists not causing congestion was spot on does alan jones have his hand up barry s arse because barry sure seems to be acting like alan s ventriloquist dummy i ride to work 3-4 days a week and enjoy the immediate and ongoing health benefits i see an ever-increasing number of cyclists heading in both directions and an ever-slower chain of traffic crawling past uts haberfield rowers does barry think if everybody got off their bike and back into their car this would improve the traffic hope y all enjoyed easter i did mostly patrick n to read patrick s full letter and you really should go to http then add your own thoughts the wet season la nina passes and finally we get some sun but now it s too cold to enjoy it frosty mornings scarves and hot water bottles are all starting to become more common and the leaves on crystal street s plum trees are starting to yellow some people like to think our erratic weather patterns are a result of human impact but it s near impossible to prove climate change is a matter of perspective climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years with such long time periods the debate cannot be conclusively resolved some might have caught the recent q&a episode where former farmer of the year michael o brien and aboriginal and torres strait islander social justice commissioner mick gooda were pitted opposite each other and disagreed on subjects such as gay marriage but were unanimous in saying climate change is part of the natural weather cycle of the last 50,000 years during the time of aboriginal settlement in australia there were great changes in the continent s climate the main weather event was an ice age which arrived about 20,000 years ago and lasted for 5000 years during which the average temperature fell by 10°c rainfall decreased and cold dry winds increased the bibbulum people of the southwest western australia have stories that begin with in the nyitting times which translated means in the icy cold times of long long ago indigenous australians have long-established seasonal calendars based on the local sequence of natural events their weather analysis isn t based on graphs satellite imagery and technology ­ it s based on millenia of observation the damage done a local look at national news a friend of mine then in his early twenties once had the experience of answering the door of his chippendale sharehouse to be confronted with an angry landlord demanding to know where that month s rent was he answered truthfully that he d handed over his portion of it to the couple he was sharing with the day before and went to their room to investigate there was no response to his knocking so he let himself in and discovered two corpses and some bloody syringes his flatmates not much older than he had blown the rent money on a smack binge accidentally or possibly deliberately oding my friend who d only recently moved in and barely knew the deceased had to contact various relatives to inform them their son or brother daughter or sister had died i think of my mate s now long-dead flatmates whenever the topic of decriminalisation comes up which it does with monotonous regularity as the war on drugs rolls into its fifth decade would things have turned out differently if they d got the heroin from a pharmacist rather than a bikie would they have survived if they d shot up in a legal injecting room were they just young reckless and unlucky or were they determined to piss their lives up against the wall by whatever means necessary causing misery for everyone foolish enough to care for them the inner west used to be even cooler right now i.e april ­ june the d harawal region sydney is heading into the time of marrai gang bana murrai yung wet becoming cooler this is the time of year when the cries of the marrai gang quoll seeking his mate can be heard through the forests and woodlands and when the lilly pillies ripen on the trees however when the lilly pillies start to fall it s time to begin the yearly trek to the coastal areas according to the calendar followed by local aboriginal people so is the changing weather the result of human activity for many inner westies our opinion is based on what we re told not what we observe we must widen our perspective broaden our time frames and look to the true locals for a reference point before becoming chicken little what actually happens once the state sanctions ­ even if only with a nod and a wink ­ drug use for anyone with a scintilla of life experience and a skerrick of intelligence the questions thrown up by drug decriminalisation are equally abstruse not even conservatives much bother to pretend anymore that the war on drugs has been any more successful than the war on alcohol was in prohibition-era america nonetheless there s no easy answer to the question they go on to pose what actually happens once the state sanctions ­ even if only with a nod and a wink ­ drug use granted what s played out in places such as portugal and the netherlands suggests that prohibitionists fears of australia s citizenry turning en masse into a pack of ice-addicted drug fiends is unlikely to come to pass but given the heavy toll legal intoxicants notably alcohol already take on individuals families and society as a whole how wise is it to be adding a plethora of options for turbo-charged self-destruction to the menu there s zero chance of the embattled julia gillard kickstarting a divisive debate about drugs so once again the nation s political class and those who elect it will be spared the heartache of having to think deeply about how to sensibly manage mankind s hankering for chemical-fuelled oblivion meanwhile somewhere in australia today someone will be discovering the track-marked body of a flatmate friend child or sibling and wondering if things could have turned out differently n nigel bowen inner west weather lowest april temp 7°c 1864 highest april temp 33°c 1986 april average 2012 low 16.4°c high 24.7°c source http n cindy mullen sustainable design it s time for local homeowners and developers to learn more about the importance of sustainable design marrickville council is offering a free information night on monday 30th april from 6pm to 8pm featuring a series of short presentations to help locals and developers make their properties more sustainable and save a bit of money while they re at it mayor of marrickville morris hanna said the event is a one-stop shop where you can learn about the council s myriad of sustainability including rainwater harvesting and water-sensitive urban design but also about council s new and improved da process guest speaker anthony nolan from kennedy associates architects will discuss the importance of energy efficiency in the home while council staff will be available to provide information about the new development advisory and lodgement services providing up to date information about lodging applications and planning advice experts from archicentre ­ a national non-profit provider of design advice and inspection services ­ will also be available for 25-minute one-on-one consultations bookings required for any locals with plans to build or renovate this is an evening of valuable information not to be missed to rsvp or to book a consultation call 9335 2222 n where council s administration centre 2-14 fisher st petersham tweet of the week our pick of the best dr karl @doctorkarl my mum insists that one day she picked up a radio station in her fillings possible @heater79 uncommon but possible in reply to heath ewinger april 12 10.39am marrickville council s environmental project officer claire hanley pose for me baby leichhardt-based baby photographer marie ramos is known for her stunning work which adorns the walls of her equally stunning studio on catherine street a finalist in this year s inner west business awards marie feels wonderful knowing that she s been acknowledged in the community as a valued business i cannot thank my customers enough for their support she says my customers embrace my candid and natural style of portraiture which i feel reflects the happy disposition of my customers who live in the area marie says that growing up in the inner west has offered her a strong sense of family and community and greatly influenced her photographic style while some people find working with children quite difficult and try to avoid it at all costs marie says her experience with them has been nothing but positive i have great respect for children so patience naturally follows i love my job and i am always up for the challenge marie started out in the business doing a college of fine arts degree at cofa unsw majoring in photography throughout university she worked at well-known photography studios in sydney before freelancing for seven years and eventually opening her leichhardt studio in april 2007 when asked what advice she has for young artists just starting their careers she says never give up follow your dreams and stay true to your passions dare to be different and take calculated risks trust yourself and the talent and skills you have i believe that talent is a gift so why not share it with the world indeed the inner west is a lot richer for having been able to share marie s talents and with plans to possibly expand to studios in melbourne and perth in the future soon the whole of australia will be too n 133 catherine street leichhardt tel 9572 7033 n local business marie s set to have national impact community glamour at its best 13


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astrogirlzarro your stars for the week from our real astrogirl aries this is a great period for increasing income so launch that café mecca that currently exists only in your mind and live the dream baby the panel says daniel patterson rizzo real estate she gives great relationship advice she s also very cute with a great smile taurus you continue to enjoy a phase of debauchery that will intensify after the new moon on the 21st april gemini venus enters your sign compelling you to experience double the self-lovin which sounds like a cheeseburger elvis may have eaten cancer you will get a second chance to dig your claws into work opportunities you missed because of your addiction to the shire leo your curiosity about a destination invented by leprechauns has you exploring timbuktu which incidentally is in africa virgo venus triggers your career sector avoid chiko rolls and battered savs at the staff cafeteria if you want to become the nine-to-five spunk magnet from ciao my type of woman sexy smart and driven triple threat nathan libra you get romantically involved with twins who enjoy playing boggle scrabble and other nerdy board games requiring a sophisticated vocabulary and an insufferable attitude scorpio you accomplish your dream of running with the cool kids rest assured that there won t be a dag within a ten kilometre radius of you and your chic clique sagittarius mercury triggers uranus in your fifth house of creativity like the plot of a david lynch film starring crispin glover on no-doz there is no logic to your creative methodologies capricorn you crave understanding as to why life is unfolding the way it is your motto `a farce to be reckoned with no longer works for you aquarius venus helps you to open your heart and transfer it into art you fall in love with the various printing options available to you stencil printing with emotion screenprinting with attitude nine spot colour printing with gusto mmm spot colour hot or not miss victoria wants to be in movies could you be her leading man nice smile big eyes and creative too pretty sure i fit her criteria hope she also understands my post-loss depression after a game marc pisces off-the-planet ideas that emerged while mercury danced in and out of your sign will now take concrete form in the err form of concrete n http movie studio this sassy blonde from leichhardt says her ideal man is someone very attractive and her best piece of relationship advice is to never distract a man when the sport is on those definitely sound like words of wisdom that will serve many women well when navigating the twists and turns of relationships the panel couldn t agree more n local business victoria 21 is a production coordinator whose ultimate ambition in life is to one day run a gabriele from amoretti s that sounds like advice that would only apply within the first six months of a relationship ambitious and only 21 ­ not your typical blonde are you a little bit hip many late nights they opened the little hip boutique doors on april 13th 2002 to cater to demand they soon added other labels to their range including alphabet baby paws baby work shop benetton jelly beans and quite a few others as trands have changed labels such as dkny elle wolf fresh baked mossimo zaini bambini elodie elvis and many more have been added through the last 10 years melanie and rosie have watched their customers children grow into trendy young people and won several business awards on their 10th anniversary they couldn t be prouder of their achievements and want to thank all their customers past and present for their support their always customers return for honest helpful and friendly service join the sisters in celebrating the boutique s 10th birthday on sunday 28th april between 10am and 3pm the little hip boutique idea hatched 10 years ago when rosie the designer of a women s fashion label in italy returned to australia and started making amazing clothes for her two little girls she realised that there was a lack of individuality in children s clothing so she dedicated herself to producing a unique range that she could call her own rosie named this range rosche bimbi when rosie s designs began to be noticed by her friends who wanted to buy them she saw an opportunity and asked her sister melanie to join her in a business venture the pair started selling to family and friends at special vip nights from home and when word of mouth got out their clientele grew quickly soon enough it was time to get serious about their business and open a shop they finally found the great little suburb of wareemba and loved it with determination lots of hard work and 14 n the little hip boutique 266 great north rd wareemba tel 9713 1101.


p. 15

lifestyle ask sal choosing stylish accessory sets many homeowners overlook accessories when redesigning their bathroom everyone has different taste and many people are of the view that adding new tubs sinks or faucets are the only things that can give a bathroom a fresh look however one of the simplest ways of redoing a bathroom is by adding new accessories toilet-paper holders when matched with the shower enclosure or towel racks in the bathroom these can give any bathroom a stunning appeal for homeowners who want to give their bathroom a contemporary look a toilet roll holder made of strong brass and finished with premium quality chrome is the best option bathroom soap dispenser another important accessory that people often ignore a soap dispenser that doesn t match the look of the bathroom becomes an eyesore that just looks out of place choosing a suitable one helps to maintain a smooth flow of styling throughout their bathroom vanity units well-designed and properly installed vanity units give bathrooms a modern look a huge variety are available including wall-hung narrow and corner units compact kickboard vanities and vanities with glass doors these feature polyurethane cabinets and ceramic tops and have become very popular among homeowners heated towel rails these help keep towels dry and warm and at the same time create a feeling of luxury they re available in various styles and sizes to suit full-body as well as hand towels by choosing perfect bathroom accessory sets you will keep the styling of your bathroom consistent but also enhance the décor of the entire home and making your bathroom beautiful and inviting ultimately adds to the total value of your home n for more info call salvi messina owner of renovation boys tel 9519 5511 running with ryhan go on get motivated motivation a powerful word we all strive to obtain its meaningful touch in life how do we find motivation to continue a lifestyle of wellbeing we spend copious amounts of energy on business relationships careers and finances but tend to put our health last your first priority should be you making time to exercise releases stress frees your mind and opens doors for new opportunities too often i hear people say they start out motivated but fall off the rails within a week it s time for motivation to save us from the negativity 1 find a personal trainer who will be there in rain hail or shine booking in with a pt creates an allocated committed training time slot for you so even on days when you feel like giving up your pt is waiting for you show commitment by paying up front so there s no backing out remember talk is cheap if you don t have a pt then find a training buddy and motivate each other 2 set simple goals a simple weekly goal like running one minute faster or doing one more repetition than last week gives you a realistic obtainable result property of the week everything for a fantastic family lifestyle 179 majors bay rd concord this property boasts 3 bedrooms with built-ins and 2 bathrooms separate lounge dining and family room featuring a wonderful sense of space and privacy this residence is ideal for those seeking a spacious and tranquil family home or a potential first home for any looking for city lifestyle without the hustle and bustle designed with a generous use of space there s a seamless indoor/outdoor flow to a private garden easy care yard with an in-ground pool and teenage retreat it is positioned in a highly convenient street opposite concord golf course and only minutes from majors bay road shopping village and schools this is a property not to be overlooked land size 11.79 x 53.34 628.8sqm auction on site 21st april at 3.30pm view saturday wednesday 12pm-12.45pm contact roger agha 0414 669 901 n devine real estate 9743 1369 3 taking a rest day resting can help re-motivate you for the following day sometimes we get so engrossed with work and exercise that we wear ourselves out a day off training will rejuvenate tired minds and bodies and kick start us for the next day 4 bring you training gear to work this will help you avoid giving up and going home 5 try something different choose a different class or routine to spice things up ­ it just might unearth a new talent change your music for greater training intensity or add a different exercise weekly to help the staleness dissipate next time you feel tired sore unmotivated and restless show these emotions the exit door and slam it shut n for more info on fitness or nutrition email or facebook ryhan vengetas local real estate local agency going strong after 113 years few real estate agencies can claim a centenary in business however annandale-based callagher estate agents has achieved more than that as one of the longest established offices in the inner west now celebrating 113 years of service now in its fourth generation of family ownership this independently owned real estate agency is one of the most awarded in the area they have received two best real estate agency finalist award nominations so far this year 2012 small business champion awards and 2012 local inner west business awards ­ they won the category in 2011 and several award wins over the last few years including most outstanding inner west agency best nsw auctioneer and individual staff wins for residential sales and property management the agency was also one of the first inner west offices to receive best practice accreditation ­ awarded to the top performing agencies in australia and new zealand managing director cary giezekamp reveals that many are surprised by the agency s history strength and success in the area we are perhaps the quiet achiever of the inner west but there is nothing subdued about the sales results we achieve for our clients or the long term gains we provide for our investors said giezekamp he also adds that the agency s longevity is testament to its ability to surpass client expectations and meet each market demand ­ from the high markets to the low it s a tough sales market at the moment yet we are still achieving high results for our clients and that comes down to experience perseverance and know how he said fourth generation owners and brother s david and cary giezekamp are at the helm of callagher estate agents which celebrates 113 years in business as well as a successful sales team the agency also manages one of the largest rental portfolios in the inner west area we employ dedicated and experienced property managers that are knowledgeable about each property they manage and developing the right strategy for a long term investment whether it s sales or rentals our difference is that we choose to partner with our clients through the real estate process guiding and advising to ensure the best result said giezekamp n callagher estate agents 193 195 parramatta rd annandale tel 9569 4888 email community glamour at its best 15



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