Compressing graphics in PowerPoint


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compressing graphics while using powerpoint when inserting graphics into powerpoint you will often find that the size of the graphic is large even by resizing it to a show a smaller graphic on the slide the actual graphic remains the same size this means that if you use several large graphics your powerpoint slide show quickly becomes a very large file powerpoint has a graphic compressor in the program as does word 1 open a powerpoint document 2 go to view on the menu bar down to toolbars and across to picture 3 the picture toolbar will now be displayed 4 you will notice that most buttons are ghosted which means that you are unable to use them at this time ­ they become active when you select a graphic 5 click on the compress pictures button 6 you will now see a dialogue box 7 select web/screen which will change the resolution for you 8 make sure the other settings are as shown © diane brooks


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9 there may be times when you just want to compress one graphic 10 select the graphic 11 click the compress button 12 you will now see this dialogue box again however this time you can select selected pictures © diane brooks



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