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Read some of our moral tales based on the work of Oscar Wilde and Aesop,

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we have written some moral tales based on the oscar wilde play the selfish giant we hope you like them.


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the goblins walked back to camp with the valley of death behind their shredded bodies we must kill them cried the king the trolls have more soldiers than ourselves replied another goblin once again we have lost another battle the king said they solemnly wandered back to their tents with their withered hands slipping around the air the next morning was vulgar the sky was like a dead body looking down at you and the rain was like dripping blood the elves took shelter from a tent where they had been lost in the hell of battle and had followed the goblins back suddenly a goblin darted out of his tent shouting i have it i have it he screeched i know how to invade the trolls i know how to beat them and end the war another goblin came out with his ears stuck to his fingers stop all the racket lad the goblin shouted and the other goblin stopped.


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i know how to lead us to victory he said how will you do it the other goblin asked we all disguise ourselves as trolls and then attack them in their territory the goblin said you are a marvel the other goblin replied thank god the almighty for making you i will tell the king so he went and told the king who agreed he is an absolute wonder the king cried also the dragons are planning to attack that night they will help us yes sir the goblin said that night the sky was like an alive body with millions of sparkling eyes the toads croaked loudly the night was certainly the best ever we can attack now whispered one of the goblins to the king i believe we can the king answered the goblins crept slowly into the trolls camp who goes there said a voice we are trolls from the east and have come to help defeat the goblins


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enter answered the voice then they were in charge shouted the king and the hell of battle begun suddenly everywhere was death and the dragons danced into the battle the dragons thought the goblins were trolls because they were disguised as trolls and the killed the trolls but also the goblins so they both lost the war and the moral is trickery can sometimes get you nowhere by harry rennell


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the boy that was always ill when tom was little he would not eat fruit and veg every one at school would bully him that he was so fat tom felt depressed with him self tom felt in his head a swarm of bees attacking his brain but that feeling went away after a couple of days tom only ate sweats burgers and chips he always went to the doctors every second day because he is so unhealthy sadly a couple of times he had to go to glasgow to get some tablets unexpectedly his mum was very clever and managed to trick tom to eat fruit and veg by making a fruitcake the fruitcake contained apples oranges and apricots and lots more of healthy fruit and vegetables tom loved the cake and didn t leave any of it for anyone else tom tried eating oranges but the first time he tried an orange it was all sour but he was brave enough to try another on and it was lovely and juicy his mum tried to make him eat an apple when he was wee but he refused so he tried one today and he loved it but that was a green on but he has not tried a red one yet his mum bought some bananas and plums but he did not want to try them so he has only tried apples and oranges on there own but he has tried lots more fruit in the cake his mum was sooooo happy for him that he didn t have to go to the doctors as much but he still had to try and loose weight so he went for walk every now and again all the kids are still being a wee bit horrible but he doesn t care what people think about him because he feels good on the inside tom has the fruitcake every week because it was tasty and good for you one day in school tom was learning how to do morals and he came across an apple a day keeps the doctor away the doctor was so happy with tom that he said he didn t have to see him for a month but tom felt that he wanted to go to the doctor once more so he did and for the rest of his life he became very shinny and the kids stopped bullying him by maisie


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the boy who went to school once upon a time there was a boy called charlie but he was really forgetful and dumb like a dizzy sort of guy but because of this he felt very awful and clumsy and he was always bored in class so he went into a daydream of what he was going to do after school like if he was told not to go in the puddle he would go in the puddle one day he was at school the class was told not to go near the side of the playground because there were workmen working there but as the teacher said this charlie went into a daydream about what he was going to do after school this was not the right thing to do when it was playtime he went right to the side of the playground and then within a brief split second he was down a hole and nobody knew where he was until the workmen came to fill in the hole at home time what is this snapped one of the workmen i am so sorry yelped charlie why are you here the man commented well i was in class then i went out to break and then i was here lets get you home so he went up to the class rapidly got his bag and his coat and went home to tell his mum by abbie


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never give up tom and harry were best friends and they liked playing together in the park tom was enthusiastic about learning new things and would practice his football skills every day harry was scared of most things and did not like practicing instead he stayed in playing video games and if he got stuck he would go onto the internet and use a cheat tom didn t like to use cheats instead he kept trying at school tom was never that useful for example in a spelling test he sometimes got 0 out of ten and he had to work very hard to do well harry was always number one in class getting 10 out of 10 but he never had to try very hard sometimes harry would help tom with his work but only if he felt in a friendly mood but they were still best friends one day at school everyone was told there was going to be a swimming gala tom and harry were very scared because they did not like the water tom went to all the swimming lessons and kept on trying even though he was scared harry did not go to the swimming lessons instead he gave excuses for not going like oh sorry i forgot my kit or pretending to be sick when he was not on the day of the swimming gala it was tom and harry s class that went first harry had a note from his mum stating because he couldn t swim he would not participate tom was happy because he knew wouldn t come first but he had learned to swim and he was proud many years later tom and harry were out in a yacht the lovely yacht was tom s who had grown up to be a very fancy footballer all because he had practiced so much when he was young harry had never done much with his life and he often was fired from his jobs for lack of energy but they were still friends whilst they were on the yacht harry when out to see the ducks quacking around when harry saw the water though he remembered he was scared and he started shaking and fell in tom rushed to haul harry out of the water when harry was safely on board tom told harry that if he had practised more and stuck at it he could have saved himself and that tom might not be there to save him next time this made harry stop and think about his attitude to life ,and he realised that if he was to be more successful like tom he needed to persevere at the things he tried by oliver


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the girl who doesn t eat fruit one day there was a little girl called rose who wouldn t eat fruit to make her better so she always had to go to the doctor the doctor came that day and told her that if she ate an apple or fruit she would be healthy but rose refused to eat the fruit then the next day she thought about getting fit and better and playing about in the wonderful sun with her friends because that was her favourite thing to do then finally she felt so sad because she had not taken the fruit then she decided that she would try a piece of fruit and that would make her feel loads more better so that she could play outside by danni


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space adventure one day bob was going to space and his mum said have you got your packed lunch then bob said oh i forgot so bob went to the garden and took off in his space ship but it didn t move not even one single bit mum said bob my space ship can t move then mum said that s because it is mad of cardboard bob really wanted to go to space so mum said why don t you ask dad to make you an amazing rocket then bob said that s a greatest idea mum so bob went to ask dad to make him a rocket and dad said yes surprisingly bob said thank you so dad was working on the lovely rocket the next day the rocket was ready so was bob 10 minutes later bob took off and he was in the air half an hour later bob was on the moon and he had a wee walk all around the moon and saw a planet and it looked a bit wearied then he wanted to go and examine it but he had no fuel left worriedly he ran in to the space ship and ran around very very scared then it turned night and he feel a sleep the next day he saw some aliens and bob was a bit scared the aliens started to talk to bob hello said the aliens hello said bob while he was crying what s the mater said the alien i really want to get home to my mummy and daddy said bob but why can t you you do have a space ship said the aliens it has ran out of rocket fuel said bob as he was playing with his jumper so the aliens gave bob some rocket fuel and bob was home sweet home with his mum and dad the aliens mist him so much they took a picture of him when he was on the moon the end by annie


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the steal of the week one day there was a boy he was a goth man he had tattoos all over himself he always had his hair spiked up and he was terrifying his name was spike spike had stolen everything he stole his mums purse a pizza from pizza parlour things like that he lived in a hut down in the valley of floods he saw a marvellous thing it was a bike stripes on it the dragon on the front the wheels had spike stickers stuck on them he loved it but what he didn t see was that the breaks were broken a man was going to fix it but he had the wrong tools so he went inside to get the right tools but when he came out the bike was gone so was spike spike was steaming down a hill flames came off the bike the stickers made the bike slip even more spike was jumping and bouncing in the seat even though he was nervously bumping up and down crying like a baby he still thought he was as brave a leopard wawa i m going to die he kept on muttering that word it was a very long and steep hill when the time came which is now he tried to stop with the brakes it didn t work ah he screamed he crashed into a dump his leg and his arm hurt really badly he had lived but from that day forward he did not steal at all by elizabeth


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your text here the shiny rocket one day a girl named rose and when she was 10 her mum and dad built a rocket a really shiny one and it took 6 years to build and when she was 16 years old her shiny rocket was ready so she went to space she took her friends and her little puppy so they got there space suits on and the dog put her suit on and went to space and they went to mars and they took the wee car out and went on it and they got a big fright because they saw a alien rose said what is that and they ran away back to the rocket but they almost left the dog behind because the dog slipped on the steps so rose got the dog then they went to moon and it was safe there they played games but they herd somebody shouting saying you are not safe here rose said back why not because there are ghosts here they only come out in the summer in space at 12:00 pm but that is in 10 minutes we better get going now you better cause if you stay you turn into a ghost were pixie my dog she is in the rocket see at the window now i see her come on girls hurry up ready for count down 54321 blast off that was a great trip to space by every one see you tomorrow at the park the end by ciara


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the girl who wanted to go horse riding once upon a time there was a girl called hannah and wanted to go horse riding so she asked her parents and begged then they said ok the day hannah was there she met her teacher and the teacher said what can you do hannah hannah replied i can do everything sneakily she could not do anything and the teacher said right we are going to jump so they went out jumping but hannah kept falling off she kept falling off but she kept trying but she couldn t do it at last they went out the teacher said are you ready hannah replied yes so she went out jumping and she fell off and she kept falling of so she never managed to jump again an important thing i have to say is have you been lying no no she was very odd the way she talked and somehow she wasn t as good as she said she said the end by jodie


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bullies get nothing one day there was a little boy in school and there was a group of bullies going around the school spying on people to bully the bullies cause a lot of trouble around the school breaking stuff such as windows fences and destroying plants they also steal other people s possessions they hurt other people and pretend they didn t do it they saw the little boy again but he was playing next to a teacher so they did not approach the boy and continued with their games one of the bullie s footballs were flat he told the teacher beside the little boy and the teacher went in to pump up the football and left the little boy by himself all the other bullies approached the boy but one of the teachers were looking out the window as a bully stole a toy from him the boy wanted it back so he kept on annoying the bully to get it back and a bully turned around and said tuff and punched him a teacher came out and told him detension now and then the bully said but it wasn t me but i saw you do it so too bad the bell went for the end of school the bullies rushed out and followed the little boy until the perfect time the strike when the boy was in the park the bullies attacked the boy while they beating him up another boy was calling the police once they arrived they arrested the bullies and the little boy thanked the other boy for phoning the police so the boy lived happily ever after and there was no destruction at the school by robbie


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there was a small boy called wayne and he was playing for his school he had his socks football boots but most of all his lucky watch so he got to the football field and he met his pal robbie also his other friend david he went to get changed in the boys revolting sweaty locker room but he could not find his football strip meanwhile nobody was around but his pal robbie was and he helped him find it but they could not find the strip but robbie had a old football strip for wayne it was a bit big but he managed to fit in it so he went on to the football pitch and the coach said to him you need o be spaced out when your on the pitch everybody was cheering for robbie and wayne so they finished the match it was 3-0 to wayne s school every body lifted wayne up and started cheering for him but except robert the meanest person of them all nobody liked robert everyone decided him to be captain and wayne was thrilled to be captain but in the darkest corner of all stood robert ready to have a go at wayne nobody said ha ha you call that playing football or being nasty to wayne but robert did he was really nasty just because he wanted to be the captain there was something wrong david was sitting in the locker corner crying wayne said what is wrong oh nothing you took the you took my famous away from me away from me i was really happy when i was famous wayne said what did i do to my own friend so he went to david and gave him the famous job back and they started playing football so wayne told the rest of the team and they were shocked but they didn t care all because wayne was thinking about being kind by alicia


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at the swimming gala today is the swimming gala poppy is very very enthusiastic about it she isn t repaired so she forgets her swimming costume and goes to school but poppy doesn t know that poppy gets there and can t wait to get in once she gets to the lockers to get changed she looks in her bag and doesn t have her swimming costume she is very upset when she is walking to the seats to go and watch she sees flora poppy says hello in a miserable voice what s wrong questions flora the brainy box i don t have a swimming costume with me because i wasn t repaired well l was very repaired and brought two swimming costumes in in case somebody forgot poppy asked flora very politely if she could borrow one flora said of course you can she got changed and went to the shower then they were all told to go in once she got in she sat at the side first it was p6/7 swimming then p1/2 after that it was p3/4 and finally p4/5 it is our turn to go in now said flora so they hopped in first you will be doing front crawl said the swimming teacher she blew the whistle and of we went i was so glad i came first flora came second and hannah came third then it started from p1/2 again finally it was us again we done a horse race this time flora came first i came second and hannah came third again we got a little play at the end and orsay won we went on the bus back to school poppy said i will definitely remember next time and she did by emily



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