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Spring 2012

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surge spring 2012 spring 2012 spring 2012 the zone s teen literary magazine


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surge contents 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 21 23 25 26 27 29 30 31 32 33 35 36 37 the zone s teen literary magazine of the mount sinai kravis children s hospital spring 2012 volume 2 issue 1 surge staff thomas dooley editor-in-chief diane rode executive editor angie koeneker contributing editor russell mindich founding editor susanne bifano art director chloe getrajdman teen editor founding editor s note editor-in-chief s note my pump by christy jourdain i remember by alberto ayala-rodriguez it s soon gonna happen by angello cuadra interview with robert accordino m.d by chloe getrajdman the land of the free by christopher justine figueroa art by isamar tamayo film review the vow by analise rode stage fright by brianna texidor fashion model by stephanie singh art by liza byrne my other to do list by nyshieka radjpaul family is family by jasmeen kaur art by ashley h ramsaroop everything is going to be fine by leslie castillo profile chef sandro romano by axel feldmann harry novak profile chef michelle tampakis by molly blauner harry novak collage by isamar tamayo a personal essay botswana by sophia sciabica hurricane by tashanique borrero collage by kayla waterman new car new me by angello cuadra colors by christy jourdain art by christy jourdain drag queens by crystal knight art by margot byrne the brave one by annie polanco tokyo by lesley zuniga art by socrates angel the search by kayla singh does time control us by socrates angel as i waited by bianca rosado i miss going in the kitchen by christy jourdain q special thanks to russell mindich and family the school for international studies hunter college high school riverdale country school and the staff of the child life and creative arts therapy department of the mount sinai kravis children s hospital to view this issue online the child life and creative arts therapy department 1 gustave l levy place box 1153 new york ny 10029 212-241-6797 1 surge cover poem ode to teenagers by sarathe zone cover artwork by the artists of alvarez brooklyn ny


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hello surge readers your talent and enthusiasm continues to wow me the last issue of surge was filled with such great work i have had many adventures this winter one of the best was a visit i made with my dad down south to memphis tennessee we went to see a tennis tournament because i love tennis but also tried to fit in a real look at this important southern city at the tennis tournament i got to see john isner sam querrey jurgen melzer and milos raonic play melzer won the tournament and i got his autograph but it was outside the tennis stadium where we had the most fun as you probably know martin luther king got shot in memphis while he was standing on a balcony at the lorraine motel we visited the national civil rights museum which showcased his room at the motel the other famous personality who made memphis famous was elvis presley my dad and i toured graceland and got to see elvis s house all of his cars and planes i had to pull my dad away from the shop so he wouldn t buy the studded elvis jumpsuit that would have been way too embarrassing the highlight of the trip may have been the food i learned that southern food is so foreign to me as a new yorker i could have been in a different country here are the highlights ribs southern fried chicken atop pecan waffles grits broiled grapefruit and a mint julep only a sip for me i appreciated the experience and came home learning something about our country i didn t know before stay well russell cover artwork by the artists of the zone surge 2


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raise your voice in this third issue of surge the zone s teen literary magazine you will find original poetry stories articles and artwork created by teenagers who are part of the mount sinai health care family and those in our communities you can view this issue of surge online at if you are a teenager and would like to submit your original creative writing or artwork to surge please email your work to happy reading and keep writing thomas dooley creative writing specialist the child life and creative arts therapy department the mount sinai kravis children s hospital 3 surge


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my pump this is my enemy it won t come off until i find a new friend to replace the enemy it won t stay away from me i have to wait for a new heart i want to get it before the summer because i want to swim i don t think this is waterproof the summer will be here it will be hot and humid practically l.a here despite the fact we don t have palm trees that new heart is going to be my angel my lifesaver i won t have to carry around these heavy batteries my new heart is going to be light as a feather this pump makes my heart feel heavy that is why i pray every night for a new heart have you carried a barbell that s how heavy it feels i m not lying christy jourdain deer park ny surge 4


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i remember i remember when i went to mexico i remember when i saw all those shining stars in the dark night in mexico i remember when i picked fresh fruit with my sister from my dad s garden in mexico i remember when i tasted my first mexican pizza i remember when i played tag with all my friends i remember when i went to play land for my first time i remember when i had tons of fun at the circus i remember when i went with my class on a field trip to wild wild west city in new jersey i remember when i finished elementary school alberto ayala-rodriguez bronx ny 5 surge


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it s soon gonna happen the sky is very blue not a lot of smoke like new york city everything is natural and safe the sound of the wind and the smell of the fruits hearing the waves splash the surf helicopter rides and eating roast pork at the luau taking surfing lessons having time with family dinner on the beach we re all making jokes taking pictures we smell the food coming i ve never been so relaxed angello cuadra richmond hill ny surge 6


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an interview with robert accordino m.d by chloe getrajdman 7 surge


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dr robert accordino a resident in pediatrics at the mount sinai s kravis children s hospital is one of the most interesting and passionate people i have ever met and is extremely dedicated to his work dr accordino s interest in medicine started when he was in third grade the year his paternal grandmother passed away he loved to study science in middle and high school and went on to study psychology along with music and theater at princeton university in his first year at princeton dr.accordino took a class in which he was exposed to different types of psychotherapy through this course he visited one school in particular that served severely autistic children he told me about one patient he met that changed his perspective on autism and medicine in general autistic individuals generally have trouble communicating and socializing with others dr accordino explained however one young patient came up to him and gave him a huge hug from that point on he told me i realized that autism is much broader that interaction was one of dr accordino s first experiences with autism but it certainly was not his last it was through a summer internship program that he learned to combine his music interest with his psychology interest and discovered that for autistic kids music can be a great vehicle for communication after college dr accordino got funding to do experimental psychology research at oxford university where he also got involved with music for autism an organization to which he still continues to dedicate much of his time it is obvious how dedicated dr accordino is to everyone he cares for when you hear how personally he describes some of the interactions he has had with patients i was moved by his anecdotes and interestingly enough when i asked dr accordino what he likes most about being a doctor he told me he loves hearing patients stories through his writings in the huffington post and through some of his advocacy work dr accordino is also able to retell some of these stories and broaden [their impact meeting dr accordino was an absolutely incredible opportunity he is passionate hard working and excited about taking care of patients i learned so much from him during our interview and i hope this article gives you an understanding of who dr accordino is and how he got to become a truly special doctor and person surge 8


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the land of the free scream under the shadow hide from the sun do you see me live with each other time is virtue sacred as can be from the womb to tomb live freely past the light you re a feather religiously i m in tune to your tongue along the river till you meet me the land of the free elegant yet vindictive you re the hunchback uncle sam pointed at you re the mind edison gave electricity to among the rest you re the champion we are the champions with our flag held high nationalist among our own right we live between the fool and the restless from the fruit nature bears to the skyscrapers we see at night our lives are one now come follow me i ll show you the light i ll take you beyond the light meet me i m part of your team we wash our hands with water oil blood and fear you re the love of our life like the lady liberty she stands alone sorrow in her eyes still she takes command still we remain a web among the rich the poor weep equal the gay are no longer gay illuminate the valley illuminate the wall break the chain give them faith doors closed on every end feminists take their stand men make amends lovers for the fittest at heaven s gate we laugh crazed on this maze inspiration on the floor walk on us walk on me give us a chance so pretty a love we can t see christopher justine figueroa brooklyn ny 9 surge


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illustration by isamar tamayo surge 10


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film review the vow by analise rode ever since romantic comedies now more commonly known as romcoms originated in ancient greece they have had a similar structure.two people who are meant for each other must overcome all trials and tribulations in order to reach the traditional happy ending back in the late 1590 s as part of his collection of plays william shakespeare wrote some comedies which have become increasingly famous today a midsummer night s dream twelfth night and as you like it all have romantic aspects that are part of the modern depiction of a romcom during the european medieval period the idea of romantic love was created in this period most plays of this type were about a knight s feats in order to woo a lady over time as this type of story developed it became more centered on young relatable characters that the audience roots for and wants to be together recently i went to go see the vow a new romcom starring rachel mcadams mean girls sherlock holmes and channing tatum dear john it has a very moving plot based on a true story about a married couple mcadams and tatum who are completely in love but tragedy strikes their relationship when they get into a car accident and paige mcadams loses her memory leo s tatum goal throughout the movie is to try to get his wife to fall in love with him again they go through a lot of twist and turns and have their fair share of cute and funny moments i won t spoil the ending but i will say this is a great movie to see on a rainy day with a couple of your friends besides the interesting and original plot it has definite eye candy for both boys and girls i would give this movie four out of five stars 11 surge


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stage fright i m up on the stage getting so frightened i breathe in and out and i m just frozen as ice i imagine my friend is with me my hands shake more than when a car stops i know i m going to make the show amazing so i just overcome my fear when i do the show i feel calm and so graceful as a wave and now i know i have overcome my fear everyone has a fear mine is stage fright brianna texidor bronx ny surge 12


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fashion model she looks upbeat and fun she s creative with her outfits wears bold bright colors lots of shapes her dress flows out she s a good accessorizer her bright red bag stands out on its own her little hat a net material with rough ridges coming out on top her bold jewelry pearls from a boutique she is a fashion model she tries on clothes helps put outfits together she s hopping down the street happy catching a cup of hot tea with her friends deep down she likes to read listen to music i see her in lounging capris a loose tank top the summer breeze blowing lightly her curtains outside the balcony she can see the park and the trees she feels calm can let her mind go at the end of the day she loves her job looks forward to her skirts her black and silver high heels artwork on her feet 13 surge illustration by liza byrne stephanie singh bronx ny


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my other to do list i would go shopping i want a nice dress midnight blue a dress with tulle i can picture wearing it to a new year s party with a nice pair of shoes i want a nice pair of boots to wear out on a date night with mark to go to a nice restaurant eat baked ziti or penne alla vodka or go to a movie theater i want to see the twilight movie i like that it s an escape from everyday life two guys who love a girl she has to choose typical triangle i ve never been to a spa but i would love to get a massage and a facial and just for an hour or two relax and not think about anything did the baby get his medicine did he get his bottle on time did i do the laundry just peaceful quiet serene to think and meditate i smell lots of incense lavender jasmine the calming music of wind chimes some flutes a few light drums it takes me to a large meadow i d like to lay on the grass look up at the sky or on the beach look at the ocean a drink in my hand maybe a bahama mama it looks like a sunset and tastes like the beach the water calms me i can t swim but the waves especially at night with the moon shining on the water that i have no problems that i don t want to leave nyshieka radjpaul brooklyn ny surge 14



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